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Chapter 865: Winning endlessly!

Chapter 865: Winning endlessly!

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This is too ruthless!

This is too cruel!

Do you intend to fucking win all the prizes?!

Those were the thoughts going through the minds of many Central TV employees at the moment!

An emergency meeting was called on the spot at the party venue.

"Is the system working properly?"

"If it goes on like this, what's the point of organizing a lucky draw!"

"Could the system be hacked by someone?"

"Hurry up and figure out what went wrong!"

"Then will the prizes that were given out earlier still be counted? If not, should we recollect them?"

"They have already taken the prizes away. How can we still recollect them?"

"I suggest that we change the lucky draw regulations. Those who have won a prize before will have their names removed from the list and won't be considered for the next draw."

"It's too late to change that now!"

Jiang Naixiong, Jiang Yuan, and some of the directors of the Spring Festival Gala production team also came over to discuss. In light of the situation, many of the heads' faces did not look too good. To them, if it were anyone else winning those 40 prizes, even if they were swept up by a single winner, it would have been fine and they would not be bothered by it. But why did it have to be Zhang Ye of all people! Why must it be this person who irked them the most and was a constant headache to them?!

Many of the heads started to give their suggestions.

Chen Ye also came forward to suggest a rotten idea. His plan was full of ill intent. "I feel that it's unfair to let Zhang Ye win all the prizes and cause the others not to have a chance to participate. Everyone will surely object to that, so why don't we just void the earlier results and replace the system to do the redraw so that everyone will stand a chance to win a prize. This is also a way of being responsible to everyone. Looking at the bigger picture, I believe Zhang Ye and the others of Department 14 will definitely understand the decision."

They would understand?

Deputy Station Head Zhou glanced at Chen Ye.

Yan Tianfei and Zhang Ye had the worst temper in the whole of Central TV and you expect that they would understand? Don't be nonsensical! If that happens, we can't imagine what will happen! This year's annual party was chaotic enough, yet you still seem to think that there's not enough trouble?

Although Deputy Station Head Zhou was extremely annoyed, he did not agree with Chen Ye's proposal.

The discussions reached a deadlock over here.

Basically, every company would conduct their annual party's lucky draw events in different ways. Some smaller companies might just pick out balls with the names of each employee written on them that were placed inside a box. As long as someone won a prize, that ball would be taken out of the pool and would not be included for the next draw after that. Some companies might also use computers to run their lucky draw system and limit each person's chance to winning only one prize. But in this world, Central TV's annual staff parties did not have this limitation, possibly because they had more employees and the probability of winning was much lower. Therefore, the chances for someone to win twice, thrice, or even four times was almost nonexistent. As such, the lucky draw had always been held with the same regulations and had never been changed before. If the lucky draw regulations were to be suddenly changed at this moment, wouldn't that look a little too intentional and reflect badly on them? Moreover, this sort of regulation change would require a change to be implemented into the computer software, and no one knew whether there was enough time to make the necessary changes to the software at the last minute.

The performance onstage was coming to an end.

Over at Department 14's table.

Little Wang kept looking at the front row. "It looks like they want to take back the prizes!"

"They can still do that even after it's been given out?" Huang Dandan stared forward angrily.

Tong Fu said, "If it were a station exec who won 40 prizes consecutively, they would definitely not take back the prizes. I suppose they may even flatter the exec by remarking that he has really good luck or something. But that's not be the case for Director Zhang. Didn't you guys witness the station's attitude toward Director Zhang earlier? So they just might do anything that they think is right!"

Ha Qiqi looked at Zhang Ye. "Director Zhang?"

However, Zhang Ye did not mind. It did not matter to him whether the prizes were taken back or not. The reason that he was sitting here today was just to smack faces! He was here just because he wanted to cause trouble for this group of people!

The performance ended.

At this moment, the technicians suddenly exclaimed.


"We've found the issue! We've found it!"

"So it was due to the built-in parameters that had a conflict!"

"No wonder!"

"The parameters had been reset just now!"

Chen Ye went up to them anxiously and asked, "Can it be fixed?"

That technician nodded and said, "Yes, it will be fixed immediately!"

Jiang Naixiong said with a dark expression, "What's wrong with you all? The annual staff party is such an important event and you didn't check properly in advance? And only managed to find the problem after the lucky draw has been held for two rounds?"

An assistant director of the Spring Festival Gala production team said coldly, "Hurry up and fix it!"

The technician replied, "Yes, it will be done very soon!"

A secretary reported this to the station heads. "The problem has been identified!"

Deputy Station Head Zhou heaved a sigh of relief as they finally found the root of the problems. If this situation continued, their group of leaders and Central TV would have totally lost all their face!

The male and female hosts onstage were also updated with the news.

The female host said with a professional smile, "Everyone, please wait a few more minutes. Our system technicians have identified the problem in the lucky draw software and they'll have it fixed very soon."

The male host gave a smile to warm up the atmosphere and said, "How scary. So it was really a problem with the software instead."

The female host smiled and said, "Yeah, it also gave me a scare. I was still wondering why Director Zhang had such heaven-defying luck. I nearly wanted to acknowledge him as my teacher."

"Why do you want to acknowledge him as your teacher?" the male host asked.

The female host replied, "To rub off on some of Director Zhang's luck of course! I will no longer need to work and can just stay at home to play the lottery!"

The male host was amused. "You must be daydreaming!"

Everyone laughed.

The station heads also couldn't help but laugh at that.

The relaxed atmosphere came back immediately.

"So that's the reason!"

"There was a problem with the software!"

"They have finally found the error."

"I knew it! How could that possibly be down to luck!"

"There's definitely not going to be any problems this time, right?"

"Then will the earlier results still be counted? Should we have a redraw?"

