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Chapter 866: Winning 70 prizes in a row!

Chapter 866: Winning 70 prizes in a row!

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Everyone present was looking at the screen in disbelief, unable to comprehend what they were seeing!


"Didn't they repair the system? I thought they fixed it?"

"What the hell is happening now?"

"It's Zhang Ye again?"

"Fuck, I'm going crazy!"

"Your sister, can we please have a different winner than him?!"

"Start the next draw. I refuse to believe that it will still be him!"

"Right, it must just be a coincidence. He won't be the winner of the next draw for sure!"

"Damn, if it's Zhang Ye again, I'll eat the table!"

The Spring Festival Gala's executive director had an odd expression showing.

An assistant director next to him did not believe this would keep happening and immediately exclaimed, "I'll do the calling. Stop!"

Chen Ye hit the stop button.

—Zhang Ye!

The Spring Festival Gala's overall planner said, "Stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

A female deputy planner of the Spring Festival Gala said, "Stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

Xu Yipeng said with a blank face, "Stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye won all 20 prizes in the third round again!

Those Central TV system technicians' faces were dripping with sweat!

At this moment, everyone instantly turned around and looked at Department 14's table in the last row, each looking more terrified than the other!

They were all dumbfounded!

They were all stunned!

Several of the station heads looked at each other and immediately felt a sense of regret that turned their intestines green. If only they'd insisted on not letting Zhang Ye into the venue earlier when they were outside. This wouldn't have happened. It was a perfectly fine Central TV annual staff party, yet it was totally messed up by Zhang Ye into this state now!

That Zhang fellow!

Fuck you to your second grandpa!

Are you purposely here to stir up trouble!?

The female host was shocked for a long time as she stammered, "N-Next up, please enjoy the skit performance. Let us invite the…performers onstage."

The performance began but hardly anyone was watching. Even the performers of the skit were also looking at the last row of tables where Zhang Ye was seated, thinking about what had just happened. Even though they had been preparing backstage for the performance, they could still hear what was going on out here in front. They all felt as though they were about to vomit blood!

Little Wang said, "Director…Director Zhang!"

Zhang Ye said calmly, "Little Wang, go and collect the prizes."

Little Wang: "…"

Ha Qiqi: "…"

Huang Dandan: "…"

Previously, Ha Qiqi and Huang Dandan mentioned that if they were lucky enough to win one of those cell phones, they would give one to Zhang Ye. But when the winners were drawn, your sister! Director Zhang won all the prizes for himself instead!

Awhile later, another several big boxes were added to the pile at Department 14's table!

Ten minutes later, the skit performance on stage stumbled to a close. The performance was just average and the audience were also not in the mood to watch anymore. When it finished, only a few people applauded as everyone's focus was already on the next round of the lucky draw! They could see a lot of people busy trying to get the lucky draw round restarted.

"Change the system, hurry up!"

"Act quickly on it!"

"Are you done yet?"

"Test it again, do a final confirmation!"

"Fuck, I refuse to believe it!"

The technicians and the venue staff were running about to get the system replaced. This was the instruction given by the station heads who were not having any more of this preposterousness!

The Spring Festival Gala production team and some of Central TV Department 1's people hated Zhang Ye to the bone. As they suffered with the additional workload, they were also cursing at all that had happened!

"This Zhang Ye can really cause trouble!"

"There's an air of evil surrounding this affair!"

"Did a backdoor program get installed onto the computer?"

"Who knows? It's probably so. That's why the execs requested to change the system!"

"Right, if it were infected by a trojan horse, replacing the computer would solve the problem!"

"All the prizes were won by Zhang Ye, so what are we still participating for!"

"He still has not given a proper explanation for that 'I Want to Get on the Spring Festival Gala' crosstalk, and the punishment meted out by Central TV on him has not even sunk in, yet he is already winning prizes at such a time? He even won 60 prizes? What the fuck is this!"

"There's something fishy going on!"

"Right, there must something fishy going on with the computer!"

The computer system onstage was replaced with a new one and the lucky draw software was also freshly installed onto it. It was just a simple program that could be executed immediately after some basic configuration.

That technician said, "It's done!"

Chen Ye clenched his teeth and asked, "Are you sure?"

The technicians smiled wryly. With all that had happened, they did not dare make any more guarantees. "It should be good to go."

Honestly, in all their years of working, this was the first time that they did not know where the problem laid. It was as if they had encountered a ghost this time!

The lucky draw continued!

The prize for this round was even more expensive, as it was the latest model of an ultrathin touchscreen laptop with a stylus attached. It came with a keyboard cover which made up the entire bundle. If it had to be compared, it would be similar to the Surface Pro series by Microsoft in Zhang Ye's previous world. Of course, there were many differences in the details, but the general functions were more or less the same, although it was more expensive, retailing at 13,999 yuan. This was a portable touchscreen laptop and one of the high-end models available. Compared to the limited edition model, it was the next best model with slightly lower specs.

A total of ten!

This time, it wasn't 20 anymore!

"The prizes are so awesome!"

"I've been thinking about buying this type of laptop for several years! But I couldn't afford it!"

"The station must have spent a lot this time. Just look at all those expensive prizes by the box loads!"

"But it doesn't have any damn thing to do with us anyway!"

"Will Zhang Ye win all of them again this time?"

"I'm so sad!"

"Please don't say that!"

"I'm not even looking forward to it anymore!"

"Didn't the computer get replaced?"

