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Chapter 839: Appointed as Associate Professor at Media College?

Chapter 839: Appointed as Associate Professor at Media College?

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On a cloudy Sunday.

When he opened the windows in the morning, it was very smoggy outside.

Smelling the unpleasant air, Zhang Ye coughed a few times and turned around to ask, "Mom, where's my face mask? Help me find it please. I have an appointment in the morning and will need to go out for a bit."

His mother replied, "I forgot where I put it."

"Help me look for it please," Zhang Ye requested.

"You're a man. Why do you need to wear a face mask?" his mother mumbled.

"The air is polluted." Zhang Ye said helplessly, "Don't believe what the news is saying about Beijing experiencing a heavy fog today. That's not fog but smog. When you and Dad go out later, remember to put on your face masks too. You must do it, alright?" He then looked at Chenchen who had just crawled out of bed and walked out of the room. "You too, did you get that?"

Chenchen pouted. "Zhang Ye, you're so slow."

His mother grunted, "Your uncle's behaving like a lady."

Zhang Ye: "..."

His father said, "Just listen to our son. The weather outside isn't good."

"See that? It's still a veteran party member like my dad who is more conscious of his surroundings!" Zhang Ye pointed out.

After putting on the face mask and a pair of sunglasses, Zhang Ye went downstairs and drove straight to Media College.

Media College, whose actual name was the Communication University of China, was previously known as Beijing Broadcasting Institute. Thus, there were people who called it Broadcasting College or CUC, but were nonetheless still referring to it as Media College.

As the leading institute for media education in China, Media College's entrance exam would naturally attract many interested applicants each year. Moreover, this was not limited to only the broadcaster profession but also included broadcast editing, acting, and other related media professions. Every year, the number of applicants would number several tens of thousands. As such, the interviews could not possibly be completed within just a few days. It would take up to half a month to complete by conducting the examination in batches. Today was the first day of the entrance exam and also the busiest day.

At Media College.

The main entrance.

When he arrived, he immediately saw the place crowded with people. The examinees were there but a greater number of them were actually the examinees' parents. Some female examinees were even accompanied by five or six relatives. A lot of those who had their parents with them were female examinees from the provinces outside of Beijing. As their parents were worried about their pretty daughters coming to Beijing alone to attend the entrance exam, most of them decided to come along as well.

Zhang Ye slowed his car down hoping to take a look at the bevy of beautiful girls. Since they were here to attend the Media College Entrance Examination, how bad could they possibly look? However, when Zhang Ye tried to see, he could only quietly retract his eyes.

Your sister!

The smog was so heavy that he couldn't see shit!

"Hey, look at that?"

"Who is that person?"

"It's Zhang Ye!"

"It's really Teacher Zhang Ye!"

"Wow, why is he here today?"

After parking his car, as he was walking on campus, someone recognized Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye was strolling as he marveled at and reminisced about the changes back here at his alma mater. Then, when he realized that the surrounding examinees were all staring at him, he smiled and nodded at them.

A girl was crouched on the ground and hastily trying to put on some makeup.

When Zhang Ye passed by her, he said, "Don't bother doing that. You'd still have to remove your makeup when you go in there."

The girl was taken aback by this. "Ah?"

Zhang Ye said, "Didn't you read the requirements stated for the first round of examination?"

The girl hurriedly asked, "We can't even have light makeup on?"

Zhang Ye smiled and replied, "Put on your makeup when it's time for the second round instead." Then he walked off.

The girl shouted from afar, "Thank you, thank you, Teacher Zhang, for the reminder!" She excitedly pulled at her friend who came along with her for the entrance exam. "Did you see that? Did you? Zhang Ye spoke to me!"

The examinees were discussing intensely.

"What is Zhang Ye doing here?"

"And he's here during the entrance exam period too?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe he came back to visit his teachers?"

"Surely not, right? They would be exceptionally busy today!"

There were quite a number of media reporters who had been standing by on campus since 5 o'clock in the morning. They all saw Zhang Ye walking over, and perhaps due to their job nature, they also had a keener sense of awareness.

"Zhang Ye is the examiner!" a female reporter from Beijing Times reflexively shouted!

Everyone was in an uproar!


"Is that really true!?"

"Zhang Ye will be proctoring the exam?"

"Damn, why wasn't this important news reported in advance!?"

"Media College has invited Zhang Ye over?"

"Aiyo, Teacher Zhang, wait up!"

