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Chapter 833: The Chinese Academy of Sciences“ Invitation?

Chapter 833: The Chinese Academy of Sciences' Invitation?

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News of the awards ceremony was revealed on the night itself.

The results were published in many of the media outlets.

"The winners' list is out!"

"Zhang Ye's team has won two of the top honors?"

"They deserved it. Other than them, no one else deserves to win it!"

"Wah, this beautiful exec from the SARFT looks really pretty!"

"Haha, have you all read Zhang Ye's acceptance speech already?"

"Treat our comrades as warm as the spring? He so eloquent using the seasons! There's spring, summer, autumn, and winter in it, so it's hard to believe that it was composed on the spot by Teacher Zhang!"

"I like the last part of Zhang Ye's speech. Treat the enemy as cruel as the bitter winter. Teacher Zhang Ye never behaves himself when giving speeches. Even in his acceptance speech, he must take a swipe at his opponents as well!"

"I heard that Zhang Ye still has a few more award nominations in the next few days."

"I've heard so too. They're for the academic awards and the Golden Microphone Awards?"

"What an excellent year for Zhang Ye. Who knows how many awards he'll win!"

"Last year's preparations were all for this year's harvest. Teacher Zhang has finally exploded onto the scene this year!"

"His popularity has already brought him to the forefront of the B-list rankings! With the way things are going, it's just a matter of time before Teacher Zhang will enter the A-list rankings. Will it happen within the next year? Or the year after next? Anything is possible now!"

Some celebrities had a greater limit to their potentials. At the beginning, many of them might rise quickly and become very popular, but after reaching a certain level, they wouldn't grow any further. A few classic examples would be the two or three celebrities in the current B-list rankings. If there were no special circumstances, it would be impossible for them to advance any further. This would then be their limit and they wouldn't get any more popular no matter how hard they tried. They would still be considered as popular and have a rather fixed fanbase, but they weren't likely to get any more popular than they already were. There were many such celebrities in the industry.

However, the situation for Zhang Ye was entirely different. Even though he had never sung before, never starred in a television drama, and did not act as a leading role in movies, his popularity was already at such a level. That was why Zhang Ye's potential for becoming even more popular was undoubtedly more than the rest of his fellow celebrities. His limit was certainly not just at the B-list rankings!

It should be at least at the level of the A-list rankings!

Of course, this would definitely be a very difficult process. The gap between the A-list and B-list was not that easy to cross.


A few days later.

On an afternoon.

An awards ceremony of the academic world was convened.

The venue of this year's awards ceremony was at Tsinghua University's auditorium. There was definitely an obvious difference between the academic field's awards ceremony and the entertainment world's. It was held in a simpler manner and without the spotlight from the media. Seated in the audience were mostly professors, scholars, and some students who were permitted to attend the ceremony.

"Ah, Zhang Ye is here!"

"That's Zhang Ye?"

"He's too far away! I can't see him clearly!"

"Where is he?"

"Over there! He's coming in, he's coming in!"

Many of the Tsinghua University students turned to look at him.

Zhang Ye had arrived together with the Peking University team today. Among them were Dean Pan Yang of the School of Mathematical Sciences, as well as some math professors and teachers. Three people from the Physics Department were here as well since there was also an award nomination for one of the physics professor today, though the hopes of winning were slim.

For the others who came, there were some relevant personnel to welcome and attend to them. But when the Peking University people arrived, no one bothered to welcome them. It was as though they did not see them at all.

Zhang Ye could only find someone to ask, "Bro, may I know where our seats are?"

That Tsinghua University teacher looked at him and then pointed to the front. "Over there, in the third row." Then he walked away.

A young Peking University math teacher felt aggrieved. "What kind of attitude is that? Are they still hosts?"

However, Pan Yang was not bothered by this. He smiled and said, "It's OK. Back during the college student recruitment, Little Zhang smashed quite a number of Tsinghua University's cars and took back more than a dozen good students for Peking University. It's quite normal that they still feel petty about that."

A few of the Peking University professors and teachers didn't know how to react as they looked at Zhang Ye.

On their way in, many of the Tsinghua University teachers gave Zhang Ye and the group the cold shoulder, especially towards Zhang Ye. Some of the Tsinghua University teachers' faces even turned cold when they saw him.

Even Zhang Ye himself was puzzled. Why does this bro always make enemies wherever I go? Have I offended so many people before?

Zhang Ye had indeed offended too many people, so much so that he could not remember most of them clearly.

Shortly after, the awards ceremony began.

Medicine Award.

Biology Award.

Physics Award.

In the eyes of those working in the academic field, today's awards were undoubtedly one of the most prestigious awards in the field. Of course, even if this was one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies to be held, it was still not comparable to those top five categories of awards given out by the State Council at the State Science and Technology Prizes. It was only comparable with the other awards below the level of the State Science and Technology Prizes. But these awards were among the most authoritative ones that were given out and were also essentially the highest honors a normal academic professional could get. As for those people who could win a State Science and Technology Prize, they were naturally not your average academics. They could only be veteran experts who had major contributions in the fields of research like the hydrogen bomb or military aerospace fields and such.

