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Chapter 783: No one can do anything about Zhang Ye!

Chapter 783: No one can do anything about Zhang Ye!

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The office was in a tizzy!

The people of the program teams at Central TV Department 1 called out by Zhang Ye—whether the directors, editors, or hosts—all came looking for Zhang Ye to denounce him! If it were any other person who criticized their programs, they wouldn't be able to find them. But Zhang Ye's Weibo account was a verified one that everyone knew about. A colleague of theirs who was working in the same building, could it be impossible to find him!?

"Old Ha, where is your Director Zhang?"

"Zhang Zuo, tell your executive director to come out here!"

"No one does things the way he does!"

"I've been at Central TV for many years, but I-I've never come across such a shameless person before!"

Emboldened by the fact that they had more people on their side, they were shouting for Zhang Ye to show himself. The shouting here also alerted a few other program team offices opposite The Voice's. Some of the people from those program teams probably did not know about what had happened yet, but they were already stealing glances and pointing as they whispered among themselves.

"Did something happen over there?"

"Why did they start fighting over there? Did Zhang Ye do something again?"

"You all should take a look on Weibo."


"Zhang Ye bombarded quite a few programs of Central TV Department 1!"

"Ah? Publicly criticizing over Weibo? He even dares to do that?"

"Listen to what you're saying. What does Zhang Ye not dare to do?"

"Fuck, you're right."

At this moment, under the watchful gazes of everyone, Zhang Ye came out of his office.

When he saw that there were so many people, Zhang Ye was also slightly taken aback. Then he smiled and said, "Whoa, why is it so lively here? What's going on?"

The AD of Into the Universe shouted, "Stop playing dumb!"

Zhang Ye blinked. "Playing dumb?"

Beside him, another person from the same program team reacted by gently tugging back the AD a bit. Even if they were angry, Zhang Ye had been given the cold storage treatment by Central TV Department 1. However, Zhang Ye was still the same as before and his reputation was still kicking. Actually, if it weren't for him having offended so many people at once this time by scolding all of those program teams together, no one would have wanted to be the first ones to step up against him. Who didn't know that Zhang Ye wasn't someone they could afford to offend? Just look at those leaders of Central TV Department 1. Weren't they still busy clearing all those lawsuits brought up by those ex-employees of Central TV? Furthermore, no matter how down and out Zhang Ye was at Central TV Department 1, he was still the executive director, overall planner, and host of the top-top-rated variety show in the country. Their own shows did not even earn a fraction of The Voice's ratings, so when faced with a legend like Zhang Ye and his team, they still had some reverence for him.

The executive director of Traveling the World scoffed, "Don't tell me you've forgotten about the things that you posted on Weibo just half an hour ago. Your memory can't be that bad!"

Zhang Ye realized what they were talking about. "Oh, that."

Another person said, "Zhang Ye, you went too far! What makes you think you can scold our shows like that?"

Zhang Ye wondered, "Did I scold you guys? As your fellow peer and colleague, I only had some expectations for the shows that everyone here made. That was why I commented a little about them. When did I ever scold you?"

"Is that what you call commenting?" A youth said angrily, "Is telling someone to wear long johns on camera a comment!?"

Someone else said, "You also know that we're colleagues? Since we're all working at Department 1 together, why did you come and criticize one of your own? Those criticisms can come from anyone, anyone but our own! Otherwise, when our audience sees this, what would they think?"

When those words were said, many of the 30-odd people present here immediately blushed, with some coughing uncomfortably.

Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others were sneering at them from the side.


One of your own?

You dare say those words with that mouth of yours!

When Director Zhang was being restrained and treated that way by the Central TV Department 1 heads, being coerced into giving up his overseas copyright of The Voice and ended up facing the entire Central TV Department 1 in a lawsuit all by himself, what were all of you doing? You kicked him while he was down! Currying favor with the executives! Standing alongside Jiang Naixiong and Jiang Yuan to condemn Director Zhang! Colleagues? One of your own? Bull fucking shit! Since you guys already made the decision to denounce Director Zhang, then you should've been prepared for the day you would be targeted as well!

Ha Qiqi could no longer bear to listen. "It's office hours right now. Instead of working, what are you doing here in our office? What's all the shouting for? Are you competing to see whose voice is louder?"

But Zhang Ye did not seem to mind and just gave a smile. "Sister Ha, it's fine. Let them say what they want."

The AD of Chen Ye Interviews was one of the more well-qualified to speak on behalf of the group. With Chen Ye's position as one of the pillars of Central TV Department 1, their show was considered one of the more popular interview programs and also a branded program of Central TV Department 1. That was why when he spoke, it sounded much more confident as well. "Zhang Ye, no one does things the way you do! You can't indiscriminately scold our shows that way. That's basically causing trouble! You are purposely smearing our shows that way! That's an extremely underhanded move! Go on, just go on and revel all you want for now. We'll definitely bring this up to the executives! By taking advantage of your appeal to the audience and stabbing us in the back with such toxic behavior, the execs will surely deal with you severely! They'll punish you!"

"That's right!"

"Such behavior is too wicked!"

