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Chapter 755: Going down into the annals of the Judiciary!

Chapter 755: Going down into the annals of the Judiciary!

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"Holy motherf**king shit!"


"What kind of a score is that!"

"Zhang Ye scored 600 points? He got a perfect score in all four tests?"

"How could that be!"

"Oh my god!"

"Damn, just what the hell is happening!"

"This guy must be shooting up or something!"

"F**k, this isn't how the story was supposed to have developed!"

The netizens were dumbfounded!

The media were dumbfounded!

The entire country was dumbfounded!

Those who were just laughing and making fun of Zhang Ye a while ago, waiting to see him become a joke, now felt as though they were going to vomit a great deal of blood. No one could have expected such an outcome; they were all utterly confused!

Yao Jiancai's Weibo immediately got updated with a post of a dumbfounded emoticon, followed by: "Damn! Is this for real?"

Chen Guang was also stunned. "How is this possible!"

Fan Wenli followed close behind with a post of her own: "Oh god!!!!!!!!" with a long string of exclamations!

Grandma Zhang Xia: "…"

Dong Shanshan also showed herself. "A perfect score on the National Judicial Examination!?"

Hu Fei appeared too. "How could that be!"

Hou Ge screamed: "Teacher Zhang, you must have been possessed by some spirits!!"

Hou Di was shocked. "How can someone get a perfect score on the National Judicial Examination?"

Dafei: "Yeah, how does anyone get a perfect score on the National Judicial Examination?"

Xiao Lu: "What the f**k!"

Tian Bin: "What the f**k!"

Ha Qiqi: "What the f**k!"

Zhang Zuo: "What the f**k!"

Luo Yiqiang: "What the f**k!"

Finally, even the elusive Zhang Yuanqi had something to say about this. No one could believe this results list they were looking at!


What do you mean why!

In the history of China, ever since the National Judicial Examination officially began, there had never been anyone who had gotten a perfect score on it. Yes! Not once, ever! Rather than talking about 600 points, there had hardly even been a case of someone getting 500 points. Disregarding the first three tests, since those were multiple choice tests that had given answers, the fourth test had case study analysis questions that did not have perfect answers. It was just like a composition topic in the language tests, no standard answers. Together with the fact that the law itself could never cover all areas, the deviation in possible answers was even greater, so the exam graders did not have any predetermined answers in mind. As a result, the grading was all based on the judgment of those graders and the boundaries of the law. Even if you could score perfectly on the first three tests, as long as you were deducted for 10 points on the fourth test, you still would not achieve a perfect score. This could be because some of your viewpoints might not match with the grader, so even a deduction of a hundred points was the norm!

But for Zhang Ye?

He did not get penalized whatsoever!

Perfect score? This was truly impossible! It didn't make any sense at all!

There had never been anyone who thought about a perfect score situation for the National Judicial Examination; not even the question setters had given this any thought. Further, wasn't this year's judicial exam known as one of the most difficult in recent years? That was the reason a lot of people could not accept this outcome. This result had blinded an untold number of eyes!

The scores of the National Judicial Examination in this world were open, which meant they were public for all to see. This was to allow people to scrutinize the results and check if anyone had cheated, thus the results of all the exam takers could be seen at a glance. Just by looking at the scores of the other candidates ranked behind Zhang Ye, one would know!

Second place: Tian Tian, cumulative score of 451 points!

Third place: Yu Chun, cumulative score of 449 points!

Fourth place: Xiao Chaokuo, cumulative score of 447 points!

Fifth place: Chen Huali, cumulative score of 447 points!

All of their scores were in the four hundred range! This was also the batch with the highest scores in this year's National Judicial Examination!

But Zhang Ye?

600 points! He scored almost 150 points more than the second place examinee!

When this number was placed together with those other top scorers, it formed a vast gulf between them. The feeling it gave was that Zhang Ye did not take the same exam as the others!

What kind of a concept was this difference in scores?

