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Chapter 737: A family full of wondrous people!

Chapter 737: A family full of wondrous people!

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Later that afternoon.

Past 4 PM.

After giving their statements and completing the procedures, Zhang Ye took Chenchen back home. On the way back, he nagged, grumbled, and criticized Chenchen, scolding her emotionally. This made the taxi driver look back at them in the rear-view mirror repeatedly, before finally saying some words to try to mediate between them. However, Chenchen did not seem to have any reaction. She just ignored Zhang Ye telling her off, not treating it like it was anything important. Her little head just carefreely looked at the scenery outside the window, angering Zhang Ye even more.

"Did you listen to what I have been saying all this while?"

"Uh huh."

"Don't ever do something like this again!"


"That was too dangerous! Did you think that you were me?"



They returned back to his parents' home.

The moment Zhang Ye opened the door, Chenchen quickly squeezed past him and went into the house.

The first person she saw was Zhang Ye's mother who preparing dinner in the kitchen. "Grandma, I have performed a great deed!" "

His mother was baffled. "Ah?"

Chenchen then walked delightedly into the living room. "Grandpa, I have performed a great deed!"

"What great deed?" His father looked at her kindly.

His mother came out from the kitchen, flicking away the water droplets from her hands. She smiled and said, "Did you help Mengmeng's parents cook today?" Not bad, you are a good girl. When you go to other people's home to eat, you should help out."

Zhang Ye grunted, "Help with what cooking! This damned child led Mengmeng and the rest of her classmates and chased after some thieves! Even the Municipal Public Security Bureau's Criminal Investigation Brigade was activated! Just now, all of the media outlets in the entire Beijing went down to the scene to report about it!"

His mother said shocked, "Ah? What?"

His father also became somewhat anxious. "What happened?"

Zhang Ye sulkily explained the entire situation, and then started scolding again, "Don't you both think it's infuriating? I nearly got scared to death! If something happened to her, how would I explain to her aunt when she returned?! If she keeps worrying me like that, I won't bother to take care of her anymore. I'll simply hand her over to the country for safekeeping!"

Chenchen pouted.

Zhang Ye glared at her. "Look at her, she's even giving me that look!"

Chenchen said unhappily, "I have performed a great deed."

Zhang Ye sneered, "Come on you, what so great about that deed of yours!"

"I have performed a great deed!" Chenchen insisted.

His mother smacked him. "You rascal, cut it out. Don't always be so mean to her. The largest burglary case in the country has been cracked by our Chenchen. Isn't this a great contribution?!" His mother went over and patted Chenchen's head. "Well done, Chenchen, you've impressed Grandma!"

Only then did Chenchen feel satisfied. "It was my duty to do so."

His father said with lingering fear, "But it was still too dangerous."

His mother sided with Chenchen and stated, "What's so dangerous about following some petty thieves? Your son even fought off some hijackers barehanded and piloted a plane. Why didn't you say that that was dangerous too?"

His father: "…"

Chenchen nodded and said earnestly, "Zhang Ye, you are too disobedient."

Zhang Ye was furious. "…Do you think I won't beat the crap out of you?"

His mother lightly kicked her son's shin. "Who are you going to beat up? Quickly come and help me with the cooking. We need to sooth the child's nerves. We have to celebrate this incident today! Our Chenchen is too awesome!"

Chenchen had been praised to the high heavens by now. She leaned on the sofa, comfortable, with a heroic expression on her face. "Zhang Ye, I'm hungry now."

Her actions made Zhang Ye roll his eyes in annoyance. "You are even acting like a lord now?"


Not long after, a phone call came for Zhang Ye. It was a female staff member from the Municipal Public Security Bureau. "Hello, are you family to Rao Chenchen?"

Zhang Ye replied: "Yes."

The female staff asked: "Are you her guardian?"

Zhang Ye said: "I'm considered her temporary guardian. Her aunt who is also her guardian is my friend. She isn't in Beijing currently, so has given the child to my care temporarily. You can talk to me if there's anything."

The female staff member explained in a gentle tone: "OK. We handle special cases like yours separately, so the reward for the people who assisted in solving the case has been expedited and approved at the quickest time. The reward amount for Rao Chenchen is 200,000 RMB in cash. Can you bring her to the Municipal Public Security Bureau to receive the reward tomorrow? There might also be a mini-press conference held tomorrow. Moreover, the victim of the huge burglary case involving the 40 million RMB worth of property stolen from Chun Shuyuan has just contacted us. He requested that you be here tomorrow so that he could thank you in person. He even made a silk banner to give to Rao Chenchen and her friends. The owner was pretty moved and repeatedly emphasized that we pass the message to you."

"Ah?" Zhang Ye said with surprise: "The reward is 200,000 RMB?"

Chenchen's eyes immediately lit up.

Zhang Ye's parents were also stunned for a bit.

The female staff member said: "That's right. Because this is a major case and the people who helped solve the case were just children, in order to reward such bravery and intelligence, the reward was adjusted to be slightly higher than usual."

Zhang Ye quickly said: "Sure, we'll definitely be there tomorrow."

After hanging up, his mother immediately asked, "The reward is that much?"

Zhang Ye nodded and looked delightedly at Chenchen. "You're still underage and won't have the need for the money yet, so I will help you safeguard the money for the time being. It will be your dowry in the future when you get married."

Chenchen was furious. "Zhang Ye! That is my reward!"

Zhang Ye blinked and said, "It's still your money. I'm just depositing it for you first."

His mother pounded his back. "Don't argue. Why are you eyeing the child's reward? Go to the bank and apply for an account for Chenchen using your name and deposit the reward there. Then let Chenchen keep the card herself for safekeeping!"

