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Chapter 750: Central TV Department 1 gets sued again!

Chapter 750: Central TV Department 1 gets sued again!

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On the same afternoon of the court's verdict.

2 PM.

Caishikou. At his parents' house.

Zhang Ye came home. When he entered the house, he saw that it was full of his relatives.

"Aiyo, Little Ye is back!" his first uncle said.

Zhang Ye smiled and greeted, "Hello, First Uncle. What are all of you doing here?"

His third aunt said, "With all that is happening, how can we possibly stay home?!"

His third sister also rushed forward. "Brother, did you really win?"

"Of course." Zhang Ye said happily, "I really did!"

His mother was pretty happy as well. "Good job, son. You've done well this time! You've done really well!"

His father also nodded slightly in approval.

His first uncle sighed, "Hai, but your job at Central TV Department 1…is definitely gone for good now."

Zhang Ye casually brushed it off. "Let nature take its course. We'll talk about it when the time comes. Mom, hurry up and make me something to eat. The hearing ended at noon and I have not had anything to eat yet."

"You should have said so earlier! Wait a bit!" His mother went to cook some food.

His third aunt also quickly went over to help. The rest of his relatives were busy talking to Zhang Ye, asking all sorts of questions. Everyone was obviously holding back from asking too much and still had many questions.

"Little Ye, when did you pick up law?"

"What went on in the courtroom?"

"Are the things they say on the Internet true?"

Zhang Ye explained to them one by one, bullshitting his way through.

Finally, after he was done explaining, Zhang Ye noticed Chenchen playing with a cell phone on the sofa by herself. He could not help but go up to her and say, "Heh, I was so busy fighting a lawsuit and only made it back with great difficulty, yet you little imp don't even bother to say something to me and only know how to play games."

Chenchen grunted without looking up, her hands swiftly tapping around on the cell phone screen.

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes at this. "Whose cell phone did you take this time?"

His third sister smiled gleefully and said, "It's mine."

Zhang Ye said to Chenchen, "Have you thanked your big sis yet?"

His third sister said in a speechless manner, "If Chenchen addresses you as uncle, why would she call me big sis? Aren't you lowering my seniority this way?!" Saying that, she looked at Chenchen and cooed, "Come, call me auntie instead."

Chenchen glanced at her and tersely came up with 2 words. "Hur hur."

His third sister did not get angry but beamed with joy instead. "Aiyo, she's so cute! Why is she so cute?!"

Chenchen: "…"

His father stated with a laugh, "Chenchen is a very smart kid. That recent 'largest burglary case' was cracked by her. She has already been commended as one of this year's national student role models. She is even the youngest recipient and received quite a large sum as a reward. There was also a silk pennant the Public Security Bureau presented her."

Only at this moment did Chenchen put down the cell phone and add, "It was the Deputy Chief of the Municipal Public Security Bureau who personally presented the silk pennant to me."

His third sister praised, "Wah, Chenchen is so amazing!"

Chenchen nodded in acknowledgment.

His first uncle also praised, "That incident was even reported on the news for two straight days. Heroes are truly borne from youth!"

Zhang Ye couldn't help but laugh, "Don't praise her too much. If you do, she'll get cocky."


After the meal.

His relatives gradually left.

Only then did Zhang Ye go back into his room and power on the computer to go online. He was browsing through the news when he noticed that the netizens were bubbling with excitement. The atmosphere was hectic with even more discussion and chatter than before the court case. It was like a pot of water that had reached its boiling point. A poem had also been pushed to the front page of Weibo by the netizens with their endless commenting and crazy forwarding of the subject. The amount was explosively increasing by the thousands!

It was that Quatrain for a Summer's Day!

It was a poem by Li Qingzhao from Zhang Ye's previous world. He had brought it into this world now. Zhang Ye used it to express his conviction to his principles and how he would not retreat from them! [1.]

This poem resonated with many of the people!

"That's so great!"

"I can feel my blood burning with excitement!"

"I like Zhang Ye so much! I really, really like him!"

"Face-smacking Zhang has not composed a poem in a long time, but when he does, it is always an earth-shattering one!"

"In the entire entertainment industry, what I like about Zhang Ye is how he can express feelings from deep within! It's not that I am stepping on or belittling the other celebrities, but how can anyone compare to him? There's really no way!"

"What a good 'Even today Xiang Yu is remembered. / He who refused to return to Jiangdong'!"

"How much of the mood of our ancient scholars can we still feel these days? How much of those feelings can still be preserved in modern works? Zhang Ye's poems really possess such a power that can draw you in suddenly. It can really make one feel ashamed or sets their pulse racing hard! In my opinion, this is what literature is truly about, this is what you call the highest level of literary arts!"

"Teacher Zhang is bursting with cool!"

"Teacher Zhang is still as valiant as before, what a good act of showmanship he's put on!"

"So what if he offended Central TV Department 1? F**k that! Just fight it out with them!"

"Right! Big deal if he doesn't work for them anymore! Supporting Zhang Ye! Fight it out with them to the end!"

"Those who are still scolding Zhang Ye are f**king cowards!"

"That's right! Let me see who still dares to say anything bad about Zhang Ye! I'll be the first to take it up with them!"

"I won't allow any of that either!"

On the Internet, no one was reaching out to Zhang Ye and trying to teach him what to do anymore. He shouldn't have fallen out with Central TV? He shouldn't be so impulsive? All those voices had disappeared! It was replaced by a sea of Likes that cheered for Zhang Ye. Countless Zhang Ye fans were out in full force to show their support—but of course, this was only limited to the general public. Those who were from the entertainment circle mostly stayed silent, adopting a wait-and-see attitude about the situation. Chen Ye and some others of Central TV Department 1 also chose not to go against the riled up public by picking on Zhang Ye again. Similarly, those celebrities who had had their frustrations vented through Zhang Ye's actions found it wise to not say anything that went against Central TV Department 1 either. At a time like this, it was too sensitive to comment about anything.

The people applauded!

The industry insiders kept quiet!

An entire afternoon passed with such an atmosphere. Until evening, as the matter started to die down, with the noisy chattering online slowly burning away. The netizens had already shouted what should have been shouted and said whatever should have been said.

Some people summarized it this way: "In this case, there is no winner. Central TV Department 1 has lost their face and reputation, and attracted the disgust of the people. It still remains to be seen how badly the future viewership ratings would be affected, but it will surely be affected to a certain degree. While Zhang Ye has won the lawsuit, he has also thrown away his job, and is likely to be frozen for close to a year. But all that just for his vindication? In this lawsuit, both parties have suffered losses!"

But suddenly, a piece of news was announced that caught everyone off guard!

No one had expected to see this news. In an instant, it restarted the incident that was already coming to an end, pushing it to yet another climax!

At 8.20 PM.

An ex-host of Central TV Department 1, Luo Yiqiang announced that he had officially filed a petition to the Haidian People's Court and would be suing Central TV in court. He demanded that Central TV Department 1 return his endorsement fees they withheld, as well as his salary and bonuses before he was put in an inactive role, totaling a sum of 175,000 RMB! Although the legal entity on the petition's accusation was Central TV, the content of the petition was actually pointing at Central TV Department 1! Not even a day had passed but Central TV Department 1 was getting sued again!

It caused an uproar!

After Zhang Ye's case, the netizens and the entertainment circle were stunned once again!!

[1. Li Qingzhao was a Song dynasty Chinese writer and poet. She is considered the greatest woman poet in Chinese history.]