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Chapter 834: The respected teacher of the alma mater

Chapter 834: The respected teacher of the alma mater

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The awards ceremony ended.

The audience dispersed and everyone gradually left the venue.

Zhang Ye had not even walked out of the venue yet, but he was already surrounded by around eight reporters. At the other side, there were some professors who had won awards and were also getting interviewed, but only by a lot less reporters. They were mostly doing one-on-one interviews, as a majority of the other media reporters had focused their attention onto Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye just briefly answered them and then hurriedly squeezed past the crowd. "I'm sorry, I have something to get to. Next time, next time I'll share more." He turned back and said to the Peking University team, "I'll leave first." Saying that, he handed the trophy that he had not even held for long into the hands of Pan Yang. Since Peking University had asked for it, he could not possibly refuse them. Anyway, it was quite useless to keep it at home. In the future, if he wanted to show off, he could still get it back which would be all the same to him.

Pan Yang said, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I have to rush to another awards ceremony."

"There's another one?" a math teacher from Peking University said in surprise.

"It's this year's Golden Microphone Awards, held tonight," Zhang Ye said.

"You're quite busy. Alright then, quickly go." Pan Yang said, "Will there be a broadcast of the awards ceremony later?"

Zhang Ye replied, "It'll be broadcast online."

Pan Yang nodded. "I'll watch it when I get back."

When Zhang Ye made his way out, some of the reporters continued to chase after him.

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Please wait!"

"This is already your third official award this year. Can you share your thoughts with us?!"

"Do you have confidence in winning the Golden Microphone Award?"

"Teacher Zhang Ye, please don't go! We're going to the venue of the Golden Microphone Awards ceremony as well! Let's head there together!"


He did not bother to grab dinner and just made his way there. Zhang Ye drove straight to the venue of this year's Golden Microphone Awards ceremony. The reason why he was in such a rush was because the ceremony for the annual National Broadcasting Newcomer Awards, also known as the Silver Microphone Awards, was always held before the Golden Microphone Awards opened. Zhang Ye knew that Dong Shanshan was nominated for one of these awards and had a very high chance of winning it. Naturally, he would like to be there early to support his former classmate.

However, by the time he arrived, the award ceremony for the Silver Microphone Awards had already ended.

He coincidentally bumped into an ex-colleague, Tian Bin, at the entrance.

"Old Tian," Zhang Ye greeted while still a distance away.

A group of people who were having a smoke outside all looked over at him. Zhang Ye?

Tian Bin stubbed out his cigarette and walked toward him. "You only just arrived? Look at the time!"

"I had to attend an academic awards ceremony and it just ended not long ago," Zhang Ye responded.

Tian Bin asked, "Did you win it?"

Zhang Ye smiled. "Yes, I did. How did the Silver Microphone Awards ceremony go?"

Tian Bin knew that he was Dong Shanshan's classmate. "Are you asking about Teacher Shanshan? She got it as well. The Silver Microphone Awards ceremony has just ended and it's intermission right now. They're rearranging the stage and setup while we wait for the Golden Microphone Awards ceremony to start. It will be broadcast live online. You were nominated this time as well, right? Let's go. I'll bring you in to find your seat first."

Zhang Ye asked, "You're not nominated?"

"I'm not capable like you. I only came here to attend the ceremony as an audience member with a ticket." Tian Bin laughed and mentioned, "Oh right, the radio broadcast of Ghost Blows Out the Light finished a long time ago. When you have any more new works, remember to give me the authorizations to them."

"That's for sure, Zhang Ye agreed without any hesitation.

When they entered the venue, it was densely packed with people. This place was a lot bigger than the venues of the two previous award ceremonies he had attended. The upper and lower decks were estimated to be able to hold up to a thousand people. Other than the organizer's staff and fellow broadcasters inside, many others who looked like they were students were attending too.

"Eh, Zhang Ye?"

"Aha, isn't this Teacher Little Zhang?"

He encountered some familiar faces.

