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Chapter 847: The SARFT“s search warrant!

Chapter 847: The SARFT's search warrant!

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Everyone fell silent!

The department heads were shocked!

The director's secretary was shocked!

Naturally, all the other staff of the television station did not dare make a sound either. It was clear that these two leaders knew who the woman was. Moreover, even an idiot could tell that this woman was no ordinary person. Otherwise, Chief Chen and Secretary Liu could not possibly just keep quiet like this after she had caused such a ruckus in the television station!

Who on earth was she?

What sort of background does she have?

Bai Li looked at Secretary Liu and said, "Were you yelling at me just now?"

Secretary Liu panicked and replied, "No, no!"

Bai Li stared at him for a while and said, "You look a little familiar."

Secretary Liu explained nervously, "During the meeting at SARFT Headquarters last month, I…went along with Director Guan. And back when I was stationed at Hebei, I-I also had the honor of meeting you."

Secretary Liu was also a secretary.

But when comparing his status as a secretary to her status as a secretary, they were on a completely different level!

Besides, as veterans of Hebei Television who had worked here for many years, they often came into contact with those from the higher management and would therefore know of this bitchy dowager's other identity!

A program director of Hebei Television who was in the crowd also recognized Bai Li. He did not say anything as he knew that he shouldn't be making himself stand out in such a situation. It was better for him to keep as far away as possible for now.

Bai Li was someone most people would probably not know about. Even for most of the hosts, directors, or people working in the television industry, they were unlikely to know her due to the difference in their statuses. But for anyone who had ever come into contact with the higher management of the industry, they would definitely know who Bai Li was. She was the secretary of Chief Wu from the SARFT! More importantly, Bai Li was the niece of the head of Hebei Television, the daughter of their station head's elder brother! Back then, when Bai Li was situated in Hebei, she could do whatever she wanted at Hebei Television! As long as it were those veterans who had worked for more than ten years at Hebei Television Headquarters, they should all have a deep impression of this bitchy dowager!

Bai Li glanced at the two of them but did not say anymore. Then she held out her hand to pull the stunned Wang He along with her. "Let's go to the next floor!"

Chief Chen did not dare speak.

Crying inside, Secretary Liu bolstered himself and said, "Secretary Bai…"

But Bai Li did not even bother with him and just headed upstairs!

The television station's building had four levels. On this level were the offices of the department heads and conference rooms. However, Bai Li did not care about this as she continued to push open the doors. "Let's see, which door am I not allowed to enter? Is it this one?"

She opened another door. "This one?"

She opened the third door. "Or this one?"

She barged into the fourth door. "How about this one?"

Then, Bai Li stood still in the hallway. After looking around for a little while, she shouted, "My little brother came here to settle his issues. Teacher Zhang Ye is also here today. But they can't even enter the building? You're not even giving any face to our Teacher Zhang? What bullshit is this?!"

It was only when everyone had heard this that they realized that from the very start, even though this woman kept calling Wang He "little brother," it was just a polite form of address. In actual fact, she was here for Zhang Ye!

Secretary Liu quickly said, "Secretary Bai, no, that's not true at all!"

Bai Li stared at him and questioned, "Then tell me, how is it not true?"

Secretary Liu was at a loss for words.

Chief Chen tried to say, "Please calm down, Secretary Bai. This might just be a misunderstanding."

Secretary Liu repeated, "Yes, yes, it's just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!"

Bai Li shook her head and replied, "I don't think this is a misunderstanding. Where is your Director Guan?"

"Director Guan…" Chief Chen was about to answer but stopped short of saying anything.

"We're not sure either." Secretary Liu immediately answered, "Also, I haven't seen Director Guan today."

Zhang Ye looked at him and remarked, "Didn't you just say that Guan Yunhai was busy working upstairs? Didn't you say that he was not free to see us? Why did it change to he's not here now?"

Secretary Liu: "..."

Bai Li looked at her watch and said to them, "I still have a meeting to attend at SARFT, so I will wait for ten minutes!" Saying that, she opened an office door and said, "Teacher Zhang, Teacher Su, let's go in and sit down while we wait." She seemed to be treating this place like her own home, although it was indeed almost no different from her own home anyway since her uncle was the station head. If Bai Li could do whatever she wanted at Hebei Television Headquarters, would it matter at a branch located in Beijing?

Su Hongyan and Wang He hesitated.

But Zhang Ye did not worry about courtesy since he was a troublemaker to begin with. He walked in grandly and took a seat for himself.

"Teacher Zhang, how many more episodes of A Bite of China will there be?" Bai Li smiled.

Zhang Ye happily said, "Around ten more episodes. It should be scheduled to finish broadcasting before the Chinese New Year."

Bai Li mentioned, "Oh right, we don't have each other's numbers yet, right?"

Zhang Ye nodded. "That's right. Let's exchange numbers."

