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Chapter 816: Giving the entire world a slap!

Chapter 816: Giving the entire world a slap!

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Tied for first place!

The second episode of A Bite of China had actually tied for first place with Rise to the Dance on Friday's nationwide viewership ratings for television shows!

At this very second, it was as though time stopped and the entire world came to a standstill. As the seconds ticked by, everyone was shocked by the viewership ratings table that they had in front of them!

After a long time.

Yao Jiancai posted on Weibo:"What the fuck!"

Hu Fei:"Damn!"

Central Radio Station's Tian Bin:"Is this real?"

Fan Wenli:"...(*##%%)—%#@!!!"

The Internet was instantly abuzz!

The netizens gradually made their appearances, all of them with very shocked expressions on their faces!

"Heavens! Oh my god!"

"This is crazy!"

"Th-this is the viewership rating of a documentary?"

"How can this be possible!? Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!"

"I'm going crazy! Isn't this totally defying all common sense? Isn't this getting a little too crazy? A documentary's viewership rating actually managed to stand shoulder to shoulder with Rise to the Dance? And took the number 1 spot in the nationwide viewership ratings? This must be fake, right? If you guys want to doctor it, can there be at least some effort in the technical details? Don't photoshop something so unrealistic!

"It doesn't look fake…."

"Uh, it looks real!"

"Documentaries…are actually on par with variety shows!"

"This is not a question of whether they are on par or not, dammit! This is a documentary that has steamrolled all of the variety shows!"

"What the hell!"

"What is Teacher Zhang Ye trying to do? Is he trying to poke a hole in the sky of the television industry? This is just a documentary! A documentary that no one would fucking watch! Yet you have made it into the top spot for the viewership ratings? You have really fucking made it into the number 1 spot for the viewership ratings!?"

"I'm already unable to use normal words to describe this! It's awesome! It's too damn awesome!"


"Zhang Ye is definitely going to be my idol for life!"

"I'm numb, my eyes have suddenly turned red! Teacher Zhang's hard work has not gone wasted! Teacher Zhang's efforts have finally paid off! Cold storage treatment? Banned? No one would watch a documentary? Go fuck yourself! Central TV Department 1, open your eyes wide! That was the Zhang Ye who you guys had let go of knowingly!" Even if he has been transferred to the documentary channel, Teacher Zhang is not someone who you can keep down! Even with a documentary, Teacher Zhang is still fucking unbeatable!"

"Zhang Ye has come back!"

"Hahahahahaha! The fearsome Teacher Zhang is back again!"

"I'm so excited! Teacher Zhang, you're too fantastic!"

"I'm happy for Zhang Ye! Cheers for A Bite of China!"

"Zhang Ye, why are you so cool?! Why?!"

If the first episode of A Bite of China with the viewership rating of 0.32% had shocked them, then the second episode's viewership ratings of 1.27% must have left everyone gasping in astonishment. Nobody in the country, even those who liked watching A Bite of China very much or had extremely high expectations of it would have believed that A Bite of China could actually get the top spot in the nation's viewership ratings together with Rise to the Dance before they saw this viewership rating table!


At Central TV.

Department 14.

Everyone was getting so excited that they were going crazy!

"We got first place!" Wu Yi said in a daze,"We're number 1 in the country! Number 1 in the country!"

Zhang Zuo was unable to express his overwhelming emotions, so he raised up his hand and screamed,"Ah!"

Ha Qiqi was in tears, but she was both laughing and crying at the same time. As she wiped her tears away, she said,"Our hard work has really paid off!"

Little Wang said rather dumbfounded,"Please tell me this is true!"

Huang Dandan hugged Little Wang excitedly."It's true! We're number 1!"

Little Wang also burst into tears!

Having been suppressed, humiliated, and stabbed in the back by Central TV Department 1, the original program team staff of The Voice were holding back their anger all this time. Only at this moment could they finally vent it all out. Many of them couldn't control their emotions, while some male colleagues were crying out in excitement and a few female colleagues wept!