Wang Xiaomei: Beijing Radio Station's radio host whom he worked with back then.

Big Sis Cui: A staff member from Beijing Radio Station. She was an editor who worked with Zhang Ye and Tian Bin at the same office in the past.

And there were also a few hosts who Zhang Ye got to know when he worked at the online television station in Shanghai previously.

"Teacher Zhang, long time no see."

"How've you been doing recently?"

"I'm doing fine, but no matter how well I do, I still can't be compared to you."

"Come on, I'm just passing time while pretending to work and messing around."

"You can mess around and still get your program to the number 1 spot in the nationwide viewership ratings?"

When old friends met, it was inevitable that they would be excited, especially Big Sis Cui and some of his old colleagues. They were grabbing hold of Zhang Ye's arm as they happily chatted. Zhang Ye also chatted idly with them for quite a while. In the end, Zhang Ye was finally able to get away after they scheduled to have a meal gathering someday. He looked around for a long time before he found the person he was looking for and walked quickly toward her.

"Shanshan," Zhang Ye greeted.

Seated in a row somewhere in the middle, Dong Shanshan was chatting with her friend. When she heard her name being called, she turned around and stood up while holding the trophy in her hands. "Why are you so late? The Golden Microphone Awards ceremony has already ended."

Zhang Ye was stunned. "The Golden Microphone Awards were already given out?"

"I'm just kidding." Dong Shanshan half-smiled.

"I should have known. You scared me." Zhang Ye looked at the trophy in her hands. A year ago, he won the same trophy. "Congratulations on winning the Broadcasting Newcomer Award."

Dong Shanshan was dressed quite sexily today. "Thank you, it was all thanks to you."

Zhang Ye said happily, "I've still not had dinner yet, so why don't you treat me tonight."

"You're the one who's going to win the Golden Microphone Award and you're asking a winner of a newcomer award to treat you?" Dong Shanshan glared at him while smiling. "Do you think that's appropriate?"

Zhang Ye replied, "Of course it's appropriate. I think my chances of winning are very slim."

"That might not necessarily be true. You should be one of the winners of the most prestigious awards in the hosting world since two of your shows have taken number 1 in the viewership ratings and already broke the records as well." After saying that, Dong Shanshan suddenly remembered something and immediately pulled at Zhang Ye. "Oh right, I nearly forgot. Come with me, I'll bring you to meet someone."

Zhang Ye blinked. "Who is it?"

"You'll know when you see." Dong Shanshan smiled.

Zhang Ye did not know what was happening and could only follow along with her.

After squeezing past by twisting and turning through the crowd, Dong Shanshan brought him to an area near the back rows. He swept his gaze around and saw a group of students with a few middle-aged men and women among them.

The person saw the both of them.

Zhang Ye noticed that person as well.

Su Hongyan smiled gently and pointed at him. "Zhang Ye!"

Zhang Ye was stunned as he declared, "Aiyo, Teacher Su!"

Su Hongyan smiled. "Great, you still know who I am."

"Listen to what you're saying. How can I not know who you are," Zhang Ye replied.

Su Hongyan asked, "Then why didn't you come back to Media College for a visit after you graduated? You did not even give us a call, and to think that some of us teachers were still thinking about you. Look at Shanshan. At least she knows to call us or send a message to us during every Teachers' Day."

Zhang Ye laughed dryly. "I'm not successful yet, so I did not have the face to visit you."

This person was the cultural education teacher who taught Zhang Ye and Dong Shanshan in Media College. Her lectures mainly centered on the introduction to the art of broadcasting. She was also their student counselor for a year. Hence, the teacher who Zhang Ye came in contact with most during his time at university was definitely Teacher Su Hongyan!

A teacher who was in her forties and had a very nice demeanor.

When the students behind Su Hongyan heard that, they looked at Zhang Ye in astonishment. Only then did they know that their famous senior in the entertainment industry was taught by Teacher Su!