Bai Li said, "Here, this is my number."

"OK, I've saved it."

"If something like this happens again, you can immediately call me up."

The two of them started to chat as though no one else was around.



Someone was currently on the phone.

"Director Guan! Something bad has happened! Bai Li is here! She led Wang He and Zhang Ye upstairs and pushed open all the doors of the offices and conference rooms as well!"

"Bai Li? That Bai Li?"

"Yes, it's Station Head Bai's niece!"

"What? Why is she here?"

"Sh-she seems to have been called over by Zhang Ye!"

"Why would Zhang Ye know her?"

"I don't know either. They're on the fourth floor now and Secretary Bai is demanding to see you. Secretary Liu did not know what to do, so he quickly got me to call and inform you. What do you think we should do now?"

"Where did you say I was?"

"Secretary Liu said that he didn't know whether you were in the office or not."

"Mhm, that's fine then. I understanding what's happening now!"

After Guan Yunhai hung up, his expression changed several times. He never expected for this matter to actually put Bai Li on alert. The others were mainly shocked by Bai Li because she was the station head's niece, but Guan Yunhai was not concerned about that as his relationship with Station Head Bai was rather good. They were not extremely close, but were still able to talk to each other fairly well. He believed that Station Head Bai would not touch him without any valid reason just because his niece had said something. But what left Guan Yunhai so fearful was her other identity!

She was the secretary of that Chief Wu! This was the most crucial factor!

Just why did Bai Li come here?

Just how close was her relationship with Zhang Ye?

Just how much authority could she support Zhang Ye with?

Guan Yunhai was not sure about the answers to these questions.

He kept smoking while he thought over the entire situation at a very fast pace. Eventually, he made a decision. As he stubbed out his cigarette, he decided that he would not show himself and acted as if he did not know anything at all. If Bai Li was going to cause trouble, then let her cause trouble. He would just not show himself!

If I don't show myself, what can you do about it?

Are you going to come here every day and make trouble?

However, Guan Yunhai could not have expected that this decision of his was going to be a fatal one!


On the fourth floor.

Ten minutes has passed.

Everyone was accompanying Bai Li and waiting for Guan Yunhai. They all looked incredibly uneasy, especially Chief Chen and Secretary Liu. No matter what, the two of them couldn't escape from here and had to sit around and wait.

At this moment, Bai Li spoke, "It's been ten minutes!"

Secretary Liu hastily said, "Secretary Bai, Director Guan is—"

"There's no need to say anything. I fully understand!" Bai Li's face sank as she walked to a corner while taking out her cell phone and making a call. Nobody knew who she was calling.

Secretary Liu, Chief Chen, and the others all looked at one another.

"Where's Director Guan?"

"I guess he's prepared to not show himself."

"Then what should we do?"

"Let's just hang around for a little while. What else can we do?"

They were talking in the softest voices possible as they did not dare to speak loudly.

However, just a few minutes later, a statement suddenly arrived that caught everyone off guard, and even made everyone break out into cold sweat!

SARFT Disciplinary Notice: The SARFT Party Committee and the Commission for Discipline Inspection have received a report regarding Hebei Television's Guan Yunhai for suspected misbehavior that has seriously violated the Organization's disciplinary code. The Hebei Television Production Department Party Committee Branch will be dealt with severely according to the relevant provisions.

Chief Chen was dumbfounded!

Secretary Liu was dumbfounded!

Even Wang He and Su Hongyan were dumbfounded as well!

Commission for Discipline Inspection?

And the order was even issued directly by the SARFT?

Su Hongyan and many of those watching basically had no idea about the status of Bai Li. Therefore, when they heard about this news, they couldn't react for a while!

Who was this woman?

Why does she wield such great power?



Guan Yunhai who was hiding somewhere in the station was also stunned!


How is that possible?!

The SARFT and Commission for Discipline Inspection are going to investigate me?

Back then, everyone at the television station branch knew about the affair between Guan Yunhai and his lover. After all, it was such a big case that some people had leaked the news as well. But he had never thought that someone would risk reporting him to the authorities. Even if it were reported, it should have been reported a year ago. Why would they wait until now to do it? Immediately, Guan Yunhai understood where the crux of the problem lay! He knew that he had committed a mistake, a very grave mistake!

Bai Li's relationship with Zhang Ye was even closer than what he had thought!

Bai Li was not using her uncle's title as her backing this time!

She was handling the matter on behalf of the SARFT!

She was working for Chief Wu!

Guan Yunhai turned pale and felt his legs turn to rubber. He had completely misunderstood Bai Li's status today. He thought it would be fine if he just avoided her for a while. He thought that it would be good enough if Bai Li just helped her friends vent their anger today. But it turned out to be more complicated than he had believed. Bai Li was here today in her capacity as Chief Wu’s secretary!