"Teacher Zhang!"

All of a sudden, around six reporters were chasing after him!

Seeing this, Zhang Ye knew that it wouldn't be easy for him to get away if he got surrounded. He quickly turned and ran off, but when the reporters saw this, they pursued even harder. Seeing this, Zhang Ye ran even faster, and when those reporters saw this, they chased even harder. Seeing this, Zhang Ye ran even faster, and when those reporters saw this…

Oh alright.

Enough baloney.

Su Hongyan had received a call from Zhang Ye earlier and was waiting for him at the entrance of a teaching block with a few colleagues. In the end, she witnessed a scene she found both amusing and awkward.

"Hey, Teacher Su!" Zhang Ye ran over, panting hard.

Su Hongyan laughed. "You're really popular, aren't you?"

Zhang Ye waved it off. "Don't mention it. The way I'm being trained here is even harder than training for a marathon. If and when the entertainment industry has enough of me, I'll go and be a professional athlete so that I can continue serving the people."

A few of the reporters who had caught up heard this and were amused!

"Hur hur, cut the crap." Su Hongyan motioned with her head. "Come on in, we're just waiting for you."

Zhang Ye turned around and told those reporters, "Sorry, bros and sisses, let's do the interview at a later date."


"Go on and work hard first."

"Remember to give me an exclusive interview later!"

"You ran really fast, Director Zhang!"

"Aiyo, I'm exhausted from chasing after you!"

Having reached his current status, Zhang Ye had already met many reporters of the industry by now. As long as they were entertainment reporters based in Beijing, Zhang Ye would almost definitely have come across them before. Even for those who were not entertainment reporters, Zhang Ye had seen a lot of them before, like those academic or literary journalists who Zhang Ye was very familiar with by now. Having met so many times by now, a lot of these reporters weren't interviewing or surrounding Zhang Ye for the first time. Occasionally, they would even joke around with Zhang Ye a little to help improve their relations with each other. They were already rather close in a way.


As the entrance examination was scheduled for later, Su Hongyan decided to introduce to Zhang Ye the other examiners who were also taking charge of this broadcasting examination. The examinations for the other courses like television or directing were held on another floor.

Su Hongyan said, "Little Zhang, this is Professor Qu Heng.

Zhang Ye quickly put out his hand and greeted very humbly, "Professor Qu."

Professor Qu laughed and said, "Hello, Professor Zhang."

Zhang Ye replied, "Please, just call me Little Zhang. I dare not be addressed as a professor in front of you teachers."

Professor Qu uttered, "Don't stand on ceremony with us."

Most of those present were professors and teachers during Zhang Ye's time at the university. Even though some of them did not teach his class, it was all the same to Zhang Ye as he did not dare to act too full of himself in front of them.

However, Professor Qu still insisted on addressing Zhang Ye as Professor Zhang as he had a very traditional mindset. Since Zhang Ye was a lecturer at Peking University and an associate professor of its Math Department, then in Professor Qu's opinion, even if Zhang Ye used to be a student of Media College, he was already standing at the same level as them now. Those who could serve would do so as teachers. It didn't matter whether you were young or old. That was the reason why he wanted to address him properly.

Su Hongyan introduced them one by one. "This is Teacher Xue, my colleague and a voice teacher. When you were still attending university, Teacher Xue wasn't around yet, so you would not have met before."

Zhang Ye stepped forward and held out his hand, "Teacher Xue."

Teacher Xue was somewhat more casual. "Don't mind me if I address you as Teacher Little Zhang."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Being addressed as teacher or professor by all of you is really making me feel awkward. I really don't deserve this at all. Since I'm back at my alma mater, I should be considered a student again."

Su Hongyan laughed pleasantly and pointed at Zhang Ye. "This kid here will always act humble, so everyone, you don't need to be overly polite with him. It will do if you just call him Little Zhang." When she finished introducing everyone, Su Hongyan said, "Even though I believe that everyone already knows him, I'll still do this the proper way. This is Zhang Ye, a student I taught in the past." Pondering for a moment, she added, "He's the most disobedient and worrisome student I've ever had!"

Zhang Ye: "..."

Everyone broke out into laughter. Seeing what Zhang Ye was like, they could already imagine his temper while he was still in school. It wouldn't be surprising if he was a difficult student to handle, so it must have been really hard on Teacher Su.

