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Chapter 457: Leveling up in Taiji Fist again!

Chapter 457: Leveling up in Taiji Fist again!

As Zhang Ye was alone downstairs, he rearranged all the furniture in the living room to the side, leaving an open space for himself. He grabbed a chair to sit down and opened up the game ring’s interface. He was ready to spend all his reputation today to replenish himself. 110 million reputation points! If he had to use them all, so what? He knew that he would continue gaining more reputation points from now on as he would continue to have works constantly come out. This was the reason why he turned spendthrift and didn’t intend to leave any points for unexpected circumstances!

He would spend it all!

Then earn more after spending everything!

Zhang Ye had already set his goal for this year to rise to the B-list from the C-list. With this goal in mind, he definitely needed the energy and momentum to break through, so he bet everything he had on it now!

Lottery draw?

That will come later.

Zhang Ye did not bring up the lottery draw interface, but instead went into the merchant shop to take a look at the items. His eyes landed on the "Taiji Fist Skills Experience Book". Actually, Zhang Ye had already bought a over a dozen of these experience books before and spent quite a lot of reputation points on it. Even if his skills could not compare to Rao Aimin now, nor could it be compared to most people who practiced Chinese martial arts seriously, he could be considered to be quite skilled at it already. At least if he were to match up with those who were quite skilled in Taekwondo or Thai boxing, he would be able to handle them without too much of an issue. Of course, even in Taekwondo and other similar martial arts, there were also highly skilled people that Zhang Ye had never met nor exchanged fists with, so it could not be compared in this way. But now, Zhang Ye felt a sense of danger. He felt that the dozen or so books of Taiji Fist were not enough.


Because he was a globally wanted man!

Even the reward itself was sky-high!

Even though Zhang Ye felt that no one would find him or even find out his true identity, he still had to be careful. Besides, this skill that he was learning was a lost martial art in this world for the past few hundreds of years and had its kinks. Sometimes, it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. In the few encounters that Zhang Ye had encountered danger, his control of Taiji Fist was not that good. He could only use whatever he could summon to face the enemy. Lucky for him, he could manage to settle the situation with Taiji whenever his rage exploded, but he couldn't always count on his luck every time, right? If he really met with a mental block in this skill, wouldn't he be blindsided?! So, this lifesaving skill had a renewed sense of importance to Zhang Ye! He wanted to raise his Taiji Fist skill!

A million per book was really quite expensive!

But after hesitating for a long time, he still decided to buy it. No matter how much it cost, he decided that he must not feel the pinch. With a hardened heart, he had to do it!


His hand furiously tapped away as he bought Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books!

1 book.....

10 books...

50 books.....

He bought a total of over 80 books before he stopped. If he finished 'eating' all of these books, his cumulative total of Taiji Fist skill consumed would number exactly 100 books!

His total reputation points plummeted quickly!

After buying so many, he had only 30 million reputation points left!

Zhang Ye held back the pain from his excessive buying and placed his hands in his inventory. From there, he took out the Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books one by one and 'ate' them. At the moment each experience book was absorbed, it turned into a dazzling sparkle before being absorbed into Zhang Ye's head. It enforced his knowledge of skill, even without the need for practice. Zhang Ye could only feel that with each book 'eaten', he would gain a deeper and deeper understanding of Taiji Fist. Some Taiji Fist moves also filled up and appeared in his mind!

Wardoff (Used to mitigate or rebound the opponent back in the direction it came from).

Rollback (Leads the opponent farther than intended to go in the direction he was attacking).

Press (Deflects opponent by striking his footwork).

Push (Attacking at right angles to the opponent's motion).

Pluck (Catch the opponent just as he is starting forward, or as a grip).

Rend (Unbalancing the opponent diagonally to his rear).

Elbow (Using the elbow tip to strike).

Bump (Using the shoulder's strength to strike).

In the past, with the lack of experience, Zhang Ye could only follow his feelings to vaguely come up with the move to use against his opponents, but now, these moves had fully formed an image in his mind. Zhang Ye’s forehead was filled with beads of sweat as enormous amounts of knowledge flooded into his brain. He was 'eating' the skill experience book too quickly!

More than 80 books had been 'eaten' in a matter of seconds!

Zhang Ye opened his eyes and wiped the sweat off his forehead. His clothes were also drenched. Taiji Fist was indeed a profound skill with deep reaching knowledge. By now, he had already finished learning 100 Skill experience books worth of knowledge, but it seemed that the more he learned, the more he felt that he was lacking. He knew that this was only the tip of the iceberg and there was still a long road ahead. In the past, he thought that he was already invincible when he had only learned a dozen Taiji Fist skill experience books. That all felt like a joke to him now, but now, he knew it was almost enough. With a hundred books of experience to back him up, Zhang Ye's martial arts level had buoyed up significantly. It was so amazing that he even felt that he wasn't human anymore. It was as if he could fly a large distance with a simple kick of his leg!

Zhang Ye revealed the smile of a carefree hero as he fumbled through the cabinets looking for something. He finally found a pair of scissors in Rao Aimin's house as he attempted to emulate the landlady's move. With his right hand raised, with the composure of a martial arts master, his hands swiftly came crashing down on the pair of scissors!


A dull thud!

An incredible scene appeared! It was an amazing scene!

Zhang Ye's hand.....swelled at a speed that was visible to the naked eye! With a loud piercing cry that rang across the whole level, he cursed, "F**k your sister!!"

The scissors, however, appeared to be undamaged.

Zhang Ye was nearly crying in pain as he grasped his right hand while whining in agony. At this moment, he finally understood why some television programs usually had a warning rolling across the screen, warning people "not to try this at home". Some of these professional moves were really not meant for the average person! What he did earlier made him understand that he and the landlady still had a large.......hmm, had a slight difference in skill level. Zhang Ye was still not good enough and he didn't intend to attempt again anytime soon. Only after rubbing his hand for what seemed to be all day, did he slowly begin to feel better.

Although the scissors did not bend, it did not mean that Zhang Ye's 100 books of Taiji Fist experience were useless. It was really because the pair of scissors was too strong and too cunning!

Right now, Zhang Ye's Taiji Fist had already improved tremendously to a level that even he could not grasp. Although he had not "crossed swords" with another Chinese martial arts expert yet, Zhang Ye felt that he would not be considered one of the weakest in the martial arts world!

In the past, he was just a wanderer fleeting around the doors to the world of martial arts.

But now, he had probably already stepped through that door!

On top of that, Zhang Ye also analyzed that there were differences between the experience books for different skills. There was a difference in the effects that each book would bring to the user. For example, just 2-3 experience books for the lockpicking skill had enabled him to be quite good at it. If he 'ate' a few more of those, he'd probably be able to pick even a digital lock, but for a skill like calligraphy, just a few skill experience books would not have too much of an effect. At the very most, that amount would only allow him to have slightly better handwriting. Only after he had 'eaten' a hundred books could he be considered as not too bad in the calligraphy world and would not even be considered to be near the top. When it came to the Taiji Fist skill, it was even more exaggerated. A hundred skill experience books and all he could say was that he had probably just stepped into the world of Chinese martial arts. From this alone, it could be seen that every skill's experience books had different thresholds in which it would allow the user to step up further in the field!