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Chapter 466: No matter where the winds blow!

Chapter 466: No matter where the winds blow!

Past ten in the evening.

It was destined for the internet to be in a buzz more than usual today. Most people would be asleep by this time, but now, there were a countless number of people staying in front of their computer screens, with no intention to sleep.

Li Qiang had held a press conference to apologize!

Chen Hong also subsequently apologized while being interviewed by authors. "Sorry, I am deeply sorry for my past actions. I realize how my mistakes back then will be hard to be pardoned. I have let down many people who trusted in me, and also caused irreparable damage to the many of the fans who like me. I also want to thank those who showed concern for me. Thank you to all of you. I will not go down. I will use action to make up for the mistakes that I made in the past, bit by bit. I do not expect everyone to give me another chance, I just want everyone to accept my apology!"

There was Sun Ganyi and Zhao Wei.

The people from the first batch in the blacklist all subsequently apologized through the media or the internet. Although they knew it wasn't realistic, they still hoped the higher powers would show them mercy. Even if no mercy was shown, they also wished the ban would be cleared earlier. Who knew that in a year or a few years, they would be left with a chance to rise again. Hence, everyone's public apology was very sincere. A banned female celebrity, who had previously taken drugs, even teared up in front of the cameras!

"They have all apologized?"

"These people sure are unlucky."

"Hai, I think all of them should be given a chance. To die from this whack of the stick sure is a pity. There are celebrities I like on that list!"

"Who told them to make those mistakes? One should be prepared to bear the consequences for making such mistakes!"

"Haha, this bunch of people deserved it. I didn't like them for a long while now. Ban them all. When will the second name list appear? I already can't wait!"

"Why do that if you had known it would come to this!"

"You guys can keep saying that, but don't include Teacher Zhang Ye in this. Teacher Zhang did not take drugs or hire prostitutes!"

"But he isn't a good person either. Beating people is the same too. There is no fault to banning him. Who asked him to offend people everywhere!?"

At this moment, SARFT's officially verified Weibo account sent out the apology letters or videos of those banned stars. Other than those celebrities who had been arrested or were still serving a sentence, all of them had apologized.


Wait, there was one person missing!

That Korean celebrity, Lee Parkwoo posted on Weibo: "Does Zhang Ye not plan on apologizing?" Very clearly, his eyes were fixated on Zhang Ye. The people, who paid the most attention to you, was never your friend, but your enemy!

Everyone realized this as a result!

"Zhang Ye hasn't said a word?"

"I wonder what Zhang Ye will do this time."

"What else can he do? He can only apologize and show a sorrowful stance. Only then would there be a shred of a chance. Besides, it's just saying 'I'm sorry'. Is that very difficult? Can't he lose that bit of face? Didn't all those twenty-odd celebrities publicly apologize?"

"That's right, even coming up with a haphazard and insincere statement would be enough. If not, once they have a fault to pick on, there will be no end to this matter. There will definitely be more people attacking him. His days will definitely be worse. However, Zhang Ye should be able to understand this. I guess he will be doing so soon."

At this moment, Zhang Ye's fans all remained silent. Everyone felt terrible, and could even be described as angry and humiliated!

There was no activity from them, but it did not mean Zhang Ye's opponents remained idle.

Deputy Station Head Jia posted on Weibo: "It is not that humans can't make mistake. One must have the courage to admit one's mistakes after making a mistake. If Zhang Ye really plans on hiding like a tortoise and not make a statement, that would truly be a great disappointment!" He was extremely vile, and his words were provocative. He was also leading the public's opinion.

Meng Dongguo said, "Where's Zhang Ye? Everyone has revealed their intentions, why is he the only one that remains silent? Why is he the exception? Does he not plan on answering this matter at all?"

Crosstalk artist, Tang Dazhang also appeared. "Hur Hur, just now when I casually commented with a Weibo post, I was cursed quite badly. Now, it seems all of them have turned silent." He insisted on how he did not say anything of importance, but there was nothing lacking in what he said. Clearly, he too was waiting to see Zhang Ye make a fool of himself.


"Come on out!"

"Haha, Zhang Ye is finished!"

"We have sought revenge for Anson-oppa. I feel good, lalala!"

"Hurry up and say something Teacher Zhang Ye. If you don't appear, I'm going to bed!"

"I have never liked Zhang Ye. At such a young age without any qualifications, yet he dared to challenge the industry veterans. Based on what? Now he has turned silent!"

"In the future, the entertainment industry will no longer have this person known as Zhang Ye!"

"This ban is great!"

"This time it's a Category Ten typhoon. Finally, all those celebrities with misdeeds have been blown away!"

"It's far more than a Category Ten typhoon. I think to these banned artist, it's a hurricane!"

With these enemies of Zhang Ye leading the way, or people like Tang Dazhang, who had no grudge with Zhang Ye but still denounced Zhang Ye for unknown reasons, their fans surged over, and continued adding injury to insult. Not only did they scold Zhang Ye, they even scolded the rest of the banned celebrities. It was as if they did not want them to be able to rise again for the rest of their lives. It was unknown why this bunch of people hated them to the bone!

