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Chapter 438: I don“t care!

Chapter 438: I don't care!

First Department.


"Aiyo, I can't take it anymore!"

"Enough, that's enough!" Dong Zhiqiang stared.

Everyone was laughing, except Fan Yingyun, who did not move. She was sitting in front of her computer with a deadpan expression, tapping on her keyboard. It was unknown what she was doing.

"Officer Fan, what are you doing?" Dong Zhiqiang looked over curiously.

Upon hearing this, Fang Xiaoshui also looked at her, "Sister Fan?"

Meng Yi was closest to Fan Yingyun, and when he looked back, he saw her screen. There was a picture panda burning incense that immediately entered his eyes. Meng Yi was momentarily shocked, "Holy sh*t! Panda Burning Incense! Sis Fan! What are you doing? Is your computer infected?"



Upon hearing this, everyone crowded around her!

Fan Yingyun did not think too much about it. "What are you shouting for? Don't make a big hooha. If you keep doing that, you'll give me a fright. It's just a virus. I purposely went to a Korean message board to find the 'Panda Burning Incense' and sandboxed it. I want to see its destructive power."

Dong Zhiqiang hurriedly said, "Don't play with fire!"

Zhang Er was also extremely nervous. "That's right. This virus has already been issued a red alert by the Global Malware Protection Center. It's an extremely dangerous virus. If you aren't careful, the entire Internet Surveillance Bureau might be infected. Since it has mostly infected Korea, it also has nothing to do with our Internet Surveillance Bureau. It's best to avoid it as best as we can. You sure are good. Why did you deliberately bring it here? Don't you infect China's computers!"

Fan Yingyun was a daredevil as she leered at them. "Do you think I'm like all of you? Since I dared to download the virus, I definitely have my means of controlling it, so what if it's a red alert? It still boils down that it's just a worm virus. There is definitely a way to eliminate and control it. Let me study it first. If the virus really spreads to China's borders, then we wouldn't be blind. We would be prepared and have the tools required to kill it."

Dong Zhiqiang said with a frown, "You should leave that to the relevant departments. There are places in charge of this. If we can't, there's still anti-virus companies. Isn't it too risky to do it in our Internet Surveillance Bureau?"

At this moment, someone came in!

They were the leaders of the Internet Surveillance Bureau!

Dong Zhiqiang was stunned. "Chief Zhao!"

Vice Chief Zhao nodded and then stood behind Fan Yingyun with the other leaders. "Teacher Fan, do you know anything about the virus?"

Fan Yingyun did not even turn around. "I'm studying it now."

When Vice Chief Zhao saw Fan Yingyun's desktop screen, he too had a fright. "Take it easy. This virus is extremely infectious. I just received news from Korea that a rough estimate of the number of PC users that have been infected by the Panda Burning Incense has already reached 30,000!"



Everyone in the First Department stared widely at each other!

Another leader asked, "Officer Fan, you are a professional in this. In terms of programming, you are also an expert. Have you discovered anything?"

Fan Yingyun smiled and said, "I only gave it a general perusal. It's not surprising that this virus can infect so many machines so quickly. The creator of the virus is a genius and also has some good ideas. This variant of the Panda Burning Incense virus nearly pushes the danger and uniqueness of a worm virus to its limits. The infected user will constantly reconnect to the internet and spread the virus through e-mails. If an editor on a discussion board is infected, this Panda Burning Incense would also automatically be included in the document. Those who download it will also be infected, and the infected machine will BSOD, hang, or get caught in an infinite reboot loop. There would be no way to reinstall the system, etc."

Vice Chief Zhao said with a heavy face, "Then I'll inform the Malware Protection Center. We need to publish a warning too. This virus is too dangerous!"

However, Fan Yingyun said, "There's no need."

Vice Chief Zhao asked, "Why?"

Everyone else was listening.

Fan Yingyun pointed at her screen and said, "When I downloaded the Panda Burning Incense virus, I made a sample and tested it on another system. However, what surprised me was that the destructive power was not as large as I imagined. At least compared to the situation of the infected computers in Korea, it's nothing like that. In the beginning, I thought it was just a coincidence. Maybe my computer was an outlier, but I do not think so. When the creator of the virus, '2' created it, the source code must have included a program that targeted Korean language operating systems. As for English or Chinese operating systems, although they will be attacked due to the core logic of the virus, compared to a Korean operating system, the infected status would be much less severe."

Fang Xiaoshui exclaimed, "When '2' designed the source code, he only targeted Korean operating systems?"

Fan Yingyun said, "I still need to conduct further tests. I still need to study it a bit more, but I don't believe I'm far from the truth. That's what my experience tells me."

Vice Chief Zhao blinked. "Is your analysis reliable?"

