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Chapter 787: Job reassignment orders have arrived!

Chapter 787: Job reassignment orders have arrived!

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The entire office fell silent!

Everyone was stunned by this smack of Zhang Ye's!

Ha Qiqi: "…"

Little Wang: "…"

Zhang Zuo: "…"

Wu Yi: "…"

Actually, even Zhang Ye himself was stunned by what had happened as he looked at his hands in some confusion. His Taiji Fist was already at a rather high level of attainment now, having eaten so many Taiji Fist Skill Experience Books, yet he had never had the chance to showcase it or met with an incident that required him to use it. But today, with his sudden smack onto a tabletop, he never expected that his hit-or-miss Taiji Fist would coincidentally present itself here in such a dramatic way. Even he was shocked with astonishment!

Holy shit!

So this bro is this powerful?

Zhang Ye secretly rejoiced.

When Xu Yipeng could finally react, he immediately pointed at Zhang Ye furiously. "You, you, you…"

"How dare you, Zhang Ye!?" Chen Ye also flew into a rage. "Are you planning to rebel! You're definitely rebelling!"

Zhang Ye said dismissively, "When you all banged your hands on the table, it was fine. But when I did the same, you call it rebelling? It seems like everything is dictated by you people!"

A staff member of the new program team rebuked, "You're smashing things! Destroying public property! That is flagrant provocation!"

Zhang Ye eyed that person like a gangster and said, "I did destroy public property. What can you do about it?"

Zhang Zuo was also angered. He pointed at that person and said, "Don't try to pin the blame on our Director Zhang! Who do you think you are?"

But it was still Ha Qiqi who reacted quickly enough, knowing that things had gotten out of control. Smashing a table might not be a big issue, but neither was it a small one, especially with Director Zhang's current situation at Central TV Department 1. The effects would be much greater. As a result, Ha Qiqi had an idea and immediately pointed at Xu Yipeng. "I saw it. I saw that when Director Xu slammed his hands onto the table, the glass tabletop already had some cracks in it. That was how Director Zhang's smack managed to shatter it!"

Xu Yipeng was stunned!


What did you say?

I broke it? I broke your grandpa! That was such a thick glass top. Even if I banged on it until my hands shattered, there wouldn't be a mark on it!

Ha Qiqi was trying to shift the blame!

Little Wang was also taken aback at this, but quickly added, "I saw it too!"

Zhang Ye's team gradually pointed their fingers at that as well!

"Right, I saw it too!"

"It was him!"

"It was Director Xu who banged too hard on the table!"

Xu Yipeng, Chen Ye, and the rest nearly fainted at this. They cried out with anger. Is there even any place for reasoning now!?

The staff from the two teams were arguing again. However, after the impact from Zhang Ye's smack earlier that left everyone in horror, quite a few people were affected by it. As a result, they could not muster up much even in their argument and had a sense of fear in them. Such a thick glass top could even be shattered just like that. If they really pushed that Zhang fellow too much, who knew if they would end up getting smacked by him as well? If that happened, who could withstand that?

This Zhang fellow's combat strength was too strong!

Not only his mouth, even his hands were the same!

And so, under the lead of Chen Ye and Xu Yipeng, all of them went to seek redress from the leaders!

When they left, Ha Qiqi and the others got anxious.

"Director Zhang!"

"What should we do now?"

"Let's go too!"

"Right, we can't just let the executives hear their side of the story!"

But Zhang Ye replied, "It's fine, don't bother with them."

Zhang Zuo said, "But…"

Zhang Ye laughed, "A bad thing might turn out to be good instead."

"Ah?" Ha Qiqi exclaimed, sounding stunned. "What good could come out of something like this?"


In a small conference room of Central TV Department 1.

The executives of Department 1 were currently in a meeting, discussing work-related matters. Midway through the meeting, Jiang Naixiong's secretary walked in quickly from the outside to report on something.

Jiang Naixiong frowned. "Let them in."

When the door opened, Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye came inside.

Jiang Naixiong asked, "What's going on?"

Chen Ye said angrily, "Zhang Ye is rebelling! He smashed and shattered a table in the office! It was a 2 cm-thick glass tabletop and he smashed it with a smack!"

When an executive of Central TV Department 1 heard that, he said, "He has rebelled?"

Jiang Yuan thought that Chen Ye was too exaggerated in his description. "That's such a thick piece of glass. How could he have shattered it with a smack? Don't try to embellish things. What exactly happened?"

Chen Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "He really did that with a single smack of his hands!"

Xu Yipeng immediately testified to that. "Indeed, a lot of us saw it as well!"

Jiang Yuan: "…"

Xu Yipeng said, "Leader, Zhang Ye's too much of a hooligan. With that temper of his, I can't take it anymore. Moreover, that group of his subordinates are following everything that he does, ignoring Old Chen and my orders. In the past two days, we've already had multiple arguments between the new program team and their people. If this goes on, how can we go on to make the show? They might as well argue every day. No one can get any work done!"

Chen Ye added, "Director Jiang, we really cannot go on existing together with Zhang Ye and his team. Can we get them transferred out? Or just let us have a totally new office space to work at!"

Jiang Yuan replied, "The Voice's team are, after all is said and done, very experienced with the reputation of being the nation's top-rated variety show team. Those people still have good abilities, so if you don't make use of them, you all…"

Xu Yipeng said confidently, "Without them, our show will do even better!"

