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Chapter 828: Celebration!

Chapter 828: Celebration!

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The northern sight:
The land iced with white,
Blizzards in flight..

When this poem was revealed, the already frenzied atmosphere was ignited to yet another level, stirring up many people's emotions once more!

1000 forwards!

10,000 forwards!

30,000 forwards!

"How magnificent!"

"This poem is so cool!"

"Ahhh, I like Zhang Ye's poems so much!"

"Praise for his calligraphy and even more praise for his poem!"

"Being frozen, repressed and exiled by Central TV Department 1, I thought it would all be over for Teacher Zhang, yet he could still go 'Against the Skies, vying for a chancing'! So Teacher Zhang is still the same old Teacher Zhang!"

"The words used in this poem can't even be described with just the word 'good'!"

"Comparing all the heroes in the world, who else is there? Who else can use a documentary to ascend to the top spot of the viewership ratings!?"

"'But gone they all are'? Zhang Ye is too arrogant, haha, but I like it!"

"Yeah, history is already the past. For truly great men, we only have the present people to depend on!"

"This piece of calligraphy is so uplifting!"

"A ci tune that isn't known to be outstanding could actually be written so magnificently by Zhang Ye! With such deep literary skills and talent, who in the world could beat him?"

"I like this poem so much!"

"Me too, I like it so much that I'm in tears!"

"'Against the Skies, vying for a chancing' is such an apt description!"

"I like that last phrase the most!"

The poem earned shouts of acclamation from countless netizens. Some experts appeared to comment about it!

Su Na from the Peking University Chinese Department annotated the poem.

The last surviving member of a generation of literature masters at 80 years old entrusted his daughter to post his comment on "Spring in Qin Garden: Snow" to Weibo. He even gave a very high evaluation in the end: "Little Zhang is excellent." Being called "excellent" by a master who had won the country's most prestigious literature award was an extremely strong affirmation!

Zhang Ye!

A Bite of China!

"Spring in Qin Garden: Snow"!

Just randomly clicking on any discussion forums those keywords could be seen, whereas for Rise to the Dance and Central TV Department 1 who were supposed to be the center of attention, they had long been forgotten by everyone.


Central TV Department 14.

After the calligraphy competition ended, everyone returned to their offices.

When some of the colleagues who did not go to the event hall earlier heard about the news, they rushed over with a look of horror on their faces. They were still in disbelief at the news. "Is it true? We've really taken the number 1 spot?"

Tong Fu said excitedly, "It's true!"

Little Wang was already crying!

A few other women in the A Bite of China program team were also unable to stop crying!

Compared to last week's first place, this first place was even more valuable as it was truly an impeccable first place this time. Earlier at the calligraphy event, there were outsiders around, with the station head and other station leaders also present, so they stifled their emotions and controlled their feelings. But once they returned to their office, many of them could no longer control themselves. There were even a few female colleagues from Department 14's licensing department and were not part of the production for A Bite of China who cried along when they saw the sobbing. They huddled together with Little Wang, Huang Dandan, and the others, feeling very happy for them!

As Little Wang was crying, she suddenly shouted, "We are number 1! Number 1!"

Many people followed along and echoed the shouting!


"We are number 1!"

"No matter where we go, we are still the number 1 in the country!"


"I'm so happy right now!"

"I must give a call to my daughter and let her know about this news!"

"If this is a dream, I'd rather not wake up from it!"

"We really did it!"

The office was very chaotic with the crying and shouting coming from everyone!

They were once a newly assembled team in the industry and no one had any expectations of them and their show. However, they dominated the variety world with The Voice and became the industry's top-rated variety show team. Half a year later, at this moment and on this day, that honor had once again fallen into their hands. They had regained the glory that once belonged to them!

How could they possibly not get excited?

Ha Qiqi was crying and smiling at the same time. Suddenly, she looked over to Zhang Ye and saw that the person who should be the happiest among them was instead just smiling at everyone. Compared to their excitement and craziness, there was a distinct contrast. Ha Qiqi felt quite speechless and suddenly laughed as she said, "Everyone, how 'bout we toss Director Zhang up in the air to celebrate?"


"I think we should!"

"Haha, I also think we should!"

Zhang Ye jumped back in fright. "Who's gonna do that!"

The next moment, Wu Yi, Zhang Zuo, Tong Fu, and the other male colleagues all piled forward onto Zhang Ye and shouldered him as they laughed loudly. Then, they tossed him up in the air!


"Hip, hip, hooray!"


"Hip, hip, hooray!"


Zhang Ye was scared out of his wits. "Enough, that's enough! That will do!"

Everyone did not listen to him and continued tossing him up in the air as they cheered on!

"Director Zhang!"

"Director Zhang!"

"Director Zhang!"

Outside the office, some of the other department's staff passing by from time to time heard and saw the commotion, and couldn't help but laugh.

A few people from the children's channel were talking about the matter as well.

