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Chapter 441: The inexorable panda!

Chapter 441: The inexorable panda!

"No good!"

"They're back again!"

"Damn! Still not done?"

"They still dare to attack?"

"Everyone, be careful!"

"A social forum has been attacked and brought down! Yet another large quantity of words scolding China appeared. Based on the text, it was definitely translated by some software. It's those Korean hackers again!"

A few shouts had broken the peace at the Internet Surveillance Bureau!

Everyone in the First Department telt the tension, cursing under their breaths, as they took positions in front of their computers, rushing to defend from the attacks.

Fang Xiaoshui said angrily, "Are they competing with us on energy levels? Are they not done yet?"

Meng Yi was also very angry, "The point is, why is the Korean government not doing anything about this at all? Such a large scale invasion of our networks has already been going on for two days and they didn't even question what’s going on? They don't care? Isn't that the same as condoning the hackers actions?! They just silently approve their hackers attacks on us? That kind of attitude is much too terrible! What kind of people are they? Those leads from the IP addresses that Sister Fan found and submitted to the Korean authorities have all gone unanswered? No one has been caught? Or is it because they don't plan on arresting them at all? This is so infuriating!"

A young cyber-policeman said, "Maybe they have already arrested them in secret, but just that we are too low ranked to know of this information, but to be honest, their government's attitude of turning a blind eye towards this matter is really too much!"

A cyber-policewoman said with a tone of sarcasm, "Didn't you all see it? Even the Korean media is scolding us on their papers saying that our hackers have caused them a major economic loss and social disruption, but when their country's hackers illegally infiltrated our networks and caused us trouble, even going as far as stealing accounts to post insulting words, aren't they causing social disruption to us too? The Korean media didn't even mention a single word about it! I'm really completely floored by these Koreans! They truly deserve to get scolded by Teacher Zhang Ye! I'm going to rewatch "Zhang Ye's Talk Show" after this case is over. Those Korean insulting segments really are the best! They are a bunch of bastards!"

When they spoke about Zhang Ye, a few of them looked over to him.

"Eh? Teacher Zhang? What are you doing?" Fang Xiaoshui looked at him strangely.

Zhang Ye was typing furiously on his keyboard when he heard him name being called, "I'm writing a document for work."

Fang Xiaoshui quickly said, "Oh, oh, then I won't disturb you."

Fan Yingyun said coldly, "Stop that idle chatter! This bunch of grandsons are already at our doorstep. Quickly go get them, I've already caught one. Old Dong, this is one of their IPs!" She wrote it down and passed it to Dong Zhiqiang. In this group of people, Fan Yingyun's workrate was the fastest and most effective.

Dong Zhiqiang said excitedly, "Well done! Everyone, raise your spirits. Let's get through this and after we're done, I’ll treat everyone!"

Everyone in the office knew that Zhang Ye was here only for a few days and was here just for show. He probably wouldn't be here anymore after tomorrow and since they had their hands full now, they did not pay much attention to Zhang Ye anymore. Zhang Ye's back was facing a window. If anyone walked up behind him, they would definitely discover that he had a window on his screen in which he was entering complex shell commands and procedural calls. They were so complex that even Fang Xiaoshui might not understand them!

objMail Send





for i=0 to Count






Input complete!

Zhang Ye smiled deep down inside, but did not show it on his face. He glanced at the busily working staff of the Internet Surveillance Bureau and pretended to be busy with his own work as well. Meanwhile, he had connected to the Internet Surveillance Bureau's network and had once again gotten into the Korean networks. Quietly, he began his "proper" business.


JIN: "Be careful, everyone. Remember to cover your tracks to protect yourself. The virus from '2' has already been cracked, but there's still 'FAN'. That's also another powerful person! You must take note not to get caught!"

Jen: "Understood!"

Hyo: "Without the Panda Burning Incense virus, they have nothing that can scare us!"

59-V still bore a grudge from being infected by the virus. He said, "A virus like that Panda Burning Incense was never complicated to begin with. It's just that since the anti-virus database did not have records of such a virus, that '2' was able to exploit a loophole, but now, he's......."

Up until here, 59-V suddenly disconnected!

JIN: "59? 59?"

Jen: "Where's 59? What's the matter?"

JIN: "I don't know. He's still online, but why is there no movement from him?"

Then, 59-V appeared again and the first words he said had left everyone with their mouths agape! They heard him cursing out, "FUCK ME! I've been infected again! This '2' is seriously a grandson all the way to the end of the earth! There's no hacker that is as bastardly as him! He even posted a thread on a Korean forum titled 'Song Jimi's nudes for download'. I just downloaded it and my computer immediately went dead! It's the Panda Burning Incense! It's the same virus!"

Song Jimi — A famous female Korean celebrity.



JIN also doubtfully said: "You didn't install the kill tool?"

59-V said: "I did, but my Auto-play settings were not changed! This is damned to a million fucks! I'm done here! My computer is going to auto restart soon! I don't understand what's going on now! What's with the kill tool? Didn't the virus definitions get updated too? Why did I....."

His avatar dimmed out!

59-V's words were cut off there!

Following that, another 5 hackers got infected!

"Ah! I've been infected too!"

"The virus is back!"

"It's really Panda Burning Incense! It's still alive!"

JIN felt his heart turn cold, "Stop the attack! Withdraw! Everyone withdraw! Hurry!"

Jen was also shocked: "Didn't the virus already die?"

Hyo: "Why did this happen? Wasn't the virus cracked already?"

JIN snapped out from his daze: "It's a variant of the Panda Burning Incense! That '2' has struck again! He actually had a backup plan! We really underestimated our enemy!"


Virus variant?

Many of the Korean hackers drew a cold breath!

JIN said: "Stop! Withdraw now! Everyone, change your settings and disable Auto-play now! This variant of the Panda Burning Incense probably had its source code changed. We have to wait for the Malware Protection Center to crack this one! Before that, don't act rashly! No one knows how much damage it will cause after it mutates!"

A bunch of Korean hackers had gone for the kill in high spirits, but had once again slammed into a stone wall. It had only been a few minutes, and they were all sent packing!

It's that nasty panda again!

It's that inexorable panda again!