"They must definitely punish you!"

"Well said! Let's go together, everyone! We will report this to the execs together!"

"Right, if that sort of behavior is not severely punished, then what else would need punishing!?"

They all echoed each other's calls to denounce him!

Ha Qiqi was annoyed by this!

Zhang Zuo was also getting tired of hearing all this. Were they done complaining yet?

Zhang Ye's people looked at him while the bunch of people who came to denounce him were also constantly reading Zhang Ye's expression. After all, this fellow's reputation was really terrible and no one knew when he would lose it, so they constantly stayed alert.

However, just when everyone thought that Zhang Ye was going to get angry, he grinned instead and was totally unaffected by their words. In fact, the look in Zhang Ye's eyes even seemed to be showing a sense of happiness. "Oh, really? This bro has really done something so serious? That's great then. You guys are right, totally right! I fully agree with what you guys are saying. I fully support everyone's intention to report this to the executives so that I may receive my punishment!"

Ha Qiqi and the others were stunned!

The denouncing bunch of people were also staring, dumbfounded!

What did you say? You agree with our views? And even fully support us to approach the executives to punish you!?

Suddenly, when this bunch of people caught on, their legs "gave way" and those who fainted, fainted, while others who vomited blood, vomited blood. Everyone "collapsed" at once, silently cursing Zhang Ye's 18 generations of ancestors once over!

Zhang, you son of a bitch!

Punish you? Fire you? Even an idiot would know that's impossible!

Everyone here knew that Zhang Ye had long been thinking of leaving this place, but it wasn't like anyone would let him do that. The executives wouldn't approve it for sure. They were already prepared to make things difficult for him by keeping him with the department and not assigning any shows for him to helm. This was Central TV Department 1's revenge plot! In such circumstances, how could the executives possibly fire him over such a small incident? Even if Zhang Ye committed the greatest sin, Jiang Naixiong and Jiang Yuan would never have him fired! Otherwise, why would the executives have spent such a great deal of effort to freeze him? Do you think they were playing a child's game!?

It was precisely because they thought of this that the gang of denouncers suddenly seemed to have awakened from their wishful thinking. They lost their morale immediately and were seemingly suffocating from this anger that couldn't be vented. This was even more uncomfortable than swallowing a fly! They were just wondering why Zhang Ye was in such a good mood today, and why it was so easy to reason with him! Not only did he happily play along with them, he even agreed and supported their intention to report him?


It didn't matter who reported him to the executives!

In the entire Central TV Department 1 right now, it wouldn't be at all surprising if any person got fired, unless that person was Zhang Ye!

Seeing that they couldn't muster up another word, Zhang Ye began protesting instead, "What's this? You guys better not be worried that this will affect our relationship as colleagues. Seriously, don't be worried about that. I can guarantee all of you that our working relationship and friendship will never change for life. Just go on and report me, I really won't mind at all. I am not someone who is that narrow-minded. When I heard your reasoning earlier, I finally realized how bad my behavior was! I definitely deserve to be severely punished! It wouldn't be overboard even if they fire me!"

Everyone: "…"

Everyone's anger utterly dissipated and died off.

Ha Qiqi and the others sniggered, unable to hold back their laughter.

The expressions of those people from the program teams were looking very bad. They seemed to have realized that they had come here for nothing now. This was all too meaningless!


How infuriating!

It was clearly this Zhang fellow who came to scold them first, but how did this situation end up? Could it be that no matter how Zhang Ye scolded or insulted their shows, he would at most face a meaningless punishment of having his salary docked and nothing else? To be docked of one's salary might be very serious for people like them, since that was the thing they depended on for a living. However, to a B-list celebrity like Zhang Ye, what was a month's salary of several thousand really worth? It was worth a fart! To put it bluntly, if he randomly burped or farted, that alone would earn him several thousand!

Outside, many people from the other program teams who had gathered to watch the commotion were tickled funny.

Chen Ye Interviews' AD had a sunken expression. They initially came over to confront Zhang Ye but had now become the joke instead. As he really couldn't take this lying down, he ended up accosting him with a few words. "Zhang Ye, just stay here and goof off by yourself! You better work hard at goofing off! Just watch out!"

The others also said angrily.

"Right, watch out!"

"Sooner or later, you won't be able to smile anymore!"

"I'll see how long you can mess around for!"

Hearing that, Zhang Ye smiled. "Alright then, I have to respect my colleagues' views. I will no longer mess around in the future. I will definitely stop stirring shit up on you guys."

Everyone was totally caught by surprise at this.

Wow, did this guy's attitude do a complete turnaround?

How rare, you even know that you're a shit stirrer?!

In the end, Zhang Ye sighed and reflected, "Hai, I didn't know I was a stick, I was actually a stick!"

This bunch of people could not react in time initially. Stirring shit up on us? If you are a stick? Then, everyone slowly turned angry and nearly cursed at someone's mother!


If you're the stick?

Then wouldn't that make us the shit!?

Zhang! You're too damn sarcastic!!!

—In the Beijing dialect, there was a word called "toughie." It was not used to describe Zhang Ye's age, rather his reckless character!