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Chapter 860: Winning again!

Chapter 860: Winning again!

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At Old Yao's house.

When Yao Mi and her classmates saw that on Weibo, they couldn't help but clutch their stomachs and laugh nonstop at it.



"I knew it! I just knew it!"

Yao Jiancai's wife asked curiously, "What are you all laughing at?"

Yao Jiancai put down his glass and looked over. "What's the matter?"

"Dad, Mom, guess what our Uncle Zhang's ranking is?" Yao Mi giggled.

Yao Jiancai's wife laughed and said, "For which poll?"

Yao Mi said, "For the most unpopular celebrity rankings poll, of course!"

Yao Jiancai's wife glanced at Zhang Ye and replied with a laugh, "He must be in the first place, am I right?"

Zhang Ye: "..."

Yao Mi slapped her thigh and laughed loudly. "Mom, you are so smart!"

Yao Jiancai couldn't help but laugh. "How is your mom smart? For the most unpopular person in the domestic entertainment industry, who else could it be if it's not Zhang Ye? Who else can be compared to him?!"

Little Yu said, "Moreover, the vote numbers don't just differ by a small margin, he has steamrolled his way to the top spot! 2.75 million…no, it's already at 2.9 million votes! And it's still increasing!"

Zhang Ye was speechless. Then he seethed, "Is there any meaning to this lousy poll? There's totally no purpose to it."

Yao Jiancai disagreed, "Haha, how is there no purpose? This is the voice of the people. I for one think that this annual rankings poll organized by Weibo is a very authoritative one."

Suddenly, Little Ling shouted, "Wow, Uncle Yao, your vote count is also increasing in the most unpopular celebrity rankings poll. It's even increasing so rapidly that you…you are already at third place!"

Yao Jiancai was stunned and immediately let out a curse. "What lousy poll is this! There's totally no purpose to it."

Yao Jiancai's wife quipped, "Old Yao, that's not what you claimed just now!"

Yao Jiancai said depressed, "I was only dragged into this mess because of Little Zhang today!"

Everyone was amused!

Actually, Yao Jiancai should not have appeared on this rankings poll. Be it the most popular rankings or the most unpopular rankings, it all depended on the number of followers and the popularity of the celebrity's Weibo account. Yao Jiancai's popularity on Weibo was just average and in normal circumstances, this would be none of his business. However, when that performance of "I Want to Get on the Spring Festival Gala" was leaked by someone in the morning, Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai were suddenly pushed to the heart of many discussions. They were criticized by many people as well as the mainstream crosstalk world members. With that, Yao Jiancai's also appeared on this dishonorable rankings poll!



As the competition for the polls got more intense, a lot of celebrities also posted onto Weibo.

Dong Shanshan: "Pulling for votes, pulling for votes, friends who are online, please give me your votes. Let's see if I am able to enter the top 100 of Weibo's annual most popular celebrity rankings. As for the most unpopular rankings poll, you may ignore it for my case. That's Teacher Zhang Ye's territory, so I won't be fighting with him for it, haha."

Dong Shanshan's fans were also delighted to see that post.

"Teacher Shanshan, is it alright for you to say that?"

"Haha, you have conveniently made fun of your old classmate at the same time!"

"This is what classmates' friendship is about!"

"I'm cramping up from laughing!"

The leader of China's most famous idol trio, Dongzi: "Pulling for votes in the most popular celebrity poll. Everyone, please vote for me, as well as for Teacher Zhang Ye. I asked for a favor from Teacher Zhang in the past, and to repay him, I hope that everyone can give your votes to Teacher Zhang, so don't waste your most unpopular celebrity polling votes!"

Dongzi's fans were also very active.

"Hahaha, Dongdong is so bad!"

"Dongdong also came to add insult to injury! LOL!"

"Eh, I just realized for the first time that Teacher Dongdong knows Zhang Ye as well!"

"Teacher Zhang Ye has helped Teacher Dongdong before? So it turns out that Zhang Ye is loyal to his friends. I must definitely vote for him then!"

