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Chapter 782: Confrontation!

Chapter 782: Confrontation!

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It was extremely amusing on the Internet!

Zhang Ye's Weibo handle kept showing up as he appeared everywhere!

"What lousy show is this!"

"What lousy attire is the female host wearing? Did she purposely dress that way to gain an advantage? She wants to grab the audience's attention? Then she might as well wear long johns on screen. Women who dare to wear long johns to work are definitely not your everyday, normal person. That getup will surely be more attention grabbing than your green and red combination of dressing!"

"Into the Cosmos? You spent 5 million RMB just to achieve these kinds of effects? I think it's more suitable if you change the title to Into the Village."

"What kind of filming technique is this? Did you use a cell phone to capture the footage?"

In a short period of time, Zhang Ye had bombarded seven or eight of Central TV Department 1's shows, including variety shows, social science shows, and interview shows. He was not making baseless accusations since he watched one or two episodes of those shows and truly felt that they were terrible. There were too many areas that could be criticized by the audience. Furthermore, this bunch of people had caused trouble for Zhang Ye previously, so with that mouth of his, would Zhang Ye let them off so easily? That was obviously impossible! Every comment that this fellow made was getting more and more painful. His mouth was sarcastic all the way to their grandma's house!

The netizens were laughing out loud!


"Teacher Zhang is such a tease!"

"Well said! Your criticism of them is too scathing!"

"Man, Teacher Zhang has gone crazy again!"

"Hur hur, get used to it. Every now and then, Teacher Zhang will go crazy and pick on someone to argue with. This is his usual practice!"

"It's time for Zhang Ye and his peers to start fighting among themselves again!"

"I'm so excited. I've been waiting for this moment for too long!"

"My young friends, come gather around!"

"Take your chairs out and prepare to watch a good show. Support Zhang Ye silently by giving him Likes."

"I'm already fully equipped and ready for the battle to start!"

"Bring it on! I'm also prepared for the battle!"

Indeed, the battle was on the verge of breaking out. However, the scale was not as large as everyone imagined.

The main forces of the opponents were the fans of Chen Ye and the female host of another show. As for the other shows, they actually did not have much of an audience. First, the viewership ratings were not that high and very few people watched it. Second, some of the shows did not have hosts in the traditional sense. For example, when Zhang Ye scolded the director of Into the Universe, which was a social science show, no one knew who he was. And as the director was not a celebrity, naturally no one would speak up for him. Third, the quality of those shows was indeed quite poor. So if one really pondered Zhang Ye's words, he was actually telling the truth and not just spouting nonsense. It was just that his words were a bit too harsh.

The two groups of people started to curse at each other. However, the battlefield was very small since there weren't much people involved.

Many of those netizens who were anxious to see the world burn were totally lost for words.

"Where are they?"

"Come on, get the battle started! Quickly, start fighting!"

"Dammit, will you guys start fighting already? Why are there so few people?"

"Zhang Ye has already reached your doorsteps. You people should fight back! Why aren't you all fighting back?!"

The netizens were not satisfied with the small commotion and were shouting in frustration about how there was nothing to look forward to!

Finally, a veteran netizen stated a fact to explain it all. "What's there to fight over? Every other day, Zhang Ye has a war of words online with his peers. This has become such a common occurrence that everyone has already gotten used to. In the past, many people who found it a novelty would join in the fun and bang their war drums. Many people would help each other scold Zhang Ye. If it happened once or twice, it's still fine. But even after ten or twenty occurrences, it is still the fucking same. Even novelty has a limit. The people have already lost interest in what's happening. Didn't you all notice that those old enemies of Teacher Zhang are no longer interested in having a war of words with him now? How boring! If it was the couple, Chen Guang and Fan Wenli, who declared war and started criticizing those shows of Central TV Department 1, the entire country's citizens would definitely gather around to discuss or join in the battle, but that's because it would be very rare for that to happen. However, for Teacher Zhang Ye? Hur hur! Forget it. Has there ever been a day where he did not scold anyone? Has there ever been a day when he did not look for trouble anywhere? There's nothing exciting to look forward to at all! Everyone knows that Zhang Ye is just such a troublemaker!"

The netizens were wholly amused by that explanation.

"That's right, that's right!"

"Teacher Zhang's reputation is way too terrible!"

"Uh, no one wants to battle Teacher Zhang anymore now!"

"Hehe, how boring, this is way too boring!"

Once upon a time, in a place like the entertainment circle where everyone cared about their reputation and fame, the sudden appearance of Zhang Ye who was such an unreasonable jerk had shocked everyone's jaws into dropping. However, a year later today, when everyone met with such an incident again, they actually remained calm and dismissed it indifferently. For such a change in attitude, it was actually quite laughable if mentioned.

However, even though most of the netizens were not interested in starting a scolding battle, it did not mean that other people could sit still. For example, Central TV Department 1 was in chaos at this moment!


At the program team office that was originally The Voice's.

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, Little Wang, and the others were looking at Director Zhang's Weibo in a speechless manner. Everyone looked at each other and they could spot the helplessness in each other's eyes!

It's starting again!

Director Zhang has done it again!

Ha Qiqi rubbed her temple and said, "This…"

Zhang Zuo didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. "Director Zhang has offended another wave of people this time!" He strongly suspected that it was because of what he had told Zhang Ye about the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala earlier that Zhang Ye would do something like this.

"This bunch of people had condemned Director Zhang online before when he was fighting the lawsuit, so it is not considered rubbing it in when he criticized their shows this time." Little Wang giggled.

Ha Qiqi looked at Little Wang. "You can still laugh at this moment?"

Little Wang also understood very well. "Anyway, our program team has already hit rock bottom. We have nothing to lose."

Suddenly, Ha Qiqi, Little Wang, and the others heard some shouting and a commotion coming from the outside. They turned their heads to look at where this was coming from. Eventually, they saw a group of 30 to 40 people appearing angrily at the entrance of their office. There were men and women, young and old in the group, turning out in full force. Every one of them appeared very angry and seemed to be here with unfriendly intent!

Ha Qiqi and Zhang Zuo went on alert!

Zhang Zuo said, "Quick, let Director Zhang know about this!"

Little Wang's expression changed and she rushed off to inform Zhang Ye.

While he said that, the group of people rushed in from the outside!

"Where is Zhang Ye?"

"Call Zhang Ye out!"

"This is too much! This has crossed the line!"

"What do you mean by changing the title to Into the Village?"

"Where's Zhang Ye? Telling our hosts to wear long johns on screen to grab attention? Long johns your sister! Aren't you being too sarcastic! Little Qian is such a good girl and host! Her face turned green after seeing what you posted on Weibo!"

"You said that our shows were recorded on cell phones? Go, go to hell! Our entire show was recorded on professional equipment! You lack ethics with your wording! Normally, we just tolerate whatever you do, but saying that our shows were recorded on cell phones? No one could pretend they never saw that!"

"This is too infuriating!"

"We demand an explanation today!"

"There's a group of netizens who don't understand the truth and are echoing Zhang Ye's claims! They are deriding our shows by picking on the faults! Mocking us! This is a great insult to our shows! It will surely affect our shows' broadcasts and viewership ratings! Based on what does The Voice's program team have the right to criticize our shows on the internet? Are you all qualified to do so? Huh? I'm asking if you people are qualified to do so!"