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Chapter 848: The dust settles!

Chapter 848: The dust settles!

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When the news got out, the entire station was in disarray!

"Is, is that real?"

"Director Guan is going to be investigated?"

"It's over! Something big is going to happen! Something really big is going to happen!"

"What do you mean by 'is going to'? It's already happened!"

"Isn't that too soon? They're really taking action immediately after they said that they would?"

"Just who has Director Guan offended? And who is that person Wang He brought with him?"

"Someone's staging a comeback!"

"Why would all this happen if it was just about Wang He's work profile?"

Yes, it was exactly this small thing in which Guan Yunhai had shut out Wang He from getting any television station work that had turn into something much bigger and something no one could have expected. For Guan Yunhai and many others, this was just a matter of no importance. With Guan Yunhai's status in the industry, whatever he said was the final word. What waves could a lowly Wang He make to trouble him? If Guan Yunhai wanted to quash him, then he would be quashed; if he wanted him out of his sight, then he wouldn't be able to appear anymore. All of that power and authority were in Guan Yunhai's hands. However, now that someone with an even greater authority than Guan Yunhai had appeared, the situation was suddenly reversed. It also went without saying that the same methods that Guan Yunhai employed against Wang He could be used on him!

If you used your authority to silence others?

Then you better be prepared that you'll be quashed in the same way someday!

If you play the game, you have to be prepared to be played too!


A few minutes later.

Guan Yunhai who had been missing all this while magically appeared on the fourth floor and stood in front of Bai Li, Zhang Ye, and the others. He was truly panicking this time!

"Director Guan!"

"Director Guan!"

Secretary Liu and Chief Chen did not know what to do. The two of them could only feel a sense of anxiety at this moment. If Director Guan were investigated, it might even drag them down along with him. For example, money problems? Secretary Liu and Chief Chen likely would not be able to clear themselves from any of it. It would be a domino effect, so if Director Guan fell, it would surely be the end of them as well!

Guan Yunhai didn't bother with them and just walked straight up to Bai Li. "Lili, what's going on here? When did you arrive? Why didn't you give Uncle Guan a call since you were coming here? You could have let me know in advance so that I could reserve a table at a good restaurant and have a nice chat with you!" When Bai Li was younger, she had met Guan Yunhai several times, so they actually did know each other personally.

Bai Li looked at him and said very calmly, "I was here since a long time ago."

Guan Yunhai played dumb and stated, "I was out on an errand just now and no one informed me of your visit."

Bai Li said, "I don't know about that then."

Guan Yunhai replied, "I've just received the message. Why's there going to be people coming from the Commission for Discipline Inspection? Wh-what is going on? Lili, is there a misunderstanding somewhere?"

Bai Li shrugged. "I was looking for you earlier, but you weren't around. Therefore, from now on, this problem will no longer be under my jurisdiction. It doesn't matter what you tell me anymore!" She looked at Zhang Ye and said, "Teacher Zhang, let's go then?"

"Sure." Zhang Ye stood up.

Bai Li said politely, "You first."

"Please, you first," Zhang Ye also spoke politely.

Guan Yunhai was getting nervous. "Lili, Lili!"

Bai Li did not turn around.

Guan Yunhai desperately said, "Wang He, Little Wang!"

Wang He looked at him, not knowing how to react.

Guan Yunhai quickly said, "We might've had some misunderstandings between us back then, so why don't we—"

Bai Li interjected, "Let's go, little brother."

Wang He nodded and followed.

Guan Yunhai was dumbfounded then and there, drenched in cold sweat!

He knew it was over for him!

If the Commission for Discipline Inspection were to investigate him, he would not be able to get away!

Why did it become like this?

Just why did it become like this?

Guan Yunhai was deeply regretful. If he had not taken out his anger on Wang He back then, if he had allowed Wang He and the others to come into the building today, or even made an appearance when Bai Li arrived and asked for him, then he might still have a chance at making things right. However, he had missed all those chances, so there were no more ifs, ands, or buts about it!


At the main entrance of the television station.

Bai Li and the others were just leaving when staff from the Commission for Discipline Inspection arrived.

Bai Li had already fulfilled her role in this issue. She had given a chance to Guan Yunhai by causing a ruckus here, but Guan Yunhai insisted on not coming out to meet them, so there was nothing more she could do. Even if it weren't Chief Wu's instructions, Guan Yunhai was in the wrong to begin with. If you were at fault by having an affair first and then creating such a big mess out of it, even venting your anger on Wang He as a result, then when Zhang Ye led his people here to talk it out, you shouldn't have not given him face or blocked him from entering. What did you say to them? Unauthorized persons are prohibited to enter? Outsiders are not allowed into the premises? Alright then, since you want to conduct everything so officially, then I can only handle this matter as business on my side! If you want to fool around and have affairs, then what else can you say now that you've been exposed?


Bai Li said, "The problem is resolved, so I think it's time for me to get back as well."

Wang He shook Bai Li's hand and said, "Thank you. I've really troubled you today. You came all the way to specially handle this matter for me. Can I buy you lunch or something?"