"I'm pretty sure that will be quite difficult."

"Forget it, the prizes only get better and better, so I don't really care about the prizes that were given out earlier."

"I guess there won't be any redraws then. How can we still do a redraw when the prizes have already been given out?"

"Bring it on. This time it's really going to depend on luck!"

"It looks like the next prize is going to be a cell phone?"

"Wow, this is good! It's exactly what I was waiting for!"

"Bless me with a blast of good luck!"

The technicians finally resolved the issue. Everyone was no longer terrified after finding out about the reason. Everybody was once again eagerly anticipating the lucky draw prizes with excitement!

Yu Yingyi was also relieved when she found out the reason.

Yan Tianfei, Ha Qiqi, Zhang Zuo, and company also laughed when they finally understood the reason behind Zhang Ye's consecutive wins.

Yan Tianfei's secretary said to Zhang Ye with a smile, "Actually, shouldn't the system malfunction that kept displaying Director Zhang's name be considered a kind of luck as well?"

A minute later.

The technicians were sweating profusely. "It's done! It's been repaired!"

Another technician said, "We can restart the lucky draw now!"

Chen Ye asked, "Did you recheck it?"

"Yes, we did." That person said, "It will definitely work this time!"

After the female host onstage had a short exchange with the team offstage, she immediately said, "Alright, sorry to have kept you all waiting. The problem has completely been resolved. Thank you to our colleagues from the Technical Department, you've worked hard."

The male host smiled and said, "Let's have a look at the big screen. I believe that many of us have been waiting this round's prizes!"

The big screen showed an image of the prize!

It was a cell phone!

This was the latest model of an American brand smartphone which was also the most popular high-end cell phone—the direct Chinese translation of its name was "Yuanhe"![1.]

There were a total of 20!

The people in the audience were screaming excitedly.

"It's really a 'Yuanhe'!"

"I want it so much!"

"I've been thinking of changing my phone since last year, but I don't have the money for it!"

"This is even the latest model, the Yuanhe 8V!"

"There's 20 of them! Nice!"

"This year's prizes are too good! The prize quantities are also more than the previous years!"

"Please let me win one of those! It's time for my old Yuanhe 6T to get replaced!"

"I'm still using the Yuanhe 5! I couldn't bear to buy a new one all this time!"

With the problem of the lucky draw software resolved, everyone was feeling more excited than ever!

Zhang Ye looked up to the screen. He had also heard of this reputable brand before. It was a high-end smartphone that had one of the highest sales volumes in this world. If there was really a need for comparison, it was probably equivalent to the status of the Apple iPhone from his previous world. They both had similar market dominance and was extremely popular with the consumers! The price was of course not cheap. It was even more expensive than an iPhone from his previous world. This latest model of the Yuanhe 8V was priced in mainland China at—8,999 yuan!

It cost almost 9,000 yuan!

Even the people from the Spring Festival Gala production team were greatly excited by this.

"There won't be anything for Zhang Ye this time!"

"With 20 phones to be won, we definitely have some chance to win one!"

"Hopefully I can win one of them!"

"Yeah, that's equivalent to one month of my salary!"

"Let's see whose luck is better this time, haha!"

"After working so hard for the Spring Festival Gala, we should get to enjoy some benefits."

"Hahaha, if it were up to me, those 20 smartphones would be given directly to our Spring Festival Gala production team!" Assistant Director Xu Yipeng of the Spring Festival Gala production team joked with his colleagues.

The female host smiled and said, "Looks like everyone is really looking forward to it. Chen Ye, over to you now."

Chen Ye who was standing near the wings of the stage smiled and said, "Alright, everyone has already seen the next prize, the Yuanhe 8V. Since we have already waited for so long, then without further ado, let's get the lucky draw started." Saying that, Chen Ye hit the activation button just like before and the 20 slots on the big screen started to move.

Everyone tensed up and hundreds of eyes stared at the big screen.

Chen Ye looked at the station heads' table, "Sir."

The Station Head smiled and waved his hands. "You can't keep getting the few of us to call for the stop. Why don't we get our colleagues from the Spring Festival Gala production team to participate as well?"

Deputy Station Head Zhou, overseer of Central TV Department 1, said, "Right, Old Xu, why don't you guys do it instead?"

Xu Yipeng gave a smile to the executive director of the Spring Festival Gala production team, signaling to give him the honors.

The executive director declined several times politely, but finally relented and did not disagree anymore. "Alright then."

The people in the audience stared without blinking.

Little Wang clasped her hands together and said, "It's mine, it's mine! It's mine, it's mine!"

Ha Qiqi smiled and said, "I just changed my phone recently and like it very much, Director Zhang. So if I win this prize, let me give it to you in exchange for the cosmetics set."

Zhang Ye laughed, "Alright."

When Huang Dandan heard that, she also said enthusiastically, "Uh, if I can win two of these, I will definitely give one of them to Director Zhang since I accepted his prepaid gift card and the set of the cosmetics."

Suddenly, the executive director of the Spring Festival Gala called out, "Stop right here!"

Chen Ye hit the button and then looked at the screen.

The station heads and the staff of the Spring Festival Gala production team also looked over at once!

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Total silence!

Yu Yingyi, who was just taking a sip of a sports drink, suddenly spat everything out when she caught a glimpse of the screen!

Deputy Station Head Zhou's face crumbled!

Jiang Naixiong wore an expression of shock!

Xu Yipeng seemingly had his "tail" stepped on!

The Spring Festival Gala production team also fainted right away!

Zhang Ye!

It was still Zhang Ye!

Ha Qiqi was dumbfounded as she blurted out, "Holy shit!"

Yan Tianfei's secretary nearly vomited a mouthful of blood as well!