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Chapter 741: Prove to me that your mother is your mother!

Chapter 741: Prove to me that your mother is your mother!

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It was almost time to knock off.

Some employees at the Finance Department of Central TV had already powered down their computers and were beginning to pack up to go home.

"Sister Wang, wanna join us at a Sanlitun bar tonight?"

"No thanks, I drank too much the other day, so I'm not going tonight."

"Little Liu, what are your plans after work?"

"Me? Hur hur, what else can I be doing? I'm just going home to eat. My boyfriend has already prepared dinner and is waiting for me to return. I won't be participating in any activities today. Maybe some other time."

"Your boyfriend treats you really well."

"Of course. He does whatever I say."

While Little Liu was talking with her colleagues, an unexpected visitor came in from outside.

Zhang Ye strolled into the office, not looking like he was in a rush at all. In fact, he even had a very relaxed expression on his face. Zhang Ye understood quite well why his salary was not paid this time. Wasn't it just a several thousand RMB salary? Central TV Department 1 did not lack this bit of money and neither did Zhang Ye. Central TV Department 1 was using it as a way to warn him, or rather, to describe it more appropriately, to threaten him. Thinking about this, Zhang Ye sneered mentally. If this bro conceded because of their threats, he wouldn't have survived in the entertainment industry and become everyone's common enemy!

Trying to mess with me?

Sure, I'm up for it if you all want to dance!

"Who is in charge of the payroll system for Central TV Department 1?" Zhang Ye asked.

The Finance Department staff were stunned.


"Director Zhang?"

"Central TV Department 1? Little Liu is in charge of that."

Everyone was a little surprised that Zhang Ye appeared in their office. Someone pointed him to Little Liu, a pretty girl in her twenties.

Little Liu who was happily chatting with everyone just a moment ago suddenly frowned when she saw Zhang Ye and turned cold. She asked indifferently, "What's the matter?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "So you're the one in charge?"

Little Liu said, "That's me, why?"

Zhang Ye nodded. "Do you intend to not pay me my salary?"

"Ah?" Sister Wang on the other side of the room was amused by this. "Director Zhang, are you joking? The salary for Central TV Department 1 was already settled. The system should have disbursed the payment to all employees around 2, 3 PM this afternoon, so how could it be that we intend to not pay you?"

An accountant beside her also said, "That's right. It's all been disbursed already. Everyone from Department 2 and Department 3 has received it as well."

Zhang Ye shrugged. "That's weird then. Everyone in Central TV has received their salary, so why am I the only one who has not yet been paid? Or did it get withheld? It's alright. If they don't intend to pay me or have withheld it, they just need to inform me. At least I have to know the reason for that, right?"

Little Liu coldly answered, "Everyone's salary has already been disbursed."

Zhang Ye replied, "But I did not receive it."

Little Liu shook her head. "That I do not know."

"Then that's it?" Zhang Ye was very amused by her reply. "You are shirking from your responsibility just like that? Alright, since you don't know, then please check where my salary went for me?"

Little Liu immediately refused and looked at her watch. "It's already time to clock out from work. If there's a problem, come back tomorrow to check."

Sister Wang frowned. "Little Liu, it definitely won't take much time to check for Director Zhang."

At this moment, a young girl beside Sister Wang pulled at her, and gave her a look while pouting with an unknown intention. When Sister Wang and several staff members of the Finance Department saw this, they seemingly realized there was more to the situation, and so did not say another word.

Zhang Ye said, "I'm impatient, so I won't wait till tomorrow to find out."

Little Liu said in frustration, "I'm already clocking out from work."

"There's still 5 minutes left." Zhang Ye said, "Is your watch not accurate?"

Little Liu took a deep breath and said firmly, "Alright, even if it’s still office hours, I will make it clear to you. The salary that was meant to be disbursed has already been disbursed. Everyone received their share of the salary. If you must insist that you did not receive it, then there's nothing I can do about it. It might be that you have turned off your cell phone notifications, or you checked the wrong bank account, so those are problems not on my side."

Zhang Ye said, "Alright, then please check on which side the problem occurred at."

Little Liu shook her head. "I can't do the checking here and am not authorized to check for you individually either, as it does not comply with the procedures. You can double check again with the issue you are facing. If it's really a case of the salary not depositing to your account, then we can do a check on our side. However, you need to provide proof of that."

Zhang Ye laughed. "What proof?"

Little Liu said, "First, you have to go the bank to print an account statement, then get the bank to prove that you haven't received your salary this month. Second, if the proof is complete, you need to provide a document to prove that this bank account is used for your salary payment with Central TV Department 1. Once you have all the documentation and proof ready, you can submit them to me and I will report it to the management. I will be able to check for you over here once they verify that there is no problem with the documentation and proof."

Zhang Ye couldn't help but laugh, "You all did not pay my salary to me, yet you want me to provide proof of it?"

Little Liu said calmly, "If you don't provide any proof, we can't check for you."

"Alright, I can go and gather proof, but before that…" Zhang Ye had been all smiles since he came into the office of the Finance Department, but at this moment, his expression suddenly changed. He slapped his hand onto the table in front of Little Liu, which made a loud bang and gave Little Liu a big scare. "…you have to prove to me that you have the right to make me prove that my salary has not been received, and give you proof that my bank account is my bank account!"

