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Chapter 433: Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!

Chapter 433: Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!

It begins!

This bro is here!

With Zhang Ye's final tweaking of his equipment and changing of some settings, his hands began to fly across his keyboard, and went straight for the Korean government's official website. Why did he choose these? This was because Korean hackers had previously invaded China's government website, hence, Zhang Ye wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine. Also, the Korean government's website was an extremely important site, and Zhang Ye was preparing to go big!

He first probed it.

He sent a fake email, but it was like a rock that plunged into the sea. It had been blocked.

After some thinking, Zhang Ye sent another probing packet. This probe was system deceiving, hoping it could trick the machine into returning a signal, and from that gain access. However, it still failed. The Korean government's website was full of elaborate layers and had extremely high security.




It all failed.

Zhang Ye was not surprised. He knew it wouldn't be easy. He thought of another few methods of intrusion from external means, but he did not implement them. He felt it wouldn't have any efficiency, so with a bright idea coming to his mind, he flipped through the website and used a machine translator software to simply translate the words on it. It wasn't very precise, and there were many mistakes in the translation, but all he needed was a rough idea. Oh? Personal e-mail inbox? This was on an e-mail inbox address located on a secondary level page. It was unknown if it was meant for sending reports or suggestions.

Got it!

I'll use you!

The current Zhang Ye was no longer the same Zhang Ye as before. He made some rough calculations of the time and immediately sent a report with an English name. To attract their attention, he sent the report to the President. Anyone who saw this would open it, right? However, the content contained a program.


A few minutes passed.

Suddenly, the e-mail was opened by someone!

Zhang Ye immediately grabbed this opportunity and through the short momentary guise of the program, he typed more than ten commands. First through a port, then to the server before coming back in the end. The computer on the other side had become Zhang Ye's 'zombie'. Firstly, it was to add a level of precaution for Zhang Ye's safety, and secondly, Zhang Ye needed this 'zombie' to mask his actions. However, just after a momentary success, the backdoor program was discovered by the firewall!

Zhang Ye was already prepared and quickly issued a few more commands. He did not hide nor retreat, and instead operated the 'zombie' machine and quickly deleted his backdoor program before the firewall sent out an alert.

There was no report!

The firewall lost its target!

Only then did Zhang Ye successfully infiltrate. Following that, he began to do an internal search within the LAN. Finally, he found the administrator account!

Data bait!

Soon, he managed to cheat the administrator password out of it!

Internal LAN baits did not fall within the confines of the firewall’s capabilities. Hence, Zhang Ye succeeded quickly. Machines were machines after all, and not human. They only accepted commands and did not have a mind of their own. The data bait program of this world called ‘1000’ that Zhang Ye used was actually using a loophole. It made the computer mistake him as having administrative rights who had forgotten his password. By using this loophole in the machine, he easily obtained the password and account, and it went completely unnoticed.

Very good!

He could control it!

After obtaining the administrator's information, Zhang Ye immediately logged in. The first thing he did was nothing but change the passwords. This also needed quite a deep level of technological skill. As some websites had higher security measures, when the administrator password was changed or if there were any abnormal reactions, an alert would be made. It was very easy for the firewall to label him as a "target". Zhang Ye could not be discovered now, or everything would be for naught, and if a few experts and programmers came chasing after him, then Zhang Ye would be restricted in whatever he could do. Hence, he typed in more than twenty commands that took him two minutes of typing!

The firewall did not notice it!

The password wasn't changed!

But in fact, the password was no longer the same. The first level of password was still the same password the firewall recognized, so there was no abnormal change in the data. There was no internal alert either, but Zhang Ye had switched an additional password on in the background. It was a two-tier program. This meant that if one wanted to obtain the highest level of authorization, they had to go through the two-tiered password. An example would be a bike with an alert lock. If you were to open or change the lock, the alarm would sound, bringing the police, but if you did not take the bike away, and instead gave it another lock, the alarm would not ring. If the bike's owner wanted to ride it away, he wouldn't be able to do so, and could only watch helplessly. That was the general idea.

All preparations were complete!

It was time to begin working on the "official matters"!


The other side.

The fighting intensified. The both sides of the Sino-Korean war had turned bloody!

JIN: "Add a bit more! They can't hold out any longer!"

59-V: "I can tell! We should take rests in shifts, and wear them out. Everyone, let's go. They have few people and can't hold out any longer!"



"I've taken down another website!"

The Internet Surveillance Bureau was indeed unable to hold out any further.

Fang Xiaoshui's eyes were already weary. "Coffee! Get me another cup!"

