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Chapter 735: Chenchen copies Zhang Ye“s poem!

Chapter 735: Chenchen copies Zhang Ye's poem!

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Later that afternoon.

Taoran Pavilion Garden.

Beside the lake, Zhang Ye had not gone home yet. He put on his sunglasses and face mask and came to sightsee at the lake. Since he did not have anything to do today, he just waited around for Mengmeng's parents to give him a call so that he could go and pick Chenchen up and go home. If he had gone home by himself first, he would have to come out again to pick her up. That would have been too troublesome.

The atmosphere here was rather nice. There were many senior citizens who came here for a stroll. In front, an old man who came out to "walk" his bird even had a pocket radio he was tuned into and was playing through the speakers. He was listening to the news at the moment.

"Yesterday night, in an upscale villa district in Beijing's Chun Shuyuan, a burglary took place. There was a reported loss of cash and other items totaling more than 100,000 RMB, along with a safe. According to sources, there was a jade bracelet and some jade accessories worth several millions in it, along with a famous painting. Said painting was bought from an auction at Shanghai last year and was sold for 37 million RMB at that time. The case has been referred to the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Criminal Investigation Brigade. This is also one of the largest cases of burglary in recent years. As of now, there are no other details with regard to the development of the case."

"Chun Shuyuan?"

"That's not too far from Taoran Pavilion."

"Hai, the security these days is really too lousy."

"It's been so long since we've had such a big case!"

"Around 40 million yuan of property stolen just like that? Tell me, what's the point of keeping your valuables in the safe at home? If anyone chooses to carry away your entire safe, what can you do about it? Thieves these days are far too rampant!"

"I heard that the municipal office has already set a deadline for this case to be solved. They have called for the stolen items to be found within a week from now, but the way I see it, this won't be easy at all. There are so many thieves around, who do we start catching?"

A few of the grandpas and grandmas were discussing the case after hearing about the news.

Zhang Ye also heard it and lamented mentally. He wondered if he should be installing some security nets at home for protection.

As he was thinking, an unfamiliar number suddenly called his phone. Zhang Ye thought that it might be from Mengmeng's parents, so he answered it as he continued strolling in the park. "Hello?"

The other end sounded chaotic, with many voices talking over each other!

Then he heard a youth say: "Hello? Is this Chenchen's family?"

Zhang Ye was stunned. "Yes, who is this?"

The youth suddenly said: "I am a police officer with the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Criminal Investigation Brigade. Little Chenchen only gave me this number, so I called to contact you."

When Zhang Ye heard this, his face turned pale!


Criminal Investigation Brigade?

F**k! What serious trouble had the little rascal gotten into again!

Zhang Ye hastily said: "Officer, what's the matter? I am Chenchen's relative. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, that kid must have gotten into some kind of trouble again, right? Aiyo, I knew it, she's always been so troublesome! I should never have let her out of the house today! Who did she beat up? Or whose house did she burn down?"

The police officer was getting a little dizzy from this. "It's not like that!"

Zhang Ye quickly said: "Don't worry! I will definitely criticize her! And beat her to death!"

That police officer quickly said: "No, just listen to me first…"

"You don't have to plead on her behalf! This sort of a kid has to be beaten! Beaten terribly so that she’ll learn! I will beat her up so badly that she wouldn't be able to recognize herself in the mirror!" Zhang Ye said angrily.

The police officer spoke in frustration: "No! Listen to me…"

Zhang Ye interrupted: "You don't have to worry about this case anymore. Just leave it to me to handle. I will go and pick the kid up and pay however much needs to be compensated. Just help me appease the victim or their family. You must definitely express my sincerest apologies to them. The kid is still young and don't know much, so please don't take it up with her. Let the family members have a go at me instead! I will go over and settle it now! Oh yes, are the economic losses heavy? Are there a lot of casualties?" Zhang Ye asked while trembling.

The police officer couldn't even find the words to respond!

Economic losses?


F**k! Just what do you think this kid is! A monster?

The police officer couldn't even interrupt to say something. All he heard was the other party yammering nonstop, trying to explain himself. He waited for the other party to finish talking before he began explaining: "Sir, you should have listened to me first. Why are you threatening to beat the child up and apologizing? What have you been talking about all this while!?"

Zhang Ye was stunned. "Ah?"

The police officer said: "The child did not get into any trouble!"

"That's impossible!" Zhang Ye thought about it. If she didn't get into any trouble, then why would the Criminal Investigation Brigade call me? Besides, with that wicked personality Chenchen had, even if she did get into trouble, Zhang Ye wouldn't be surprised. "You don't have to give me any face, officer. There's really no need to. Just tell it to me straight, I can take it! But you must definitely give the child a chance to turn over a new leaf!"

