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Chapter 843: Zhang Ye Enraged! (2/3)

Chapter 843: Zhang Ye Enraged! (2/3)

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Later that afternoon.

The interviews were finished.

Some of the examinees left the campus full of confidence, while some female examinees could be seen walking away in tears. They clearly felt that they had not done well in their first round of the exam.

Zhang Ye looked at his watch. The interviews today ended earlier than yesterday. It was only a little past 3 PM, so he went to find a quiet spot with no one around and took out his phone to call Yan Tianfei.

"Director Yan."

"Your phone was off just now?"

"Yes. I was interviewing the examinees just now. You've received Wang He's information, right?"

"I've received it and also helped you ask around."

"How was it?"

"Did that classmate of yours offend someone?"

"Yes, he offended the head of Hebei TV's Production Department located in Beijing, someone called Guan Yunhai."

Yan Tianfei asked with some uncertainty: "Guan Yunhai? The Old Guan who has worked at Central TV before? I know him. No wonder, no wonder no one wants to hire your classmate. I've asked a few people I know and all of them turned me down. It sounded like when they all called up to check on Wang He's past employment, there was someone from Hebei TV who specifically told them not to use this person and said many bad things about him. Looks like your classmate has gravely offended Guan Yunhai, but what on earth did he do?"

Zhang Ye frowned and said: "It's a little complicated to explain."

Yan Tianfei revealed: "Old Guan has a large influence within the circle and he's also a veteran, so he knows quite a lot of people. As long as he has released word, then your classmate's issue won't be easy to handle."

"Not even with your influence?" Zhang Ye asked.

Yan Tianfei said: "My influence is not greater than his. The few people whom I've asked wouldn't want to offend Guan Yunhai for no reason. They feel that it isn't worth it to do so for a rookie, since after all, Old Guan has worked at Central TV in the past and they all know each other as well."

"Alright then, I understand, Director Yan."

"Sorry I couldn't help."

"Hai, it's fine. I'll think of another way."

"If it's OK with him, why don't you get him to come work at Department 14 first? Maybe he can do some narration work for the documentaries for a start?"

"Let's talk about it again, Director Yan. His specialty is not in this area and he probably wants to stay in the hosting field. Therefore, whether it's now or later, this matter still has to be resolved first."

They hung up.

Su Hongyan also came out of the exam hall.

"Little Zhang." Su Hongyan asked, "Is there news?"

Zhang Ye was getting quite enraged by this. "I've asked my department's director about it, but it's still not working out. Those people are all unwilling to offend Guan Yunhai, so they've rejected our request. And it seems like Hebei TV is even releasing word on purpose against Wang He. If anyone hires Wang He, it means they're going against Guan Yunhai. What kind of person is this!"

Su Hongyan also appeared angry. "Such a vengeful person?"

"What has this got to do with being vengeful?" Zhang Ye spieled, "This doesn't have anything to do with Wang He in the first place! He went around having an affair, but when his lover ran off with another man, he's putting the blame on Wang He? What kind of fucking logic is this?"

A few examiners and teachers who were just passing by them all looked at Zhang Ye.

Su Hongyan said in a speechless manner, "Keep it down. Don't keep cursing at others. You're an associate professor, so you should be more mindful of your behavior."

Only then did Zhang Ye cool down a little. "Where's Wang He?"

"At my office." Su Hongyan turned around. "Let's go to my office first then."

At Su Hongyan's office.

Zhang Ye related to Wang He what Yan Tianfei had told him.

Wang He stated, "Alright, I won't trouble you guys any longer. I'll settle my own problem from here."

"How are you going to settle it?" Zhang Ye asked him.

Wang He kept quiet.

Zhang Ye's temper had never been good and he would often get impulsive easily. About this issue today, from first hearing of it till now, it had made him somewhat mad. If it were Zhang Ye himself who had offended Guan Yunhai, he wouldn't have been bothered, since he had already offended too many people to begin with, so what was another one or two more. It wouldn't make a difference for Zhang Ye, but it was different for Wang He. Wang He couldn't even be considered as having debuted yet and was a total rookie in the industry, so that made the matter more difficult to handle. He couldn't possibly go and take this all on himself either. He had no problems with that, but Guan Yunhai would never allow it. That Guan fellow had already fully pinned this on Wang He and was determined to force him out of the industry. This was a form of an even harsher ban. It was basically shutting him out of the industry with no chance of getting in at all!

