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Chapter 452: What does your brother do!?

Chapter 452: What does your brother do!?

Adjusting the layout.

Setting the advertisement passage.

Changing the background, photo gallery, and attachments.

Zhang Shuang finished very quickly. After letting go of her mouse, she clapped her hands with a great sense of accomplishment. "Done, everything is done. I've already submitted the revisions."

Liu Qian also looked over with interest. "With that advertising passage, it feels completely different. It gives off a very high-end look."

Zhang Shuang smiled and said, "Of course, who do you think my brother is?"

Liu Qian looked sideways and patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder like an elder sister. "Nice going, young lad. I didn't know you were quite skilled. Did you study advertising?"

Zhang Ye, "..."

Zhang Shuang said exasperatedly, "What advertising? My brother studied broadcast hosting."

Liu Qian sized up Zhang Ye in surprise, "Broadcast hosting? That can't be!?"

Zhang Shuang said to Zhang Ye, "Little Ye, ignore her. She's an ignorant person and knows nothing. Let's go. Everything here has been done. Let's pack up the equipment and leave. My Mom should almost be done with cooking and is probably waiting for us."

"Alright." Zhang Ye helped to pack up.

Zhang Shuang was preparing to switch the computer off and packed it.

However, just before the computer was switched off, there were notification beeps. It was a special tool from the blogshop platform that communicated with their clients, taking orders and questions and notifying them.

This sound was no doubt very familiar to Zhang Shuang and Liu Qian!

"There's an order!" Zhang Shuang said happily.

Liu Qian exclaimed, "Holy sh*t, so fast?"

Zhang Shuang sat down and saw that they had stock for the order and immediately accepted it. Then she contacted the express delivery company and prepared to go home to deliver the goods.

But before ten seconds had even passed.

Beep! Beep! Another order!

Liu Qian said in surprise, "Another one, another one! Shuang, accept it quickly!"

"I know." Zhang Shuang clicked it open. "This person made an order for three sets!"

Liu Qian said joyfully, "A big client. Hurry, hurry, hurry! We have to ship it out today!"

The clothes their store sold wasn't that expensive, but neither was it too cheap as the quality was pretty good. There was also the cost for design and manufacturing. A typical set would be sold for about 200-300 yuan (US$ 28-43). So three or four orders could be considered quite a large order for a small and upcoming blogshop like theirs!

Third order!

Fourth order!

Fifth order!

In a blink of an eye, their blogshop had gotten five customers!

At this moment, Zhang Shuang's mother urged them to return with a phone call. Zhang Shuang could only close her notebook and return home first.


His Aunt's house.

Along the path inside the courtyard.

Liu Qian was still quite amazed. "That's something new. Could it be us getting lucky today? Five orders in a few minutes? If every day went like this, wouldn't we be rich? Hahahaha. It looks like that advertising passage of your brother's had a little effect!"

Zhang Shuang smiled and said, "A little effect?"

Pushing open the door, the three of them entered the house.

"Auntie, we are back." Liu Qian said with a gleeful smile.

Aunt smiled and said, "I heard you talking while you were in the courtyard. Qianqian's voice is so loud. Right, what advertising passage were you talking about?"

Liu Qian exclaimed, "Zhang Shuang got her brother to help us write an advertising passage, a long one at that. And in the end, it was really useful. We got a few orders right after we updated the page."

Upon hearing this, instead of being happy, Aunt looked angrily at Zhang Shuang and reprimanded her with a blackened face, "Didn't you just wanted your brother to help take a few photos? You sure didn't stand on ceremony and even got Little Ye to write you an advertising passage? This kid, I think you’re asking for a beating! Do you think your brother's advertisement passages are worth nothing and can be obtained anytime you want? You sure are fantastic!"

Zhang Shuang said with a dejected face, "Mom, I was also..."

Aunt tutted, "What are you talking about!?"

Liu Qian gave Zhang Shuang's mother a confused look and said, "Auntie, it's not that serious. It's only an advertisement. In a while, Zhang Shuang and I will treat Little Ye a few meals."


A few meals?

Aunt was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. "This isn't a simple matter of a few meals!"

Liu Qian did not know the value of the advertisement written by Zhang Ye was, but how could Zhang Donghua not know. Every word was worth its weight in gold? That was a joke! Little Ye's words, if sold cheaply as junk, was far from being worth its weight in gold! Every word of Little Ye was worth its weight in thousands of gold! It might even be worth tens of thousands of gold per word! She had already felt bad asking Little Ye to be a model for her daughter's blogshop. Now, he had even given her an advertising passage? Zhang Donghua felt it was not right. Taking photos was not something very problematic. He just needed to be there and would likely not cause any losses to Little Ye. However, an advertising passage was something that depended on creativity. Every usage depleted one's creative stores. It was a form of wealth. Now, with Little Ye's worth, and his reputation and status in the advertising world, everyone knew his advertising passages cost astronomical amounts. It was equivalent to Little Ye "spending money" to help them. Zhang Donghua found it very inappropriate.

Zhang Shuang remained silent.

Zhang Donghua was still reprimanding her daughter, "You, you really..."

Zhang Ye hurriedly interjected and said with a smile, "Aunt, don't keep scolding my Sis. I was in the mood to write. And it was just some crappy advertisement. It's nothing."

Zhang Donghua said in a speechless manner, "Your advertisements can be crappy?"

