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Chapter 434: Famous virus — Panda Burning Incense!

Chapter 434: Famous virus — Panda Burning Incense!

The war stopped!

More than 200 hackers from the Korean team temporarily retreated. With them retreating, the invaded websites were restored by the Internet Surveillance Bureau one by one!

The Chinese citizen spectators cheered.


"We sent them running!"

"Haha, the Koreans can't handle it!"

"It's not that they can't handle it, but it's because their backyard is on fire!"

"Ah? What happened?"

"Let me send you a picture. This is a screenshot of the Korean government's official website. A godly person from our country has made a move! It set their nest on fire!"

"So fierce?"

"Holy sh*t, awesome!"

"Anyone who offends China will be destroyed no matter the distance? What the f**k! This sentence is so empowering! It boils my blood just hearing it!"

"Powerhouse! Finally, a powerhouse has appeared!"

"Domineering! Such aggression!"

"Don't people in computer technology only dabble in mathematical calculations and stuff? Aren't they all computer nerds? This godly person '2' is not only skilled in computer technology, he even has such good literary talent? This is not something any ordinary person can say! His literary talent blows out the sky!"

This line was from Zhang Ye's world. The original text was 'whoever offends the mighty Han nation, however distant, shall be destroyed'. It was during the era of Emperor Wudi, when Minister Chen Tang said it. It was later changed by others to 'whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed'.

It was a famous sentence from millennia ago!

It was naturally domineering!


Internet Surveillance Bureau.

The people in First Department finally managed to catch their breaths.

"Alright." Fang Xiaoshui slammed on her desk, completely tired out. "I'm done on my side."

"I'm done here too. The final website that was invaded has been cleaned. They have all been restored." Meng Yi's arms had gone numb, so he hurriedly stand up to loosen his wrists.

Dong Zhiqiang was gulping down water before he said, "Don't let your guard down. The enemy has temporarily retreated. Which one of you knows this '2'?"

Zhang Er shook his head, "Never heard of him."

A cyber-policewoman said, "I just checked. There's no hacker with this name. We can't confirm if he really is of Chinese nationality."

Fan Yingyun scorned, "Is there even a need to confirm? Didn't you see the Chinese?"

The cyber-policewoman said, "The Chinese does not mean he's from China. Many exchange students can translate or learn Chinese."

Fan Yingyun pointed to those words. "Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed. For someone to write such text, do you think it can be a foreigner or exchange student? Don't even talk about exchange students, even Chinese language professors in China might not be able to produce such a powerful line of literature."

The cyber-policewoman acknowledged it as she thought about it.

If it was not someone from China, if it wasn't someone who had grown up in China, receiving systematic education and the influences of traditional culture, it was impossible to produce such an outstanding sentence!

Fang Xiaoshui said thankfully, "All thanks to his help, those bunch of people would never have left."

As the leader, Dong Zhiqiang had to remind them. "Little Fang, pay attention to your standing. For that person to intrude the Korean government's website, that in itself is illegal."

However, none of them bothered about what their leader said. If not for "2"'s appearance, they would not have been able to hold on any longer. They could tell that this hacker, "2" was definitely a patriot who loved his country and fellow men. No one from the Internet Surveillance Bureau had any ill feelings towards him, and instead had good feelings for him, and were interested in him. Basically, all good hackers usually only immersed themselves in computers, hardware, and other stuff. They were mostly 'illiterate'. Some of them had poor language ability, while others had poor social skills. There were others who never passed their language lessons since they were young. Now that a cultured hacker suddenly appeared, it made all of them astonished. They were naturally curious about his identity. Could it be one of the known hackers appearing under a different persona? Or was this a hidden master amongst the common folk that appeared for the first time?

Dong Zhiqiang asked, "How are the Koreans reacting?"

Fang Xiaoshui took a glance. "Nothing on their side."

"It's not that there's nothing." Fan Yingyun smiled and said, "The Korean government's security experts and network employees must have started working on it immediately, but from the looks of it, they haven't been able to regain admin access. They are being held back by '2'. This '2' might sound stupid, but he has a skill or two."

