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Chapter 753: The National Judicial Examination begins!

Chapter 753: The National Judicial Examination begins!

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On this day.

Today was the first day of this year's National Judicial Examination.

Some rumors kept on coming up on Weibo during the past few days.

"The National Judicial Examination has started!"

"I heard that Zhang Ye is taking part in it as well?"

"Those are definitely rumors."

"But there are so many people saying so. There's no smoke without fire, right?"

"He still has a ton of trouble to deal with at his job, so how can he possibly have the time to attempt this judicial exam?!"

"I think it's just a rumor as well. As a host, why would he attempt a bar exam? Does he really want to become a lawyer in the future? Even if he passes the exam, he still has to work as an intern in a law firm for a year before he can obtain a law license and practice in court. Why would he take the exam then?"

"It might not turn out that way, since most people don't understand how Zhang Ye thinks."

"F**k, the previous poster is right. I can't come up with any response to that."

"Whether it's true or not, we'll find out today."



At the entrance of No. 66 High School.

At one of the exam venues borrowed from a high school for the National Judicial Examination.

At this moment, there was still another hour before the start of the exam and groups of examinees were gradually arriving. In order to prevent any cheating or substitute examinees, the security check inside the hall was very strict. Just the security staff alone numbered more than 20 people.

"Please produce your ID card and exam admission slip."

"That will do. Please enter the venue."


Inside the BMW X5 parked on the side of the road.

Zhang Ye was happily talking to his mother on the phone.

Zhang Ye said: "I've arrived."

His mother was a bit speechless. "Were you serious about taking the exam?"

"Of course. Didn't I say already say so earlier?!" Zhang Ye said exasperatedly.

His mother said: "I thought you were just joking."

"Why would I joke around about this?" Zhang Ye laughed. "Alright, I need to hang up. It's almost time to enter the exam venue. In any case, just wait for the news of my impending victory."

His mother said: "Don't score too low. If the newspapers report about it, you'll be made into a laughing stock."

Zhang Ye said: "Stop putting me down like this. Hmph. We'll let the facts do the talking."

After hanging up, Zhang Ye got out from his car. However, a call from Dong Shanshan came in.

Zhang Ye answered the call as he walked to the examination venue. "Hello, old classmate. Is something up?"

"Of course." He could hear Dong Shanshan laughing on the other end. She said: "There's a lunch meetup over here at noon. Director Hu Fei is treating. Since they're all your old colleagues, do you want to join us?"

Zhang Ye looked at his watch. "I can't make it today. I'm gonna be busy the entire day."

Dong Shanshan laughed and stated: "You're basically out of a job. What can you be so busy with?"

"I'm taking the Judicial Exam." Zhang Ye said: "I'm already at the exam venue."

Dong Shanshan was startled. "Huh? You're really going to take the Judicial Exam?"

Zhang Ye said: "Yes, I really am."

Dong Shanshan replied: "Whoa, I thought those were just rumors on the internet."

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "Let's end the call here, I have to go now. We can arrange to meet up another day instead."

After Dong Shanshan set down the phone, she immediately told Hu Fei and the rest of the people in the office about this. When they heard that Zhang Ye truly went to take the judicial examination, the group nearly fainted there on the spot!

Xiao Lu wiped away her sweat. "Only Teacher Zhang would try to dabble in so many things!"

Hou Ge didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "He's really doing things too randomly!"

Dafei said, "Teacher Zhang was a professional broadcasting host at the start, but look at what he's become now. He carries so many titles, such as mathematician, musician, poet, advertiser, crosstalk actor, etc. So many that I can't even count them with the fingers on my hands. Now Teacher Zhang is even going to attempt the bar exam? Is there any end to it?! Isn't he dabbling in too many fields? In the whole of China, no, in the entire world, there isn't likely to be another person who has more occupations than Teacher Zhang!"

Hou Di laughed and said, "Teacher Zhang must have really become addicted to fighting court cases!"

Hu Fei opined, "Little Zhang is someone who does things whenever he feels like it, but whether he can pass or not is a different story. The pass rate for the Judicial Exam is only at a few percentage points."

Xiao Lu agreed. "Teacher Zhang is probably just doing this for the fun of it."

His old colleagues were totally lost for words.

At the same time, the examinees of the judicial examination were also equally at a loss for words.

At No. 66 High School's examination security checkpoint, many of the staff and examinees were stunned!