Bai Li shook her head and smiled. "Don't worry about it. Perhaps another time. You're Little Wang, right? This is just a small issue, so you don't have to thank me. Guan Yunhai will have a taste of his own medicine from today on. He won't be able to find trouble with you anymore, so you can just go and look for a job without worries. If that's still a problem, just look for Teacher Zhang and get him to contact me. I'll arrange something for you. You may choose from any television stations across the country, just let me know where you're interested in working at and it'll be arranged. Even if you still prefer to stay at Hebei Television for work, that's fine too. I can't speak for other television stations, but if you just mention my name here at Hebei TV, I'm very sure no one would dare to find trouble with you!"

Those were very strong words.

But Bai Li was really qualified to claim so!

Wang He felt sincerely grateful and thanked her, "Thank you, Sister Bai. I'll settle the issues of my work by myself. As long as Guan Yunhai is not blocking me, I'm confident of my own abilities."

"That's good then." Bai Li laughed and said, "I think you'd do well too."

Zhang Ye also laughed, "Sister Bai, thank you for today."

When Bai Li spoke to Zhang Ye, she did so with a sense of politeness. "Teacher Zhang, please don't say that. I'm just doing what I should. This is just a small problem. There's no need to thank me for it. There's still a meeting at the office and the head is waiting for me. I won't be staying around any longer then."

Zhang Ye smiled and mentioned, "Sure, let's have dinner together someday."

"Sure, that won't be a problem." Bai Li reminded, "I'll say again, if something like this happens again in the future, just contact me directly. I'll resolve it for you."

Today's case was a bit of an exception since it wasn't a problem that Zhang Ye could have handled directly. It was only because of this that he had to look for Old Wu. He also did not wish to trouble Secretary Bai this way again, even though she said it was fine. So Zhang Ye simply agreed, "OK. Then let me see you off. Did you drive here?"

"Don't bother. My car is parked just beside the road." Bai Li said goodbye to Su Hongyan then immediately got into her car and drove off.

The moment Secretary Bai left, the three of them spoke much more freely.

Wang He looked at Zhang Ye. "Zhang'er, I won't say too much, but I owe you one this time."

"Ha, come on." Zhang Ye said amused, "What do you mean you owe me? When have you ever been so polite with me even when we were in university?"

Wang He also laughed. "You've really helped me big time, so I have to be a little polite no matter what. Besides, this issue of mine must have made you owe others a big favor as well, right?"

Zhang Ye shook his head and replied, "Not really."

Old Wu was his girlfriend, so there wasn't any owing of favors there. Since Bai Li was Old Wu's secretary, then coming here to help Old Wu resolve some problems was within the scope of her job. Zhang Ye definitely had Bai Li to thank, but he didn't owe her that big of a favor.

Wang He said as he looked at the tail lights of Secretary Bai's car, "Your friend's connections are really damn solid!"

Zhang Ye vaguely responded, "I guess so…."

Wang He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I've never seen such a show of force like today's before. Sister Bai didn't seem like much when she just got here, because she was just like any other normal person who didn't look or feel prominent. But who could've guessed she'd end up being such a powerful person, able to stun everyone into submission with just her shouting. No one dared to stop her and just let her push open the doors one by one! I felt as though all of my anger has been vented! She was basically causing a ruckus as she liked!"

Su Hongyan glanced at Zhang Ye and said, "What does that Secretary Bai do?"

Zhang Ye said, "Something along the lines of being their overseeing authority."

"From the SARFT?" Su Hongyan asked.

Zhang Ye affirmed tersely.

Su Hongyan continued asking, "From the way she spoke, it seems like Secretary Bai is also related to the head of Hebei TV? It even sounds like they're very close relatives?"

Zhang Ye shrugged. "That I don't know about."

Su Hongyan looked Zhang Ye up and down, then said, "You're surviving well in this industry now, eh? Seems like you know quite a lot people as well? If I meet with any trouble in the future, I'll definitely come and look for you."

Zhang Ye heartily said, "For sure! Anything that concerns you concerns me!"

Wang He beckoned with a hand, "Come on, let's go. It's my treat today. Let's have something to drink!"

"What, were you expecting me to treat? Let's go!" Zhang Ye laughed.

Wang He smirked. "Do you have to find fault with everything that I say?"

Zhang Ye said, "Of course."

Wang He: "..."

Su Hongyan laughed, "You two!"


When he got home at night.

It was only when Zhang Ye called Wu Zeqing that he found out about Bai Li's other status. She actually turned out to be the niece of the head of Hebei Television. It was no wonder she could behave as she wanted on their premises!

"Secretary Bai has a good temperament," Zhang Ye praised.

Old Wu laughed. "She's quite similar to you, right?"

Zhang Ye acknowledged: "Quite."

Old Wu said: "But she's not as hot-headed as you. At least within the organization, she still behaves as she should, unlike you who keeps lighting fires everywhere you go. It's as though you feel there's a lack of people getting offended by you. If I did not send Little Bai over today, I was afraid that you would have gotten physical with them, hur hur."

It was a little cold outside. Zhang Ye sniffed and said: "You're thinking too much about what I might do."

Old Wu said: "It's cold out. Put on more clothes."

"I know."

"Are you still wearing just that jacket of yours again?"

"How did you know?"

"Don't be smug. You might catch a cold and fall sick. It's not as if you're an idol, so why are you so worried about letting others see you wear that? Put on a down jacket when you get back."

"I will."