Meng Yi said, "The other side already has begun taking action, but it's already been five minutes right? Yet they can't take it down? The Korean government has so many experts!"

Zhang Er said excitedly, "It’s definitely because '2''s techniques are better!"

Fang Xiaoshui exclaimed, "Expert!"

They found it quite relieving. They had finally gotten some face back!

However, everyone had a question. This person's so-called destruction however distant, what did he mean by "destroy"? Was it just taking over the Korean government's website? This was at most just a tiny retaliation and warning, right? The other party had invaded so many Chinese websites and had even stolen the accounts of many celebrities in the entertainment industry, causing all sorts of trouble. Even the whole Korean society had added on with their invective words. This tiny bit of intrusion wasn't considered "destroy"-ing them. It wasn't powerful enough? This also meant that this person had other things planned. What was it?

The mood became tense.

It felt like the calm before the storm.

Dong Zhiqiang said to Fang Xiaoshui, "What do you think he will do?"

"Maybe he might attack their websites like our opponents, but it can't be. He's just one person. The efficiency would be too low and wouldn't be a trouble. Eh, I can't figure it out." Fang Xiaoshui said with a wry smile, "That hacker, that was hidden amongst the people, must have different ways of thinking compared to normal people."

Fan Yingyun looked at her, "Who are you scolding?"

Fang Xiaoshui hurriedly said, "I wasn't talking about you, Sister Fan."

Fan Yingyun said, "Everyone has the same thoughts. You lack the expertise, and can't stand at the requisite high, so you naturally can't see what they see. That's why you think they cannot be understood!"

Dong Zhiqiang said, "Forget it. Let the Koreans handle their own matters. It has nothing to do with us anymore. Our mission is to watch our homeland. Now that we have an opportunity to take a break, everyone take turns sleeping. Preserve your combat strength and be ready to battle at any time!"

Fan Yingyun stretched her back. "I was just waiting for you to say that. I'm sleeping!" As she lay on the couch, she covered herself with a blanket and reserved her spot.

However, no one else slept.

Dong Zhiqiang wondered out aloud, "Aren't you sleeping?"

Fang Xiaoshui said, "Let me see the situation first."

Meng Yi stared at the computer, "I also want to see how '2' will attack. Besides, I wonder what standard he has. I also want to observe the situation."

The prickly Fan Yingyun did not forget to stab other despite already heading to sleep. "Despite your poor standards, you sure worry a lot!"

Meng Yi: "..."


On the other side.

JIN and company were conversing.

"Still haven't regained access?"

"What is this bunch of people doing? Their skills are so bad?"

"Our government's website hasn’t been under our control for more than ten minutes. The other side only has one person, yet so many security experts can't fix it? What are you doing?"

"Maybe the other person is too formidable."

"Enough. We don't have to care about the website. We can't go in either as it's full of cyber-police. It's not convenient for us to appear. Now, we need to watch that '2' rascal. We need to find out who he is and what he wants to do, then reveal him!"


"He can't run!"

"Let me set a trap to wait for him!"

"As long as he comes back from the government website and does something, I'll definitely catch traces of him!"


At home.

There was all sorts of tapping sounds of a keyboard typing in his house.

Zhang Ye was battling against three Korean personnel. Their skills were very good, but as Zhang Ye had the advantage of having administrative rights, and had the firewall blocking in his favor, he could battle with them with ease. After another while, he felt it was almost time. He also couldn't be bothered to spend time with them. He still had other things to do. Hence, without a word, he typed out a bunch of commands for a data attack. After that, he cleaned his traces and disconnected. He cleared traces of his infiltration from the zombie machine, disconnected, and returned to his own computer.

Not a while later, the Korean government's website was restored.

There were curses from all around Korea!

"Arrest him! We must arrest him!"

"This '2' is too lawless!"

"What are the cyber-police doing? Catch him! This is an insult to us!

"Those bunch of bastards! Kill them all!"

"Where is our hacker army? Attack them! Let those Chinese stars make some statements, calling us 'Daddy'. I get a kick hearing it!"

"Destroy that bunch of jumping clowns in China!"

