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Chapter 436: Attack of the Virus!

Chapter 436: Attack of the Virus!


Everyone, who paid attention to this matter, was waiting!

TOM (UK): "Where did he go?"

YOYOT (USA): "He seems to have disappeared."

Cepera (Russia): "That '2' hasn't appeared after he disconnected from the Korean government's website. What is he doing? He had issued a grandiloquent ultimatum, but he doesn't plan on acting on it? Or could he has already been discovered by the Koreans? His address has been found?"

Fujiwara (Japan): "I'm still waiting for a good show, why isn't there anything?"

Cepera (Russia): "It can't be a bluff, right?"

YOYOT (USA): "A hacker of this level, I doubt it?"

TOM (UK): "If he doesn't appear, then it will render me speechless."

These top hackers all had their own circles. Other than this tiny circle, there were many world-class hackers gathered to discuss this matter. A hacker war at national-scale was one not seen in a decade, so all the experts could not ignore it!

This was a world that ran deep!

Top experts could fall here, and there were many new hackers in this world that could become famous overnight!

Now, an expert, who had never been heard before, had emerged in this world. For example the newly joined "Jen" from Korea, and the "FAN" from China. Now, there was the addition of "2".

Most people were curious how "2" would proceed with his attack, and how he would retaliate. The reason why they were all so interested was because they found the situation quite surreal. After all, "2" was just one person. It was obvious that he was not from the Internet Surveillance Bureau, a public servant, or a programmer of a security company. What could he do alone? Even if he truly had three heads and six arms, his retaliation wouldn't be overly painful. It was unlikely to cause any serious loss or effects in Korea. After all, Korea had many experts too, or at least more than China by a small number. Furthermore, "2" was not on home ground, which only meant he needed to face the Korean government's cyber-police, army, security companies, and other organizations. The bunch of Korean hackers were also back. They had set up a trap for "2", waiting for him to appear again. Every power in Korea had made preparations to encircle "2", so how was "2" to launch his attack? Not fighting on one's home ground made it too passive! Many were not optimistic about his actions. They felt the words "however distant, shall be destroyed" were overly pompous. If he did not do anything in the end, it would make a mockery of himself and lower the morale of China!

JIN (Korea): "He's not coming?"

59-V (Korea): "We've already waited nearly an hour!"

Jen (Korea): "Is he afraid of us? He doesn't dare to come out?"

59-V (Korea): "Probably. We have so many people waiting for him. He's certainly not stupid and probably knows he's unlikely to succeed. JIN, what do we do now? You are the leader of this operation. You decide."

JIN (Korea): "Let's wait a little while longer. I keep having an ominous feeling."

Jen (Korea): "Aren't you over thinking it?"

JIN (Korea): "I hope so too as well. It's too quiet, so quiet that it feels abnormal."

Internet Surveillance Bureau.

First Department.

Dong Zhiqiang asked, "Has that person made a move yet?"

"Not yet." Meng Yi answered him, "We've been waiting for so long."

Dong Zhiqiang acknowledged. "I really wonder what that person is planning on doing. However, it has nothing to do with us. Just pay attention to our own matters and don't get too distracted."

Meng Yi said, "Got it."

Zhang Er said, "Yes, boss."

Fang Xiaoshui was woken up by their voices and got up from the desk and took a few glances.

Where was ‘2’?

Who was this hacker?

It couldn't be just that simple show of force and then nothing, right?

Chinese citizens:

"God, appear!"

"Where did God '2' go to?"

"I stayed up late to wait. Why isn't anything happening?"

"Don't rush him. He might be planning something big."

"Right, definitely."

"He's been brewing this pot for more than an hour."

"Why is the thunder so loud, but the rain so little!? God '2' isn't empowering enough!"

Amongst the Chinese hackers, only "2" had stood against the enemy. He was the first to carry the flag and also the only one. Hence, everyone's focus was on this mysterious hacker. They were guessing, discussing, grumbling, and complaining impatiently. All sorts of emotions were flying about.

What was Zhang Ye doing?

He was doing something shady of course!

Hackers and celebrities were two different concepts. What was a celebrity's work ethic? That was to shout once or twice even if there was nothing going on. If possible, they yearned to let everyone in the world know they were going to the bathroom, but hackers? Especially hackers who created viruses? This was something that had to be hidden and not revealed. If you were doing something and shouted out, then sure, next day, someone would be at your doorstep "checking on you"!

He had to keep a low-profile!

Good cards had to be revealed at the end!

