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Chapter 729: A grand prize is drawn! (Middle)

Chapter 729: A grand prize is drawn! (Middle)

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A moment later, the spinning of the slot machine's windows started slowing down. The icons slowly slid down one by one, coming to a halt. Now, three of the icons could be seen clearly. They were respectively, the Stats Category icon, another Stats Category icon, and finally, an "Empty" icon. From his experience, Zhang Ye analyzed that the slot machine would stop on one of those three icons.

Ba da.

The first Stats Category icon slid past without stopping.

Zhang Ye's mouth was getting dry. "Stop! That's enough!"

With the movement speed of a tortoise, ba da, the second Stats Category icon did not stick. Under Zhang Ye's speechless gaze, it also slid down and the slot machine finally came to a stop on the next icon!


Nothing came out!

Zhang Ye looked up in anger. How infuriating! Special Category? This new lottery draw system made it so that it would even be very difficult to win a prize! Did he really have to resort to activating the Lucky Halo? Zhang Ye could feel the pinch. After all, the 10 million Reputation Points he had just spent had be flushed down the drain. This wasn't a small sum of Reputation Points whatsoever. Like the previous two times when he got the "Empty" category, Zhang Ye had wanted to save on using the Lucky Halo at that time as it would cost a lot of reputation points just to activate it. However, in the end, not only did he not save any reputation points, he even wasted them. If he only knew, he would have activated the Lucky Halo right from the start. Even though it might cost more reputation points, at least he would be guaranteed to win a prize.

It's time to play again!

But I'm not going to believe this shit!

Zhang Ye was triggered. This guy was basically being competitive with himself now. He deliberately chose not to activate the Lucky Halo and wanted to see if he would actually not end up with any prize!


Zhang Ye spent another 10 million Reputation Points and tapped the lottery draw button angrily!

The slot machine started moving!

It cycled and cycled!

Making lots of noise!

This time, Zhang Ye chose to simply not look at it. He turned away and lit a cigarette, then took out his cell phone and fiddled with it. The virtual screen moved along shakily with the movement of the game ring on his pinky while Zhang Ye insistently refused to look at it. Finally, he heard a "ding" that signaled the end lottery draw round. Only then did Zhang Ye quickly look over. When he saw the results, he laughed loudly. This time, he finally won a prize. The slot machine had stopped at the Consumption Category icon!

Treasure Chest (Medium) was rewarded!

Zhang Ye lowered his head and opened the treasure chest lid. It was a bright and blinding sight, then with a flash, the brightness faded away and he could see a white card inside the treasure chest. It was suspended in midair within the chest, spinning around on its own axis. The card's border was even beautifully patterned.

He picked up the item and saw its explanation text.

[ Specified Category Lottery Draw Ticket (White) ] 1: Upon activation, the category of a lottery draw prize can be specified, but limited only to the Consumption Category, Stats Category, and Skills Category. This does not include the Special Category of prizes.

Specified category?

Does that mean that after using this ticket, other than specifying the Special Category of prizes, any other category could be chosen?

This item seemed like it wasn't too bad. After Zhang Ye analyzed it for a long time, he felt that this item was really quite valuable. Although the ticket might not look like it was worth 10 million Reputation Points and did not feel like it had much use, but when you think about it carefully…yes, it was really no f**king use at all!

What lousy item was this!

Does it need to be such a lousy item in terms of its cost-to-performance ratio!

Even if this card could specify the category of prizes and prevent the chance of landing on an Empty icon, making it possible to be assured of a prize for the lottery draw, it was an item that was totally not worth the reputation points he paid for it with. If there was no such thing as the Lucky Halo, it might have been OK. But since Zhang Ye had the godly upgraded Lucky Halo, this item he had just received was truly of little use to him. What this ticket could achieve the Lucky Halo could do the same. It wouldn't even need as many reputation points to get the same results. Yet this ticket took 10 million Reputation Points to get from the lottery draw. The only advantage this ticket had was that it could specify the category of prizes he wanted. However, Zhang Ye had never had an objective when playing the lottery draw, neither was he picky about what categories he could get. It didn't matter what he received, as long as it was useful. That was why, with the condition of the ticket not being able to grant the Special Category of prizes, the item was really of little use to Zhang Ye. Its cost-to-performance ratio was very poor.

He was really down on his luck today!

No way, I won't believe this!

Having used up so many reputation points by now, yet the returns were so barren, Zhang Ye was naturally very unhappy and unsatisfied. He wanted to give it another spin, except that he did not insist on being so stubborn this time around. He was ready to activate the Lucky Halo and put it to use. He had to ensure the success rate and quality of the lottery draw prize, otherwise, how could he do justice to all the hard work he had put into the making of The Voice? All of his reputation points were earned by sweating blood and tears for his work!

He went to the bathroom to wash his face and hands before returning to his bedroom. When he sat back down on his bed, he immediately opened up his inventory and looked for that item, the "Specified Category Lottery Draw Ticket (White)" and used it!

[Confirm usage of item?]

Zhang Ye tapped "yes"!

[Please choose your specified category of items in the correct lottery draw version.]

Zhang Ye chose it for Lottery Draw (Two) and then hesitated for a moment before finally choosing to get a Consumption Category prize.

[Confirm / Cancel]

Zhang Ye tapped "Confirm".

