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Chapter 811: Broadcast! (Part 2)

Chapter 811: Broadcast! (Part 2)

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Later that afternoon.

The Rise to the Dance program team's final run of promotions were starting to show some effects. Like Huo Dongfang's scandal, Fan Wenli's rocky marriage, fans fainting in the recording studio, these gossips and hype were being flooded in all kinds of forms into the mass media, newspapers, and the Internet, bearing down on the public with tremendous force. It nearly occupied close to 10% of the entertainment industry's news and even overshadowed an important film industry's award ceremony. People could not avoid the news about it and their attention was entirely taken by Rise to the Dance!

On Weibo.

The netizens were very excited.

"Anticipation x 10,000!"

"The show is finally beginning today!"

"Rise to the Dance is so awesome!"

Don't just keep promoting it, hurry up and start broadcasting already! You're making us unable to wait anymore!"

"I'm waiting to watch it! Hurry, hurry, hurry!"

"8 PM in the evening? I can't wait any longer!"

"Haha, I like Sect Leader Huo!"

"I love Teacher Chen Ye so much! I'm a hardcore fan of his! Teacher Chen is too cool!"

Under such widespread buildup of the show, there was no lack of topics for the people to talk about. Of course, not everyone had forgotten about Zhang Ye, as a small portion of the people were still paying close attention to the broadcast of A Bite of China!

"So today Zhang Ye's documentary is also broadcasting?"

"I'm caught in a dilemma, which one should I watch?"

"It's been quite some time since A Bite of China stopped their promotions. I nearly forgot about it."

"It's not that they didn't want to promote it, but that Central TV Department 1 played dirty!"

"When it rains, it pours. It's hopeless for A Bite of China. I think I better watch Rise to the Dance instead!"

"It's just too bad that it's a documentary, haiii!"

"Yeah, I really feel pity for Teacher Zhang Ye. Compared to a blockbuster program like Rise to the Dance, what is a documentary? Even the entirety of Central TV has already given up on A Bite of China!"

"Fuck, using Rise to the Dance to compete with a documentary, what's there to compete on? Is it even a competition to begin with? If they're so good, let them compete with Teacher Zhang Ye on variety shows instead! Then we will see who will be the one that gets beaten!"

"But there won't be a chance of an 'if' scenario at all!"

"Don't argue anymore. Everything will be revealed tonight!"

The stage was ready.

Appetites were whetted.

The only thing left was the countdown to broadcast!


5 hours before the broadcast.

Zhang Ye was called over to Yan Tianfei's office.

"Little Zhang, did we miss out anything?" Yan Tianfei asked.

Zhang Ye laughed. "Everything is in place."

Yan Tianfei said, "Are the preparations complete?"

Zhang Ye nodded. "We're just waiting for the broadcast. There's nothing much we need to prepare for anymore."

Yan Tianfei looked at his expression and laughed. "You seem very relaxed."

"Yeah, I've already done all that is necessary. The rest is up to the market to determine." Zhang Ye's reply was exactly as his thoughts were. At this moment, he felt very calm. After all, he had been through all kinds of storms before and had grown through the experience. Zhang Ye was also growing through all that.


3 hours before the broadcast.

In the office of Central TV Department 1's director.

Xu Yipeng said, "Director Jiang, please give us another advertisement slot."

Jiang Naixiong smiled and said, "Just today alone, Central TV Department 1 has already assigned three advertisement slots to you guys, and it's still not enough? All of that costs money. Besides, we only gave two slots to The Voice when they premiered!"

Chen Ye also pleaded for a long time.

Finally, Jiang Naixiong said, "Let's wait for next week when your viewership ratings are out. As long as the premiere episode exceeds 1.5% in the viewership ratings, I will add another slot for you guys next week!"


Chen Ye didn't think that it was too much.

Even Jiang Naixiong thought that this target was not too much to ask for.

When they returned to the Rise to the Dance program team's office, Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye started to supervise everyone's work again, but since the finalized show to be broadcast had already been submitted, there wasn't actually much to be busy with. But they still tried to make the best of the whatever time that was left, as the staff busied themselves with anything they could, as long as they did not idle about. Everyone just looked like they had something to do, as if by doing so they could show their determination for the new show!

