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Chapter 789: What sort of place is this?

Chapter 789: What sort of place is this?

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The weekend went by without an incident.

Monday morning.

His father was packing Chenchen's bag according to her class schedule.

His mother had just finished preparing breakfast. Seeing that it was about time, she opened her son's bedroom door to wake him up for breakfast.

"Son, it's time for breakfast!" his mother shouted loudly.

However, the moment she stepped into the room, she saw that he was already awake.

Zhang Ye was scribbling on some documents as he answered her without even raising his head to look at her. "OK, Mom."

His mother wondered, "Heh, why are you suddenly feeling so perked up? You've been like that for the entire weekend already. I don't see you sleeping at night, and by the next morning, you're already up before I even wake up. Has the sun started to rise from the west? What have you been writing for the past few days? Didn't you get frozen by the station? What are you still working so hard on?"

Zhang Ye said, "I've been transferred to another department, haven't I?"

"You mean that Central TV Documentary Channel?" His mother curled her lips.

Zhang Ye nodded. "Yes, that's why I'm writing a program proposal. I've spent an entire weekend on this and it's almost finally done."

His mother grunted, "That lousy documentary channel? Nowadays, if a variety show is done badly, there wouldn't even be much of an audience watching it, much less a documentary. Only an idiot would watch!"

Zhang Ye: "…"

"Quickly go and eat breakfast." His mother turned around and walked away.

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. "Forget it, you'll never understand no matter how much I explain it to you!"

His mother instructed, "Send Chenchen to school first after you finish eating."

"I know," Zhang Ye answered.

Regarding Zhang Ye's transfer to another department, his parents did not care much about it. Zhang Ye's team members just went along with him and the general populace did not pay much attention to this matter either. It was as though Zhang Ye alone was full of fighting spirit!

After sending Chenchen to school, Zhang Ye bought two copies of newspapers from a newsstand beside Experimental Primary School. The newspapers did publish news of his transfer to the Central TV Documentary Channel, but it was located at a somewhat inconspicuous spot at the bottom of the entertainment news section. The main section of the entertainment news was occupied by other celebrities. One was suspected to be pregnant while another who was seemingly in a scandal was actually promoting new work, etc. There were all sorts of incidents every day in the entertainment circle, so Zhang Ye's news was considered very insignificant this time.

He browsed the Internet on his cell phone and found some people discussing his situation online.

"Zhang Ye has been transferred out?"

"Hai, isn't it still the same?!"

"Indeed, I'm pretty sure it was Central TV Department 1 who couldn't tolerate Teacher Zhang anymore, so they dumped him to another department. But even with this move, he is still as good as frozen, so don't expect that Teacher Zhang will appear onscreen again this year, hai."

"But he can still make something even though he's with the documentary channel!"

"Pfft, previous poster, are you alright?"

"Will you watch the show made by the documentary channel?"

"Fuck, that's true."

"Teacher Zhang is the best at making variety shows, but for him to produce a documentary? Let's put aside whether the department will let him film one or not. Even if he's allowed to film, Teacher Zhang must also know how to shoot one first! And even if he can do it, who will watch his documentary? So is there any difference by transferring from Central TV Department 1 to Central TV Documentary Channel? If we're hoping for Teacher Zhang to give us another program with a high viewership rating like The Voice, we'll have to wait until next year at least, when his contract with Central TV ends."

The netizens did not give much attention to this or treat it as anything serious.

Regarding this, Zhang Ye only smiled at it.


At Central TV.

Zhang Ye headed straight upstairs to his previous office. Xu Yipeng was not around, and he only saw Chen Ye and his team staff busily working on the new show in high spirits. All of them had very excited expressions on their faces, whereas Zhang Ye's old team were all packing their belongings and documents from their desks, looking rather numb. To them, this transfer was not a promotion, so there was nothing to be happy about.

"Director Zhang, good morning," Ha Qiqi greeted listlessly.

Zhang Ye nodded. "Have you finished packing?"

Ha Qiqi nodded. "We'll head to Department 14 first then?"

Little Wang said, "Director Zhang, shall I help you with your packing?"

