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Chapter 744: Zhang Ye declares war!

Chapter 744: Zhang Ye declares war!

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This piece of news resulted in over 1,000 replies being left in the Weibo comments section within a minute. They seemed to all swarm in immediately like a bombardment and fill it with shocking comments!

"What the f**k!"

"Holy f**k!"

"Did I see it wrong?"

"Please proclaim to me that this is a fake news!"

"Is…is this real?"

"I'm in the process of being shocked!"

"Unbelievable! It's really unbelievable!"

"Someone, quickly tell me they have got this wrong!"

"Teacher Zhang, holy motherf**ker!! You are too damn extreme!"

"So the reason why Zhang Ye remained silent was because he went to find a lawyer to file a petition during the day! He did not even bother to argue with them and just directly dealt them a severe blow!"

How explosive!

The Internet was abuzz with activity!

The entertainment circle was in an uproar!

The entire industry was terrified!


At Zhang Ye's house.

An elderly neighbor rushed over and pounded hard on the door.

His mother opened the door. "Yo, Sister Li. You're here? Have you eaten yet? I'm eating dinner with Old Zhang right now. You're just in time, why don't you come in? Come in. Let's eat dinner together."

His father also said something friendly.

However, they heard Auntie Li anxiously saying, "Why are you still eating? I just saw the news. Little Ye is creating big trouble again! He…he went to sue Central TV Department 1!"

His mother: "…"

His father: "…"

Chenchen: "…"



At Beijing Television Station.

Everyone in the program team of Do You Remember was working overtime to rush out the program and had just finished.

Suddenly, Dafei shouted in surprise, "What the f**k!"

Executive Producer Hu Fei said in a speechless manner, "Dafei, don't always get surprised by everything."

Dong Shanshan, Hou Ge, Hou Di, and the others also looked over. "What's the matter?"

Dafei was holding up his cell phone with his mouth agape. "Just a few minutes ago, the latest news update reported that Teacher Zhang Ye…has sued Central TV in court!"

"What did you say?" Hu Fei lost his footing and nearly tripped over!

Xiao Lu, Hou Ge, and Hou Di slumped over in their chairs. "Holy shit!"

Dong Shanshan stared blankly into thin air and stayed silent for a very long time!


At a recording studio of an interview program.

"It's time to call it a day."

"Teachers, thank you for your hard work."

The show ended. The host and Fan Wenli, a coach on The Voice, joked as they walked off the stage and prepared to leave.

At this moment, they noticed some of the program staff offstage had shocked expressions as they whispered among themselves. Both of them felt curious about it and subconsciously went over to take a look.

The female host asked, "What are you all looking at?"

An editor gasped, "Sister Yu, the entertainment circle…something big just happened!"

Fan Wenli was stunned. "What's going on?"

A technical director beside them didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Someone is suing Central TV!"

Fan Wenli's first reaction was that it must be a joke. "How can that be possible?"

The interview program's female host could not believe it either and even laughed. "Who would sue Central TV? Hur hur hur, unless they're crazy! I don't believe it."

Fan Wenli also thought that way. Unless it was a mad man, no one would have done that. However, just as she thought of this point, Fan Wenli's heart suddenly sank. She suddenly remembered a person. If there was anyone in the entertainment industry, whether domestically or overseas, who was crazy enough to sue Central TV, then Fan Wenli could almost confirm that in the entire entertainment industry, only that mad man would dare do it!

The truth proved that Fan Wenli's sixth sense was correct!

She heard the technical director laughing sardonically. "It's Zhang Ye! Because of a delayed salary payment of about 8,000 RMB by a day, it ended up with him…suing Central TV!"

Fan Wenli's expression changed greatly!

The female host also nearly fainted. "Are you for real?"

The technical director answered, "The news already reported about it. They're also talking about this everywhere on the Internet! It's chaos!"

Their conversation was heard by the others around them and it left many of the other staff dumbfounded all at once!

"What did you say?"

"Holy shit!"

"Quick, let me see! C'mon, let me see!"

"Heavens! He really sued Central TV?"

"How bold is this?!"

"The entertainment circle will become lively again this time!"


Beijing Times.

The editorial department of the newspaper firm was in an uproar!

"That's the Zhang Ye I know!"