A female staff member who just came back to the office from outside said, "I saw Zhang Ye just now."

She was only telling this to her colleague who was seated beside her, but because she did not lower her voice, Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye who were not too far away heard it as well.

Chen Ye frowned. "What? Is he up to something again?"

Xu Yipeng was also well aware of Zhang Ye's character. He was afraid that Zhang Ye would suddenly come up with some trickery.

The female staff member waved her hands hastily. "No, no, I only saw Zhang Ye leaving work with his bag to go home!"

"He's left work?"

"Gone home?"

"Isn't their show also starting its broadcast tonight?"

"Ah? Why did he go home?"

Besides Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye being speechless at this, the other program team staff were also dumbfounded by what they heard.

Then, Chen Ye couldn't help but laugh loudly and shake his head. However, he did not say anything.

He gave up just like that?

Leaving work even before the broadcast has started?

Is that Rotten Fruit of yours just empty talk?!

Xu Yipeng immediately said, "Why do you care about what others do? Just mind your own business and broaden your outlook. There are so many other variety shows of the same time slot who are our competitors, yet you'd rather keep your eye on a documentary?"

"Uh, sorry!"

No one dared to mention it again.


2 hours before the broadcast.

Zhang Ye was already back at his parents' house.

"Mom, hurry up and make me a bowl of noodles. I'm so hungry." When Zhang Ye stepped into the house, he flicked his shoes off and left them strewn about on the floor. Then he sat down heavily onto the sofa, crowding Chenchen's space.

Chenchen was very annoyed by that and vied with him for the middle seat.

Zhang Ye did not give way to her and two of them started brawling again.

His mother asked in surprise, "Why are you home?"

"I'm off work. Where would I go if I don't come back here?" Zhang Ye said rather perplexed.

His father said, "We thought that you would have to work overtime. Isn't today the premiere of your documentary?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I can just watch the premiere at home where it's more peaceful."

When he finished eating dinner, Zhang Ye went to take a shower. After he came out, he started sending messages to his friends and relatives one by one.

To Yao Jiancai: "Old Yao, switch to Channel 14 at 8 PM."

Yao Jiancai replied: "Haha, alright. I will watch and learn from it!"

To Dong Shanshan: "It's going to broadcast at 8 PM. Turn on your TV and add to the viewership ratings for me."

Dong Shanshan: "It's already on. I'm with Brother Hu, Hou Ge, and the others."

To Wu Zeqing: "Old Wu, my show is starting soon. It's today."

Wu Zeqing: "OK."

To Fan Yingyun aka Big Saber Bro: "Broadcast at 8 PM! GOGOGO!"

Fan Yingyun: "A must-see!"

To Zhang Yuanqi: "Sister Zhang, watch Channel 14 in a while, don't forget!"

Zhang Yuanqi: "OK."

Actually, how much viewership ratings could he add by contacting just a few friends and relatives? Zhang Ye only informed them in case they called him out later for not telling them about his new show's broadcast because he did not treat them as friends and family.

His mother also switched to Channel 14.

However, Zhang Ye said, "Mom, switch it to Channel 1."

His mother said in surprise, "Why are we watching Channel 1?"

Chenchen also leered at him. "You want to watch Rise to the Dance?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Yes, I must see what the opponent's show is like."

His mother switched the channel to Central TV Department 1.

Zhang Ye understood quite well what A Bite of China would be like as it was entirely recorded and edited by him. Since he knew it so well, it wasn't necessary to watch it anymore. He was more concerned about the quality of Rise to the Dance, and whether it was as good as the promotions made it out to be. Was it really as good as what Fan Wenli said? Of course, Zhang Ye also had to see if Rise to the Dance was qualified to be A Bite of China's opponent!


The countdown started.

Three minutes.

Two minutes.

One minute.

At 8 PM sharp, the premiere episode of Rise to the Dance and A Bite of China started broadcasting together!