"There's no need to. Why don't you guys go over first. I'll head there after I finish packing." Zhang Ye turned around and walked into his office. He packed his things one by one neatly as he did not like other people touching his things. This was why he did not get anyone to help him. After everything was done, Zhang Ye had a final look at his office he had worked in for the past few months. Then he strode out to the main office area without any lingering emotions.

When the team of Rise to the Dance saw this, they heaved a sigh of relief.

"He's finally left!"

"That's right, he's finally gone!"

"Heh, this time we will finally have peace with no one creating any more trouble for us."

"The Voice is already a thing of the past. From now on, it's all about our Rise to the Dance!"

"Director Chen, the date for the preliminary auditions has been set. We'll just make some changes to the stage of The Voice which wouldn't take us too much effort. The management has given us two months for the recording schedule, so that would mean the program should officially start broadcasting in December?"

"Yes, this schedule isn't tight at all, so let's work hard, everyone!"

"Got it!"


"Just rest assured!"

Zhang Ye, standing at the elevator landing, heard their voices behind him. I have finally left? Chen Ye, aren't you guys being too naïve?! It's not that I have left. Hur hur, it should be I, Zhang Ye, who has come back again! Your new program will be broadcast in December? Fine! We'll have a chance to meet again when that day comes!

The elevator arrived.

Zhang Ye went in and headed up.

The Central TV Documentary Channel was a newly established department from two years ago. The office of Department 14 was located at a higher floor. Although Zhang Ye had heard of that department, he had neither seen for himself nor went to that location before. Therefore, he knew that some things couldn't depend only on his own enthusiasm. That was useless. He had to see how the actual situation was like first. For example, Department 14's environment, the personnel, and equipment would all determine whether Zhang Ye could flex his muscles this time. Regarding this, Zhang Ye was still filled with much anticipation.

However, Zhang Ye was dumbfounded the moment he reached the new office!

Because it was a new environment, the office renovations still looked quite new. The renovated environment looked quite good and the furniture was also quite new. This floor had three independent offices, but one of the bigger offices was empty and the transparent glass door was locked and chained up, with the inside covered with dust. The other two offices looked like they belonged to two sections of a department. When Zhang Ye saw Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others in one of them, he also went inside.

What he saw after he entered the office dumbfounded him.

This office area consisted of around twenty staff members of Department 14. Almost without exception, everyone's computers were switched on with the screens showing a game interface!

Some were playing Fight the Landlord! [1.]

Some were playing online games!

And there were also some who were playing Plants vs. Zombies!

This group of people were quite friendly as they were chatting away noisily with Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, Wu Yi, and the others!

Tong Fu said excitedly, "Director Ha, I have heard a lot about all of you!"

Huang Dandan said, "Welcome, welcome. We warmly welcome you!"

A youth said, "Director Yan is not here yet. Feel free to find a seat. You guys can just sit anywhere you like. Aiya, we finally managed to get you guys over here!"

Another youth nearby said, "That's right. We received the notice on Friday and knew that you would be coming today. Everyone's very excited about this. We're a family from now on, so don't stand on ceremony with us!"

Tong Fu said immediately, "There's no need to be overly polite. Let's get straight down to business!"

That youth nodded several times. "That's right, that's right. Business is more important!"

While Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and the others thought what kind of business they were talking about, the female staff member Huang Dandan eventually said, "Would you all like to play Adventurers' Wars? We've already downloaded the games onto the computers for everyone. Just register an account and enter Zone 10. Let's defeat some monsters and level up!"

Tong Fu also said, "This game is extremely good. Let's form a team!"

"We don't have much work to handle on a daily basis anyway, so let's go kill some monsters!"

"We still need a cleric. Who wants to be one?"

"We also need a hunter. We've been stuck on this dungeon for a few days now!"

"Stop messing around. Why are you playing MMOs? Just playing Plants vs. Zombies is good enough!"

"Dammit, this bastard is not playing with us anymore. Hurry, does anyone want to play Mahjong? We lack a player now, so why don't one of you bros come and join us. The three of us can even discuss our moves here!"

Ha Qiqi: "…"

Zhang Zuo: "…"

Wu Yi: "…"

Zhang Ye was also stunned!


Just what kind of a fucking place was this?!

[1. Fight the landlord: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dou_dizhu]