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Chapter 845: Let“s see which door I“m not allowed to enter!

Chapter 845: Let's see which door I'm not allowed to enter!

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The phone call was to Wu Zeqing.

"I'm in a meeting."

"I need to say something first even if you're in a meeting."

"OK, I left the conference room. Tell me, who has annoyed you again?"

"Hebei TV's Guan Yunhai. Do you know him?"

"No, never heard of him."

"He's the head of Hebei TV's production department located in Beijing. I heard that his rank is similar to that of a deputy station head."

"Maybe I saw him before when I went on inspection, but I have no impression of who he is."

Even if it were the deputy station heads of Central TV or Beijing Television, Wu Zeqing might not know all of them. Moreover, for someone who was only in charge of a production department at Hebei Television, even if his position was similar to that of a deputy station head, he was still not a ranking deputy station head!

Zhang Ye explained to Wu Zeqing in a simple fashion the situation regarding Wang He.

At the end of his explanation, Wu Zeqing said lightly: "It's just this small thing? Alright, I got it. You're over there right now, yes? Hand the phone to Guan Yunhai. I'll speak to him."

Zhang Ye said with a grimace: "I can't hand the phone to him. They aren't even letting us into the building!"

Old Wu said: "You aren't even allowed to go in?"

"They're not allowing us. There are like eight security guards chasing us away. My teacher was nearly pushed to the floor by them too. I was planning on sitting here in their lobby for a while, but looks like there's someone already coming over to shoo me away." Zhang Ye smiled as he looked at Chief Chen and the few security guards who were walking over.

Wu Zeqing acknowledged: "Alright, I understand. I'll send my secretary over to look for you three."

Zhang Ye replied: "Alright."

The call ended.

Zhang Ye called out, "Teacher Su, Wang He, come over here and sit."

Su Hongyan blinked several times then walked over and took a seat beside him.

Seeing that, Wang He also followed and sat down.

This made the people from the television station even more infuriated.

Chief Chen gravely asked, "Wang He, are you bent on making trouble here and embarrassing everyone?"

"It's you guys who're making us resort to this!" Since they didn't give them any face, then Su Hongyan was not going to be nice either!

Zhang Ye told him, "You better not fucking talk to us in that tone! I will make sure we get to see who the embarrassed ones are today!"

Secretary Liu was already calling Guan Yunhai.

"Director Guan."

"Has the issue been handled?"

"Zhang Ye and Wang He are still refusing to leave!"

"Just chase them away!"

"Surely we can't resort to manhandling them, right? They're just sitting on the sofa in the lobby. Do you think we should call the police or something?"

"Then ignore them and just go about with your work! They're at our television station. Can they still stir up trouble on our territory?"

"Alright, Director Guan."

"You can't even handle such a simple issue! Do you have to report to me about everything?"

"I'm sorry, Director."

Secretary Liu hung up and then ordered, "Old Chen, just ignore them!"

Chief Chen reacted by calling the security guards off and deployed a few of them to guard the elevators, with the others assigned to the stairways and other entrances. They were clearly afraid that Zhang Ye and company would sneak upstairs.

Seeing this, the surrounding staff who were watching dispersed.

Only Zhang Ye, Su Hongyan, and Wang He were left at the waiting area in the lobby.

Su Hongyan whispered, "Who did you call?"

"A friend." Zhang Ye did not clarify.

Su Hongyan asked, "Then what do we do now?"

Wang He also asked Zhang Ye, "Are we just going to sit here and wait?"

"We're waiting for someone." Zhang Ye pulled up his sleeve to check his watch. "It's not far from my friend's office, so it shouldn't take long. When she gets here, it'll be easier to handle the situation." As it wasn't Zhang Ye's personal issue today and it also involved the future of Wang He's work prospects, there were a lot of limitations to how Zhang Ye could handle this. Otherwise, if it were the old him, he would've already barged his way in. Right now, he could only wait for someone who could conveniently handle this matter!

Su Hongyan said with some doubt in her voice, "Then when your friend is here, can she really handle the problem? It feels like this television station is rather arrogant and that Guan Yunhai will not give face to anyone, whoever it is!"

Zhang Ye chuckled, "If he doesn't give face to my friend, then I'll give in to him!"

Su Hongyan said, "If she can really speak directly to Guan Yunhai, then get your friend to speak to him properly. The conflict earlier is not a problem. We should settle Wang He's work issue first. That's the priority."

Zhang Ye replied, "Let's just wait for her to get here first."

In the end, it didn't take long at all. They didn't even talk about much yet when a woman in her thirties, dressed in a business suit, strode quickly in. Her looks were average and she wore a pair of glasses. She wasn't pretty but she wasn't ugly. Her demeanor wasn't too outstanding either. She was someone who would blend in with the crowd very well. That woman looked around the lobby. When she spotted Zhang Ye in the waiting area, her eyes were fully focused on him as she immediately walked over to them.

Seeing this, Zhang Ye also stood up to greet her.

"Teacher Zhang, I've arrived." Bai Li outstretched her hand while still a distance away.

Zhang Ye did not dare act high and mighty, so he also stretched out his hand and shook her hand. "Hello."

"My name is Bai Li."

"Sister Bai."

"You don't have to be so polite. Just call me by my name."