At this moment, Su Hongyan spoke up, "How about this? I've asked for Guan Yunhai's number from a friend just now. Let me give him a call."

Wang He quickly said, "Teacher Su, forget it."

Su Hongyan declared firmly, "No, I won't. You're such a promising young man. Why should we let you be held in check just because of what Guan Yunhai says? Who does he think he is? Is there still any justice here?"

Since it had come to this, Su Hongyan was also getting infuriated.

Zhang Ye said, "Right, call him. I would like to see what kinds of excuses he can come up with!"

They made the call over.

Du du. The ringtone went for five or six times before being answered.

"Hello?" It was the voice of a middle-aged man.

Su Hongyan said: "Hello, is this Director Guan?

"You are?" Guan Yunhai asked.

Thinking about Wang He, Su Hongyan did not show much emotions and said calmly: "I am a teacher from Media College's School of Broadcasting. Wang He is my student."

There was silence for a few seconds on the other end of the call. "Oh, what is it?"

Su Hongyan said: "My student worked at your station for a period of time. Back then, he had just graduated and was still inexperienced, so he might not have considered everything carefully before he did them and caused you trouble. As his teacher, I've already criticized him, so I hope that you would also let him off the hook since it's already been a year. The child is much more mature and understanding now. Besides, he's also one of the better students we teachers have identified, so about his work—"

Guan Yunhai cut her off and said impatiently: "Wang He? I seem to have an impression of such a person, but hasn't he already left his position here? So please don't come to me with his work problems."

Su Hongyan replied: "But the reviews from your station about Wang He haven't been good and a few other television stations are not willing to hire him because of this. He—"

"Then that has nothing to do with us, right?" interrupted Guan Yunhai as he cut off Su Hongyan again. "We also have our set of procedures to follow at our station, so what has it got to do with me what the other stations think about him?"

Su Hongyan's eyes narrowed. "You're also a leading figure with a lot of influence in the industry, so why are you taking this up with a child so aggressively for? It's not easy for the child too." Pausing, she continued: "How about this, Director Guan. Are you free today? I will bring Wang He over. Let's handle the issue after we talk about—"

"You don't have to bother coming to discuss this with me." Guan Yunhai cut her off for the third time. "I'm very busy right now."

Du du du!

He ended the call!

Su Hongyan's expression turned into disappointment. "He hung up."

Zhang Ye was so angry that he was amused. "You even got dissed by him?"

Wang He said, "Teacher Su, I think it's better if I find a way to solve this on my own. Don't trouble yourself anymore." Seeing Teacher Su get disrespected because of his own issues made Wang He feel outraged and also made him feel like he owed her a lot.

But Su Hongyan insisted, "I will involve myself with this no matter what! Let's go, Little Wang. I will bring you to their office! We must settle this today! I don't believe we can't do anything about it!"

Wang He immediately said, "I will go there by myself!"

Su Hongyan voiced, "I will go with you."

"I'll go too!" Zhang Ye was already putting his jacket on.

Su Hongyan looked at him and said, "Why are you going? You just skedaddle back home."

Zhang Ye gazed at her with his eyes wide open. "How can I not go? I already said that I would help Wang He with this, so I must help out until it has been resolved. Isn't that Guan Yunhai an idiotic bastard? Then we should go together and talk it out with him!"

Su Hongyan glared at him. "Give it a rest, will you? It's better if you don't go, because if you do, things will only get more difficult to handle. Just with that temper of yours, you would only give us more trouble over there. If you start getting into a shouting match with them, Little Wang's case would never be settled and might even become unsolvable!"

Zhang Ye responded, "Don't you think I know how to behave myself? Am I someone who doesn't know my limits? If this were my own problem, I would have already cursed him out over the phone, but didn't I keep quiet just now?"

"Don't give me that." Su Hongyan said, "Just go back to doing whatever you needed to do."

Finally, Su Hongyan brought Wang He along with her and left.

Zhang Ye was speechless. He went back to the office and paced around with his hands behind his back for some time. In the end, he still decided to head to the parking lot with a sunken expression. Since he knew about it, even if they didn't want him to go, he still must go!


Half an hour later.

Hebei Television's Beijing Production Department.