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"F**k, he really came!"

"The rumors online were true!"

"What the hell is happening?"

"Aiyo, quickly take a picture and post it onto Weibo!"

Zhang Ye's appearance at the No. 66 High School exam venue stirred up quite a big commotion. But Zhang Ye just went into the examination hall like nothing was happening and found his seat.


On Weibo.

It was becoming very lively at this moment; there was a constant stream of news regarding Zhang Ye being released!

"Is that for real?"

"He really did go and take the exam then?"

"I don't know what to say anymore!"

"Oh god, why are there always f**king traces of Zhang Ye in every industry?!"

"Previous poster, you're getting too ahead of yourself. Teacher Zhang isn't likely to pass at all. I gave it a try once before and went to take the Judicial Exam. However, the questions were way too difficult. It's impossible to beat it unless you are in the legal profession!"

"That's right, the Judicial Exam is too difficult!"

"Teacher Zhang is simply omnipresent. I'm really curious about what score he can achieve. If he really manages to pass this year's Judicial Exam, then oh the fun we'll be seeing!"

"That's right, it will definitely be super interesting!"

"Awaiting Zhang Ye's advancement into the legal world, hahaha!"

"Previous poster, you're thinking too much. Don't make your expectations too high. Teacher Zhang's final score might turn out to be very low. But of course, I'm just speculating, because this is Zhang Ye we're talking about after all and he cannot reasonably be measured using common sense!"

The discussions online were so intense that they could overturn the heavens.

Many of Zhang Ye's friends also popped up.

Yao Jiancai posted on Weibo: "This must be fake news, right? Has it already been verified to be true?"

Someone replied with a picture taken at the examination venue.

Yao Jiancai: "…so it's actually true?!"

Someone asked: "Teacher Yao, you're very close with Zhang Ye but you didn't even know about it?"

Yao Jiancai replied: "What do I know? Who knows what triggered him again? Ha, a layman attempting the Judicial Exam? Could you please leave the legal world alone and in peace? I'll be waiting for him to score a zero and watch him make a fool of himself to everyone. I really don't believe that he will pass!" Old Yao indulged in the mockery of Zhang Ye on Weibo and even created a poll to guess how Zhang Ye would score. Everyone else could see from this just how good their friendship was.

There were only two options in the poll.

1: Zhang Ye will score 0 points.

2: Zhang Ye will score below 100 points.

Note: The National Judicial Examination's cumulative score is 600 points and the passing score is 360 points.

Dong Shanshan voted for option 1 and even posted a smiley face.

Skit actress Ci Xiufang voted for option 1 as well.

Chen Guang voted for option 1. "I don't believe he can pass either!"

Following him, Fan Wenli also voted and chose option 2. Then she commented: "Director Zhang still possesses some legal knowledge, so he can probably score at least 100 points. However, hmm, it's likely to be just around the region of 100 points."

Several celebrity friends who were on good terms with Zhang Ye treaded on him, teasing in all sort of ways and waited to see Zhang Ye make a fool of himself. Everyone was extremely amused!

The people were also amused!

These two words of "Zhang" and "Ye" had become a synonym for "funny." Every time there was an incident or news related to him, the netizens would be entertained for a long time. This guy always managed to do something that the people loved to see and hear.

However, there were also those who were not amused by this.

Like in the legal world.

After seeing this news, the members of the bar association did not know whether to cry or laugh. Zhang Ye was taking the Judicial Exam? Actually, such a famous person attempting the Judicial Exam was an affirmation to their legal world, yet they could not smile. Although they had not personally met Zhang Ye before, they were already tired of hearing about him. This person was someone who constantly fought with his peers, every day! He was someone who would offend everyone in any industry he went into! From the hosting world to the literary world, from the literary world to the calligraphy world, from the calligraphy world to the crosstalk world, from the crosstalk world to the education world, no matter where he went, that profession would end up in a mess. But now he was planning to advance into the legal world??

Get lost!

Hurry up and get lost!

Regarding Zhang Ye's arrival, the lawyer circle was put on high alert. It wasn't because they were too cautious nor did they act this way based on some hearsay. It was simply because this guy's reputation was just that terrible!

However, after some thought, they were more assured since they felt that their worries were actually unnecessary. Zhang Ye was just a layman. In their opinion, it was impossible for him to get through this highly specialized judicial examination. Moreover, they'd heard that this year's exam questions were extremely challenging!