"You don't have to be too polite with me either. Just call me Zhang Ye."

The two of them exchanged pleasantries.

Zhang Ye could see that Bai Li took him very seriously and was also very polite about things. From the look in her eyes, she still seemed to be having doubt, possibly because she couldn't pinpoint the relationship between Chief Wu and Zhang Ye.

At this moment, Su Hongyan and Wang He who were close by came up to them as well. They were also sizing up who this person Zhang Ye had called over was. They found nothing special about her since she looked and seemed too normal. It was as though she were a white-collar worker of some small company. It even felt like she was one of those ostracized staff in the company.

Who is she?

Is she capable?

The two of them had their doubts but it did not show on their faces.

Su Hongyan shook hands with her. "Hello, how should I address you?"

Bai Li smiled. "My name is Bai Li."

Zhang Ye introduced, "This is my university teacher, Su Hongyan."

"Hello, Teacher Su," Bai Li greeted.

Zhang Ye presented, "This is Wang He, my classmate."

Bai Li gently smiled. "Hello."

While shaking hands with Bai Li, Wang He took the initiative and explained his situation. After all, this was all because of him. "Sorry for troubling you this time. To explain things, I had a misunderstanding with one of the Hebei TV leads here. If you know him, perhaps you could help me explain…"

"I've already heard about it." Bai Li gently nodded.

Wang He could not grasp what she was planning. "Then what is your view of this matter?"

Bai Li said calmly, "Follow me. I'll lead you upstairs." She patted Wang He's shoulder.

Wang He turned around to look at Zhang Ye and cast him a doubtful eye before following Bai Li.

Zhang Ye also did not know how Bai Li would handle this, so he and Su Hongyan followed behind them. Actually, this was the first time that Zhang Ye had requested for help from someone. In the past, he had always handled all of his problems by himself.

Outside the elevators, several of the security guards were alerted!

"Zhang Ye is here!"

"Why is there another person with them now?"

"They're coming over!"

"Hurry! Quickly notify the Chief!"

One of the younger security guards immediately use his walkie-talkie to call for his other colleagues.

A lot of the other Hebei Television staff who were in the lobby or passing by also looked over suddenly!

The atmosphere over here had once again become tense!

"Who is she?"

"A woman came and joined them?"

"Why are they still trying to go upstairs?"

The people began whispering and pointing fingers.

In the end, Bai Li brought Wang He with her and walked right up to the elevator.

Several of the security guards hurriedly rushed over to the elevator door and said dutifully, "Please arrange for an appointment at the front desk before—"

But unexpectedly, Bai Li seemingly changed into another person at that moment. Her tone became sharper immediately. "Where is Guan Yunhai?"

The security guards were startled.

Bai Li continued to say, "Where's Zhou Gang? Get him to come out here!"

Everyone was stunned!

Zhou Gang?

That was their second-in-command!

She was calling him directly by his name?

The security guards did not know how to respond as they looked at each other!

Bai Li shouted, "Are they not going to come down here? They want to continue avoiding? Sure! I'll go upstairs to look for them!" Turning to look at Wang He, she said, "Little brother, follow me! I'll see who dares stop me today!"

As she said that, Bai Li pressed the button for the elevator. Ding. The elevator door opened and she pulled Wang He inside and grandly stepped into it.

Su Hongyan was quite startled as she quickly followed in as well.

The several security guards were left stunned by Bai Li's imposing manner and did not stop them. When they returned to their senses, the elevator had already gone up. They all looked at one another before quickly informing their chief as they rushed to head upstairs via the stairways.

When the other television station staff saw this, they also ran up, hoping to witness the commotion!


On the second floor.

The elevator stopped and the door opened!

When they came out of the elevator, there were already a few television station staff members waiting for them outside. Quite a number of security guards also ran up here from the stairs.

This floor was the office area.

"All of you—" Just as some of those staff were about to say something, they were shocked into silence by Bai Li's shouting!

Bai Li aggressively yelled, "Who was it that didn't allow my little brother to enter the building just now? Ah? I would like to see which door we aren't allowed to enter! Is it this one?" Bai Li went up to the door of an office and pushed it open. She did not bother to be polite and just entered when the door was opened. There was someone in there who was typing something on the computer!

That person was dumbfounded and did not understand what was going on.

Bai Li turned around and followed up by opening another door to the second office. "Or is this where I can't enter?"

Inside, the employees who were working also stopped to look when they heard the commotion!

The security guards were dumbfounded!

Su Hongyan and Wang He were also dumbfounded!


Who the hell is she?

After going in a circle around the office as though there were no one there, she went out and pushed open a third door. "Which door can I not enter? Is this the one?"

When the door opened, the voices of a Hebei Television director discussing some matters with two other assistant directors came out. They were shocked!

The doors on this floor were pushed open by Bai Li one after another. After she entered and circled around in each room, she would head to the next door. Finally, Bai Li pulled Wang He along and said, "Let's go. To the next floor!"

No one dared to stop her!

No one dared to utter a word!

This was the way of a person acting completely unreasonable. It was too shocking!

Wasn't this just too fucking cool?

Zhang Ye was also amused by this. Bai Li's style was very much to his liking. He immediately took a much greater liking to her. He did not sense this at first, but this person was obviously the same type as he was!

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