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Chapter 467: Reputation actually grew!

Chapter 467: Reputation actually grew!

With the introduction of "Bamboos on the Rocks".

It had surprised a number of people!

As well as made a lot of people laugh!



"I guessed it! I knew that this would happen!"

"I guessed it too! What kind of a person is Zhang Ye? He's the hooligan of the entertainment circle, so how could he possibly give in to the authorities?! Why anyone would anticipate an apology from Teacher Zhang Ye is beyond me! Aiyo, this is so funny that it's killing me! You all really don't understand what kind of person Zhang Ye is!"

"Teacher Zhang is impressive!"

"Haha, good poem! What a great poem!"

"That's our Teacher Zhang Ye!"

"When Teacher Zhang hasn't appeared for the whole day or even said a word, I was getting worried that something might have happened to him. Hehe, but looks like I was worried for nothing! Teacher Zhang is still the Teacher Zhang that I like so much! He's always different from others!"

"Zhang Ye, I love you!"

"Teacher Zhang, we will always support you!"

"Here's a Like for you!"

Having been suppressed for so long by those bunch of people who had been insulting Zhang Ye, his fans could finally muster up something to hit back at them!

This poem was immediately circulated by countless people!

Many of the online media outlets were dumbfounded. They saw an opportunity in this and hurriedly posted this news and the poem "Bamboos on the Rocks"!

All of the banned celebrities, except for Zhang Ye, had apologized. Not only did he not admit he was wrong, he even retorted with such a poem. Many of those who had seen it were still unable to believe it as they did not think that Zhang Ye had such guts. In the past, they knew Zhang Ye was extremely bold, but no one expected him to be this bold. This painting and that poem were something that was so dazzling that no one could look straight at it!

What was the meaning behind the poem?

It was too obvious. Everyone could understand it!

It looked like it was talking about the bamboo, but it was actually referring to Zhang Ye himself. Zhang Ye was making the analogy of him being the bamboo growing on the ragged rocks. He was telling all those who doubted him, criticized him and wanted to see him make a fool of himself:

Go ahead and ban me. Feel free to ban me!

Go ahead and doubt me. Feel free to doubt me!

No matter how he was battered by the wind and rain, no matter how sand was blown and how rocks tumbled, this bro would stand here fine and dandy, no matter where the winds blow!

The dominance and arrogance within the poem even had that bit of an aura that surged!

With such a huge matter happening, and such a severe banning incident, everyone knew Zhang Ye was finished. Some people thought he would lower himself, others thought he would collapse. Some people thought he would be furious with no way of being calmed, but now, with the attitude Zhang Ye showed, it was like he didn't care at all. He feared nothing!

Deputy Station Head Jia posted: "This kind of person is a hooligan. Thankfully, he has been banned. If not, a greater trouble would happen sooner or later!"

Meng Dongguo's Weibo: "Zhang Ye is so disappointing as a person."

Tang Dazhang's Weibo: "Hai, the young can't be taught."

Those people were still sparing no effort to denounce Zhang Ye, as they expressed their opinions as if they were all high and mighty.

At this moment, a person called "Big Saber Bro" appeared on Weibo. "Are you all retarded cunts? You are allowed to curse and denounce him, but you won't allow Teacher Zhang to retaliate? Who the f**k are you!? Each one of you thinks so highly of yourselves! You are just a bunch of jumping clowns. You are not as capable as Teacher Zhang, your popularity can't match Teacher Zhang, but all of you sure are experts at joining in on the fun. The moment Teacher Zhang gets into a snag, all of you would rush out. Another time, all of you would rush over again. If you have so much time, then go upgrade yourselves! Don't be f**king jealous of others all day!"

"Big Saber Bro, nicely said!"

"This bunch of people are deserving of cursing!"

"A bunch of people who only know how to kick a people when they are down. Their character is already lower than others by a grade. What's the point to talk to them for? In terms of popularity, Teacher Zhang's fame pulls ahead you by ten blocks. Don't even think of stepping on Teacher Zhang Ye to rise up! None of you have the qualification! Teacher Zhang said it well! No matter where the winds blow!"

Many people were still cursing Zhang Ye.

"What are you saying!?"

"Teacher Tang is lesser than Zhang Ye in terms of qualifications?"

"To step on Zhang Ye to rise up? Bullsh*t! Back when Teacher Tang Dazhang began performing crosstalk, Zhang Ye wasn't even born yet. Now, Teacher Tang is also a C-list celebrity! What about Zhang Ye?"

"Haha, Zhang Ye is already a D-list!"

"Teacher Tang and Teacher Meng were trying to be nice to Zhang Ye as seniors. They wanted to guide a junior, to prevent him from going down the wrong path. That's why they commented, what do you know!?"

"Enough, let's ignore those bunch of Zhang Ye fans. That bunch of trolls never had much quality in character. Anyway, now Zhang Ye is doomed. It's already destined."

