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Chapter 462: Only so much!

Chapter 462: Only so much!


It was settled?

The compensation was agreed upon? And he would immediately send the money?

Upon hearing Zhang Ye say that, the youth from the publishing firm was momentarily stunned. "Ah? Oh, alright."

He really had not expected Zhang Ye to agree to pay the compensation so easily. He didn't even bargain at all. It was something beyond his imagination. He had handled so many copyright disputes and lawsuits while working in the publishing firm, and he never encountered such an easy case like today. He had even spoken with a tough voice when he made the phone call, and even made it clear that things weren't looking good. He had even mentioned things like lawyers and suing him in court. He was guessing that Zhang Ye would not give any compensation, and wanted to take a forceful stance from the beginning, but who knew the outcome would be as such. The youth could not help but shudder!

Could this be some scam?

Could it be a perfunctory act?

The youth immediately reported it to his publishing firm's leader.

Zhang Kui, the Editor-in-Chief of Beijing Education Publishing Firm, was personally responsible for this matter himself. When he heard the youth say so, he felt disbelief. "Zhang Ye really said that?"

The youth gave a wry smile. "Yes, those were his original words."

Zhang Kui frowned. "He did not even bargain at all?"

The youth acknowledged. "He asked how much it was and immediately agreed to it. He didn't even hesitate for a second."

"Alright, then go make up the contract. List the line stating the breach of contract and then send it to Zhang Ye." Zhang Kui was not sure of it too, and was full of doubt.

There was a female assistant editor in the room. "Our publishing firm has offended Zhang Ye this time. Actually, we did not lose money from 'Ghost Blows Out the Light' and those fairy tales, and in fact, made a lot for our publishing firm. Although all of Zhang Ye's books are to be taken off the shelves, and there will be losses from future sales while the printed books can't be dealt with, but those books like 'Ghost Blows Out the Light' were sold last year. The market is pretty much saturated, and even if we kept selling it, we would only earn a little bit. It won't hurt us at all."

Another person-in-charge of the publishing firm said, "Even if it wouldn't hurt us, it is still considered a loss. It is all the public's money, and with the contract, there has to be someone answering to it."

The female assistant editor said, "I thought Zhang Ye would not agree to it, so we had proposed a high amount of compensation, so as to give room for it to be bargained in court. If we were compensated for a million eventually, it would be pretty good, but what was Zhang Ye thinking? He immediately agreed to it? In this way, it made it seem like our publishing firm is the wicked one."

She was more sensitive, and did not feel good about this. Back when Zhang Ye chose their publishing firm, the buyout price was only 6 million. Excluding tax, it was only about 5 million. And now, Zhang Ye had to compensate them 3.5 million? After this exchange, it was equivalent to Zhang Ye's novel and those fairy tales being given to their publishing firm nearly for free. The sales of "Ghost Blows Out the Light" had rapidly hit a million and then two million. There were numerous peers in the industry who envied them. Those publishing firms failed to obtain Zhang Ye's rights even if they wanted it. As they were the first to contact Zhang Ye, they had been working together all along. Zhang Ye also trusted them greatly.

But now, with the current situation, she felt quite helpless about the publishing firm's decision. She felt that they were stabbing Teacher Zhang Ye in the back in his most difficult times. It was adding injury to insult!

As Editor-in-Chief, Zhang Kui did not feel too good either, but after some thought, he stopped worrying over it. If it were any other authors, they would definitely not offend them in such a manner. A publishing firm depended on authors to survive, especially those authors who produced best sellers. They were competed for by publishing firms, but Zhang Ye was different. With the SARFT's #43 decree out, everyone knew Zhang Ye was completely finished. His books could no longer be published. Even changing his pen name would be useless. No matter how good his works were, it would be useless. With the ban in place, the news and publication board had merged with the SARFT a long time ago. Although there were some divisions internally after the two boards merged, they were still considered a team. With the highest authorities in the publishing industry announcing it, as subordinates, they had to act upon it. Hence, it resulted in this compensation incident.

