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Chapter 844: Zhang Ye Enraged! (3/3)

Chapter 844: Zhang Ye Enraged! (3/3)

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The atmosphere suddenly turned tense!

Many of the surrounding staff whispered among themselves.

"Why is he here?"

"He's too ruthless to deal with!"

"Aiyo, hurry up and inform the execs. Don't let the situation escalate into a real fight!"

"Yeah, that Zhang Ye guy is always getting into fights!"

"Is it because of Wang He's incident?"

"Don't tell me that he and Wang He are classmates?"

"There might be this possibility too!"

"Regarding the incident with Director Guan, hai, there's nothing we could say at all!"

"Should we call the police? Don't let this get out of hand!"

Wang He had worked here for quite some time back then. Although everyone feigned ignorance about Guan Yunhai's affair, how could they do not know about that since it had been discussed so many times in private. However, no one expected Zhang Ye to actually get involved in this issue as well!

If this was the office building of any other company, then there would be a possibility that those people would not have a clue about Zhang Ye's past deeds. But since Hebei Television's staff were also industry insiders themselves, how could they not know about what had happened in the past? How could they not know what sort of hooligan Zhang Ye was in the industry!?

Wang He also shouted, "Who pushed my teacher? Step forward and admit it!"

No one uttered a word.

Chief Chen was the highest-ranking person at the scene. When he heard that, his face also turned white from anger. "Wang He, stop spouting nonsense. Who saw us pushing her? Ah?"

Su Hongyan pushed at Wang He. "Alright, that's enough!"

Chief Chen said, "No one touched her in the first place!"

Zhang Ye stared at Chief Chen. "Who can prove that you didn't push her?"

Chief Chen: "..."

Zhang Ye glared at them. "Then you guys must have pushed her!"

The surrounding people: "..."

The security guards nearly cried. Aren't you being too unreasonable!?

Chief Chen pointed at them and said, "It's office hours now and everyone is working. You guys are demanding to see Director Guan the moment you arrive and even want to go upstairs right away, but have you made an appointment to do so? Huh? Director Guan is upstairs, but do you know how busy he is? You think that you can just go up to see him as you like? You can see him whenever you want? Based on what! Whoever you want to see, go and make an appointment at the front desk first, then go wait in the corner for your turn!"

Su Hongyan looked at him and said, "But did you even give us a chance to make an appointment?"

"The moment we arrived, we were already chased off by all of you!" Wang He said, "And you even got a bunch of security guards to have us surrounded! What's the meaning of this? Are you shielding yourselves from thieves?"

Suddenly, there was a someone who looked like a client walking in from outside. After seeing a group of people in the lobby, he glanced at them frequently as he asked a staff member to point him to where the elevators were. That staff gave him directions and that person walked toward the elevator, turning back every now and then to look. No one even asked him who he was. Further, that person was clearly here for the first time too, just like Wang He, Su Hongyan, and Zhang Ye.

Su Hongyan pointed to the elevator and said, "Then what about that person? Why isn't anyone stopping him?"

Without looking back, Chief Chen simply said, "What person?"

Zhang Ye spoke, "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?"

Chief Chen looked at Zhang Ye. "Will the three of you please leave!"

Zhang Ye sneered. "I won't leave today no matter what. What can you do about that?"

Chief Chen was stunned as he did not expect Zhang Ye to be such a thug. "If you three continue to interfere with our work, then don't blame us for calling the police!"

"Who are you trying to scare?!" Zhang Ye took out his cell phone. "Hurry up then, call the police! Or should I call for you instead? My teacher was beaten up by someone here! If I don't get a proper explanation today, no one is to leave!"

Got beaten up?

Fuck, who beat up your teacher?!

She just fell over by herself! Besides, she did not even really fall. She just tripped and wobbled a little!

Chief Chen initially thought that a famous celebrity like him would surely be afraid of getting negative publicity. As long as he mentioned the police, Zhang Ye would definitely have to reconsider his behavior. But after hearing Zhang Ye's response, Chief Chen nearly choked. Only then did he recall that this Zhang guy did not lack any negative publicity in the first place. Scolding people, beating up people, suing his own employer, what kinds of things did he not do before? Every now and then, plenty of negative news about him would surface, but look at him! Didn't he still eat and sleep like usual every day? He basically did not care at all. Besides, the media had also seemingly gotten used to it! Hence, getting portrayed in a negative light might be a devastating blow to other celebrities, but to Zhang Ye, it didn't hurt him one bit since it was already routine for him!

Zhang Ye pointed upstairs and declared, "Cut the crap! Get Guan Yunhai to come down!"

Chief Chen replied, "Director Guan is currently in a meeting!"

"Then we will go up and find him!" Zhang Ye led Su Hongyan and Wang He to the elevator.

Encountering such a person who didn't care about anything, Chief Chen had a headache dealing with it. He quickly called out, "Guards! Guards, what are you still waiting for?! Stop them! Let me see who's brave enough to let them enter!"

Zhang Ye exclaimed, "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"This is our station!" Chief Chen shouted.

When Su Hongyan saw that Zhang Ye was furious, she quickly held his arm back and said, "Little Zhang!"



Guan Yunhai's office.

The secretary rushed in and said while panting, "Director Guan!"

"What's the matter?" Guan Yunhai was surfing the Internet in his office.

He was a slightly tanned middle-aged man with a square face, but his eyebrows were very thin. From his looks alone, you would know that he wasn't really someone you could easily talk with.

"Something has happened downstairs!" The secretary anxiously explained, "I don't know why, but Zhang Ye is here! They're causing a commotion in the lobby downstairs! Chief Chen and the others won't be able to hold them back much longer!"

