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Chapter 427: You are Big Saber Bro?

Chapter 427


11:59:59 AM.

In the office at the Internet Surveillance Bureau, the moment the clock's hands hit 12 sharp, the tick of the hand resounded along a woman's voice. She had grasped the time perfectly.

Fan Yingyun waved. "It's lunch break. Teacher Zhang, let's go and have a meal together."

Zhang Ye was a little embarrassed. "Let's go with everyone?"

Fan Yingyun said, "They haven't finished their tasks yet, so ignore them."

Brothers and sisters, that sure was what you’d call hateful.

Zhang Ye blinked and said politely, "Then I'll go first? Do I need to bring anything back for the rest of you?"

An old cyber-police said, "There's no need. Go ahead Teacher Zhang. We'll have our meal once we’ve completed our work."

Fan Yingyun smiled and said, "We are all a family, so you don't have to be polite with them Teacher Zhang. They are used to being hungry. It's common for them not to eat lunch in the afternoon. They might not even find it right if they were to eat at noon." How biting! Some people might have biting remarks based on facts. For example, Rao Aimin spoke like that, however, the way Officer Fan spoke was completely different. She was a hedgehog that pricked anyone she saw.

Meng Yi: "..."

Fang Xiaoshui: "..."

Others: "..."

It could be seen that Fan Yingyun did not like her job here. It was most likely that she wanted to go back to teaching at People's Public Security University of China. However, for some reason, the higher ups did not approve of it. This caused Officer Fan, who didn't have a good temper to begin with, to have such strong emotions.


In a dining hall in the corner of the courtyard.

It was the third day of the new year, so there weren't many people working overtime. Only one stall was open.

Zhang Ye did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble, so he wore his large sunglasses.

After reaching the dining hall, Fan Yingyun realized something when touching her pockets. "Oh, look at my memory. I forgot to bring my meal card. Wait for me to buy one. Hey, the recharging window isn't open today. I can't buy one."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Shall we go out and eat then?"

"Since we are already here, wait a moment." Fan Yingyun looked around and saw a 26 or 27-year-old youth who was not wearing a police uniform. She immediately shouted, "Little Wang! Come over!"

Little Wang was burying his head eating, but the moment he heard her voice, his neck involuntarily shivered. He then carefully raised his head to look at her, and quickly put down his chopsticks and food tray to go over. "Teacher Fan, you called me?" From the looks of it, he was once a student of Fan Yingyun back in college. He had probably learned of Teacher Fan's "mercy". He appeared uneasy and nervous and was shaking all over.

Fan Yingyun stretched out her hand. "Where's your meal card?"

Little Wang touched his pockets in a daze. "What's this about?"

"I forgot to bring mine. Lend yours to me. Alright, go back to your meal." Fan Yingyun then went to make an order.

Little Wang did not move and followed behind.

Fan Yingyun said, "Why aren't you going?"

"I, I'm waiting for my meal card." Little Wang said.

Fan Yingyun said, "Do you need to go that far just for a meal card? Look at your pettiness."

Little Wang said with an ashen face, "I just recharged it before the new year. There's 500 (US$72) in there."

Fan Yingyun looked at him and said, "I've taught you for so many years and have taught you how to be a good person, yet you have reservations giving me, your teacher, 500?"

Teach how to be a good person?

With that temper of yours, how can you teach others to be a good person!?

Little Wang nearly cried, thinking how this shouldn't have happened to him.

There were more and more people coming to the dining hall. Some of them subconsciously walked away or went around her when they heard her voice. Clearly, Officer Fan had done this more than once. She probably had some notoriety in other departments of the Internet Surveillance Bureau. She was a person similar to a god of plague.

"Teacher Zhang, what are you eating?"

"Anything will do."

"I'll treat you today, so don't stand on ceremony with me."

"I'm really not being courteous. I'm not picky with food."

Little Wang was crying out loud in his heart. Big Sis, it's me who is treating him, alright!?

There were many people who were here to eat that stared at the youth in shades curiously. They were all wondering who was he? He was that bold? He even dared to eat lunch with Officer Fan? Furthermore, why would Officer Fan treat him? It had been so many months, yet they had never seen Fan Yingyun eat with another person before.

Officer Fan's relative?

Officer Fan's crush?

Just who was this person!?

Fan Yingyun began choosing her dishes and after choosing, she said to the chef, "Don't give me any less meat. If there's any less meat, I won’t accept it."

The chef also knew her. "Hur Hur, anyone can get less except you. Here, why don't you inspect it first?" He then picked up a spoonful of meat.

Fan Yingyun acknowledged, "Not bad. Thanks."

The chef said, "You are welcome. If there's not enough, come again."

Then looking back, Fan Yingyun gave the meal card back to Little Wang, and then took out 25 bucks from her purse to handed it to him. "Take this. Look at that stingy look of yours!"

Little Wang hurriedly said, "Just getting my card back is enough, as for the money, it's alright. Treating my beloved teacher would be my honor."

Fan Yingyun reprimanded him, "Take it since I'm giving it to you. I'm a teacher and a police woman of the people. How can I be so petty with such trifling matters?"

"Alright, I'll take it." Little Wang took over the money and card. He was cursing with tears flowing in his heart. You didn't take anything of huge value from me, yet you ripped me off for 6.50. The chef said the meal was 31.50, yet you only gave me 25?