However, 3.5 million was indeed a bit too much.

But after an hour, after the contract was done, Zhang Ye's 3.5 million compensation for the breach of contract was punctually transferred into the publishing firm's account.

The female editor turned silent.

Zhang Kui and the other person-in-charge of the publishing firm also did not feel good for some reason. 3.5 million could do a lot for the publishing firm. It could buy the rights to many books, yet for some reason, they could not smile.


A similar scene happened at another publishing firm.

This was the headquarters of North Chinese Youth and Children Publishing House. Back then, Zhang Ye had published a literature compilation with them, titled "Zhang Ye's Compilation". The price wasn't that much, but neither was it low. At this moment, the compilation was naturally also ordered to be pulled from shelves. Various large bookstores were taking them off the shelves and asking for a refund. Only a few smaller bookstores did not receive notice of the policy. There were delays, but it was expected that by that afternoon or the following day, they would take "Zhang Ye's Compilation" off the shelves as well.

The person who called Zhang Ye was not the leaders that he had met back when he went to the publishing firm. It was an editor that he had never met before. Those, who had seen Zhang Ye, were probably too embarrassed to tell him.

The male editor told Zhang Ye of this matter and hesitated all day. Just like Beijing Education Publishing Firm, he also broached the topic of compensation for the breach of contract.

Zhang Ye said, "How much?"

The male editor stammered, "About that..."

"It's alright. Tell me." Zhang Ye said.

The male editor said, "Actually, we were out of options. It's public money, so we have to answer to the public. If the higher-ups were to pursue this matter, someone has to be responsible for it. Then, Teacher Zhang, I do feel a bit embarrassed raising this issue. About that, the compensation is about 70,000. Actually, it is also not compensation for the breach of contract. It's just the money for the books that were returned. It's not the sales price, but the cost price of the books. The leaders have said that if you aren't agreeable to it, the compensation can be forgone. It's not that much money, and isn't a big deal. We are just going by business, and will make up the numbers on our accounts. It shouldn't be a problem. Uh, anyway, that what the leaders intend. I'm just a messenger."

Compared to the Beijing Education Publishing Firm, the North Chinese Youth and Children Publishing House did not go too far. They did not push the matter to the point of no return.

Zhang Ye did not say a word. "Alright, I'll send you the money immediately."

The male editor hurriedly said, "Thank you Teacher Zhang. The words that I'll be saying does not represent our publishing firm. It's just me saying to you personally. I have always been your fan and especially liked your novels and poems. This matter is way too f**ked up. Anyway, I support you! I believe this will not be the end of you!"

Zhang Ye laughed. "Thank you, friend."

When the male editor heard this, he recalled how the staff were throwing down copies of "Zhang Ye's Compilation" at a huge bookstore. It made his heart suddenly turned sour. That was the literature compilation that he liked the most. He would bring it around every day and give it a read. "Teacher Zhang Ye, it should be us thanking you. Thank for giving us such classic and great pieces of work!"

After that, in the movie, "The Great Pugilistic World" Zhang Ye previously acted in, a corresponding personnel gave Zhang Ye a call telling him that although the movie had ended its run in the theaters, if it was ever aired on television, the scenes related to a side character like Zhang Ye would be appropriately deleted, and wanted Zhang Ye to be mentally prepared for it. Zhang Ye was naturally mentally prepared for it, and just told them he understood.

His programs were deleted!

His novels were taken off the shelves!

His scenes in the movie were cut!

His advertisements were edited!

His video lectures were removed!

All of Zhang Ye's works failed to escape the calamity!

Using the phrase "being on the breadline" was undoubtedly very appropriate for describing Zhang Ye's current situation!

The more he was pushed into a corner, the more Zhang Ye's character turned abnormal. He chuckled as the anger in his heart turned in depression, and from depression into calmness, and then calmness into relaxation!

Delete them all!

Take them all off the shelves!

The most difficult despair was only so much!