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Chapter 771: Marrying Old Wu next year?

Chapter 771: Marrying Old Wu next year?

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Not long after.

The doorbell rang.

Zhang Ye looked at his watch and saw that it wasn't even 7 AM yet. It was only a little more than 10 minutes since he had gotten off the phone with Old Wu. He hurriedly went to open the door. Sure enough, Wu Zeqing was standing at the door. Old Wu was dressed simply but elegantly, with her hair in a bun, looking very demure and gentle.

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "That was fast!"

Old Wu smiled and said, "Didn't you say you were hungry?"

"Come in, come." Zhang Ye moved aside to let her into the house.

Old Wu wiggled the steamed buns in her hands and said, "I bought some steamed buns from downstairs. Eat them in the meantime. Big Sis will cook something nice for you around noon." Saying that, she glanced around at the surroundings.

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "My home is rather small and can't be compared to your place."

Wu Zeqing looked around the living room. "It's quite nice."

"What would you like to drink?"

"I'll help myself."

"Sure, just treat this place as your own home. No need to stand on ceremony around here."

"You're my boyfriend. Why would I stand ceremony with you?"

"Great. There's tea and coffee on the coffee table. I'll leave you on your own over there. Let me have something to eat first." Zhang Ye was already taking the steamed buns over to the table. Without even getting any chopsticks, he reached out his hand to take a steamed bun to eat.

However, Wu Zeqing slapped the back of his hand with her hand. "Have you washed your hands yet?"

"I brushed my teeth and washed my face just now," Zhang Ye said.

Wu Zeqing made him put down the steamed bun. "Go wash your hands first."

"Let me eat one first."

"Go and wash your hands first."

"…Fine, I'll do as you say."

Zhang Ye couldn't refuse her and just did as he was told. He went to the bathroom to wash his hands. When he came back out, he saw that Wu Zeqing had placed the buns onto a plate and even placed a pair of chopsticks down for him—Old Wu had always been that considerate in her actions and did things in a very thoughtful way.

After lunch.

Zhang Ye led Old Wu to his bedroom. "This is my room."

Wu Zeqing looked around and commented, "The wall looks a bit yellow. It's time to repaint it."

"Hai, it's because of my smoking. We'll talk about it again when we renovate." Whenever Wu Zeqing was beside him, Zhang Ye felt very relaxed and calm. He naturally laid down onto his bed, rubbing his temples and yawning uncontrollably.

Old Wu said, "You're tired?"

Zhang Ye said, "No, I was woken up by my parents early this morning. I got up too quickly and have a headache now."

Wu Zeqing nodded, then smiled and said, "Come here, let me massage your head."

Zhang Ye faked concern. "Is that appropriate?"

"Then forget it," Old Wu said.

Zhang Ye coughed and shifted himself closer to her. "Don't say forget it. I was just being polite. If you insisted a little further, I would have accepted it. Why are you speaking in such an unpredictable way? Come, massage me."

Old Wu smiled and placed one of her hands into his hair and squeezed gently. "Are you still in a deadlock with Central TV Department 1?"

Zhang Ye nodded. "For sure."

Old Wu asked again, "Do you need me to help you handle it?"

"Didn't we talk about this last time? I don't need your help on this matter." Zhang Ye waved it off determinedly and said, "You've probably already heard about the game that I made. The popularity of Plants vs. Zombies is constantly rising, even though it can't be compared to the popularity brought on by The Voice or other TV shows. But it isn't that bad at all. It should at least help me maintain my position. Do you think it will be that easy for Central TV Department 1 to put me into the freezer? This bro has worked in the entertainment industry for some time now. If it's that easy to bring me down, then this bro had better not continue on in this profession anymore! Old Wu, don't interfere with this matter. You promised me before."

Old Wu nodded. "OK, Big Sis will not interfere for the time being."

Zhang Ye laughed and asked, "What do you mean for the time being?"

While Old Wu rubbed his head, she calmly replied, "If Central TV Department 1 really pushes it too far and violates the regulations, Big Sis intends to give them a warning. They've resorted to removing the dissidents with unscrupulous means to achieve their political objectives. All that is making the industry an unhealthy and messed up place. Although Central TV Department 1 is not directly under my charge, the SARFT is still responsible for them. As Big Sis has been transferred over there for some time now, I've created a network and it shouldn't be a problem if I need to deal with them. You don't have to worry about troubling me. Big Sis is not someone who's afraid of trouble."