Chen Ye also said, "Speaking of experience, speaking of abilities, would our new team lose out to them? The people we have are the elites of Department 1! Boss, Director Xu and I have the same view. Without them, we wouldn't be dragged back anymore. If we really don't have enough manpower, then we can always transfer some people over from the other departments or loan them over! There is basically no use for The Voice's team at all!"

Jiang Naixiong thought about it, then looked at the other executives. "What's everyone's opinion?"

One of the executives said, "I think the same as them. Zhang Ye and his followers are all troublemakers most people can't handle. Rather than having it like this, we might as well not use them."

Another executive said, "In my opinion, other than Zhang Ye, we should just fire the rest of them!"

An executive beside them said, "We can't fire them. Whether it's Old Ha or Zhang Zuo, every one of them is already an old-timer of Central TV. They've always been giving their best and even worked on a world-class variety show like The Voice. If we fire them, first, it wouldn't look good on us and would definitely affect the other employees' thinking of how our Central TV Department 1 is too unreasonable. Second, the reputation of The Voice's program team in the industry is already there. If we really fire them, I believe that there will be other TV stations lining up to take them in immediately on the day that they're let go. If we really let them end up at some other satellite channels, then wouldn't we have nurtured a tiger that could be the cause of our calamity? Won't we let the others get them for cheap?"

Jiang Yuan nodded in agreement. "You're right."

Jiang Naixiong was feeling quite troubled. "Then what do we do with those people? Are we just going to leave Zhang Ye and his team alone and pay them for doing nothing? Let them stir up trouble every day in Department 1?"

Jiang Yuan held in his anger and commented, "That group of people is indeed very good at stirring up trouble!"

Suddenly, a shout came from the door.

"Director Yan!"

"Stand aside!"

"There's a meeting going on inside at the moment!"

"They're exactly who I'm looking for!"

"You can't go in, aiya! Director Yan!"

The secretary was unable to hold him back and the door was pushed open from the outside. Central TV Department 14's Yan Tianfei strode in. "Old Jiang, it isn't easy to find you!"

Everyone in the meeting room wore different expressions.

Jiang Naixiong had already avoided him for two days now, but could no longer do so. He played dumb and said, "Old Yan, you're looking for me for something?"

Yan Tianfei's tone did not sound friendly at all. "Of course there's something. I've been looking for you for two days now! Let me ask you. The two rookies at our department, did you request for them to be transferred to you!? Do you really think that our Department 14 can be bullied around like that? Don't forget, I was the one who introduced you to your wife. Now that you've done this to me, you better explain to me what your intentions are!"

Everyone looked at Jiang Naixiong.

Jiang Naixiong's expression darkened.

What are you bringing up about my wife for!

Jiang Naixiong married late at 39 years old. When he had met his partner, it indeed had a little bit to do with Yan Tianfei. At that time, Yan Tianfei was not at Department 14 yet and Jiang Naixiong's wife was a deputy supervisor in Yan Tianfei's department. As Yan Tianfei's department collaborated with Jiang Naixiong's side, one of the people who Yan Tianfei sent over to work on it was Jiang Naixiong's wife. Jiang Naixiong won her over easily with his sweet talk back then. It could be considered true love. Therefore, to say that this had a little bit to do with Yan Tianfei, it was somewhat true. But if it had to be argued that Jiang Naixiong's wife was introduced to him by Yan Tianfei, then that would be bullshit.

However, if Yan Tianfei wanted to put it that way, then Jiang Naixiong would also not bother to argue with him. "Old Yan, cool off. Calm down first and take a seat."

Yan Tianfei did not give him any face. "You better tell me how we should resolve this matter!"

Jiang Naixiong knew that Old Yan was not that easy to appease. Unless he could give him a good resolution, this Old Yan would surely come over and stir up trouble at Department 1 for the next three to five months. Thinking of that, and thinking of how Old Yan's department was a godforsaken place, Jiang Naixiong looked at Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye, and suddenly had an idea. "Although those transfers were arranged by the station heads, since they came over to Department 1, then don't you worry about anything, Old Yan. I will definitely give you a proper answer. Speaking of that, I was just thinking of looking for you, since I know that your department has only been up for a while and don't have the proper staff setup yet, and even the viewership isn't performing well. As sister channels, those of us at Department 1 will surely give you our support!"

Yan Tianfei looked at him. "Oh? How do you propose to support us then?"


Later that afternoon.

The grapevines of Central TV was awash with gossip.

"Have you heard?"

"Yes I did. Zhang Ye smashed a table!"

"What you heard was too brief. The details were that he shattered a 5 cm-thick glass tabletop with a smack of his palms!"

"Are you serious?"

"Fuck, how could he be that powerful?"

"Dogshit! Do you even really know what happened? What 5 cm-thick glass tabletop? It was a solid wood desk that he smashed with a smack of his palms!"


"Sol-solid wood?"

"What I heard was that he smashed a marble top instead."


"Do our offices even have marble tops for tables?"

"Fuck, why does the news keep sounding more and more extraordinary now!?"

The rumors continued and started to become more and more exaggerated.

However, one of these rumors was as true as it could get!

On that day at 3 PM, Central TV Department 1 sent out an internal email: Zhang Ye and the original program team staff of The Voice would be transferred over to Central TV Department 14!!