Finally, Su Hongyan briefed Zhang Ye on his responsibilities and purview as an examiner of the entrance examination.

Zhang Ye browsed through the examinees' information charts as he listened very carefully and seriously to the briefing. There were times when Zhang Ye liked to goof around, but for some matters, Zhang Ye could be very serious as well. When it came to something as important as an entrance examination which could implicate the future of an examinee, Zhang Ye would never joke about it. This was because he has been through the same path before. For those applying for the broadcast hosting course, there was a requirement to fulfill: Male examinees must not be shorter than 175 cm. Back then, Zhang Ye's height was clearly not enough to qualify him, but they had somehow made a one-off exception at that time, and it had forever changed his destiny. Therefore, now that he had become an examinee, Zhang Ye would not make light of the job either.

After understanding the procedures, the few examiners started chatting. Su Hongyan was also involved this time and her role was mainly to assess the cultural score of the applicants.

It was half an hour to the start of the interview round.

Su Hongyan suddenly called Zhang Ye over to the side.

Zhang Ye was startled and asked, "What's the matter, Teacher Su?"

Su Hongyan said, "When I called you, I mentioned that there was something else. Since we have time now, let me talk to you about it."

"What is it?" Zhang Ye asked curiously.

Su Hongyan said, "What is your job scope over at Peking University?"

Zhang Ye replied, "It's just what you'd expect for both the Chinese and Math Departments. But I'm still in the middle of resuming my duties after my suspension was lifted, so I haven't been given any classes yet."

Su Hongyan voiced her understanding. "We had a meeting at the university yesterday to discuss you. This included inviting you to be the examiner as well as another thing, which the president wants me to discuss with you and seek your opinion on. What would you say if the School of Broadcasting wants to offer you a position as a visiting associate professor?

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded, "Associate Professor? Me?"

Su Hongyan said, "It's the position of visiting professor, so it doesn't clash with your role at Peking University. It's just a title for a temporary position. You can come and give a lecture or two when there's a need. Any other matters need not be handled by you. But even if you have no time to come, you can just hold the title and that's fine too."

Zhang Ye was stunned. "I'm just a student here, so how can I…"

Su Hongyan said, "Don't keep harping on your past student status. You've already won the highest honor for a host and are now one of the most excellent hosts in the industry. In the past, when those alumni members who graduated and also won the Golden Microphone Award, they came back and held the title of professor. But since you're still young, we decided on giving you the title of associate professor instead. As for you, don't be too stressed. The university has already discussed this in the meeting, so as long as you agree to it, the matter is settled. It's just your decision now."

Zhang Ye was still in disbelief. "Why me?"

"Because you're the most suitable candidate." Su Hongyan said with a laugh, "Our Media College is the top-ranked institute for the broadcasting major, that's without a doubt. But the other schools and faculties are rather mediocre. For example, the School of Acting? It's not even comparable to the Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theater Academy, or Beijing Film Academy. What about the School of Directing? The School of Music and Recording Arts? There are also better institutes than us in those majors. We're always losing out in the student admissions every year. But if you join us, the entire situation would surely become better. Not only are you a host, you're also a TV director with two shows under your belt and have won the highest awards in the industry. In terms of entertainment shows and documentaries, who other than you would dare claim that they're the best? You've also acted and composed music, so your image and accomplishments are the most suited to Media College. The decision to invite you to join us was made by our School of Broadcasting. But if you agree to join us, the School of Directing and School of Music and Recording Arts would definitely not object to you giving lectures for them. Even if you don't wish to do that, it's entirely up to you."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "This is a good thing and my honor as well. How can I not agree to it? I'm only afraid of giving more trouble to my alma mater, since you know that I'm rather unpopular with a lot of people."

"That's not much trouble at all. Do you think the school wouldn't be able to protect you from that?" After Su Hongyan said that, she was muted by her own words. "Alright, it's true that the trouble you get into can be rather messy at times."

Zhang Ye smiled sheepishly.

Su Hongyan declared, "It's settled then. I'll inform the university about this."

Zhang Ye thanked, "Sure, it's my pleasure."

Since Teacher Su had made this request, Zhang Ye had no reason to reject her. If he could accept the offer from Peking University and take on the position of an associate professor there, how could he possibly reject his alma mater's approach to make him a visiting associate professor here? There was basically no reason to reject them! And it was a good thing no matter how he looked at it!

Associate Professor at Media College?

He had gained yet another professorship now!