In a corner.

Fan Yingyun and Zhang Ye sat down.

That day, all he did was listen to Officer Fan speak. Zhang Ye, who was a fellow who was great at speaking, could not even interrupt her once. This woman was too unique. She was powerful, forceful, and a busybody. She was also so beautiful, had a lofty bearing, and a great figure. Just looking at her breasts that were propped up under her police uniform, it was hard to estimate her sizes. After all, he couldn't tell what type of bra was hidden underneath her clothes, but just a guess would be that they were definitely not small!

"There's nothing good, so please make do with it Teacher Zhang."

"It's not bad. Thanks Officer Fan."

"Don't call me Officer Fan. It's too distant. Call me Old Fan, or Sis Fan. Wouldn't any of those do? It's not like we’ve been only interacting for a day or two."


But suddenly, Zhang Ye ruminated over the words and wondered. "Eh? What do you mean by not having interacted for a day or two? Have we met before?"

Fan Yingyun smiled and said, "We’ve never met, but we should be quite familiar with each other."

"Very familiar?" Zhang Ye couldn't understand.

Fan Yingyun stretched out her small hand. "Let's get to know each other again. I'm the present acting leader of your fan club. One of my internet nicknames is 'Big Saber Bro'!"


Big Saber Bro?

Zhang Ye did not shake hands with her because he was so stunned. "Holy sh*t, you’re Big Saber Bro?"

Fan Yingyun said with a hearty laugh, "That's me. Back then, I saw your private text from your cellphone number, but I never gave you a call. I also don't like to talk much, just like on the internet. I haven't contacted you, but whenever there’s a war, it cannot do without me. I'm good at it and also like it."

Saying that, she used her cellphone to call a number.

The next second, Zhang Ye's cellphone rang.

"This is my number. Save it." Fan Yingyun said.

Zhang Ye was finally sure. He had only given his cellphone number to ZhangYeNumber1Fan and Big Saber Bro, so no one else knew. "It's really you?" Despite that, he still couldn’t accept it. There was no other way, as the image of Big Saber Bro was too different from the one he had in his mind!

How can it be?

So Big Saber Bro was female?

His fanclub's current leader was actually this beautiful short-haired lady?

There's no way of looking at him straight!"

It's unbelievable!

"Why? You can't believe it?" Fan Yingyun asked.

Zhang Ye said with a strange look, "It's far from unbelievable. Your bio wrote that you were female, but I never took it seriously. I always thought you were male."

Their conversation was in hushed tones, so no one else heard it. Of course, no matter how loudly they spoke, others would not hear it. This was because if you looked at the table Fan Yingyun was at, the other police officers from the Internet Surveillance Bureau all sat as far away as possible. No one sat near her for their meals.

Fan Yingyun laughed. "I have a quick temper, and am a bit more rash, so I might be like a man. It's no wonder you misunderstood. Let's shake hands?"

"Yes, yes. I forgot." Zhang Ye then remembered to shake hands with her. "It's such a coincidence today. I never expected to meet you here. Thank you for all the things you’ve done in the past. If not for you leading everyone to the frontlines, many things might not have been settled so easily. You've really worked hard. Hey, if I knew earlier, I would’ve treated you to this meal."

Fan Yingyun ate a mouthful, "It's the same regardless of who treats. There's no need to be so courteous. I really have to thank you. Your works are really excellent. Ever since I received disciplinary action at the People's Public Security University of China, and was transferred here to deal with internet surveillance, I have had nothing to do all day, and so I ended up 'trolling' all over the web. That group of people was just blindly trolling everywhere. Only after seeing your work was I stunned. I never expected for there to be a celebrity in this world who was right up my alley. Haha, I have never chased stars in the past. Actually I still don't do that now either, but you are different. You aren't a celebrity in the traditional sense."

Zhang Ye looked at her and said, "After seeing me in person, are you quite disappointed?"

"Not really." Fan Yingyun spoke in an interested manner. "Buns have meat, but it's not on the skin. People have skill, but it's not on their face. I recently heard 'Woman Flower'. It seems like you understand women pretty well? Do you have a crush?"

Zhang Ye waved his hand, "I don't really have one."

Fan Yingyun smiled. "What a coincidence. I don't have one either."

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "You aren't married yet?" That shouldn't be the case at this age, right?

"My family have tried to matchmake me several times." As Fan Yingyun ate, she said plainly, "However, a few of them were scared off by my temper."

Zhang Ye said, "Me too. My family keeps wanting to matchmake me. I pretend not to hear it for you can't just make do on this type of thing."

"That's true. Will you have any new works in the near future? That bunch of people in the fanclub are shouting all day. They are hoping for a new program after the new year."

As they ate, the two of them engaged in a long chat. Later on, the colleagues at the Internet Surveillance Bureau did not even come for their meal. Zhang Ye and Fan Yingyun did not finish their conversation as they struck it off pretty well.

Up to now, Zhang Ye still found it difficult to accept that she was Big Saber Bro. But then, with some thought, she really lived up to her name. The image of Big Saber Bro and Fan Yingyun could be reconciled after all. How, you say? How was she like her name?

Is there a need to ask!?

Big Saber Bro, if you get rid of the "saber"!

Big Boobs (Bro is a homonym)!

That's so appropriate!

Chapter 427 - You are Big Saber Bro?