Zhang Ye said in amusement, "It's because you all think too highly of me. Don't listen to others. What I write is not worth anything. Even if I want to give it out, it wouldn't be accepted. Now, I made my Sis suffer from it."

Zhang Donghua leered at him, "Keep spouting your nonsense."

Zhang Shuang took the opportunity to say in a charming manner, "Mom, I'm hungry."

"If not for your brother protecting you, I would have finished you already!" Zhang Donghua stared at her daughter. After playing host to Liu Qian and Zhang Ye, she went to cook.

The moment her mother left, Zhang Shuang put her arm over Zhang Ye's shoulders. "My brother is the best."

Liu Qian felt like the mother and daughter duo were overreacting a bit. It was just an advertising paragraph. Was there a need to make such a big fuss over it? Did they need to do that? She couldn't understand, and then urged Zhang Shuang. "Shuang, look at the backend."

Zhang Shuang also recalled it. "Oh right! I almost forgot!"

Liu Qian asked, "Do you have a computer at home? I'll help too."

"Yes, it's in the desk drawer. Take it yourself." Zhang Shuang had already opened the backend to the blogshop.

However, the moment she opened the backend, she heard a string of notification sounds. Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep Beep! There were dozens!

Notification: A person has made an order!

Ten orders!

Twenty orders!

Fifty orders!

Zhang Shuang was already dumbstruck. "This!"

Liu Qian had also switched on the computer and entered the backend with her administrative account. The moment she saw it, she was dumbfounded too. "Holy sh*t! We only took half an hour to come back from the hotel! 67 orders? Did the system make a mistake? How can there be so many!? Ever since our blogshop opened, even the best month's overall sales failed to reach 67 orders! Are these buyers mad?"

Zhang Shuang hurriedly said, "Deal with the orders first. Accept them all!"

Liu Qian said with high-spirits, "Got it!"

The two of them busied themselves till they became dizzy, but their faces were full of joy and excitement. It had been a year. They couldn't get this busy even if they had wanted to in the past. No one patronized their blogshop. Now, with business was inexplicably booming, it made them feel like they saw the end of the road!


Persistence was important!

Liu Qian summarized her own successful experience and immediately came to this conclusion. As long as she persisted, gold would eventually shimmer one day. The Heavens would not turn a blind eye towards their hard work and sacrifices. Then, Liu Qian scanned the comment section on her blogshop and was left dumbfounded!

What the heck!

So it wasn't any bullshit persistence!

It was not nonsense like ‘gold would eventually shimmer’!

There was a huge commotion in the comment section!

"Eh, isn't this Zhang Ye?"

"It's him!"

"Teacher Zhang is endorsing a new product?"

"This blogshop sure is awesome. They actually managed to get Teacher Zhang Ye to endorse them?"

"Astralwolves brand? Why have I never heard of it? Never mind, it looks pretty good. I happen to be short of a leisure suit. I'll buy one!"

"Hahaha, I also bought two sets. I get happy just seeing Teacher Zhang Ye. Is the shop's owner around? Please get Teacher Zhang to produce a new program. The talk show just ended, and Teacher Zhang hasn't produced new work for quite some time already. A novel would do too. Music would do too. Poems would do too. At least relieve us of our itch!"

"The products that Zhang Ye endorses generally can't go wrong."

"That advertisement phrase sure is domineering! It has feeling! Who wrote it?"

"Who else could it be? Only Zhang Ye can write such an advertisement phrase. Others can't produce something like that!"

"Teacher Zhang Ye was both a model and helped them to write advertisement phrases? Can this still be considered a blogshop? They must be close connections! Typical second tier clothing brands don't even have this sort ability!"

"Wow, Teacher Zhang looks so handsome in a suit!"

"I also love Teacher Zhang. I bought one for my boyfriend. Since I can't get Teacher Zhang Ye to be my boyfriend, I'll let my boyfriend wear the same thing as Teacher Zhang!"

"Upstairs, your boyfriend will cry."

"Replying upstairs, ever since Teacher Zhang sent Lee Anson flying with a kick, my boyfriend also became a brainless fan of Zhang Ye!"

"Eh, what happened here? Why is there such a buzz suddenly? The discussion section has reached the main page. Why are there so many messages? What's the situation. Is there some discount or promotion...Holy motherf**ker! Isn't that Zhang Ye!? Ah ha, Teacher Zhang Ye became a model? What blogshop is this? How is it so awesome?"

Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye!

People were all shouting Zhang Ye's name!

Liu Qian was dumbfounded seeing this. At this moment, she vaguely understood the reason behind her blogshop suddenly having such an explosion in sales. She stared at Zhang Ye behind her in astonishment, "You are really a star?"

Zhang Ye did not know what to do or know how to answer her.

Zhang Shuang leered at her best friend and spoke for Zhang Ye. "Didn't I tell you earlier? My brother is a big star and is very popular!"

Liu Qian said with ignorance, "What sort of celebrity is he? What does he do? Does he have so many fans? Is he a singer?"

Zhang Shuang gave it some thought before saying, "My brother does many things. He is a famous music composer, famous author, literature scholar, calligrapher, famous television host, famous radio host, famous advertisement planner, Peking University's famous lecturer. Well, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I can't remember all of the titles."

Liu Qian said in astonishment, "Stop fooling around. Be serious!"

Zhang Shuang rolled her eyes at her, "I’m being serious with you!"

Liu Qian: "...@*&$*)(*$)(@!"