What face am I giving to you!

Turn over your sister!

The police officer's next line immediately left Zhang Ye dumbfounded. He heard him say, "Not only did Chenchen not get into trouble, she even rendered a great deed! It's even a really huge deed! She and four of her classmates acted bravely when they saw something wrong being done. They tracked a couple thieves to their rendezvous point and found their gang's hideout, then contacted the police and helped us to corner an enormous gang of burglars in one fell swoop, leading to an arrest of more than 50 criminals! As a result, we also found the stolen property worth 40 million in their hideout in the search afterwards. The huge burglary case that happened in Chun Shuyuan last night was also cracked together with their arrest!"

Zhang Ye was stunned. "What?"

The police officer said, "We're at the crime scene now, taking inventory of the stolen items. So could you come over to pick the child up? We have already informed the parents of the other kids as well as their school teacher!"

Holy shit!

Is this true?

Zhang Ye hung up and hurried over!


At the crime scene.

Outside a remote car garage, the crime scene was currently surrounded by many reporters with their cameras and zoom lenses, while further out, there was a group of observers. The main entrance of the garage was already cordoned off with police tape while some of the criminals were handcuffed and seated in the police vehicles. Some of them had been led away earlier. There were also many police officers from the Municipal Public Security Bureau standing around and maintaining order in the area.

"Don't push!"

"Stand farther away, and no taking of photos!"

"You, reporter, please stand aside, don't get in the way of our investigations!"

But no matter how the police officers harried them, none of the reporters moved. At this moment, they had surrounded the area where five seven- and eight-year-old kids were standing. Shock was written on every one of the reporters' and observers' faces as they could not imagine how those primary school students could have solved a crime!

Not only them, even many of the faces of the police officers were the same. As they conducted their investigations, they would occasionally turn around and glimpse at those children. Though they had been in this occupation for many years, they had never witnessed such a scene before. The country's largest burglary case in recent years had actually been cracked by a bunch of primary school students. If they had not seen this with their own eyes, they knew they wouldn't believe it if someone told them! Actually, when the report was being made, the operator could hear that it was a child's voice. The first reaction was that this was a prank call and the operator did not believe it to be true. However, later on, in order to be safe rather than sorry, they still sent someone over to check. If they did not go, it would have been OK, but since they did, the involved police officers were all dumbfound by what they saw!

More than 50 suspects!

Over 40 million yuan worth of stolen property!

At that moment, everyone's expressions changed when they were looking at the children. It was as if they saw a fairy of some sort, wondering to themselves just how smart primary school students were nowadays!

"Kids, how did you all track them?"

"You were all amazing! What gave you the courage to do what you did? What made you guys have the courage to step up to do this?"

The reporters were all trying their best to squeeze in and were asking questions one after another, taking photos as well.

Chenchen, Mengmeng, and the other kids were being revered like heroes as they stood in the center of the crowd.

Little Fatso was getting a little big-headed as he stood ramrod straight. He said, "Our teacher has always taught us that, as a good person, we have to brave and know how to judge right from wrong!"

Lianlian nodded furiously. "Right, that's what our teacher taught us!"

Zhao Mei, their form teacher from No. 2 Experimental Primary School, had also received the call and rushed over to the crime scene. A few other teachers and the school principal also came along together.

When Zhao Mei heard what the children said, she was stunned. She knew it was true that she told them before to be brave and know how to judge right from wrong, but she had never taught them how to solve a case! Weren't you all being too extreme?! Tailing them all the way from Zixin Road to here, and they didn't lose their target? They were not discovered by the criminals either? Zhao Mei knew these children very well. Little Fatso? Don't be fooled by his size, he essentially didn't have the spine! Little Chao and Lianlian? Those two were even more timid, so it wouldn't be possible that they would have the idea to tail the suspects! It wasn't possible that Mengmeng would do it either. That child was a warm-hearted girl. If there was a problem, she would surely let the teachers or parents know first. She wouldn't risk going up against those criminals! Without needing to think much, they were surely led by Chenchen! This was exactly the kind of thing that she would do! This kid was just like her Uncle Zhang Ye, not afraid of anything. They were both so overly bold they would dare to do just about anything! Zhao Mei would even say that if this incident hadn't happened because of Chenchen, she would jump off a building! It had to be her, no question about it!

However, the school principal of No. 2 Experimental Primary School was feeling very excited and emotional. He stood in front of the cameras and proclaimed, "I am very proud of our students who are brave enough to do this!" Then he looked at the children and said, "You're all fine examples, find examples! After school reopens, we have to organize a study session so that everyone in the school can learn from you all!"

Little Chao scratched his head in embarrassment.

At this moment, Little Chao, Mengmeng, and the other children's parents gradually arrived at the scene.