Finally, the biggest discussion forum in Seoul created a poll. "Do you support Korean hackers to use illegal means to invade China's internet! "

0.6% did not support it.

0.4% abstained from voting.

99% of the people showed their support!

"I want to join in the battle too!"

"Count me in!"

"I'll f**k them to death!"

"They defaced our government's website! Then, we will deface a hundred, or a thousand of their websites! It they don't squeak the words 'Daddy' from our beating, we will not retreat!"

Zhang Ye sneered. Seeing the Chinese translations of the Korean citizens, he was thinking how those words should be said by him to them!

A bunch of jumping clowns!

This time, this bro will beat till you cry mercy!

Zhang Ye was naturally that '2'. The name did not sound good, but he had no intention of scolding himself. He was not saying he was very 2 (doing things dumbly and unbecoming of their status), but meant something else. If the number 2 was gestured using one's hand, it was raising one's index and middle finger, which was also the sign for victory. It also meant a cheer "Yea", cheering for victory. Yea and Ye sounded the same, so he came up with the name "2". This kind of hidden meaning was naturally something no one would think of. At least they would not associate it with him. Zhang Ye had done this to protect himself.

Whoever offended the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!

Many people were watching this battle either openly or covertly. They were guessing what technique he would use to carry out his ultimatum, and launch his retaliation!

People thought he would continue intruding websites?

People thought he would steal the accounts of celebrities and curse?

Actually, their thoughts were overly simple. If it were such meaningless actions, why would Zhang Ye go all the way to the Korean government's website and intrude them and wait ten minutes with those words? He wanted to let this news spread. He wanted to stir the pot, telling the Koreans not to mess with him, and I wouldn't be bothered with you, but if you dare to mess with me or my country, then wash your necks and prepare for an execution!

However distant, shall be destroyed!

I'll do it as I say it!

Zhang Ye had already decided on the method he would use to retaliate. He needed to hurt his opponents and teach all of them a lesson!

What methods?

The answer was already very clear!

A virus!

On this planet, there were not many hackers, nor were there many viruses. Viruses were different from trojan horses. Viruses caused greater damage, and was created with the purpose of destroying computers. Hence, for this, anti-virus companies had invested a lot into this. In a year, viruses that could exceed infecting more than a thousand computers would never exceed three!

For example, those people from Korea had also launched viruses in China today. However, they only managed to infect a few dozen machines. Most of them were computers from Hope Primary School. These computers were scrapped by nice people in society or companies, so they were older. They lacked firewalls, which resulted in them being getting infected. If it were a typical family's computer, a simple installation of an anti-virus software would prevent them from being infected by these types of viruses. Every anti-virus software had a library that was updated in real time. As long as the virus library had records of the virus, there was no way they could infect them under normal circumstances.

Then why did he choose to use a virus for his attack?

Wasn't it meaningless? Infecting a few computers without anti-virus programs did not have a great effect, right?

In fact, that wasn't the case. Zhang Ye had always had knowledge no one from this earth had. Songs? Movies? Poems? Essays?

Other than those, it also contained knowledge on viruses!

And the numerous virus source codes from his world!

On this earth, there was no way to see the source code on the internet. Some trojan horse and virus programs, or commonly-used software did not provide the source code. At best, they gave you a way to download it, and might even charge a fee. It was fairly strict all across the world, but the earth where Zhang Ye came from? Trojan horse source code? Virus source code? Just a simple search on a search engine with his eyes close would find the source code of any virus he wished! Many hackers open-sourced it! Not only that, even the source code of different operating systems were open-sourced. This world was different, and the international relations were different. The people's awareness and beliefs were different. The rules and regulations from laws were different.

This world did not have the idea of open-sourcing viruses?

This world's old viruses were immediately killed?

It's fine, I don’t need to use yours. This bro has his own source code, and everyone of them has never appeared here before, yet they were extremely notorious viruses in his world!

Tell me, which one?

Well, since it is to promote the Chinese spirit, it might as well be the "Panda Burning Incense"!

Let you Koreans have a taste of this virus that got cursed so badly by his world's people! I want to see if your anti-virus and firewall software are better, or my "new virus" is better!