It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth!

The people were all very shocked. Just what kind of a common sense-defying knowledge of the law did you need in order to get a perfect score!?

The netizens were in an uproar!

"Did someone say that Zhang Ye was brought to tears by the Judicial Exam? Brought to tears your grandpa!"

"Who said that Zhang Ye wouldn't be able to score above a hundred points? Who was it that said that!?"

"This is too scary!"

"My face is swelling!"

"Mine is swelling too!"

"Your sister, mine is swelling up as well!"

"Everyone was saying that Zhang Ye would score zero points, but in the end, he f**king got a perfect score instead! Face-smacking Zhang is not called Face-smacking Zhang for nothing! This time, he has smacked all of our faces! This face smacking was way too painful and too harsh!"

"I was still waiting to see Teacher Zhang make a joke out of himself! So where's the joke now? Where did the joke go!"

"What joke are you still talking about? That Zhang Ye fellow must already be making a joke out of all of us! I'm crying! Teacher Zhang, I guess you're still more ruthless than we are! I am utterly convinced! Utterly!"

"How on earth did you study about all this legal knowledge and stuff!?"

"Yeah, how did you do it?"

"Are you actually on drugs or something!?"

Nobody had the impression that Zhang Ye had cheated. The reason for this was because there was no way he could have done that. If the answers were the same, the graders would have immediately given it zero. That was probably the reason for those who scored zero this time. Furthermore, the examinee ranked second behind Zhang Ye only scored 451 points, so even if Zhang Ye was coincidentally sitting behind or in front of this person in the exam hall, he couldn't possibly copy the answers from an over 400 points exam paper and turn it into 600 points on his end! If one of them had gotten 449 points and the other 450 points, then it might still be possible. But a difference of almost 150 points, how could anyone possibly have copied that in such a situation! That is why everyone knew that this perfect score by Zhang Ye was a true reflection of his standards!

But the more they figured it to be this way, the more they didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

"Teacher Zhang is going crazy!"

"He was already crazy to begin with!"

"The history of the legal world needs to be rewritten. After the many years of the National Judicial Examination being held, a heaven-defying examinee who got a perfect score has somehow appeared! F**k, and even more surprisingly, this person who got a perfect score is not someone borne of the legal world! He's just a layman! Teacher Zhang has also conveniently given the legal world a great big slap across its face! After studying so hard for many years, with the legal world deliberately nurturing their talented legal professionals, but in the end, those talented legal professionals discovered that they were no better at the law than a layman! Just think about it, think about how face smacking that is!"

"Zhang Ye only has two skills in his life. 1: Smack faces. 2: Doing a run-up before smacking faces!"

"Pfft! This is brilliant!"

"Hahaha, why is everyone so funny!"

Everything was chaotic online!


At home.

Zhang Ye's parents pushed his bedroom door open!

"Son! You passed? Did you really pass?" his mother said, looking extremely surprised. She had found out about it from the news!

Zhang Ye chuckled, "Yes."

His mother asked in shock, "How did you manage that!"

His father also remarked with disbelief, "Perfect score?"

Zhang Ye was full on flaunting by now, as he started bragging, "Well, it's just an exam with a cumulative score of 600 points. If the exam was based on 1000 points, I would have scored 1000 points too! I've already told you before, the Judicial Exam is just child's play to me. Heh, but you guys didn't believe me and insisted that I was bragging. You two even ridiculed me daily! Mom, so what do you think now that you've witnessed how capable your son is? There's no certificate in this world that I cannot qualify for! Heh, how hard can it be!"

His mother was getting excited. "My son…is going to become a lawyer in the future?"

Zhang Ye laughed. "I still won't be considered a lawyer yet, unless I go and earn a law license. But I guess I can be considered a legal professional now, hur hur. Anyways, I have no intentions on becoming a lawyer. Taking this exam was just a way for me to jump into more professions and get on the news to maintain the public's awareness of me."