"I understand."

"What is your plan after the puzzle game?"

"I haven't thought of it yet."

"Haven't thought of it?"

"Yes, with the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, I'll think about it after the Festival."

Zhang Ye was not one who would plan beforehand and very seldomly prepared for rainy days or mapped out a strategy before he did something. This was his style and he did everything by instinct. As such, Zhang Ye appeared somewhat odd to outsiders. He varied between being intelligent and stupid from time to time and had a one-track mind. Only Wu Zeqing, a few of his family members, and some friends understood him well, while other people were unable to truly figure out Zhang Ye's approach to things. All they knew was that this fellow had a spirit that would kill anyone who stood in his way, even if they were God or Buddha!

"Old Wu, have you been busy recently?"

"Well, not too bad."

"Is your health alright?"


"Have you been sleeping well?"


"Have you been eating well?"


"Shall we get married next year?"

However, Wu Zeqing did not get trapped by those words of his. She just ignored his last question, but lifted up her head to look at him with a smile. "That will depend on the situation."

Zhang Ye blinked. "What do you mean by depending on the situation?"

Wu Zeqing replied with a question, "What suddenly made you bring up the matter of marriage?"

"I was just saying, ahem. It was just a joke." Zhang Ye was used to speaking nonsensically and was actually not mentally prepared for marriage either, but he was worried that such a good woman like Old Wu herself would leave him one day, and delaying the event only increased the chances of that happening!

To that, Old Wu said, "Why don't I arrange a day for you to come meet my family at their place?"

Zhang Ye said excitedly, "That's would be good!" But thinking about it, he started to doubt himself a little. He asked, "But the way that I am, would your parents like me?"

Old Wu shook her head. "Big Sis does not know."

Zhang Ye asked again, "Then do you like me?"

Wu Zeqing laughed. "You're passable."

"What do you mean by passable?" Zhang Ye nearly vomited blood!

Old Wu replied, "Hur hur, listen to what you're asking. If Big Sis did not like you, would I have agreed to be in a relationship with you? Would I have let you into my house?"

Zhang Ye nodded vigorously. "I like hearing that." Then he said, "But I really lack confidence in myself. I'm afraid that your family members will object to our relationship, so I was hoping to meet your parents only after I'd achieve more, like becoming an A-list celebrity or something. Otherwise, I don't think that I'm worthy of you."

Old Wu said gently, "My family members and I are just normal people, what's there to be worthy of? If we really discuss about marriage next year, Big Sis should be the one worried that your family members will not take a liking to me. After all, I'm much older than you and it's somewhat improper. Would your parents not have any ill feelings?" If it were anyone else who said that, it would definitely mean that they were being modest or saying comforting words. However, when Wu Zeqing said those words, it didn't sound fake at all. Old Wu was precisely the kind of person who would do the things she said, and the things she did were exactly what she thought. She did not look down upon others and didn't think too highly of herself either. This was the quality that Zhang Ye most liked about Old Wu.

Zhang Ye said flatly, "That won't happen. You are so beautiful, if my parents knew that you are my girlfriend, they would surely die happy!" After saying that, perhaps not feeling too confident about his words, he added, "That's probably what would happen!"

Old Wu smiled, did not say anything, and continued to rub his head.

Suddenly, Zhang Ye stretched out his hand, wanting to hold Old Wu's other hand that was on the bed. But as he was leaning towards the side of the headboard, the distance was a bit far and he couldn't reach her hand. So, he tried again, but still could not reach it.

When Wu Zeqing saw that, she moved her left hand forward slightly and considerately placed it at a spot where Zhang Ye could reach.

Only then did Zhang Ye grab hold of her hand and he couldn't help saying, "Old Wu, if we want to be together in the future, there will surely be a lot of trouble and obstacles ahead of us, so don't you run away in advance, OK?"

In turn, Old Wu patted his hands. "Didn't you say that you will become the greatest superstar in the world? I will accompany you all the way to the end of this journey."

Zhang Ye clutched her hands even more tightly. "That's fantastic!"