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Chapter 446: The world“s most dangerous computer viruses rankings!

Chapter 446: The world's most dangerous computer viruses rankings!

On the 8th day of the new year.

At home.

7 PM in the evening.

The snow that had just fallen a couple of days ago hadn’t melted yet. There wasn't any more snow on the ground, but on the roofs, drains, and bushes, a lot of snow remained.

Behind him, the television kept playing news about the Panda Burning Incense virus.

Outside his window, the newspaper vendors on the streets were constantly selling copies of the evening news. There were headlines everywhere regarding the Panda Burning Incense virus no matter where you looked.

"Who could the hacker '2' be?"

"The Panda Burning Incense disaster has finally been overcome, Korea suffers heavy losses!"

"The day when the world's internet died!"

"Whoever offends the mighty nation of China, however distant, shall be destroyed?"

"How should we view patriotism?"

Despite being the person in question, the world didn't seem to have anything to do with him. Right now, Zhang Ye was lying down at home beside the window, admiring the snow, the moon, and the beauty of this world. Sigh, the virus seemed to have caused quite a lot of trouble. It did help to vent his frustration and take revenge and it gave him a satisfying feeling, but Korea having suffered such heavy economic losses would cause it to affect the world economy too. This was a chain effect, so had he done the right thing?

Zhang Ye suddenly became very philosophical. In that moment he felt very depressed.

My personal whims, should I have dragged the whole world into it?

How should I have treated this matter?

Who am I?

Where did I come from?

Where will I be going?

What is the meaning of life?

Will anyone be able to unravel the secrets of the universe?

Zhang Ye sighed as he couldn't come to a conclusion. Then, his cellphone rang in his pocket. He pulled it out and took a look. It was his Weiwo WebTV's leader — Wang Xiong.

The phone call connected.

Wang Xiong laughed. "Teacher Zhang, what are you doing now?"

Zhang Ye said sorrowfully, "I'm thinking about the mysteries of the universe."

When Wang Xiong heard this, he nearly choked, "Don't ponder about the universe and world peace for now. That can wait. Let me tell you this first, 'Zhang Ye's Talk Show' has just finished broadcasting the final episode and has officially ended. Many of the audience members left comments to congratulate you about it. Go online to mingle and interact with them when you can."

Zhang Ye's depression immediately disappeared as he asked, "All done? So fast?"

Wang Xiong said, "It's not like you did not know about the new policies that the SARFT is implementing in the next few days. We uploaded 4-5 episodes a day, so of course it ended very quickly. I already informed you, didn't I?"

"Alright then." Zhang Ye said happily, "The reception isn't too bad I hope?"

Wang Xiong laughed heartily, "It's more than not bad, it’s really good, in fact. Your talk show program has been extremely popular since the beginning and there's also a lot of praise for it. Now that the series has ended, even I can't bear to see it end. Hur Hur, thanks to you, our WebTV station has gained such a great program. Up til now, a variety program like the talk show is still an exclusive genre only to our company. Those, which tried to copy your talk show, are basically not even talk shows at all. They can't grasp the essence of it at all. In this entire world, only you can do it. I heard that the Americans have their attention on this and are studying how it is presented. I suppose they will be coming up with something similar as well, but it's not set in stone yet. If they intend to purchase copyrights, I will contact you. You can speak to them yourself since the copyrights belong to you. We've already discussed this in your contract, so we won't meddle in your affairs."

After he hung up, Weiwo WebTV's leader, Feng Guiqin also called. She congratulated Zhang Ye on the completion of the broadcast for his talk show and also chatted with him about the next project, but as Zhang Ye had not thought of it yet, he casually mentioned something before hanging up.

Oh, what was I thinking about before the calls?

Never mind, I can't remember anymore, and so Zhang Ye went about doing what he needed to do. He went online to interact with his fans and viewers, thanking them for their support and also gave a conclusion to his "Zhang Ye's Talk Show".

After all this was done, he browsed Tieba.

"Sharing a link with all of you!"

"What is it?"

"You'll know when you see it! It's awesome!"

"Holy sh*t! This is the list of rankings of the world's most dangerous computer viruses!"

"Are you sure?"

"It was recently updated by the authorities, so how can it be fake?"

"I know this website. All of you might not know it since it doesn't usually concern you all, but the list of rankings of hackers is a very authoritative one. It's a compilation of numbers computed by the USA, the United Kingdom, Russian, as well as many other countries' relevant organizations. As long as you’re tech savvy and trained in this field, many programmers dream of being able to appear on this ranking!"


There's such a thing?

Zhang Ye was suddenly interested to know more, so he went to take a look.

Numerous others, who were like him, all rushed to take a look. Including all of the world's hackers, programmers, and normal citizens, this latest update of the rankings had attracted attention from all over the world. There needed to be something to bring down the curtains of this virus infection incident!

JIN (Korea) was looking at it.

YOYOT (USA) was looking at it.

Fujiwara (Japan) was looking at it.

Fang Xiaoshui (China) was looking at it.

Almost everyone that worked in similar fields would not miss this!

It was like a music awards show or a film awards ceremony. This was the recognition of hackers for their technical skills and 'contributions'!

List of rankings of the world's most dangerous computer viruses:

#1: Storm Virus.

#2: Panda Burning Incense Virus.

#3: 77 Virus.

Everyone knew about the Storm virus as it was this world's first virus after the development of the modern internet. As technology had not matured back then, or was rather incomplete, the resulting damage was extremely heavy. On top of that, since it was the first official virus to be labeled to have spread at a large stage, its name held significance to everyone. This was why for the past few decades, it had always remained in 1st place!

Next, the 77 virus, which had infected a few million computers 8 years ago by infiltrating the systems of 13 large international banks and caused data corruption resulting in monetary losses. Those who were slightly older would remember it. This virus had always been ranked 2nd, but now it had been replaced by the Panda Burning Incense virus!

The Koreans were mad!

But the citizens from other countries were not surprised.

Only citizens from China were rejoicing when they found out about this news!

"The people of Hunan send their congratulations!"

"Residents from the Hebei province send their congratulations!"

"There's finally a Chinese representative in the world's top 10 of most dangerous computer viruses! The previous most destructive virus that was made in China was ranked 21st. It was even created more than a decade ago by an old hacker from China. It has finally been surpassed today!"

"In 2nd spot! Awesome!"

"Our computer viruses has finally gone global!"

"Hahaha, why do I feel that this glory is a little psychopathic! This isn't something we should be proud of, right?"

"Hehe, I'll take pride in it anyway! At least on this list of dangerous computer viruses, all of them were used to steal data and information or bring harm to their own countries, but Panda Burning Incense was different. '2' did not use it for personal gain, nor was it used against any of our own people. He used it fully to smack the Koreans under forced circumstances to retaliate against the enemies, so what's there to not be proud of? This is our glory! God '2' must be a patriot! The 2nd place ranking of the Panda Burning Incense is an honor for China!"

"That's true!"

"Well said!"