At this moment, his cell phone rang.

It was Yao Jiancai who was calling. The first thing he said was: "What has gotten into you! How did you manage to achieve something like that! Are you really intending to at least dabble once in every field there is!"

Zhang Ye laughed heartily: "That will depend on the situation."

Yao Jiancai said: "You're really great!"

Zhang Ye stated: "Old Yao, I remember that you were posting a lot on Weibo to ridicule me in recent days. What were you saying? Oh, right. You said that I wouldn't score more than a hundred points on the Judicial Exam, didn't you?"

Yao Jiancai: "…Aiyo, my food is still cooking. I better go and watch the heat!"

Du du du, the call disconnected.

Zhang Ye was amused. Following that, he received many calls from his other friends!

There were some who were shocked!

There were some who could only force a smile and accept it!

There were also some congratulatory calls!



At the work group in charge of this year's National Judicial Examination. More than 20 people had gathered in a large conference room for a meeting.

The leader of the group said, "I've just received notification from the superiors. They want us to review Zhang Ye's exam again to see that there really aren't any problems with it."

A female legal professional gave a wry smile and said, "There really aren't any problems with it."

The group leader said, "Check it again anyway. This incident has caused quite a commotion and many of the other examinees and insiders of the legal field are in doubt. We have to give them a proper explanation no matter what."

A man seated further down the table said helplessly, "I was the one who graded a part of Zhang Ye's fourth test. On more than one occasion, I tried to look for reasons to deduct points, but…I truly couldn't find a reason to. Even for some case studies that fell outside of legal boundaries, even for some inconclusive case studies, he could answer them very skillfully and managed to steer clear of the more controversial points. So then…how can I find any reason to deduct points?"

A middle-aged woman beside him added, "On top of all that, there was not even a single spelling mistake. The answers in his fourth test were truly perfect and there's nothing to be picked on at all. From just a few sentences, you can see that his legal knowledge has already accumulated to a certain level. It feels like he has all the legal provisions and case studies of the past 50 years all fully memorized! Of course, I understand that that's impossible. That is an unrealistic conclusion, yet it's what I feel!"

A middle-aged man sighed. "Where did this man learn all the laws from!"

Someone else said, "I don't blame the people in the field for having their doubts. When I first saw Zhang Ye's exam, I was in disbelief too! Even if I were the one taking the exam, I would definitely be unable to answer as well as him!"


"If we let Zhang Ye into the judiciary, I wonder if that will be a blessing or a curse."

"He got a perfect score on the Judicial Exam. Can you deny him from joining this circle?"

"What I am worried about now is precisely the future stability of the legal field!"

"Right. Before Zhang Ye took the bar exam, he won a lawsuit against Central TV Department 1. Now that he has a lawyer qualification certificate, couldn't he poke a hole in the sky?!"

"At that time, we'd have to inform the supervisory association for them to monitor the situation closely."

"Do we still need to inform them? I received a call from them earlier. The moment they knew that Zhang Ye passed the National Judicial Examination, the people from the supervisory association listed him as a key personnel on the watchlist of legal practitioners!"

"They're that quick to act?"

"It's because his reputation precedes him!"

"Getting onto the watch list on the same day as passing the Judicial Exam? F**k, this is totally unprecedented! But then, when it comes to Zhang Ye, I think there's no harm in being warier!"

Everyone was full of worry and felt extremely helpless about the situation. No matter what they said, no matter what they did, no matter how careful they were, they could not deny the fact—as of this moment, Zhang Ye was their peer!



The media had been ignited!

Report after report was bombarding the public!

"The first ever perfect score in the National Judicial Examination!"

"Today, Zhang Ye has once again demonstrated his heaven-defying talent!"

"Perhaps there really is such a person in this world who even the heavens have to look up to!"

Zhang Ye passes the National Judicial Examination as the top candidate with a perfect score!"

"The unprecedented! Zhang Ye will go down into the annals of the Judiciary!"