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Chapter 435: Creation of the Virus Completed!

Chapter 435: Creation of the Virus Completed!

It was decided on a virus!

He did what he had set out to do!

Zhang Ye opened the interface of his game ring and adeptly opened the Merchant Shop. As he touched the virtual screen, a Memory Search Capsule was bought by him. 100,000 Reputation points was nothing. Eh, the remaining Reputation points did not look right? Not only did it not decrease, it had even increased by so much? From the previous draw at the lottery, he only had 30 million Reputation points left, but at this moment, even after buying the Memory Search Capsule, he still had 31 million Reputation points. He understand after some thought. This was the Reputation accumulated from his persona as hacker "2". It seemed like even if people did not know who he was, the reverence to what he did and the visibility produced from his actions would also be added to his game ring. Ha, that's good. He could get a bunch of Reputation points in this way!

He ate the capsule.

Instantly, Zhang Ye's thoughts entered his subconscious' memories.


It was a winter day many years ago. Zhang Ye, who was still in high school, went with two other classmates to a classmate's house to play games on a weekend.

"Where are the games?"

"All gone."

"Ah? What happened?"

"My computer was hit with a virus last night. Panda Burning Incense!"

"Holy sh*t, isn't that the old virus from last year? I heard it infected millions of computers. Everyone on the internet felt insecure. Why did you get it a year later?"

"It was a mutated version of the Panda Burning Incense virus. F**k, so I checked what's up with the virus on the internet. It's so infuriating. Eh, is this the virus' source code?"

"Why are there so many files in the source code?"

"One is the original source code, while the rest are mutated versions."

"Let me see what's up with the original source code."

"Take a look. Hur, it's not like you’d understand anyways."

"Although I don't understand, I think it's pretty awesome."

Back then, Zhang Ye did not speak while standing beside them. He just took a cursory glance at the computer with them. The functions and commands flashed past his eyes line by line.



At home.

Zhang Ye regained consciousness. The usage time of the Memory Capsule ended. He opened his eyes and chuckled. The source code of Panda Burning Incense was deeply embedded in his mind.

It was time to get to work!

He did not use his newly bought notebook computer, but instead used a relatively poor configured notebook computer. This computer would become his testbed. In the event of a mistake, he might end up getting infected himself, then he would be a retard. So, he had to make some early precautions. Actually creating a dual boot system would allow him to create a 'test' zone, but he didn't have the time to set one up. Besides, if the Panda Burning Incense virus was quite malignant. Although the virus program itself wasn't that complex, it was very destructive. He had to be careful. It was safer to have dual systems across two computers. Furthermore, Zhang Ye cut off the internet to his main computer to avoid any accidents.





i, LenInteger;


if (GetACP = 932) then

IsJap = True;



Zhang Ye followed the source code from his memory and typed it out ad verbatim before doing some adjustments and changes. Why did he need to change it? This was because this world had many operating systems. The implementation environment was different from his world. For example, Windows 7 or 8 did not exist, nor did Windows 95 or XP. It was a completely new operating system name. And through Zhang Ye's analysis, it was likely similar to Windows XP or a lower version. It was somewhat backwards, so when he typed up the virus, he definitely needed to make changes for it to work. As for the source code's destructive methods, it was not changed. That was the core and was what Zhang Ye wanted. Inputting the command to implement it was the same between both words. As programming languages were similar, it had saved him a lot of trouble.

The interface changed.

The instructions were adjusted.

He added a few words to the Panda Burning Incense picture he produced.

The code was very long. If it were written on a piece of paper, it would still take several pages. This was also why it was not easy to produce a virus. In this era, where source code was not released, finding one for reference was very difficult. Hence, the top virus creators in this world had a long and hardened road. This was because if any of the commands had a logical error or command conflict, such as the most crucial infinite loop logic were violated, then it would render the virus completely useless. It would not be able to show its effects, and become a virus without any offensive power. This was the difficulty in producing one. As a virus, you could have flaws, such as invasive flaws, flaws in evading anti-virus software, transmission flaws, all of them did not matter too much, but you definitely could not have a command error in invasive source code. If that happened, the virus could not even be called a virus!


Further perfection!

Zhang Ye continuously checked it a few times, afraid of any errors.

As for programming, why was he so skilled and adept at it?

Back then, he had received Network Technology Experience Books, Zhang Ye had also drawn 21 Computer Programming Skills Experience Books. Hence, he already had the basic foundational knowledge and technical knowhow on the modifications. If not, just with those 200+ books of Network Technology Experience Books, it would be impossible for him to complete the modification process. Programming was a very independent domain of expertise. The 21 Computer Programming Skillbooks were not good enough to allow Zhang Ye create any software, virus, or trojan horses himself, but if he needed to modify commands of the original virus source code, then that was within the scope of his abilities!

Whatever he had drawn before was all used today!

It was quite a joke back then when Zhang Ye grumbled over the programming skills and network technology books, thinking they were useless. Now, it was time for him to show his prowess!

Panda Burning Incense was a "worm-like virus". It was created by a Li Jun in China's Hubei, Wuhan, Xinzhou district on October 16, 2006. It had the ability to spread the infection. In January 2007, it wrecked havoc on the internet, infecting millions of personal computers. There were also numerous corporate computers that were infected. Back in that era, whenever "Panda Burning Incense" was mentioned, netizens would falter. Zhang Ye did not get hit by it, but many of his classmates, friends, neighbors, and even school's computers had been infected by "Panda Burning Incense". It was the most famous, widespread, and vicious virus in his world's China. It was even famous overseas!

Back then, many people cursed the virus creator for tarnishing the national treasure, pandas!

Zhang Ye naturally did not want to repeat the same mistakes. The virus he produced was not to bring against his own people, but against the enemy!

To win glory for the country?

He did not think so either!

A virus was still a virus. It was nothing good. If he had not been forced to, Zhang Ye would not have produced such a malignant thing like the "Panda Burning Incense". However, he was out of options. He could not stand how the Koreans were being so arrogant. The citizens of China could not take this any further. Furthermore, from the attitudes of the Korean hackers towards the citizens, the Korean government had turned a blind eye towards it. It ignored how the hackers were invading China, and had already caused serious consequences to China's financial security and societal stability. Someone had to step forward at this point in time!

No one came forward?

No one led the way?

Fine! Then I will! I'll shoulder the responsibility! I'll bear all future repercussions alone!

There was no way of taking this lying down! Revenge had to be taken! That bunch of people's face must be trampled underfoot! Let them have a taste of fear! Never to act arrogant again!

Time passed.

23:18 - Panda Burning Incense's source code modification completed.

23:22 - Panda Burning Incense virus failed in a test. Logical error.

23:29 - Final modification. Panda Burning Incense's source code completed.

23:32 - Test successful.

23:34 - Production of Panda Burning Incense succeeded.

Zhang Ye clicked on his mouse and carefully moved the virus onto a blank USB drive. Then he plucked it out his computer and placed it on his desk!

It was finally done!

That notorious Panda Burning Incense from his world had been copied over by Zhang Ye largely intact memory into this world. It had appeared in this world for the first time!