"He never does things predictably! He's really willing to handle things like this?"

"Who said that he is going to succumb to the pressure this time? Who said that his silence meant he was going to compromise? Bull f**king shit! Zhang Ye is still Zhang Ye, that hooligan is still that hooligan! He's determined not to back down even if he has to perish together with Central TV!"

"This is breaking news!"

"Zhang Ye is too awesome!"

"This piece of news will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest headlines of the entertainment industry. Regardless of whether Zhang Ye or Central TV Department 1 wins the lawsuit, this battle will cause great harm to both sides!"

"I'm feeling a mixed bag of emotions right now. Although Zhang Ye is not tall and does not have a strong stature, when it comes to the 'fighters' of the entertainment industry, Zhang Ye is definitely the top. He's absolutely a true warrior!"

"Hurry up, quickly go and find out the first-hand information about this news!"

"Old Sun, you head to the court! Old Hu, go stake out Central TV Department 1! Everyone, let's get going now! We are already late and have fallen a step behind the others! We must snatch this news away! Everyone, move! Each and every one of you who are working overtime on the entertainment news, go along too! Drop everything else that you're doing for now! You shouldn't be focusing on that for now!"


"We guarantee that we will do a good job!"

The reporters were crying out in excitement!

This piece of news could really be said to be an explosive one! It was so astonishing that it startled the entire entertainment industry. Many of the celebrities turned their attention to this news in astonishment. There were even celebrities from Hong Kong and Taiwan who were not so familiar with the domestic Chinese celebrities and had come to learn of Zhang Ye's illustrious name for the first time today. In a state of shock, they went to check it out with their friends who were familiar with the domestic situation about who this fearsome person was!

Compared to the reactions of amazement from the outside world, there was only one place which was completely different from theirs!

That place was Central TV Department 1!


At the home of Central TV Department 1's Deputy Director Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan was eating dinner just a moment ago, but had just knocked over the bowl of rice in front of him and dropped one of his chopsticks to the floor. On the screen of his cell phone he had thrown onto the table was showing exactly that piece of news.

His wife cautiously said, "Old Jiang."

Jiang Yuan angrily muttered to himself, "Madman! He's insane!"

"Calm down, please," his wife urged.

Jiang Yuan slammed his hand on the table. "How am I supposed to calm down?! He even demanded a compensation of 100 million yuan? What the heck is he trying to do?! How does he have the guts to something like that!?"

The other leaders of Central TV Department 1 also had similar reactions to him!

Jiang Naixiong flew into a rage. The other leaders and heads of Central TV Department 1 were also so angry they nearly exploded!

"That damned hooligan!"

"Old Jiang recruiting him to join us was the worst mistake!"

"This is a rebellion!"

They never really expected that there would be a day or year that a host from their own TV station would actually sue them in court. They were not mentally prepared in this aspect at all! But it turned out that such a person had appeared today. For a matter involving just a several thousand yuan salary, he had chosen to go up against them and battle it out in court, choosing to fight to the death and perish together with them!

What madness was this!?

The leaders of Central TV Department 1 were all very angered by this. This was the first time they felt somewhat regretful to have used such tactics to force Zhang Ye to sign over the show's copyright. Their original intent was to solve the matter internally. They definitely did not wish to make it known to the media or even let the leaders of Central TV find out about it. Zhang Ye's contract was decided by the Central TV Department 1 and withdrawing his ownership to the copyright was also their decision as well. The leaders of Central TV simply did not know about this, so it wouldn't do any good for any of them if it was made known to the higher-ups. But right now, they knew that this matter had already blown out of proportion and there was no way to keep it under wraps anymore. From tonight on, the matter of Central TV Department 1 withholding the salary of a host would definitely be on the headlines of all media outlets. This was obviously not the outcome they wanted to see! Regardless of how Zhang Ye's job or future would turn out, or whether Central TV Department 1 would settle scores with him at a later date, Zhang Ye's actions at this moment had left the leaders of Central TV Department 1 scrambling to take drastic measures!

Zhang Ye had declared a war on Central TV Department 1!

This petition in itself was already a face smacking!

It was as good as smacking Central TV Department 1 in the face!

Their faces were terribly swollen!

And it was very painful!