Su Hongyan shook her head. "You, stop giving excuses. You're still not successful? Your works have become popular all over the country, especially that poem which was very well written. What was it called? 'Saying Goodbye to Peking University Again'? Seems to me like your feelings for Peking University are deeper than your alma mater."

"No, that's not true!" Zhang Ye hurriedly waved his hands and said, "I'll compose a piece on 'Saying Goodbye to Media College Again' when I get back tonight! I'll deliver to you tomorrow!"

Su Hongyan smiled and remarked, "Too late for that."

Dong Shanshan laughed.

The students of Media College also laughed.

After a little joking around, Su Hongyan studied Zhang Ye from head to toe for a moment. Then she said, "I've been tracking your performance for the past two years. Since you were my student, I naturally paid more attention to you. To be honest, many of the teachers at Media College who taught you, including me, did not expect all this from you. Quite often, we would talk about you during our break time in the office. We remembered that there were a lot of students who were much better than you. Comparing results, you were always ranked near the bottom of the class. Comparing looks and every other aspect, you were definitely at the bottom of the class. The main problem was that you were too stubborn. I can still remember very clearly that in your freshmen year, when an English teacher made all the students in class come up with an English name, you refused to do so. The English teacher got so angry that he left the class without teaching the lesson. Afterwards, when he complained to the department, you still asserted your stand and refused to apologize. In the end, I had to put in a word for you to persuade him to not take it up with you."

Dong Shanshan related happily, "He still behaves the same way now. When he worked at the online television station in Shanghai, a colleague insisted that he fill in an English name in the job application form. But in the end, Zhang Ye just told that colleague off."

The large group of students from Media College at the back perked their ears up in curiosity. This was the first time they learned about Zhang Ye's happenings from back then. They could not help shuddering with fear when they heard it!

With such a character, he actually managed to graduate?

With such a character, he could even become a celebrity?

Su Hongyan marveled, "That's why I was wondering how come, when there were so many others who were better than you in class, it was you who somehow became the most successful. For so many of the students we had high expectations of, some are still working in radio stations or doing odd jobs like being assistants, while a lot of the others have already left the industry and are no longer in broadcasting anymore. We really can't be certain about some things."

Zhang Ye flattered, "That I'm successful today is all down to your great teaching."

Su Hongyan brushed it off. "Oh come on, hur hur. How can I possibly teach such a bad-tempered student like you? In these two years since your debut, a lot of those industry peers you've offended have come complaining to Media College saying, 'You guys shouldn't have allowed that rascal to graduate,' and other similar words. I've heard no less than five such complaints already, so just think about how many people you must have offended. We thought that you were just being stubborn sometimes when you were still at school, and that you would slowly change after you entered society and worked. But who could have guessed that after two years, not only has your temperament not been restrained, it has gotten even worse with age!"

Media College was the best institution in the country for a broadcast major. Many of the hosts in the industry were graduates of the school or were inextricably linked to it. As a result, Su Hongyan had plenty of updates from her news sources.

Back then, in front of the teachers, Zhang Ye was still considered to be an obedient student. He would listen to whatever the teachers said. However, whether he followed their teachings or not was a different story.

"OK, you're already a big shot now." Su Hongyan smiled and said, "Although the journey was not too satisfactory, the result is still good enough." She gestured to the students behind her and said, "These are the students who I'm teaching this year. They're all your juniors from Media College."

Zhang Ye smiled and replied, "I saw them. They 're all quite spirited."

Following, Su Hongyan motioned toward Zhang Ye while facing her students. "This is your senior."


"Senior, nice to meet you!"

"Senior, let's exchange our chat IDs!"

"Senior, can you leave us your number?"

The juniors started chattering away. All of them were very excited to meet Zhang Ye here today.

Su Hongyan looked at Zhang Ye and Dong Shanshan and stated, "I introduced Shanshan to them just now. If my students need any help in the future, I'll come looking for the two of you."

Zhang Ye happily said, "Sure, I'll be at your service immediately!"

Su Hongyan smiled and voiced, "Good, I'll remember what you just said."