Zhang Ye was concentrating in front of his computer. He was already in control of ten Korean individual's computers. How did he find them? He found those people cursing against the Chinese on discussion boards. Some of them were invaded through their user accounts, while others were invaded through their e-mail inboxes. The ten computers were under Zhang Ye’s complete control. He called these computers the virus culture chamber, and they would be the first batch of computers to be infected. Furthermore, he needed them to spread it. Of course, before that, Zhang Ye had to give it a little test.

Planting Panda Burning Incense!

First computer: The virus ran automatically, it was already infected!

Second computer: The virus met a firewall, but bypassed it, already infected.

Third computer: The virus was flagged by a foreign anti-virus software named CA as an unknown program. The user was alerted. Zhang Ye, who had already controlled the other person's computer could see the user's every operation. The Korean user immediately clicked to kill the virus, but failed to remove it, then he chose quarantine. Panda Burning Incense's operations were immediately sandboxed, but before the quarantine, the program had already used the system's autoplay functions to initialize. The user did not think anything of it and thought it had been settled. He went back to playing his game and ignored it. In fact, this computer had already been infected with the virus.

Fourth computer: Already infected.

Fifth computer: Failure to infect. It might be due to the person's computer having certain programs or software that conflicted, so the Panda Burning Incense failed to run.

Sixth computer: Already infected.

Seventh computer: Failure to infect. The other party was not using a mainstream operating system. The program was invalidated.

Eighth computer: Already infected.

Ninth computer: The virus remained dormant, yet to infect.

Tenth computer: Already infected and had already begun sending e-mails in the background to transmit the virus.

Zhang Ye was relieved. Amongst the ten computers, seven of them were infected and already spreading the virus. One of them was unknown, and the other two had failed to infect. This ratio for infection was already quite terrifying. Other than the conflict with certain programs and how the Panda Burning Incense was targeted at mainstream operating systems, this already proved that most computers could not be able to withstand the intrusion from this virus. Zhang Ye was still worried that this world's virus libraries had similar virus "removal patches", but in fact there weren't any. This world's firewalls and anti-virus software could not block Panda Burning Incense!

All of you are finished!

It's time to settle scores!

Zhang Ye immediately infiltrated a Korean discussion forum and website, which was full of invectives against China, as well as Lee Anson's management company's website and began his large scale invasion!





Jen (Korea): "Let's begin our attack!"

59-V (Korea): "It's not our style to keep waiting. That '2' probably won't appear. Let's continue attacking China? I'm already tired. I've been looking at forums all day."

JIN (Korea) remained silent for a while, "Alright then. Same old. Everyone fights their own battles, don't stay in one spot too long. We must make sure to finish them off in one sitting and make them cry for mercy! In the future, China's Internet Surveillance Bureau, hackers, and security experts will hide they see our Korean hackers! Everyone lead your teams and attack!"

Jen (Korea): "Haha, I'll go meet that FAN."

JIN (Korea): "Careful."

A large bunch of Korean hackers came attacking once again!

China's Internet Surveillance Bureau set off an alarm!

Meng Yi's expression changed. "Oh no! Here they come again!"

Dong Zhiqiang shouted backward, "Officer Fan! It's all on you!"

Fan Yingyun yawned as she woke up. She walked over and sat down. "That bunch of grandsons, will they even let me sleep!?"

Fang Xiaoshui and the rest from the Internet Surveillance Bureau were also nervous. They prepared to face the incoming wave, but none of them felt confident. They did not know if they could hold on this time!

The citizens watching on the web also shouted.


"That bunch of bastards are back at it again!"

"They are not done with it! F**k!"

"They are really not going to give up!"

"Alright! Then we will not give up either! F**k!"

However at this moment, a scene that no one expected happened. 59-V, one of the leading hackers, suddenly disconnected before the clash!

Following that, it was another Korean hacker!

And immediately after, there was a third and then fifth one!

59-V cursed, "F**king hell! Who gave me a virus!"

A female Korean hacker said, "I'm infected too! The machine can't run any other programs!"

Another person said, "Son of a bitch! What's the matter with this virus!? When did I get infected? I just took a look at my inbox! 59, the mail was sent by you!"

59-V: "Impossible! How could I send you an e-mail at a time like this?"

JIN angrily said, "What the heck are you doing? Didn't you all activate your protection?"

59-V: "I did. The firewall didn’t detect a thing!"

JIN: "Retreat! Everyone retreat! Check your computers! Don’t accept any strange mail!"

Jen: "Holy sh*t! Who did this?"

59-V: "Fuck! My computer is finished! I won't be able to say a single word in a while! It was all done by that '2'!"

JIN said, "How do you know it was done by him?"


Who else could it be but that grandson!?

The computers of these ten or so hackers all had a logo of a panda holding three burning joss sticks as the EXE's icon. On the joss stick, there was a small line written above them!

Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed!