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Chapter 786: Director Zhang“s Taiji Fist!

Chapter 786: Director Zhang's Taiji Fist!

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The next day.

In the afternoon.

Central TV Department 1 posted a short promotional video which not only created a heated discussion online, even the thousands of pairs of industry insiders' eyeballs were attracted to it. This was Central TV Department 1's upcoming, brand new, large-scale talent show following the highly rated The Voice—Rise to the Dance!

Invested Production Budget: 80 million RMB.

Executive Director, Executive Producer: Xu Yipeng.

Assistant Director, Host: Chen Ye.

Program Planners: Xu Yipeng, Chen Ye, Hao Qian, Hu Tianqi.

The promotional video included all the details of the show clearly, even following The Voice's promotional slogan—regardless of looks, age, or gender, as long as you have a love and passion for dancing, you're welcome to join Central TV Department 1's large-scale dancing talent show, Rise to the Dance. There was even a registration hotline at the end of the video. From the time that this short clip was posted, the Rise to the Dance program team was already prepared to accept registrations for the preliminary audition rounds, officially kicking off the show's launch!

The netizens were stirred.

"An investment of 80 million RMB?"

"Fuck, wasn't that the figure that Central TV Department 1 said they would give to Zhang Ye for his new show?"

"Did he get replaced? The show was given to Chen Ye instead?"

"It's as expected. For a variety show that cannot afford to be messed up, after losing Zhang Ye, Central TV Department 1 would surely have to find someone who could alleviate their worries to take over. The names on this production team look rather impressive. There's Xu Yipeng, who was the assistant director for two Spring Festival Galas and is very experienced. Chen Ye is also a famed Spring Festival Gala host and his popularity as a host is around the same level as Zhang Ye!"

"A dance show? That sounds interesting!"

"Yeah, the audition and competition format all look to be rather novel ideas!"

"Yes, no one has done a dancing talent show before. Does Central TV Department 1 intend to break new ground again? They're thinking of building on the momentum of The Voice and hoping to create a dance trend that could sweep across the nation? Looking at this program team's lineup paired with that large production cost invested, it really is worth looking forward to!"

"Oh, come on. I don't think it will be good. Without Zhang Ye, they're nothing."

"Previous poster, don't be too sure yet. No one doubts Zhang Ye's abilities, but that doesn't mean only Zhang Ye alone can create good shows. There are also others who can do it, so who says that they won't make it without him? In any case, I rather like Chen Ye. He is capable, but not a troublemaker like Zhang Ye."

"No matter what, Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye really picked up a bargain this time."

"Yeah, this program was initially slated to be done by Zhang Ye."

"I hope it quickly starts broadcasting. I can't wait any longer!"

"Watching the promo, it does feel like it's going to be quite good!"

"Supporting Teacher Chen Ye! Rise to the Dance will surely outdo The Voice's viewership ratings!"

"Who wouldn't be paying attention to Central TV Department 1's variety shows now? The entire industry already has all their attention on it. If there's a chance of any show in recent times exceeding The Voice's viewership ratings, then it has to be Rise to the Dance. Old Xu and Old Chen do have the ability and Central TV is a large platform with the necessary audience base as well!"

"Hmph, what's Chen Ye even worth? When the cat's away, the mice come out to play!"

There were those who praised and others who scolded. All kinds of voices could be heard regarding the new appointments.


Back at his own office.

Zhang Ye was eating lunch as he browsed Weibo. He had also found out about the details of this new Central TV Department 1 program from the Internet. He even watched that short promotional video repeatedly three or four times.

A call came in. It was Hu Fei from Beijing Television.

"Brother Hu." Zhang Ye put down his chopsticks and answered the phone.

Hu Fei immediately asked: "What is your opinion of that Rise to the Dance show?"

Zhang Ye laughed: "It looks pretty good from what I see."

Hu Fei frowned. "Really? Pretty good?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged: "It's not bad."

Hu Fei said: "Quite a lot of us were just discussing this new show at Beijing Television earlier. Since you also think it's not bad, then it definitely won't have a problem."

Zhang Ye said: "Of course it won't have a problem. They took reference from our team's proposal and just made some changes to it. Together with the 80 million RMB poured in, if they can't even produce a proper show, then they must be garbage."

Hu Fei was taken aback at this. "Your team's proposal?"

"If my team and I did not come up with several proposals beforehand, would their program team have been able to so confidently confirm their show on the second day of its formation? Could they come up with the promo so quickly?" However, Zhang Ye was not really angry at this. "They're not dumb."

Hu Fei said: "But it's your effort. How can you just give it up to them so easily?"

"It didn't take much effort to do." Zhang Ye said indifferently: "I had my team write up quite a few of such proposals back then, touching on various types of shows. It was aimed at getting a direction from the station at that time, so it wasn't a complete proposal. They want to steal my ideas? They're still far off from that. Besides, those proposals were all written casually anyway. Even if I had to choose, I would not have chosen from that pool of proposals. I am quite picky when it comes to making shows since I am always striving for perfection. If I want to make a show, there are definitely better choices than those."

Hu Fei sighed: "But you won't be able to make any shows in your current situation. The broadcast time for Rise to the Dance hasn't been set yet, but I've heard news saying that their program is likely going to clash with Do You Remember's broadcast time on Friday evening. I wouldn't mind if I had to compete with you, but with them, I'd have to be more careful so that they don't steal our share of the viewership ratings. Little Zhang, let me know if you have any news."