Meng Yi's eyes were also red. He had been staring for so long that his eyes looked like eagle eyes. "Give me a cup too! F**k! I'm going all out! I don't believe I can't force them to retreat!"

Then. there was Fan Yingyun, who was still in a good state of mind. After all, Old Fan had not worked all morning, and had even taken an afternoon nap.

The First Department already had more than twenty people present.

In the Second and Fourth Departments, they too were working overtime. Occasionally, one would hear a neighboring office curse out a string of profanities. Everyone was fighting!

Dong Zhiqiang also personally joined in. His network technology skills were weaker, but was still a considerable force to be reckoned with. "Everyone, hold on! All of you hold on for me! The leaders have already sought assistance from other places! Many technical personnel from the Defence and Military will be joining in the battle soon!"

Fan Yingyun coldly said, "By the time they arrive, even the yellow daylilies would have frozen!"

Dong Zhiqiang said, "The Military requires approval and needs to go through a process. They need a bit more time!"

Zhang Er shouted, "No good! Another expert from Korea has come! Sis Fan, I can't hold him off!"

Fang Xiaoshui gasped, "I can't handle it too. I mistyped in a few commands. I can't take back this website. The hackers on the other side probably number 200 or 300!"

"Sis Fan!"

"Sis Fan, I need help here too!"

Fan Yingyun shouted, "Stop shouting at me. I'm f**king busy over here too! Do it yourself!"

The number of attacked Chinese websites increased in number. The situation was becoming extremely terrible. Many of the defaced websites could not be retrieved in minutes like they previously had been able to.




Many websites were extensively paralyzed! This was a disaster!

Fang Xiaoshui anxiously said, "Why is nobody helping!? Are they all just watching a show? I don't believe our China doesn't have any experts!"

A cyber-policewoman shouted, "The Koreans are going too far!"

China's old programmers in the anti-virus companies were also unable to hold on!

Suddenly, a young cyber-policeman was stunned. "Holy sh*t Someone from our side has made a move! Quick, take a look! Look at the Korean government's website!"

Fang Xiaoshui went over, "What's the situation?"

Meng Yi also suddenly realized that the Korean hackers decreased in offensive strength. It appeared as if many of them had stopped their attacks and went to do something else.

"Korean government's website?"

"How do you know it's one of us?"

"There's Chinese written on it!"

Many people from the Internet Surveillance Bureau rushed over to take a look!

The Koreans also discovered this stunning act!

JIN: "Who is the bastard?"

59-V: "What do these words mean!? Hurry up and translate it!"

A Korean hacker said: "It's Chinese! The words are..."

Some of the top hackers in the world also put the Chinese battleground in the Sino-Korean war aside, and turned their sights towards Korea, the Korean government's website!

YOYOT (USA): "Someone has made their move!"

TOM (UK): "Let me take a look."

Fujiwara (Japan): "The red words are quite terrifying. It's Chinese, but I don't really know. Who can translate it for us? What does it mean?"

Cepera (Russia): "This time, there will be a show to watch. The hackers of China have finally stepped forward. Only then will there be suspense for the eventual outcome. If you defend all the time, there will never be victory. There has to be an expert that ignores the attacks. For this person to silently infiltrate the Korean government's website, it means his standard are quite high. It shouldn't be some Tom, Dick or Harry. There's gonna be a show! TOM, are you back?"

TOM (UK): "Yea, I'm back."

Cepera (Russia): "How's this person's ability?"

TOM (UK): "He obtained the administrator password, but for some reason, there's no way of entering it. I can't even see him, so how would I know how good is he!?"

YOYOT (USA): "Two-tiered password?"

TOM (UK): "Maybe. It's not within my domain of expertise, so I won't be able to crack it."

Cepera (Russia): "It doesn't look like any ordinary person, but why haven't I heard of such a person? Other than those already famous hacker experts in China, there are still so many experts? Like that FAN, and now this one. A two-tiered password is not such a simple technique. If it were any of us, the chances of success is less than 30%. The difficulty is to trick the firewall's U-layer and insert another level of password. Once the firewall is triggered, the two-tiered password won't be overlayed. Compared to this, changing the password first and then using a trojan horse or other concealment techniques would be more nimble, but then again, if the two-tiered password doesn't trigger the firewall's additional security, then it would be much more difficult for others to regain administrative rights. The internal firewall and security system could even be used by him, becoming a powerful barrier. This is, no doubt, a master. No doubt about it!"

YOYOT (USA): "I asked a Chinese friend. The words have been translated!"

All the world's top hackers and security companies scattered across the continents, Korea's government and citizens, and many citizens of China were all looking at the blood red handwriting on the Korean government's website. This was a sentence that had never appeared in this world before!

Let it be known:

Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!