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Chapter 432: Zhang Ye Makes his move!

Chapter 432: Zhang Ye Makes his move!

21:01 - National train ticketing website crashes.

21:03 - National train ticketing website resumes operation.

21:04 - The official website of a park in Shanghai was defaced.

21:06 - Author, "Little Red Mushroom"'s chatting software account was stolen.

21:09 - Internet Surveillance Bureau together with an anti-virus company obtains two hackers' IP addresses.

There was a full blown battle over the internet!

The fighting spread across the country!

The ordinary citizens might not have noticed this if they did not pay attention. Sometimes they might not even be able to open a website, and thought it was system maintenance or something related. They wouldn't mind it, but anyone who paid a little more attention knew that a Sino-Korean hacker war that happened less than once every ten years was spreading like wildfire!


"God FAN, nicely done!"


"God SHUI is also not bad. Admin rights have been wrestled back!"

"Ah! GOD FAN, I'm only here to watch the show. Why did you kick me out? Friendly fire! Friendly fire! Holy shit, stop tracking me. I'm on your side! I'm on your side!"

"This is really fun. Even I want to help!”

"Forget it. With our miniscule amount of skill, we'll only add to the chaos."

"That's true. Wait till I have another few years of studying, then I'll join them in killing those Koreans!"

Many professionals or students, who had basic foundations in network technology, rushed over to watch the fight. There were also people explaining the battle situation to those who didn't understand!



A few world top hackers gathered together.

YOYOT (USA) — Famous American hacker. Had been involved in a hacker battle last year and the year before. Extremely famous in the hacker world. "JIN's skill isn't bad, and there's 59-V and company helping him, yet they can't gain any ground? I’ve heard of the other IDs from China. One of them is from the Internet Surveillance Bureau, while the other three are from security companies, either programmers or security experts. However, who is this FAN? He doesn't seem an 'old friend'?"

TOM (UK) — Famous British hacker. Creator of the "TOM virus" from yesteryear. "I've never heard of this name either. This person is quite terrifying. While I was watching the battle by the sidelines, I had already obtained root access, but in the blink of an eye, I was kicked out by FAN!"

Fujiwara (Japan): "Top expert."

47 (USA): "FAN might be someone from the Internet Surveillance Bureau. If not, with his abilities, he would not remain so passive. He would have already attacked back. JIN and 59-V definitely can't hold off FAN."

Fujiwara (Japan): "Aren't you going to join in?"

YOYOT (USA): "Haha, it's a Sino-Korean hacker battle. I won't be joining."

Cepera (Russia): "China's technological skill is not bad. Other than those old IDs, just this new ID, FAN seems pretty formidable. It seems like he hasn't gone all out yet? If I ever have the opportunity, I would like to cross swords with him."

47 (USA): "The chances of you losing is around 99%."

Cepera (Russia): "That might not be the case."

Fujiwara (Japan): "There's no question about it. If you were to face FAN, you definitely would. You are no match for him. I, too, wouldn't be much. His technological skills are very well-rounded. However, in this Sino-Korean battle, the Chinese will definitely lose. JIN is very smart. He leads them and attacks them in circles. He never sticks to a particular battle. He probably knows the other party is very formidable, and doesn't dare to face FAN head on. This type of strategy is correct. This is because the other party is a civil servant of China. They can only work within the confines of certain restrictions and can't cross the boundaries. As for JIN and company, they can ignore all of this. They can fight if they want, so it's impossible to lose."

Cepera (Russia): "What a pity."


At home.

Zhang Ye was also using his new computer to watch the battle. He had even joined a group through a VPN. Looking at the semi-professionals explaining, he constantly had an ugly face.

"What a great feeling!"

"We've gotten another website back!"

"No, we are in a disadvantaged situation. We are too passive!"

"That's right. We have been attacked from beginning to end. We haven't even struck back once! They take down a website, then we save it. What are they doing now?"

"They should strike back! Deface the Korean's website!"

"On our side, it's the Internet Surveillance Bureau, the anti-virus companies and security companies. They can't do what hackers usually do!"

"Then what can they do? Are we just going to suffer in silence?"

"Damn, another website has been invaded!"

"This bunch of people simply know no end!"

"Is there any godly people here? Where are our hackers? Why isn't anyone joining the battle from our side?"

"That's right, who knows any godly people? Shout out! They have attacked our front door!"

"Don't bother. Our Chinese hackers, who have average skills, will be useless even if they come. They can't even do a thing. Those formidable hackers probably won't come out either. If this were an ordinary Sino-Korean battle, the chances would be higher, but now, the entire Internet Surveillance Bureau is involved. There's more than 70% of the police force out, and there are so many people from the anti-virus companies. Which of those famous hackers do not have illegal records? All of them have to be cautious. If they were to make a move in this chaotic battle, they might end up revealing their IP, and if they end up implicating themselves, then it really wouldn't be worth it."

"What the person above said makes sense, but I don't agree. Since they are hackers, few of them are timid. Everyone may be observing. Maybe there are many top experts in Korea, who are not participating, holding them back. Wait a little while. Someone will definitely step forward!"

"That's right. I think the same too!"

"This is a battle for national pride!

"Hurry up and appear godly person! It's almost 10. I think the comrades from the Internet Surveillance Bureau can't hold on any longer! They have been working all day. They at least need some sleep and rest?"

"Calling out to godly people!"

"Someone, come help out!"

"We can't let those Koreans remain so arrogant!"

After seeing this, Zhang Ye silently closed the chat group. After clearing his computer, he opened the software he had prepared beforehand. With a deep breath, his eyes changed. It was obvious he was infuriated. In the beginning, Zhang Ye could still endure it. After all, such hacker invasions were not rare, but later on, Zhang Ye's bottom line was crossed countless times. The lot of you even dared to touch Grandma Zhang Xia's Weibo? You even dared to use Big Sis Ci Xiufang's account to address Lee Anson as Daddy? They are coming to China to act so defiantly?


I gave you face!

Fan Yingyun and the Internet Surveillance Bureau, as well as the security companies could not attack? They were restricted to defense only? Alright, they have concerns, but I don't have any rules. I have f**king none!

I'll do it!

Today, this bro will let them know why the flowers are so red!