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Chapter 756: Back to the office for work!

Chapter 756: Back to the office for work!

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The next day.

At Bayi Lake, Central TV Tower.

The moment Zhang Ye stepped into the entrance of the TV station, it became lively!

"Hey! Zhang Ye is here!"

"It's really him!"

"Director Zhang finally came back to work!"

"Did you guys see the news yesterday?"

"I saw it! A perfect score on the Judicial Exam, what an unprecedented achievement!"

"That was way too f**king cool!"

"My son also took the Judicial Exam last year, so he has some understanding of things in this aspect. Yesterday, he told me with great shock that 502 points was the highest score ever in the history of the Judicial Exam, and that that was also the only time someone scored above 500 points. No one else other than that person had ever scored above 500 points, but Zhang Ye went ahead and easily broke this record by almost 100 points. He also said that the whole legal field is in shock!"

"It was indeed amazing!"

"How did he achieve that kind of score?!"

"That's who Zhang Ye is, a godly person!"

"Zhang Ye's been all over the news for the past few days, almost always ending up as the headline of every newspaper. After The Voice ended, Zhang Ye did not release any new works either. If it were any other celebrity, their popularity would definitely gradually decline or at best maintain at the same level. But Zhang Ye? Not only did his popularity not drop, it probably increased by a lot too. Based on the latest Celebrity Ranking Index that was updated yesterday, Zhang Ye has again moved up another spot in the B-list rankings!"

His human rights activism was relieving him of everyone's hatred for him!

He was totally stealing the limelight!

And his popularity had risen again!

In recent days, Zhang Ye had been in a rather good mood. Ever since he showed up to work today, he had a relaxed expression and was even humming a melody while taking the elevator up to the office.


At the program team office that was originally The Voice's.

When Zhang Ye came in, everyone in the office stood up.

"Ah, Director Zhang!" Little Wang said with some surprise in her voice.

Ha Qiqi smiled and greeted, "Good morning, Director Zhang."

Zhang Zuo greeted, "Good morning, Director Zhang. Congratulations on successfully passing the Judicial Exam!"

Wu Yi gave him a thumbs up. "Yeah, you're still the best."

Zhang Ye smiled and stated, "That's not worthy of any congratulation. I just took the exam for the fun of it. My main profession is still program hosting, so I'm already back here at work."

Zhang Ye did not think much about the astonishment from everyone. He could tell from their comments just how difficult the Judicial Exam was, but Zhang Ye really did not give much thought to it. This guy had just straight up memorized all of the relevant legal books of this world that he could get his hands on, and made a photographic memory of all legal provisions and theoretical knowledge in his mind without missing a single word. During the examination itself, Zhang Ye mostly answered the questions as though it was a reflexive response, so it would be weird if he could understand the difficulty of this judicial examination. However, Zhang Ye was still satisfied with the outcome and his rising popularity was a nod to that. At least he did not waste his time for nothing in the past few days and his reputation points were not wasted either. Now, he had moved another step closer to the A-list celebrity rankings!

After Zhang Ye bought some dumplings from downstairs, Zhang Ye did not go inside to his office but looked for an empty seat and sat down with them outside. He chatted with everyone as he ate. "Has there been anything going on here for the past few days?"

Ha Qiqi gave a wry smile. "In which aspect?"

"All aspects," Zhang Ye replied.

Ha Qiqi said with an undertone, "In all aspects…there's actually nothing going on at all, and I mean, like really nothing."

Zhang Ye was tickled. "What do you mean by 'really nothing'?"

Zhang Zuo threw his hands into the air and said, "Our team has idled around for many days now. After that incident, there was no more news regarding the new program. As for other jobs, the higher-ups did not give any tasks or assignments to us. In recent days, no one other than the people from our program team has stepped foot in our office, so we didn't do anything either. We just stayed around in the office and played some online games or chatted around. The higher-ups have probably already forgotten about our program team and many of the colleagues even shun walking near our office."

Little Wang corrected, "It's not that they have forgotten. They must have already abandoned us."

Zhang Ye looked at them and said, "I was the one who dragged everyone down, sorry about that."

Zhang Zuo hurriedly said, "Listen to what you're saying. How could that be?!"

Ha Qiqi added, "If it wasn't for you, would our program team be enjoying this glory today? Would there be us? If you put it like that, you're treating us as outsiders, Director Zhang!"

Wu Yi also understood. "Ever since Central TV Department 1 set their eyes on your copyright, they were prepared to leave us behind, so we can't blame you for this."

Zhang Ye waved it off and stated, "No matter what the reason was, the lawsuit between Central TV Department 1 and me was my personal decision and choice. If anyone gets affected in their future work because of this, let me apologize in advance. But if anyone wants to quit or no longer plans to stay on at Central TV anymore, you can tell me and I'll help you contact some people. I will definitely find you a good workplace. Although my reputation in the industry is quite poor, I still command some respect."

Ha Qiqi remarked, "Why would we leave if you're still around?"

Zhang Zuo followed up, "It's still too early to say this, but perhaps there's still a chance of the situation reversing."

A female staff member asked, "Then, Director Zhang, what should we be doing now?"

Little Wang said, "Right, please assign some tasks to us."

"Now?" Zhang Ye considered for a moment then replied, "Everyone, you can watch some movies for now."

Someone gave that suggestion some thought and immediately observed, "That's right, we should watch some movies to recharge ourselves with ideas!"