"Have you heard about the viewership ratings?"

"Of course I did!"

"Don't talk about that anymore, it's too incredible!"

"The cheering at Department 14 was so lively that it almost turned to chaos!"

"They deserved the result."

"Yeah, it hasn't been easy for them during this period!"

"Those people are really incredible. Back then, if it were any other team, even if they were the number 1 team in the variety show industry, would they dare claim that they would be successful again in circumstances where they were being besieged from all sides? Would they dare to say that they could still make a comeback? Those circumstances were as good as being given a death sentence, but look at what they did. Not only did they bear the tremendous pressure, they even regained their honor of being the industry's number 1, so that's really impressive!"

"Central TV Department 1…has really committed a very dumb act this time!"

"They've let go of such an excellent TV program team in the industry for nothing!"


Back there.

Zhang Ye was put back down. When his feet touched the floor, he felt his legs turning to jelly. He stared at everyone and said, "You guys nearly killed me up there! Eh? Where's my cell phone? Where did it drop to?"

Zhang Zuo quickly brought it over to him. "It's here, it's here."

When he took it back and glanced at it, he realized that it was ringing. Zhang Ye quickly went to a corner and answered the call.

It was from Hu Fei.

Zhang Ye answered with a laugh: "Brother Hu, are you calling to bring me the good news?"

Hu Fei said: "You should have found out about it already, so what good news can I still bring? Rather than bringing good news to you, we were all nearly petrified by you. You've really gone and gotten number 1?"

"Yes, I did," Zhang Ye said casually.

Xiao Lu's voice could be heard over the phone. "You're amazing, Teacher Zhang! When we found out about the viewership ratings for the third episode of A Bite of China, we went crazy!"

Dafei also shouted: "Teacher Zhang, you have to treat us!"

Zhang Ye said amused: "Didn't I just treat you guys?"

Hou Ge replied: "That was for the previous time, but you have to treat us again for this time!"

"OK, I'll treat you," Zhang Ye agreed delighted.

Then, Su Na, his colleague from Peking University's Chinese Department, called him.

Su Na: "Teacher Zhang."

Zhang Ye: "Teacher Su."

Su Na: "I'll reserve that calligraphy piece of 'Spring in Qin Garden: Snow' from you first!"

Zhang Ye: "Huh? I was actually going to keep it for myself."

Su Na: "Can you not be so stingy?"

Zhang Ye: "That's because it's very meaningful to me, so I would like to keep it for myself. Hur hur, if you like, I'll write another piece for you some other day. I'll write whatever you want until you're satisfied."

Su Na was overjoyed. "It's settled then! That's great!"

When other calligraphers wrote for people, they would usually go by the number of words or pieces, but for Zhang Ye, just by saying "until you are satisfied," he was already showing his deep generosity. Actually, Zhang Ye was always like that. He had never seen himself as a calligrapher before. While others may treat his calligraphy as treasured works of art, it was nothing more than just moving his hands and writing. No matter how much he had to write, it was still just an act of writing to him! Since it didn't take much effort on his part, he agreed readily to it.

After asking for the calligraphy work, Su Na could not help lamenting: "Previously, when you were frozen by Central TV Department 1, I was rather worried about you for a long time. But now I see that you're still surviving quite well. You can really still turn everything upside down even if you have transferred to a documentary department. No matter where you go, you're still the brightest star in the sky."

Zhang Ye chuckled. "Just let it go at that."

A group of friends called him to give their congratulations.

His mother also called him excitedly to confirm if the viewership rating of A Bite of China was real. She sounded quite pleased and was probably thinking that she could brag and show off to her neighbors again.

Of course, there was a completely different scene playing out elsewhere.


Central TV Department 1.

Department 1's Director Jiang Naixiong slammed the door behind him and knocked off from work!

Xu Yipeng and Chen Ye had darkened expressions as they stood in the office of Central TV Department 1's Deputy Director Jiang Yuan. There was a tea cup lying shattered on the floor and was likely to have been smashed by Jiang Yuan!

"Who can tell me what just happened? Ah?" Jiang Yuan said furiously. "Can anyone tell me?!"

Xu Yipeng did not say a word.

Chen Ye wanted to speak but hesitated and shut his mouth.

They had nothing to say and did not know what to say either.

Jiang Yuan banged his hand on the table and said angrily, "Why would a documentary get such a viewership rating? Based on what could they possibly get such a viewership rating? Which of you can tell me why?!"

No one could answer him.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere within the Rise to the Dance program team turned gloomy!



Everyone was asking themselves the same question. They hadn't underestimated their opponent, they had given it their all, their promotions also saturated the market, their guests were some of the top-rated celebrities in the industry, they had the biggest television platform in the industry behind them and the investments into their program were also historically the highest just like The Voice!


Why did they still lose?

And they even lost so badly?

They had been utterly defeated with no chance of hitting back!?