Fan Yingyun tsked at him. "My analysis is definitely more reliable than any of yours. I'm a teacher in professional programming. I've been teaching this for more than ten years, so don't question my professionalism!"

Vice Chief Zhao was not angry and after hearing her explanation, he had a general idea. "Are there any ways to solve it? I'm saying, if the virus really invades China en masse, even if it is not as destructive as it was in Korea, it would still be dangerous. Do we have anything against it?"

Fan Yingyun looked at him, "You should ask that question to people from the Malware Protection Center or relevant departments from anti-virus companies. They all have the proper equipment and manpower. I have nothing on my hands, so all I can do is study it on the surface. Expecting me to come up with a solution with this crappy computer would take me years."

Another leader said, "Officer Fan, everyone knows of your skill level. You are much better than security experts and programmers. It’s just that the resulting repercussions of this virus is too much. Besides, that '2' is a Chinese hacker. The higher-ups have paid attention to this matter and even made a call to the Chief, so this mission is closely related to the Internet Surveillance Bureau. If you have any means, you have to tell us."

Dong Zhiqiang said, "Officer Fan?"

Fang Xiaoshui also said with a learning attitude, "Sister Fan, how should we handle such a virus?"

After leering at them, Fan Yingyun said, "To produce a tool to kill it or a patch for the virus, I cannot do one now. This requires too much equipment and a lot of manpower. It might even need a patch from the operating system's company, but just to deal with this virus, there are many ways."

Saying that, she began doing something.

She checked the Administrator group member's password. It was empty. She right clicked on My Computer and chose the manage option. She checked the local users and groups. On the right window, she chose a user with administrative rights and right clicked, setting a password, and set a new one. It was a combination of letters and numbers. She then clicked Start, Run, and 'gpedit', MSC, and opened the Group Policy Editor before navigating through Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, System, and in the right pane, chose to switch off Auto-play. The default setting was 'Not Configured'. In the radio box, she choose 'Enabled' and then confirmed her selection and closed. Finally, at Start, she typed gpupdate, and after confirming, the policy was established. She had switched off Auto-play.

"Done." A few simple operations and with a word of Fan Yingyun, she used this new environment and a third operating system to transfer the Panda Burning Incense virus.

The virus entered.

However, it did not do a thing!

Everyone was stunned. "It's that simple?"

Fan Yingyun said, "A computer virus isn't AIDS. Don't think of it to be so terrible. Since it's a worm virus, then it must have certain worm virus rules governing it. By finding the infection matter, and anyone with some computing experience will be able to easily defend against it. Don't think of how fast the virus spreads. The virus' source code can't have been too complex. The password might be a bit more complex, and to switch off Auto-play, then as long as you aren't retarded enough to click on the virus, it shouldn't work."

Even if everyone present was not an expert, they were all professionals, so they understood immediately!

"I'll set it up!" Everyone followed Fan Yingyun's instructions.

Vice Chief Zhao immediately laughed and said, "Great, with this, our Internet Surveillance Bureau computers will at least be that much safer. Teacher Fan indeed has the ideas!"

Fan Yingyun said, "However, this is just a stop-gap measure. To completely rid this virus, there still needs to be a further step of reverse engineering the program and finding a way to eliminate it."

Vice Chief Zhao said, "Then I'll be relying on you."

Dong Zhiqiang immediately said, "Officer Fan, if there is anything you need, equipment, manpower, we can give it all to you."

Another leader said, "That's right. We will give you anything you need."

Although cracking a virus was in no way the Internet Surveillance Bureau's responsibility, it was still related to them. If they were the first to crack this virus and produce a tool to eliminate it, then their Internet Surveillance Bureau would surely become famous!

However, no one expected Fan Yingyun to retort, "If you want to do it, do it yourself. I need to go home and sleep!"

Vice Chief Zhao said in dismay, "Why?"

Fan Yingyun never minced her words and said directly, "I don't like the look of those Koreans. You want me to go through all the trouble to create an elimination tool for them overnight? To save them? You think I'm f**king sick!?" Saying that, Fan Yingyun picked up her coat and walked out the office under the stares of everyone. She went home!

Dong Zhiqiang: "..."

Vice Chief Zhao: "..."

Fang Xiaoshui and Meng Yi had similar thoughts. Those Korean hackers had been very provocative, cursing and invading them. They suffered all day, and now that they deservingly upset a godly person from China, they only had themselves to blame. There was no reason for them, the Internet Surveillance Bureau, to go through so much effort just to help them create a virus elimination tool! Oh, so when you were fighting us, you were all arrogant. Now you got screwed by our godly person, we still have to help you wipe your asses? Based on what!? How can there be such a good thing!?

You’ve made trouble for yourselves?

Then clear up after yourselves!

On this matter, other than the Internet Surveillance Bureau's leaders, the other colleagues stood on the same side as Fan Yingyun!