They were very tired all this while.

In recent days, it hadn't been easy for them!

"Director Zhang!" Ha Qiqi turned around and hugged him as she cried."Thank you!"

Zhang Ye simply acknowledged her and smiled in embarrassment."You don't have to thank me, I should be the one thanking you. Thank you, everyone, for not leaving, and for following me from Central TV Department 1 to here. I also want to thank everyone for your continuous trust in me. Without all of you, even if I were superhuman, I could not have achieved all this. Therefore, I should be the one giving thanks to everyone. All of you did a great job and this outcome is the result of everyone working hard together, so everyone should have a share of the fruits of the labor!"

Not only were the original program team staff of The Voice excited, those originally from Department 14 were very excited as well!

"Director Zhang, congratulations to you and everyone else!"

"Our documentary channel has finally come out on top!"

"Thank you for coming to Department 14!"

"I'm so numb from this! Let's see who still dares to look down on our documentary channel in the future!"



Along with cries of joy!

There was jubilation throughout the entire office!

Yan Tianfei's secretary also wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes. For some reason, he couldn't stop his eyes from watering. He said,"Director Zhang, you don't know this, but long have those of us at Department 14 suffered from the stress and pent-up resentment over the past few years. Although we know that you won't stay on with our documentary channel forever and will definitely leave in the future, but no matter what, I want to say that it's great to have you here!"

Zhang Ye smiled and replied,"It's my honor coming to Department 14 and working together with everyone." After saying that, he turned his head to Yan Tianfei and said,"Director Yan, I've told you before that I wouldn't disappoint you, now…I'm glad to say that I've managed to carry out my promise."

Yan Tianfei clapped Zhang Ye's shoulders excitedly."Good! Great!"

When they made the last-minute change to the broadcast time of A Bite of China yesterday, Yan Tianfei asked Zhang Ye for his reason in doing so, but Zhang Ye said that he would give him an answer the next day. Now, Yan Tianfei finally understood everything. This viewership ratings table was the answer that Zhang Ye had given to him!


Deputy Station Head's Office.

Deputy Station Head Zhou looked at the viewership ratings table and stayed silent for a long time.


In the program team office of Rise to the Dance.

Xu Yipeng was silent!

Chen Ye had a look of horror!

For two full minutes, the entire program team was in complete and utter silence!


Central TV Department 1.

Jiang Yuan was stunned there for a long time.

Jiang Naixiong had smashed a tea cup on the floor in anger!

The secretary trembled in fear and ran to tidy up the mess with a broom. He also quietly took away the latest viewership ratings table that he had brought over earlier!


A lot of the people from Central TV were furious and did not seem to be in a good mood!

A documentary!

A documentary without promotions!

A documentary without celebrity guests!

A documentary without advertisements that merely cost 10 million RMB to make and was so niche and so unpopular that no one was supposed to pay any attention to it!

Yet it had unexpectedly scored the same viewership rating as Rise to the Dance?

How was that possible?!

How could that be?!

At this moment, a poem was brought up by someone on the Internet.

Rotten Fruit

Black bugs have long since chewed through my flesh.

I lie on a bed of moss so cold it stings

just letting the rot set in deeper.

Waiting for the rot to pierce my core,

and decompose my prison.

My imprisoned soul will then,

wearing a pea-green vest,

leap out grinning from ear to ear.

No one could have imagined that the poem Rotten Fruit which Zhang Ye had posted earlier could really come true! No one could have imagined that Zhang Ye would really wear a pea-green vest and leap out grinning from ear to ear. With A Bite of China, he had given Central TV Department 1, Rise to the Dance, the television station, everyone, the entire world a very loud slap!!

On this day, chants of Zhang Ye's name reverberated all over the Internet!

On this day, A Bite of China shocked the entire nation!!