"Man, I always thought that Zhang Ye did not have any friends in the entertainment industry, but he actually knows Teacher Dongdong!"

Dongzi was one of the members in the Celebrity Goof Group chat that Zhang Ye had joined. Her relative wanted to apply to enter Peking University this year and she had asked Zhang Ye for a favor, which was how they got to know each other.

Chen Guang: "Man, is Zhang Ye going to be first again this year? Amazing!"

Chen Guang's wife, Fan Wenli: "The annual most unpopular celebrity rankings poll on Weibo has already been reserved for Teacher Little Zhang. From now onward, I don't think there will be anyone else who can get first place in this rankings poll! Congratulations! Congratulations!"

Zhang Ye's celebrity friends from everywhere also joined in the fun.

When the netizens saw Zhang Ye's friends behaving so comically, they also laughed madly at it!

"Just look at Zhang Ye's relationships!"

"Pfft, even his friends are making fun of him! Hahaha!"

"He has gotten first place again! Teacher Zhang, just how terrible can your reputation get?!"

"Teacher Fan Wenli is right. This rankings poll will be occupied by Teacher Zhang Ye for a long time to come. And if there are no surprises this year, Zhang Ye should be the first person in Weibo history to retain the crown of the annual most unpopular celebrity award! Teacher Zhang has broken yet another record!"

"This is so fun!"

"I'll also go and vote for Zhang Ye!"

'Haha, count me in. I'd like to see how many votes Teacher Zhang can get in total!"

"Pfft, it's already 3 million votes!"

"How awesome! This is too amazing!"

"The universe can no longer hold Zhang Ye back!"

"Everyone, let's vote together! So be it if it's the most unpopular award. Our Teacher Zhang has always walked off the beaten path anyway! If he wants to be a celebrity, then he'll be the most unique celebrity in the entertainment industry! Even if he were to walk the antagonist's path, he would be the most brilliant of antagonists! Who gives a fuck who your mother is!"

"Well said!"

"Haha, let's start voting!"

"It wouldn't affect me to just watch the commotion, I'm joining in too!"

Many of those who disliked Zhang Ye nearly vomited blood when they saw this. Most of the people who voted for Zhang Ye really disliked him and had really wanted to criticize him. But with the antics of these celebrities and Zhang Ye's fans, the entire atmosphere of the situation had somehow changed. It was obviously for the most unpopular poll, but Zhang Ye's fans made it seem like it was a very honorable achievement instead! Everyone was proud of it, instead of being ashamed! No wonder! How the fans turned out depended on which celebrity they followed. These bunch of fans were the same as that Zhang guy. They just wanted to see the world burn!

The votes reached 3.5 million!

The votes reached 4 million!

The votes reached 5 million!

Towards the end, the vote count was getting totally lopsided.


At midnight, the latest official Celebrity Rankings Index was updated too!

The latest rankings showed that there were no changes on the S- and A-list rankings, but there was a fluctuation on the B-list rankings!

Zhang Ye had moved up another spot in the B-list rankings again!

He was already fourth place on the B-list rankings!

All the accumulated popularity was from the recent episodes of A Bite of China and the leaked crosstalk performance from today, "I Want to Get on the Spring Festival Gala." Furthermore, the annual celebrity polls on Weibo helped him gain all sorts of popularity. With the recent large increase in his popularity, coupled with today's jump, he had advanced a spot again and was getting closer and closer to the A-list celebrity rankings!

The fans cheered!

"Quickly go and take a look!"

"Teacher Zhang is so impressive!"

"Damn, he's about to enter the top three of the B-list rankings!"


"Zhang Ye's popularity has risen again!"

"When A Bite of China has finished broadcasting, he really won't be far off from the A-list rankings anymore!"

"The people of Beijing send their congratulations!"

"The people of Guangxi send their congratulations!"

Who would have thought this would happen!

The popularity that Zhang Ye gained was basically earned from all his "scolding"!