On the other side.

Zhang Ye also saw all these comments on Weibo. For some unknown reason, his calm face broke into a smile. This bro ignored you, but you thought I was afraid of you?

You want to me to show my intentions?

Sure, then I'll say a few words!

Zhang Ye immediately searched through image galleries on a search engine and found an ink painting. With a nod, he uploaded it straight to Weibo!


"Quick, look!"

"It's Zhang Ye's Weibo!"

"Haha, I've finally waited for it!"

"Zhang Ye has spoken. Everyone go take a look!"

"It's finally his turn to apologize!"

A few people shouted, causing everyone to know nearly immediately. With the atmosphere at the moment, many people on the internet were paying close attention to Zhang Ye's Weibo. They would refresh it every few seconds, now that the thing they had been eagerly looking forward to had arrived. All of them rushed to see what Zhang Ye posted.

Deputy Station Head Jia clicked on it.

Lee Anson and Lee Parkwoo also came.

Tang Dazhang stared at the computer while sucking on a smoke pipe.

Ci Xiufang learned about it over the phone and immediately went to her computer to open Zhang Ye's Weibo, so as to take a curious look.

Nearly all of Zhang Ye's friends and enemies had yet to sleep. Now, they were all in front of the computer looking at his Weibo. Even some officials had come.

But this look made everyone puzzled.

What is this?

An ink painting? Bamboo?

No one understood what this was. As the ink painting in the image was a large ragged rock, with a bamboo growing alongside the rock. There was nothing else!


Beijing Radio Station.

Wang Xiaomei, Big Sis Zhou, and Auntie Sun were working over time.

Big Sis Zhou shouted, "Look, Little Zhang posted on Weibo!"

"Eh? What's the meaning of this painting? Teacher Xiaomei, what is Little Zhang trying to say?" Zhang Ye's former colleague, Auntie Sun, who had good relations with him, asked.

Wang Xiaomei stared at it all day before saying, "...I don't understand."


At a particular house.

Zhang Ye's colleague, Su Na at Peking University's Chinese department shouted, "Dad! Dad! Come over here quickly! Hurry!"

Father Su, who Zhang Ye met back during the Calligraphy Association's anniversary, came over impatiently from the living room to his daughter's room. "What's the matter?"

Su Na pointed at the computer. "What's the profound meaning behind this painting?"

"Oh, let me take a look." After focusing on it for a while, Father Su also shook his head in confusion. "I don't know."

Su Na said, "As a person in the arts, how can you not know?"

Father Su said, "This is Zhang Ye's Weibo, right? In terms of literary and artistic standards, this kid is much better than me. How will I be able to guess what he wants to say?"


This scene happened at various places.

Be it Zhang Ye's fans, friends or enemies, they were all confused!

"What is this?"

"Is this an apology?"

"Who can understand this?"

"I think it's an apology. However, Zhang Ye can't tear down his face and is embarrassed to apologize, so he used this picture? Bamboo, rock, bamboo, rock..."

A few minutes later, Zhang Ye's Weibo released another update!

Below the picture, Zhang Ye had added a poem!

The moment this poem came out, everyone immediately understood the meaning of this ink painting. All of them were astonished!

Tang Dazhang stared with his eyes widened!

Deputy Station Head Jia was stunned!

Those higher officials were infuriated!

Ci Xiufang, who had just given Zhang Ye a call to remind him to present the proper intentions, was flabbergasted by Zhang Ye’s actions. That darn kid! To think I said all those things to him for nothing!

Dong Shanshan, who was far away in Shanghai, saw it on her phone while in bed. She immediately sat up and smacked her forehead. She nearly fainted!

Zhang Yuanqi, who was in Australia, saw her manager, Fang Weihong looking stunned. She could not help but ask, as Fang Weihong immediately walked over with the cell phone in hand, and let her see Zhang Ye's Weibo post with a wry smile. Zhang Yuanqi took a glance and gave a terse acknowledgment. She did not say another word and carried on filming her MV.

Fan Yingyun, from the Internet Surveillance Bureau also saw this nearly instantly. With a snap of her fingers, she could not help but roar out with incessant laughter!

Peking University Vice President Wu Zeqing, who was resting at home, could only shake her head and smile kindly after seeing this poem.

Everyone had different reactions, but basically everyone was stunned. Just thinking of the person who said that "the Category Ten typhoon had finally blown Zhang Ye away", or the one who shouted, "Waiting for Zhang Ye to express his intentions", just thinking of the countless number of people who attacked and denounced Zhang Ye, as well as decree #43, and then looking at this poem, everyone felt their hearts tremble. They all knew Zhang Ye was expressing his voice using that poem!

It was not anger...

It was not depression...

It was a voice that laughed at all the heroes of the world!

"Bamboos on the Rocks"

Cling to the green mountain, never give up,

The bamboos take their roots in the cracks of the rocks.

Though they suffer, they are still strong,

Hold unyielding, no matter where the winds blow!

Under the watchful eyes of many, with him entangled in trouble, no one expected that not only did Zhang Ye have no intention to apologize, he even f**king cursed others again!

No matter where the winds blow!?