The next moment, when the ticket was activated, it glowed white and then shattered into a million pieces. The now glowing white dots of lights slowly floated toward the slot machine and dived into the Lottery Draw (Two) button, activating the lottery draw interface. Zhang Ye was in no hurry to begin the lottery draw and instead went over to the Merchant Shop interface. He took a deep breath and tapped the Lucky Halo (Upgraded), activating it. In an instant, a white halo hovered over his forehead as it emitted a pulsing glow that rippled outwards. That effect looked amazing and cool!



The Lucky Halo had already started to deduct reputation points as it went down 100,000 Reputation Points every second!

Zhang Ye did not waste time enjoying his suave look any longer. He knew that every second was valuable, so he quickly went back to the Lottery Draw (Two) interface.


This is?

He suddenly saw something he hadn't noticed before. At the bottom right corner of the slot machine, there was a lever-like mechanism unlike the handle lever of the slot machine. This lever was instead smaller by several times, and because the slot machine had many design patterns and colors on it, if one did not look carefully, one would probably have ignored it. It was clear that this smaller lever had been there all along, only that Zhang Ye had not noticed it before.

What would this do?

He had to give it a try!

Zhang Ye cautiously placed his hand over it and touched it, then pushed it upwards once. It resulted in a text display appearing!

[Additional Stakes]

[Total additional stakes: 1]

Zhang Ye blinked, then pushed the lever downwards.

[Reduced Stakes]

[Total additional stakes: 0]

With that, Zhang Ye understood what was going on. This was the additional stakes lever. It was similar to the additional stakes button in Lottery Draw (One) except its interface and operating manner was different, though its function was more or less the same. So it seemed that Lottery Draw (Two) also had an additional stakes function. Since Zhang Ye had his Lucky Halo activated at the moment, and with the Specified Category Lottery Draw Ticket in play, you could say that he was already heavily invested. Naturally, it would be a waste if he only managed to win a single prize!


Zhang Ye knew that time waited for no man, so he acted quickly and put in some additional stakes!

After he added 10 additional stakes at a cost of 100 million Reputation Points, Zhang Ye finally started the lottery draw. He pulled the lever and activated the slot machine!

The icons slid down one by one at a very fast pace!

All of the icons were without exception displaying the same thing!

Consumption Category!

Consumption Category!

Consumption Category!

Throughout, he could see that every icon was the same, showing the Consumption Category icon. But in fact, there were differences between them because behind each Consumption Category icon was a corresponding treasure chest, and the items in those treasure chests surely had to be different. But since this was not something he could see from the outside, Zhang Ye did not know which one was good and which one was bad.

10 seconds…

30 seconds…

Soon, he learned of the result!

The slot machine windows' final displayed icon was one of the Consumption Category icons!

Zhang Ye tapped the 10 Treasure Chest (Medium) that were all the same size and opened them all at once!

But what shocked Zhang Ye was that the items in the opened treasure chests were, in a never seen before phenomenon, the exact same item as the previous lottery draw! Nothing like this had ever happened to him before!

[Specified Category Lottery Draw Ticket (White)] × 10.

It was this lousy thing again!?

And it's even 10 of them this time?

This bro spent 100 million worth of reputation points on this?

Zhang Ye was falling apart. He had even resorted to activating the Lucky Halo this time, so why did it end up this way? Why the hell would I need so many specified category tickets?!

However, just as Zhang Ye was about to throw a tantrum and swear, a change occurred in the tickets. The 10 specified category tickets started glowing and a line of words appeared without warning.

[10 lottery draw tickets have been gathered.]

[Confirm merge.]

[Yes / No]

Zhang Ye was taken aback by this and subconsciously tapped "Yes".

The ten white cards were suddenly shredded and turned into specks of lights floating in the air. After a brief moment, they suddenly started to merge together. After that finished, a black card appeared!

Zhang Ye stretched out his hand with surprise and took it.

[Specified Category Lottery Draw Ticket (Black)]: Upon activation, all categories of lottery draw prizes can be specified!


All categories?

So does that mean it includes the Special Category too??

Zhang Ye swore out loud, then broke out into laughter. This certainly took an interesting twist from despair to hope. It was too goddamn exciting!

100 million Reputation Points in exchange for a prize in the Special Category of the upgraded lottery system that could give him the right to purchase items from the Merchant Shop?

Was it worth it?

Of course it was worth it!

It was way too worth it!

Zhang Ye was then suddenly reminded that his Lucky Halo was still activated and 100,00 reputation points were still getting deducted with each passing second. Immediately, he focused, and without hesitating, he activated the black card that was just formed a moment ago. This time, he did not put in any additional stakes as the Special Category prizes were not items but the right to purchase items from the Merchant Shop. Even if he were to increase it by 100 stakes, the right to purchase items would still be the same quantity. That would just waste his reputation points!

10 million Reputation Points were spent in an instant!

The Lottery Draw (Two) slot machine started shaking!

Looking at the icons on the slot machine as they speedily slid down the slot machine's windows, Zhang Ye was in awe of it all. The reason was none other than that all of the icons on them were now the same!

Special Category!

They were all Special Category icons!

Seeing all of those icons densely packed together, it would thrill any who saw it!

This bro had used up almost all of his reputation points for this now, so it better be something good!