After exchanging a few words, they ended the call.

After the call ended, as he got ready to get back to his lunch, Zhang Ye heard loud arguing voices coming from the outside. He did not make much of it since there had already been several arguments since yesterday between the people of the two teams. This was the umpteenth time they had been arguing.

The argument could be heard in his office.

Little Wang said rather loudly, "You guys copied our ideas. What makes you think you can argue against that?"

The person she was arguing with said, "Who copied anything? This proposal was done by ourselves!"

Little Wang said, "Whoa, aren't you afraid of getting struck by lightning!? This was obviously Director Zhang's proposal that you guys made some slight changes to, but otherwise, you've used it in almost its entire original form!"

Another person from the other team said, "Even if it was your proposal in the first place, so what? You're also part of Rise to the Dance's program team now!"

Ha Qiqi interjected, "Director Zhang's contract is different from ours. For the shows he planned out, the copyright belongs to him alone. Now that you guys have directly used his proposal, did you ask him for permission to use it?"

The other person said, "Director Xu and Old Chen are our bosses now. Why should I be asking Director Zhang?"

The proposals that were submitted prior were truly written by Zhang Ye casually. He did not put in any serious effort at all, but his team's staff did not know about this. They thought that Director Zhang had spent a lot of effort to complete them, so they were very mad about what had happened. This group of people had snatched their office space, snatched their show, and even snatched their creation and proposal now too? Anyone would get mad at this! This was pushing them too far!

As they were arguing, Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye came into the office.

"What are all of you shouting for?" Chen Ye banged his hand on a table. "What's going on?"

Xu Yipeng said with a darkened expression, "How many times has this been? Ah? How many times? Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, do you two intend to rebel? Are you not satisfied with the arrangements that the station made for you? If you don't want to obey job instructions, I'll let it slide. If you don't want to cooperate on getting the new show started, that too is fine. Now you're even making trouble?"

However, Ha Qiqi was not afraid of him. "Then what about the proposal that you guys copied from Director Zhang?"

Xu Yipeng also banged his hand onto the table heavily. "This is the station's proposal and show. Since when did it belong to Zhang Ye exclusively? Besides, let me reiterate one point. You all are now staff of Rise to the Dance's program team, all you need to follow are the orders of me and Old Chen! Don't you have any concept of superior-subordinate relations? How did you get around in all your years in the industry? Don't think that just because you have the reputation of The Voice behind you that you can do things as you please. Even if you were once part of the team of the nation's top-rated variety show, do you think that I can't rein you people in?"

I can't do anything about Zhang Ye!

But for you all? Do you think that I can't do anything about you all!?

"Go back to your seats and get working!" Chen Ye also said enraged. Zhang Ye's team staff were indeed too difficult to handle. They were each harder to order about than the other team. Now that the show's production had officially begun and with the preliminary auditions going to take place soon, if their internal program team staff were still arguing every day, how could they get things moving? The more he thought about this, the greater the rage he felt. The show, Rise to the Dance, carried the great expectations and hopes of riches of Chen Ye and the Central TV Department 1 executives. It was slated to exceed The Voice's viewership ratings so that they could carry on dominating the nation's variety show industry and must absolutely not fail!

Finally, Zhang Ye opened his office door and came out.

"Director Zhang!"

"Director Zhang!"

Ha Qiqi, Little Wang and the rest looked over.

Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes and said, "What's this about? Who do you want to rein in?"

Xu Yipeng sneered. "Zhang Ye, this has nothing to do with you!"

"I was happily eating lunch, but you people are making so much noise, slamming tables out here and giving me quite the scare. What's the meaning of all this?" Zhang Ye said.

Chen Ye replied angrily, "Why are you going on in such an enigmatic way! This has nothing to do with you!"

Zhang Ye scoffed, "So what if I'm going on about something? Scolding you is already a thing of the past!'

Xu Yipeng was a little miffed and reached out to bang his hands on a round glass table that was at least 2 cm thick. As it had a glass top, the resulting sound was heard very loudly and distinctly, like sending shockwaves across the entire office. "Zhang! You really don't have any regard for the rules!"

The light in Zhang Ye's eyes turned harsh. He stepped forward and raised his arms, moving over to the glass tabletop and flicking his wrist as he smacked it as well. It didn't look like much, and didn't even look like he used much strength as he smacked his palms onto that 2 cm-thick glass top which Xu Yipeng had just banged his hands on!

"Do you think only you know how to bang your hands on the table!?"

It didn't look like he used much strength and the resulting sound from this was very soft as well!

However, half a second later, the thick glass top started cracking to the horror of everyone who was looking on at them in the office. Krrack. With a cracking sound, the glass top shattered!

Xu Yipeng was dumbfounded!

Chen Ye was dumbfounded!

The Rise to the Dance program team was also dumbfounded!

At this moment, the large office space fell entirely silent!

That was a 2 cm-thick glass tabletop, for fuck's sake!

Even if a hammer was used to hit it, it might not necessarily be able to smash it!

Even if a hammer could smash it, it couldn't possibly be smashed into so many pieces!

But you only used your bare hands and managed to break such a large glass tabletop into so many pieces by just lightly smacking it?? Are you on steroids or something? Just what kinds of fucking skills do you have!?