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Chapter 846: What“s that bitchy dowager doing here?!

Chapter 846: What's that bitchy dowager doing here?!

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Third floor.

Bai Li pulled Wang He along and led the others up as well!

Wang He was furiously wiping away his sweat.

Su Hongyan looked at Zhang Ye with her mouth agape and asked, "What kinds of connections does your friend have?"

Zhang Ye smiled and replied, "Solid connections."

Su Hongyan said in a speechless manner, "Does everyone you know have a temper like this?"

They followed close behind Bai Li and proceeded up to the third floor.

By now, more and more people were gradually gathering to watch. The directors and hosts of the television station, the program team staff who were working, the security guards who followed behind, all of them were shocked by this scene and watched the commotion from a distance away. Some of the staff who currently working in their offices were also interrupted by Bai Li's forced entrance and turned around to see what was going on with stunned faces and looks of confusion!

After leaving the second floor, Bai Li started barging into the offices on the third floor!

She went up to the door that was closest to her. "Is this a door I can't enter? Let me have a look at what's inside. I want to know if there's something in there that should not be seen!"

The door opened!

Three or four staff members working in the office stared with their mouths agape!

Bai Li walked in brazenly while pulling Wang He along. Then they walked out very quickly and opened the next door. This was the door to a conference room which was soundproof and sealed off from the outside when the doors were closed. The people inside the room did not hear the commotion outside, so when they heard the sound of the door opening up, it shocked those who were holding a meeting inside. Before they could react, Bai Li had already casually walked in without a care dragging along Wang He!

She shouted, "Which other doors are we not allowed to enter?!"

No one answered her!

No one dared to answer her!

One door!

Five doors!

Ten doors!

One by one, the doors were pushed open by Bai Li!


On the fourth floor.

In an office.

A staff had rushed into the large office area to report about something!

"Chief Chen! Chief Chen!" that person yelled in panic.

Chief Chen was handling a contract discussion with someone when he heard that. He asked, "What's the matter? Can't you see that I'm busy now? If there's anything, talk to me about it later!" With so many things going on today, he had not had the time to do his work yet since he spent most of it just now dealing with those unimportant matters downstairs.

But that person said, "Something has happened!"

Chief Chen asked impatiently, "What happened this time?"

That person said, "Wang He, Zhang Ye, and the others are making their way up!"

"What?" Chief Chen was furious. "Didn't I instruct you people to hold them off? How could they have come upstairs then?"

That person quickly said, "There was an unknown woman who arrived afterwards and acted extremely unreasonable. She addressed Director Guan and Director Zhou directly by their names and made her way to the upper floors, entering every office she saw!"

Chief Chen said angrily, "Why isn't anyone stopping them? Don't they know that this is Director Guan's order?"

"They can't be stopped!" That person said, "Actually…no one has the courage to stop them!"

Sometimes, a person's bearing could really intimidate others. Like earlier when they were involved in a tussle with Su Hongyan and Wang He to chase them off, the moment Zhang Ye arrived and threw his sunglasses onto the ground angrily, everyone in the lobby completely fell silent. Similarly, Bai Li had such an imposing manner as well!

Chief Chen said angrily, "Which floor are they on now?"

"They're already on the third floor!" that person answered.

"Let's go! Bring me to them!" Chief Chen immediately gathered some staff from the office and headed downstairs angrily. "Everyone, come with me! I want to see just what kind of a wave Wang He can make today!"


At the end of the corridor on the fourth floor.

In an office.

Guan Yunhai's secretary received a call.

"Secretary Liu!"

"Little Qu, what's the matter?"

"Something troublesome is happening downstairs!"

"What's happening again now?"

"A woman led Wang He along with the others and barged up! They pushed opened all the office doors on the second and third floor one by one! The entire television station is in disarray!"

"What did you say?"

"Please come down quickly and have a look!"


On the third floor.

The television station staff spectators had already exceeded 50 people!

"What's the situation?"

"Who's that woman?"

"Where are the heads? Quickly call the heads here!"

"They've already been informed!"

"That person is being too insolent! What exactly is going on?"

"Don't you know? Wang He has returned. It's that host intern from back then. I heard that they got into an argument downstairs and had a clash with our security. Secretary Liu and Chief Chen both had to go downstairs to stop them from entering while Zhang Ye arrived later! After that, the entire situation unraveled into what you're seeing now!"

To have someone barging in and causing such a great commotion, everyone looked quite mad!

"Let's call the police!"

"What the hell is going on!"

"I've never seen such unruly behavior before!"

"Why didn't anyone stop them?!"

"They're stepping all over our heads!"

Amid the controversy, Bai Li still went about doing whatever she liked as she led Wang He to cause a ruckus in the television station. She did not give face to anyone as she continued pushing open every door that she came across!

At this moment, some shouts could be heard coming from the crowd of onlookers!

"Chief Chen is here!"

"Chief Chen!"

"Great, the Chief has arrived!"

"Chief Chen, you're finally here!"

With one of the station's backbones arriving, everyone's spirit was lifted!

After Chief Chen came down through the stairway, he immediately shouted, "Behaving atrociously at our station? Don't you know what place this is?! What are you all trying to do? Are you trying to cause trouble?" He went toward them with his group of people!

Zhang Ye turned around and glanced at them.

Su Hongyan also noticed them coming.

"Where are they? Where?" Chief Chen yelled.

A male staff member pointed and said, "They're right at the front, Chief Chen!"

Bai Li heard the shouting coming from behind her. She turned around slowly to take a look.

When the seething Chief Chen saw her, he was greatly shocked. He stopped dead in his tracks, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead!

Bai Li looked at him and asked, "Who was the one who shouted just now?"

Chief Chen was sweating more and more profusely!

Bai Li answered, "It's me who is behaving atrociously here. What are you going to do about it?"

Chief Chen wiped the sweat off his forehead with his sleeve and immediately toned down his voice. "Secretary…Secretary Bai! W-Why are you here?"

Everyone was dumbfounded!

What was the matter with Chief Chen?

Why did he suddenly wane like that?

Secretary Bai?

What Secretary Bai??

Wang He was dumbfounded!

Su Hongyan also looked stunned!

No one could understand what was going on!

Bai Li stared at Chief Chen and told him, "Don't worry about why I'm here. I'm asking you this now. It was me behaving atrociously in your station! What're you going to do about it?"

Chief Chen did not dare say a thing. He was nearly in tears now. Fuck, what else can I do about it!

Suddenly, Guan Yunhai's secretary also arrived!

Secretary Liu angrily led two security guards and rushed to the scene. It was a very serious matter that someone had come to the television station to make trouble and even managed to find their way to the upper floors. He was about to report this to the police for them to deal with. "Where are they? Who is—"

He saw Bai Li and was stunned on the spot. "Secretary…Secretary Bai?"

Secretary Liu was stunned. The curse words he was about to utter were forcefully swallowed back down. Then, his face turned pale and he started to sweat too!

Holy shit!

Why is it her?

What's that bitchy dowager doing here?!