Zhang Ye whined, "She only cracked the case largely in part due to my teaching and influence on her, so I deserve a share in the reward as well!"

Chenchen nearly fainted from anger. "Zhang Ye, you don't behave like an adult at all!"


On the same evening.

The news outlets bombarded the public one after another!

On TV, newspapers, the radio, and the Internet, a stunning piece of news was published. When everyone saw or heard this news, their first reaction was disbelief!

"Chun Shuyuan's largest burglary case has been solved!"

"Primary school students cracked the most important case of the country!"

"More than 50 people arrested! Investigations reveal over 40 million RMB worth of property was stolen!"

"Primary school students solved a major case! Tracking down the criminal gang's hideout!"

"Zhang Ye appears on scene to claim child!"

"An alarming insider story! Leader of the primary school students who went after thieves was Zhang Ye's relative!"

When countless of newspaper reports were out, the people of the entire country went into an uproar!


At a restaurant in Beijing.

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and some other colleagues from The Voice were eating dinner. Wu Yi had too much to drink and was currently singing loudly on the dining table. Suddenly, the news of the burglary case appeared on the television in the lobby.

"Don't sing anymore, stop singing!"

"Everyone, quickly watch the news! This…"

"This case was cracked by primary school students? Zhang Ye's relative?"

"Holy shit, look at that figure in the footage, that…isn't that Chenchen?!"

Wu Yi sobered up almost immediately and stared at the television with eyes wide!

Footage of Chenchen and her friends appeared on the TV screen. However, due to Zhang Ye and the children's parents not agreeing to let the children appear on screen, the news only showed the backs of the children. They were even masked with pixelation, so that most people still wouldn't be able recognize them. But it was different for the program team staff of The Voice. With the news linking it to Zhang Ye's relative and information that they were primary school students, just by looking at that back of the tiny child, they immediately figured out that it was Chenchen! Back then, Chenchen had spent some time living at Central TV. Ha Qiqi and the others were all very familiar with Chenchen. They all rather liked the "Little Leader" who enjoyed ordering people around!

"It's really Chenchen!"

"Oh my God! Chenchen went after some thieves and solved a crime?"

"I always knew that Chenchen was sharp and clever and that she was also different from the other children. But to solve a crime…how could this possibly be something that a primary school student could achieve!"

Ha Qiqi gave a wry smile. "Chenchen and Director Zhang really are carved from the same mold!"

Zhang Zuo was also amused. "That's right, they are so alike!"

Everyone agreed when they heard that. The personalities of the young and old duo really were exactly the same. Wasn't Director Zhang exactly the same in that he could make something out of nothing while idling around? And if there was a situation going on already, he could create an even bigger event out of it!


It was also crazy online!

Zhang Ye's celebrity friends from everywhere were sending him their "congratulations"!

Yao Jiancai: "..."

Zhang Xia: "..."

Fang Weihong: "..."

Dong Shanshan: "..."

The couple, Chen Guang and Fan Wenli: "..."

Many celebrities expressed their shock!

The netizens also found it unacceptable!

"I've been blinded!"

"Heavens! Aren't primary school students these days too amazing?!"

"What sort of world am I living in now?!"

"Primary school students? This makes it difficult for anyone to look straight into their eyes anymore!"

"This is getting too crazy!"

"I was wrong! I won't ever look down on primary school students anymore in the future! You guys have won!"

"How could this be possible? Is this fake news?"

"It can't be fake! All the media outlets and newspapers are reporting about it!"

"F**k, can it be any more unbelievable than this?! During my second grade days, I was still playing around in the mud. I didn't even know how tell the difference between a boy and a girl at that time! Are primary school students nowadays all able to solve crimes and catch thieves? And it was even the largest burglary case in the country? The gap is too great between then and now!"

"Comparison always ends up torturing people! I'm totally kneeling to the primary school students now!"

"I still don't dare to believe it! It's…it's impossible! This doesn't make sense!"

"Why isn't it possible? Hur hur, take a look at this photo. Do you know who the person was who came to pick up that child? And this news article, take a look at it!"

"Eh, this person looks quite familiar?"

"F**k, isn't that Zhang Ye?!"

"What? She's that wretched Zhang Ye's relative?"

"I knew it! I f**king knew it!"

"If she is Zhang Ye's relative, then everything makes perfect sense! No wonder this child is so wondrous. It's because the adults in her family are also like that! Only with a family member like Zhang Ye could such a godly kid emerge!"

"Hahahaha, I'm dying from laughter! So it turns out that she is Zhang Ye's relative!"

"Teacher Zhang is famous again! How on earth did he teach the kid?! He must have really outdone himself in teaching that kid that she could turn out so well! Not even the world could hold him down!"

"Just two days ago, Zhang Ye smashed some cars at Tsinghua University. After causing such a big incident and not getting into any other trouble for the past two days, it was his relative who took over from him instead? Breaking new ground and getting engaged in community work now? Isn't this family too professional with their reputation! They really are advancing dauntlessly, wave after wave!"

"I nearly pissed myself laughing!"

"Does it need to be this funny?!"

The netizens were very surprised at this!

The people were stunned!

But the reactions were more on the positive side as this piece of news had tickled them a lot. As long as it was any news related to Zhang Ye, it would seem very funny. It even made many of those people who did not really like Zhang Ye previously unable to stop from laughing out loud because this matter was truly too wondrous to begin with!

A comical adult!

With the addition of a comical kid!

Zhang Ye's family was a bunch of f**king wondrous people!