These words that sounded like a tongue twister helped Zhang Ye throw the question back at her!

Little Liu was stunned. "I am from Finance, so if I say I need proof, then it means I need proof."

Zhang Ye stared at her and said, "What proof do you have to prove that if you need to see proof, then others have to prove to you with their proof!"

Little Liu nearly fainted from hearing that. She repeated his words repeatedly before finally understanding what he meant and replied in a loud voice, "I am an employee of this department! If what I say doesn't matter, then whose words matter!"

Zhang Ye said, "What proof do you have to prove that you are really from Finance?"

"Everyone here can vouch for me!" Little Liu was becoming agitated by him. "If I'm not from Finance, then who is?"

Zhang Ye said, "Then you have to prove to me first that you're really an employee of the Finance Department before I can get the proof to prove to you!"

Little Liu was furious. "Old Wang!"

A middle-aged man said, "Little Liu really is from Finance."

Zhang Ye looked at the middle-aged man while sneering. "How can you prove that? Also, do you have proof that can prove that you can prove that she is indeed from Finance?"

The middle-aged man was also confused from listening to this, "Ah?"

Proof that can prove that I can prove that she is from Finance?

How the f**k do I prove that!

Little Liu angrily slammed her employee pass onto the table. "This is my employee pass!"

"Can you prove that this so-called employee pass of yours is indeed proof that proves you are working in Central TV's Finance Department?" Zhang Ye said.

Little Liu shouted, "This is the standardized employee pass we all use! I don't need to prove it!"

Zhang Ye retorted, "Then how do you prove that the person in the photo is you?"

Little Liu was angry and confused. "That is me!"

Zhang Ye asked, "How do you prove it?"

Little Liu: "That is who I am!"

Zhang Ye: "How do you prove that you are you?"

Little Liu was so angry that her face turned green. "I was born to my mother and father! If I am not me, then who am I?"

Zhang Ye looked at her and said, "How do you prove that your mother is your mother?"

Little Liu nearly vomited blood at this!

Zhang Ye continued on, "How do you prove that your father is your father? How do you prove that your grandma is your grandma? How do you prove that your grandpa is your grandpa?"

Little Liu was gasping heavily for air. She pointed to Zhang Ye angrily and said, "You! You're cursing at me!"

Zhang Ye threw up his hands and denied, "Who did I curse at? I just wanted you to prove yourself to me! If you bring out all of that proof and show me, I will follow your instructions accordingly and get my proof!"

Little Liu: "You…"

"So, show me the proof. What are you waiting for!" Zhang Ye stared at her for a moment, then suddenly smacked the surface of the table and caused the notepad and pen to fly off from the aftershock. Then, he declared loudly, "You can't even provide proof that your mother is your mother, or that you are you! So what gives you the damned right to ask me to prove to you that my bank account is my bank account?"

This barrage of tongue-twisting rhetorical questions sucked everyone in!

Little Liu who had been stifling her anger and suffocating from it suddenly exploded into tears. Having been caught by surprise at Zhang Ye's argument, she was left crying and hitting the tabletop in frustration!

Zhang Ye glanced at her and did not continue wrangling with her. He straightened his sleeves and exited the office just the way he had entered. His pace was an unhurried one. He looked like he was taking a leisurely stroll. It seemed like his visit this time was not to check on the reason for not receiving the salary. It did not feel like he was trying to rush them to disburse the salary either, but just seemed like he had come to insult people and create trouble. Now that his objectives were met, Zhang Ye simply walked off, looking really cool as he did that!

He ended up looking cool!

And at the same time, he left a bunch of employees from the Finance Department with the mouths agape after hearing what he said!

In a department like theirs, they often met with cases which they had no choice but to make excuses for. They could only try to pass the buck or responsibility around. It was often a useful tactic, so everyone here was somewhat skillful at it. However, Zhang Ye had really given them a great lesson today. Hearing Zhang Ye's nonstop barrage of proving this and proving that with proof, they really felt a sense of dumbfoundedness as ten thousand strings of "f**k you" flashed across their vision. Zhang Ye had taken their most overused skill and returned it with full impact! The employees from Finance were also stunned.

Little Liu was considered one of the more glib individuals in the Finance Department. Central TV Department 1 must have notified Little Liu this time and deliberately done this to Zhang Ye. But as result of that, in just a short, one-minute confrontation, the frontline member that was Little Liu had been forced into tears by the words of Zhang Ye! She had lost even though her opponent did not even use a single swear word in the argument! She couldn't even talk back to him!

Damn, what the f**k was this kind of speaking ability of his!

Was that who the famous Zhang Ye was?

Was this who the fastest speaking host of the country was??

Everyone in Central TV's Finance Department looked at each other, feeling somewhat fearful. They had witnessed for themselves today, just how scary Zhang Ye's mouth was! Even though they knew that he was just harassing them, they couldn't refute his words because he had harassed them with the same approach they used. Prove that Zhang Ye's bank account was Zhang Ye's bank account? This was a matter that could have easily been checked through the system. It would take at most ten seconds of their time, but since Little Liu insisted on Zhang Ye giving her proof, he had pushed back the problem in its entirety to her and asked Little Liu to prove that Little Liu was Little Liu. But how could Little Liu prove that!?

This time, they had truly met a tough opponent!

With that fight of his, even with the entire department's employees combined strength, they might still not be a match for him!