"Mengmeng!" Mengmeng's mother anxiously ran up to her!

Mengmeng called out, "Mom!"

Mengmeng's mother was still aflutter with fear at heart. "You gave me such a scare! How can you have that much audacity!? What if something happened?"

Meanwhile, Mengmeng's father was extremely pleased. He said happily, "I think it's a good thing that our child is so courageous and smart!"

Mengmeng's face flushed from embarrassment. She quickly said, "It was all planned by Chenchen. We, we didn't really do much."


"Which one of you is Chenchen?"

"It's her!"

"Quick, take a picture of her!"

The reporters immediately pointed their cameras at Chenchen.

A female reporter who was shouldering her camera said, "It was you who led your fellow classmates and tailed the criminals here?"

Chenchen straightened her back. "Yes."

A male reporter interrupted. "We're all extremely curious. Just how did you all track them? Why didn't the criminals discover your presence?"

Chenchen cleared her throat, and spoke like an adult, "First, I broke down the jobs we had to perform. Squash was in charge of contacting the police, while Black Bear and I were in charge of acting like pedestrians while we followed them. After a while, Bald Eagle changed places with Black Bear and tailed them on an alternative route. Black Widow served as a backup to our roles."

Lianlian's face burned hot from embarrassment. "Chenchen, don't, don't use our code names!"

Chenchen nodded. "OK, Black Widow."

Lianlian: "…"

Chenchen said, "Second, in our group, those of us who were near each other would communicate by speaking. If we were far apart, we would communicate with actions. Sometimes in our school, they organize games that we also play outside of school, which are for us to play charades. With those basics, even if we're far apart from each other, we can still have some basic communication. After that, we made use of our bicycle and other modes of transportation and followed the criminal suspects closely. Together with our status as children, it added an extra sense of camouflage and deception, making the criminal suspects not notice us. Finally, after experiencing all sorts of difficulties, we were able to locate the criminal's hideout!"

After she explained in detail, everyone at the scene was feeling a little befuddled!

Holy shit!

This thought process…

Those ideas…

This level of expressing herself…

This child was most definitely not typical!

A normal seven or eight-year-old primary school student couldn't possibly be this mature!

Only Zhao Mei and a few of the teachers from No. 2 Experimental Primary School were not particularly surprised at this, because they already knew from school that Chenchen was not much like other children.

The place was lively.

"Teacher Zhao, how does Chenchen usually do in school?"

"Chenchen, will you accept a one-on-one interview with us?"

"I am a reporter with the Beijing Times. We would like to do a feature story about this incident. Mengmeng's parents, could we have a little of your and your child's time? We won't take more than an hour. The interview will be quick!"

"The role models of Beijing will surely be you all!"

"You're all very smart, our little heroes of Beijing!"

"Chenchen, can you say a word or two for our readers?"

"Student Chenchen, what do you have to say to everyone?"

Seeing the messy exchange of words from everyone, Chenchen lightly coughed and got their attention. "Let me say a few words."

Everyone quieted down at once.

The policemen were looking at her, the teachers were looking at her, all of the reporters, and the crowd were looking at her, together with Mengmeng, Lianlian, Little Fatso, Little Chao. Even the criminals who were being taken away had looked at Chenchen.

At this moment, the taxi Zhang Ye was in arrived on scene. When he got out of the taxi, the first thing he saw was Chenchen standing in the center like she was in the spotlight!

He saw Chenchen hesitating for a few seconds before turning to the cameras and speaking in her childish voice!

"Storytelling, acting to persuade people.

"Walking the middle of three roads.

"What goes around comes around.

"Experience is the…fruit! Of! Life!"

The surrounding crowd were dumbfounded by what they heard!

An introductory poem? A doggerel? Why hadn't anyone heard of it before? Did this little girl compose it herself? Is she a prodigy or what? This little girl was truly too extraordinary!

Some people in the crowd immediately applauded in admiration!


"Well said!"

"What a good 'What goes around comes around. / Experience is the fruit of life.'!"

"That poem is too impressive!"

"Well said! Everyone, see how enlightened this little girl is!"

Applause thundered, while calls of how impressive the poem was kept coming one after another!

Many people who had been fooled were now stunned.

Little Fatso, Mengmeng, Lianlian, and Little Chao looked at Chenchen in admiration. They did not expect her to make such a profound speech that had stunned everyone!

Only Zhang Ye who was walking over from a distance away nearly stumbled when he heard that!


Wasn't this what I wrote at home this morning?

You little rascal! You were still contemptuously giving me that "hur hur" of yours at the time! But now you're taking what I wrote and using it here? Your sister! Why don't you learn something better instead of learning how to show off like I do!?