The award winners were unveiled one by one.

Some people were happy while others were sad. However, as they were all in the academic field, they did not act too surprised unlike the entertainment industry's awards ceremonies. Everyone could control their emotions much better here.

Finally, it was the Mathematics Award!

A senior Fellow from the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced, "This year's mathematics Award winner is…" He paused for a very long time before saying, "Peking University Math Department's—Zhang Ye!"

Everyone from Peking University immediately applauded in unison!

"Professor Zhang! Congratulations!"

"I could've guessed it'd be you!"

"This is so great!"

Pan Yang said, "Little Zhang, don't think of taking the trophy away. You must leave it at Peking University, OK? I'll find a good spot to display it in the Hall of Honor!"

Zhang Ye smiled and replied, "You can just take it if you want, but please don't find a good spot for me. Why does it sound like you're going to find a place to hold ashes?!"

The people of Peking University burst out into laughter.

Zhang Ye went onstage to accept the award.

An academic Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences handed the award to him personally. "A young person's abilities must be respected."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I've a lot to learn from the seniors."

That Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences narrowed his eyes and stated, "You are indeed good. Some of the old fogies and I think really highly of you. What do you think? Would you be interested in joining the Chinese Academy of Sciences for your future development?"

Zhang Ye said rather surprised, "Join the Chinese Academy of Sciences?"

The Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences smiled and said, "You can give it some consideration first. Let's talk again when we have a chance in the future."

This kind of awards ceremony did not have a host nor any award acceptance speech. There was only one microphone onstage, so when the Fellow was talking to Zhang Ye, he did not hold the microphone to speak into it. Therefore, no one else heard their conversation and thought that they were only exchanging some niceties.


Pan Yang asked, "What did Fellow Song say to you?"

Zhang Ye replied honestly, "He asked me if I wanted to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences."


"Chinese Academy of Sciences?"

"Fellow Song invited you to join?"

The professors and academics of Peking University were all taken aback!

Pan Yang hurriedly questioned, "Are you sure he said the Chinese Academy of Sciences? Was he referring to one of the research facilities under the Chinese Academy of Sciences instead?"

Zhang Ye was stunned. "I think he was referring to Chinese Academy of Sciences?"

The Peking University people all looked at one another blankly. The Chinese Academy of Sciences had dozens of research facilities and hundreds of research labs. These organizations wouldn't be difficult to get in since they were mainly engaged in research only. However, if Fellow Song really did invite Zhang Ye to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences, then he was obviously not referring to those organizations. In all likelihood, he was inviting Zhang Ye to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Math and Physics Division, one of the core divisions of the academy. Could he really be thinking of directly making Zhang Ye a Fellow?

A 24 year old becoming a Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?


How could that be!?

Thinking of this possibility, the people from Peking University felt a little light-headed!

A young math teacher of Peking University asked anxiously, "Then how did you reply?"

Zhang Ye said, "I didn't say anything."

Pan Yang probed, "Then what do you think?"

Zhang Ye answered without even thinking, "I'm happy being a celebrity. Why would I join the Chinese Academy of Sciences?"

An old math professor of Peking University nearly vomited blood at this. His beard was trembling from anger. "How could a celebrity be compared with a Chinese Academy of Sciences Fellow? Just look at your lowly expectations!"

Zhang Ye did not like hearing that. "As celebrities, we're also serving the people. However, the way of service is different. We aim at the culture and ideology."

That old professor said angrily, "How can this be compared? Which Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is not respected by many?"

Zhang Ye looked at him and said, "Pick a random person off the street and ask them whether he knows Fellow Song or me."

The old professor: "..."

A female Peking University math teacher didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Professor Zhang, you can't compare it like that. I don't even know what to say anymore."

Pan Yang rolled his eyes in deep disapproval.

Zhang Ye was also not definitive with his words. "Let's talk about it again in the future."

But this conversation with Zhang Ye felt like it had already fallen on deaf ears. Who in the history of the academic field would not get excited when they heard that they were invited to join the Chinese Academy of Sciences? That is the Chinese Academy of Sciences we're talking about! Even Pan Yang as the Dean of Peking University's School of Mathematical Sciences was not qualified for the title of Fellow. Yes, even he was not qualified to apply for it.

Now that there was a chance, you actually say that being a celebrity is better than being a Fellow? What sort of thought is this?

However, when they thought of Zhang Ye's status again, some of the Peking University people shook their heads but remained silent. Some of the others could only sigh as a deep sense of helplessness hit them. It was a fact that he was a celebrity and had studied as a broadcaster in university. That was his main profession after all. To the Peking University teachers and professors, dealing in academics and education was the main profession for them. This was their life career and goal, but to Zhang Ye, this country's most famous broadcast professional who had graduated from Media College, dabbling in academic research was…clearly more of being in the irrelevant business.

Their positions were different.

Their points of view were different.

Therefore, their considerations would be different as well.

Hai, there were so many people in the world who were willing to fight for all their lives in a mathematics career, but why did it have to be Zhang Ye—someone who only had the desire to become a celebrity—who solved this famous Dale's Conjecture of the global mathematics world!