Another person said, "There are many things in a movie that are worth learning from, and that will give us plenty of help on the production of our program."

Yet another person said in admiration, "Director Zhang has really got foresight. He's right. We can't be dispirited and not do anything just because the higher-ups aren't bothering with us. We must continue to constantly improve and enrich ourselves!"

Everyone cheered up at this and even shouted some encouraging messages one by one!

However, when Zhang Ye heard that, he was speechless. Then he coughed and uttered, "Aren't we just sitting around with nothing to do? So it doesn't matter if everyone chooses to watch movies or play games. Just be doing something, it's fine."

Everyone: "…"

F**k, you mean there was no other meaning to that? So they could really do as they liked?

Ha Qiqi consoled, "Listen to Director Zhang and do whatever you all want. The salary is still getting paid to us anyway, so let's just treat this as a break of some sort. Isn't that good?"

Little Wang exclaimed, "Then, then can I play online games?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "Why not? No one will bother us anyway."

Little Wang replied delighted, "Wow, that's sounds good! I never thought we'd have it so good!"

Zhang Ye maintained, "That's right, our lazy days will officially start now. Whatever you guys thought was inappropriate to do in the office in the past, I now give my approval for you to do it. Just do whatever you feel like doing. As long you don't destroy the office, it is acceptable to me. If you wish to take the day off, I will approve it. Even if you're absent from work, I'm fine with it. None of that will be considered skipping work."


"Thank you, Director Zhang."

"Man, aren't we too relaxed here?"

"Is it appropriate?"

Zhang Ye smiled and declared, "If I say it's appropriate, then it's appropriate."

Actually, when Zhang Ye wasn't around in the office for the past few days, they were playing browser games or watching movies and dramas, but back then they were mostly doing it sneakily. If there were people passing by outside the office, they would instinctive minimize the window for fear of being seen by the executives. But now that their director, Zhang Ye, had given his explicit permission for everyone to play games or watch movies as they liked, it left them feeling a little unused to it.

The moment Zhang Ye went back to his office, everybody started to become active.

Little Wang launched a very famous overseas strategy-puzzle game called Fishing Master to play.

Little Li beside her blinked at this and said, "You're really going to play just like that?"

Little Wang replied, "Didn't Director Zhang already say that we could?"

"Damn, you're seriously helping yourself!" Little Li nearly fainted.

Little Wang chuckled. "Why wouldn't I help myself? I'm just following the instructions to play games, so do you guys want to play as well? This game is extremely good and is very popular both domestically or overseas, and is the pinnacle of strategy-puzzle games at the moment. The key is that we can even join a network within some of its features to exchange items with other people."

Ha Qiqi looked over. "I've also heard about this game before."

Zhang Zuo said, "I've already completed that game, but since I have nothing to do, I'll play again with you guys."

"I'll play as well."

"Little Wang, how do I connect to the network?"

"I'll also play! Let's catch some fish together!"

"Ah, I caught a big one! It's golden in color!"

"What? Give it to me, give it to me! Give it to me quickly!"

"Go away, I'm not giving it to you, I caught it!"

"Aiya, that golden fish is a necessary item to fight the boss. I've been stuck on that level forever!"

Suddenly, the whole program team office of The Voice was noisy with mouse clicks and keyboard tapping, as well as everyone's excited screams. It truly was a lively atmosphere!

At this moment, a few Central TV Department 1 staff who were passing by saw this scene from the outside. The few of them looked at each other with their jaws dropped!


What the hell was this?

This group of people were not working but playing games together instead? Aren't…aren't they enjoying themselves too much?!

Some people thought that Zhang Ye's program team would have a difficult time after the incident. But as it turned out, their program team had turned into the most f**king carefree office in the whole of Central TV! Don't you guys know that you've been blacklisted already? Do you know that you've been placed in the frozen cellar by the station? Why are you people still so unaffected by it?! At a time like this, you people can still be playing games together so happily?

What the hell!

We've seen people be unaffected by problems before, but we've never seen people who could be so unaffected like you all!

Those staff members were feeling angry and tickled at the same time. They had been working so hard in recent times that when they saw this sight, they naturally felt that it was very unfair. They had the thought of telling them off, but when they remembered that Zhang Ye seemed to have come to work today, none of them dared to go in to tell them off. Who could ever outtalk Zhang Ye? In the entire Central TV Department 1, was there still anyone left who would dare to provoke this fellow? Being helpless to stop them, they could only walk away silently. Out of sight, out of mind, whatever!

The staff on Zhang Ye's program team spent the entire morning playing games and enjoying themselves. During this time, there were countless waves of their Central TV colleagues passing by outside their office. Even the chief of a department in Central TV Department 1 saw this sight. This left each person feeling even more speechless than the last. But in the end, no one said anything. They just stayed as far away from here as they could.

No one dared to bother them.

And no one could be bothered to do so either.

Central TV Department 1 was currently mired in two lawsuits. Although the lawsuits had pointed to Central TV as the legal entity, they were primarily targeting Central TV Department 1 as they were the department involved in the incidents. Many of those who had been implicated by these incidents in the past were busy helping Central TV Department 1 collect evidence and talking to those other staff members who had also been involved. Then, there were still their own programs to manage, so they were almost going crazy with the mountains of work they had to handle. The executives of Central TV Department 1 were also very busy as they not only had to prepare for the hearing in court, they also had to reshape the public's opinion of them and handle public relations as well. There was still large mess to clean up, so who currently had any time to bother with Zhang Ye?!