After looking for the location for a long time, he finally found his way and drove to the place. However, before he could get out of his car, Zhang Ye saw something at the building lobby from his car window that left him furious. He did not even park his car properly, simply going right over the curb. Spinning the wheel, he left it there at the entrance of the building!

Inside the lobby.

There were two groups of people arguing!

A staffer shouted, "We asked you all to leave!"

Wang He held one of the security guards and said, "Why did you push her?!"

"Unauthorized persons are prohibited to enter! Who allowed you two to come in here?!" That security guard pushed Wang He's hand away.

The other security guard captain rushed over with a baton, but did not use it on Wang He. Instead, he bumped chests as a challenge and stated, "We've already said, Director Guan is in a meeting and has no time for you two! Why are you still trying to enter?"

Wang He roared, "Why did you push my teacher down?"

More and more people from the television station gathered to watch.

Su Hongyan tugged at Wang He. "Little Wang! Let go! Don't fight anymore!"

Wang He might usually seem very polite and amiable, but when something really cropped up, he could get quite ferocious too. He grabbed the security guard with one hand and said, "He can push me! But he can't push you!"

"What are you doing! Let go!" Su Hongyan was afraid things would get out of control and quickly tried to hold him back.

Chief Chen, a supervisor at the station, said with a darkened expression, "Hurry up and chase them out. What are you still waiting for!?"

Around eight security guards and a few male television station staff members came forward to surround them!

At this moment, Zhang Ye rushed in with a murderous look!

Su Hongyan was the first one to notice him. "What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to not come? Whatever! Hurry up and hold Wang He back! Don't let him start a fight!"

Wang He's one year of stifled anger had finally erupted today!

However, Su Hongyan could not have expected that not only did Zhang Ye not hold Wang He back, he even threw his sunglasses down to the floor and shouted, "Who fucking pushed my teacher just now!?"

The lobby went quiet all of a sudden!

Chief Chen was stunned!

Several of the security guards were stunned!

The other television station staff also froze in their spots!

Zhang Ye?

It's Zhang Ye?

Damn! What is this jinx doing here!?

The several security guards who had surrounded Su Hongyan and Wang He to hold them back all took a step back unwittingly after they saw and heard Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye looked at Wang He who was grabbing a security guard and walked over with long strides. "Was it you!?"

That security guard who was sweating bucketloads by now denied that it was him!

Zhang Ye looked at another person. "Or was it you?"

The other security guard was stunned and reflexively took a step back!

Su Hongyan was seething with so much anger that she nearly died. These two students were really too worrisome to take care of, especially Zhang Ye. I was still hoping that you'd help me pull Wang He aside, but why are you even more rash than him! She quickly said, "No one pushed me! Stop it! I only tripped on my heels just now!"

Zhang Ye said coldly, "Wang He, which one of them did it?"

Wang He said with a dark face, "I did not see it clearly either!"

Su Hongyan said angrily, "I really tripped by myself! Didn't I already say so!?"

Zhang Ye was having none of it. His entire body was emitting a murderous aura!

With his martial arts, these security guards and the male staff would not be able to handle him even if they had help from the surrounding but powerless white-collar staff. Zhang Ye could take all of them on with his eyes closed. That was why everyone was shocked with fear with just Zhang Ye standing there, as his entire aura was totally different from everyone else's!

The key difference was Zhang Ye was already notorious for his behavior, having beaten up a leader, kicked a Korean celebrity, and also fought several plane hijackers before. All of those incidents added to his legendary status, so many of those security guards trembled at the sight of Zhang Ye. Their tough behavior earlier was only an act and also due to them having more people on their side. But when faced with Zhang Ye, they could not summon the same aggressiveness because they all knew that Zhang Ye really dared to fight for real! While they didn't seem like they could take him on at all! Neither could they actually hit him!

What was his status?

This was a Peking University associate professor!

He was someone who had just received the highest mathematics award given out in the country!

He was Media College's newly recruited visiting associate professor!

He was the entertainment circle's well-known hooligan!

How could they fight him? There was no way to! Zhang Ye was no ordinary celebrity! This person could walk around in any of his capacities in the industry without fearing for his safety!

They dared to take Wang He and Su Hongyan head on! But they would never dare to mess with Zhang Ye! Everyone knew how ruthless this desperado could get if he could even pilot and force land a plane in a situation where there were no pilots at all!