"Right, today he will fall into the D-list, and in a few days he will fall into the E-list. By next month, he will probably not even be seen on the rankings anymore!"

"It's make it or break it!"

"Haha, so what if Zhang Ye is indignant? There will be no way for him to survive in the entertainment circles for the rest of his life. He can't become a celebrity, so what if he composes a poem and croaks!?"

In a blink of an eye, it was midnight!

The Celebrity Rankings was updated!

Many of those who disliked Zhang Ye immediately rushed over to take a look with excitement. Many of Tang Dazhang's fans gathered together, preparing to take screenshots to celebrate this monumental event!

However, when they saw the rankings, everyone was astonished. At that instant, the entire internet and Weibo seemed to turn silent!

Zhang Ye was still a C-lister!

Tang Dazhang's ranking was still a D-lister!

Taking a look at their popularity statistics, Tang Dazhang, who had exceeded Zhang Ye originally, now trailed Zhang Ye by more than 4000 overall points! Not only did Zhang Ye's ranking not fall, it had even f**king rose up one place. He was no longer the last person amongst C-listers, and had now become second from the last. He had exceeded an extremely famous veteran author who had written 47 bestsellers!

This scene dumbfounded countless people!

This scene stunned the entire internet!

Many people, who were neutral, shouted out on Weibo!

"Holy sh*t!"

"Can he not be so powerful?"

"He has already been banned! How can he rise in popularity like some dowager?"

"I'm too bedazzled by this! This old woman's titanium dog eyes are blinded!"


"Zhang Ye is indeed Zhang Ye!"

“His poems are always so full of potency! Just a short poem can turn the tide! Those who were waiting to watch him make a fool of himself really won't get to see it!"

Those people, who had just cursed Zhang Ye, saying how he was doomed, now all turned silent. They all disappeared. That night, the crosstalk actor, Tang Dazhang, who was on the front lines of Weibo ridiculing Zhang Ye, turned silent. A few minutes later, someone noticed that Tang Dazhang's Weibo post that thanked everyone for their congratulations and how he wanted to treat everyone was deleted!

Tang Dazhang did not speak a word.

Tang Dazhang's fans were also extremely embarrassed!

Over here, when Zhang Ye's fans saw the situation, they also burst out into laughter!


"Aiyah, can things not be so funny!?"

"That was a godly reversal! That was absolutely a f**king godly reversal!"

"The horrifying Face-smacking Zhang has appeared once again!"

"Keep shouting! Why aren't you shouting anymore!? Why are you all staying silent?"

"Can they even make a sound? Their faces are already swollen from the face smacking! Take a look, Tang Dazhang's Weibo post about how he wanted to hold a feast for a celebration has been deleted!"

"Haha! Aren't you celebrating a bit too early!?"

"To think you said Zhang Ye was doomed? Your dog eyes are blind! Who do you think my Teacher Zhang Ye is!? Even if he is banned, Zhang Ye is still that Zhang Ye! A starving camel is still bigger than a horse!"

"That's right, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse! Even if Teacher Zhang is down, and won't be able to work in the entertainment industry, it is not a bunch of cats and dogs like you who can provoke him!"

"It's completely godly!"

"Teacher Zhang has always been so godly!"

From the updated Celebrity Rankings, out of the 29 celebrities on the blacklist, 28 of them had their rankings experience a drastic drop. Some of them instantly dropped by seven or eight placings, while others dropped lesser, by three to five placings. However, the drops were rather obvious. This was the most severe banning in history, so the effects were extremely fast. It was nearly instant how those banned celebrities dropped in popularity!

But there was one exception!

Only Zhang Ye did not drop in ranking, and not only so, his popularity had increased by a tiny bit, and had even gone up one placing!

This dramatic scene was witnessed by countless number of people!

Zhang Ye's enemies seethed with anger!

Zhang Ye's fans were roaring with laughter!

Zhang Ye's friends were all at a loss of whether to laugh or cry!

This matter was indeed quite a wonder! However, this happened to match Zhang Ye's nickname—A Wonder of the Entertainment Industry! This situation could only happen on Zhang Ye!


In bed.

After posting the poem, Zhang Ye had washed up and tucked himself in bed. After checking the internet on his phone, he was also stunned. He did not expect that, not only had he not fallen into the D-list ranks, he had even gone up one place amongst the C-listers? Zhang Ye was amused seeing this too. He helplessly shook his head. It looked like even if he was banned, his poems were still quite well-liked, especially that poem. It had a very extraordinary history to it. This "Bamboos on the Rocks" was a poem on a piece of panting. The author was extremely famous and was named Zheng Banqiao. Although this poem was not extremely profound in terms of literary value, it stood out because it was simple and easy to understand. In Zhang Ye's world, Zheng Banqiao's "Bamboos on the Rocks" was nearly known by all. Very few did not know about it. Having used it in this world, it was unlikely to be any worse!