"I'm not looking forward to it even if they have changed the computer!"

Chen Ye did not sound too enthusiastic as he announced, "Next up, the lucky draw will start again." Even though they had changed the system and felt that it should be a different result this time, after experiencing the first few incidents, Chen Ye did not dare guarantee anything for now. He hoped deep in his heart that it was not fucking going to be Zhang Ye again! Please, don't let it be him again!

At the same time, this cry of desperation was roaring in the hearts of many people as well.

The station heads' attitude was even more simple. As long as the winner was not Zhang Ye, anyone would fucking do!

The lucky draw software was activated and the employee photos flashed continuously on the screen!

Chen Ye took a deep breath. "Sir."

The Station Head did not even bother to participate anymore and just told the people beside him, "You all do it instead."

One of the deputy station heads couldn't even force himself to do so as he did not wish to be the one whose call to stop the sequence would end up making Zhang Ye's photo and name appear on the big screen. That would be too unlucky. "Old Xu, why don't you do it?"

"Old Zhou, you should do it instead."

The several station heads kept pushing the responsibility around, but no one wanted to be the first to call for a stop.

Seeing this, Deputy Station Head Zhou bit the bullet and said, "Alright then, I'll call first." Looking at the screen, he clenched his teeth and shouted, "Stop!"

A lot of people did not even want to watch the screen anymore as they'd already had a bad experience with it from earlier!

But the moment that the result of this lucky draw round was out, everyone in the audience was stunned and cheers suddenly rang out!


"The result is out!"

"It's not Zhang Ye!"

"Hahahaha! It's not Zhang Ye! It's really not Zhang Ye!"

"Heavens, it's finally not him anymore!"

Deputy Station Head Zhou was overjoyed!

Jiang Yuan slapped his thigh happily as well. "It's finally been fixed!"

The Central TV staff were even so happy that they nearly cried!

Chen Ye was also overcome by excitement. How wonderful! This was really too wonderful!

The station heads were all smiles!

The Spring Festival Gala production team was also in a joyous mood. "Changing the computer was really effective! Hahahaha! Finally, that Zhang guy is out of the way!"

Ha Qiqi who was seated at the last row regretted, "What a pity!"

Little Wang exclaimed, "How infuriating, why did they change the computer!"

Zhang Ye was also quite surprised. But after thinking about it, even though the Lucky Halo (Upgraded) was many times more effective than the normal version he had previously, it was still not 100% effective.

Everyone else was jubilantly cheering.

"Well done!"

"My chance has finally arrived!"

"It's mine, it's mine. The notebook is mine!"

"Let's see who dares to vie with me, hehe!"

Although it was not them who were drawn for the prize, it still felt as though they had won the grand prize!

"Oh right, so who has won the prize?"

"This name…it's Cao Bang?"


"That's not right, didn't Chief Cao leave his job last week?"

After hearing the mixed reactions from those in the audience, Chen Ye and the others hurriedly made some inquiries. It was only then did they realized that they had made a mistake. The software program was written a long time ago and the staff list data was added in at that time as well. Since the departure of Cao Bang was unexpected and no one informed the system technicians to make the necessary modifications, his name still remained in the dataset. However, this was not the fault of the technicians, but rather, a coordination failure between the departments. As they were all too busy with the Spring Festival Gala, it was unavoidable that there would be some minor mistakes and imperfections in the planning.

Since the issue with the computer has been solved and it was known that not only Zhang Ye's name would be chosen for the lucky draw, any other problems could still be tolerated.

After Chen Ye checked with the leaders, he held up his microphone and said with a laugh, "Sorry, but Chief Cao has just left his job, so this result will have to be voided and there will be a redraw again. Hur hur, as the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for, so would everyone please be patient and wait a little bit more?"

The technicians made some changes to the system.

Naturally, no one had any objections to that.

"Let's get back to the lucky draw!"

"Bring it on, I'm all prepared!"

"It will definitely be me!"

A short while later, Chen Ye said, "Alright, the lucky draw will begin again."

The station heads looked at the screen as they chatted and laughed. This time, nobody pushed the responsibility around.

Deputy Station Head Zhou smiled and said, "Then why don't I go first?"

"Hur hur, go on then," the heads said.

"OK. Then I'll be the first to call it to a stop." Deputy Station Head Zhou threw his head back and shouted, "—Stop!"

Chen Ye pressed the stop button.

—Zhang Ye!

Deputy Station Head Xu said, "Uh, stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

Deputy Station Head Li: "Stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

Deputy Station Head Han said, "This…stop!"

—Zhang Ye!

—Zhang Ye!

—Zhang Ye!

—Zhang Ye!

The world fell silent!

Everyone at the venue no longer knew what was going on!

Fuck your sister!

Why the fuck did you make a comeback again!

One of the station heads was so vexed by this that he clutched onto his chest as he coughed, nearly suffering from a heart attack!

At that instant, Jiang Naixiong, Jiang Yuan, Chen Ye, and everyone from the Spring Festival Gala production team even thought of rushing up on stage to smash that lucky draw system to pieces! Smash it to bits!!!

Wasn't it fixed?

Didn't the system get replaced too?

So were you making fun of us by doing all this then?!

"Pfft!" Yu Yingyi who had been holding back her laughter all this time could no longer hold back anymore as she burst out laughing. She was probably worried that it would seem inappropriate to laugh like this, so she quickly covered her face and lowered her head over the table as she laughed away. In the end, she even laughed until her tears came out!