Guan Yunhai asked with a dark expression, "Which Zhang Ye?"

"It's that Zhang Ye!" answered the secretary.

Guan Yunhai said, "Why is he here? What has it got to do with him?"

The secretary guessed, "I think he is Wang He's…university classmate?"

Guan Yunhai said coldly, "He's just an entertainer. Why is it so difficult to stop him? Get the security guards to chase them out! Why are they causing a ruckus here?! Don't they know what kind of place this is? Does he think that this is his house?"

The secretary wiped his sweat away and said, "But…but Zhang Ye is no ordinary entertainer. He's also an associate professor at both Peking University and Media College. If he insists on barging in here, Chief Chen and the others would not…"

"I'll say it again. Chase them out!" Guan Yunhai sneered, "I don't care whether he is a professor or not! If they want to see me? Get them to make an appointment! And wait till I'm free!"

The secretary snuck a glance and knew that Guan Yunhai was clearly very free now, but he obviously just did not want to see Zhang Ye and the others. He did not give them any face at all. Moreover, even if Zhang Ye had made an appointment, Guan Yunhai would still not care about him. Regarding Wang He, no matter who came, it would still be useless!

The secretary nodded and said, "I understand, Director Guan."

Guan Yunhai said, "If nothing works, just report it the police or call Superintendent Liu. I'm not free to see them!" He shook his head and proclaimed, "Who the hell do they think they are?!"

"Understood!" The secretary obeyed his order.



In the lobby.

The secretary came down via the elevator.

Zhang Ye was still arguing impatiently with Chief Chen and his group of people while Su Hongyan kept tugging at Zhang Ye beside him. One moment, she was arguing with Chief Chen and the others, the next moment she was restraining Zhang Ye, for fear that he could not maintain his calm.

"Secretary Liu!"

"Secretary Liu is here!"

Someone shouted from the crowd.

When Chief Chen heard that, he also looked over and hurriedly called out, "Secretary Liu!"

Everyone knew that Secretary Liu had definitely come down on Director Guan's instructions.

Guan Yunhai's secretary nodded at them, and then glanced at the trio of Zhang Ye, Wang He, and Su Hongyan. "Director Guan is not free at the moment, so would you all please leave! If you want to see Director Guan, I'll help you guys make an appointment, but I don't know when Director Guan will have free time. When the time comes, I'll contact you all again!" His words did not sound wrong, but he delivered it icily!

Chief Chen understood what the director's intention was. He knew that they would not have to give any face to Zhang Ye too, so he said to Wang He, "Did you hear that? Please go back!"

Zhang Ye said, "With such a big commotion going on, Guan Yunhai still does not intend to show himself, right?"

Chief Chen said, "The director has his own things to handle. Do you think he has to come out just because of some shouting by you guys?"

Zhang Ye laughed, "Ha!"

Su Hongyan took a deep breath and said, "We're here to communicate properly with him. No one intended to come here to cause trouble. Besides, if it were anyone causing trouble, then it was you all who started it first! You're Director Guan's secretary, right? Can you arrange for me to meet with Director Guan one on one? I would like to speak to him face to face!"

Secretary Liu shook his head and replied, "Director Guan is not free."

For the sake of her student, Su Hongyan stifled her anger and said, "Then is it fine for us to wait in the lobby? We'll wait for Director Guan to come down."

Chief Chen was getting impatient. "Didn't I make myself clear? How many times have I said it? Do you really not understand or are you pretending not to understand?"

Secretary Liu added, "It's useless even if you wait here. Besides, our colleagues still have to work and with your presence here, it will affect us. If you really want to wait, please go out to the main entrance. You can wait anywhere you want outside of our premises. We won't care about that."

Zhang Ye was so angry that he started laughing. "We don't even have the right to wait in the lobby?"

Chief Chen pleaded, "Please leave!"

The security guards also braced themselves and came up to surround them.

Wang He clenched his fists as he took a deep breath while looking at Zhang Ye.

Su Hongyan could no longer hold back her anger and shouted, "Who does Guan Yunhai think he is? Zhang Ye and I came to see him, but we can't even get a meeting with him?"

Su Hongyan was a veteran lecturer of Media College, while Zhang Ye was an associate professor at Peking University and also an illustrious person of the entertainment industry. If Zhang Ye really went to Hebei to meet your station head, even he wouldn't try to avoid and not show his face to Zhang Ye, not to mention you are just the head of Hebei TV's famed production department. No matter what, as a Peking University professor, a winner of the highest award for a host, and a big shot B-list celebrity, he should still have some importance to speak of!

But you?

You can't even be bothered with us?

Do you really think that highly of yourself?

Honestly, if it wasn't for Wang He's issue this time, with just Su Hongyan's status as a teacher, she couldn't possibly come looking for Guan Yunhai by herself!

Chief Chen said, "Guards!"

But Zhang Ye did not move. "You don't want to let us in, right?"

Chief Chen repeated firmly, "I'll repeat, please leave!"

Zhang Ye looked at them. "Are you sure?"

"Sorry, but we are very sure," Secretary Liu asserted, getting rather annoyed.

"Then I'm sorry too!" Zhang Ye bluntly said, "I must get this resolved today!"

Su Hongyan asked in a low voice, "What will you do?"

"Let me make a call first." Saying that, he turned around and walked a few steps away. Then he sat down on the sofa in the lobby waiting area.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Chief Chen frowned. "What's wrong with you?"

Zhang Ye did not even pay any attention to him as he took out his cell phone to make a call!

You're not coming out, right?

Chasing us away, right?


Du, du. After six or seven rings, the call connected.

It was a woman's voice at the other end. "Hello."

Zhang Ye inquired: "Old Wu, are you busy?"