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Chapter 868: Indeed worthy of a legend!

Chapter 868: Indeed worthy of a legend!

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The annual staff party ended.

Not long after the crowds emptied out of the venue, every department at Central TV exploded into chaos!

"Something has happened at the annual party!"

"Ah? What happened?"

"Don't you know about it yet?"

"I'm not qualified enough to attend the party. What on earth happened?"

"Zhang Ye has done something unexpectedly terrible again! He won all of the lucky draw prizes at the annual party for himself!"

"Pfft, how is that possible!"

"Haha, Old He, don't joke around."

"It's true! Why would I lie to you guys! Dammit, if you guys had seen the situation right there, you would have known how amazing it was! It was really too amazing! Everyone's jaw dropped! Especially the station execs and those people from the Spring Festival Gala production team who left the venue with dark expressions after the event! There should have been a closing speech by an executive at the end of the event but even that did not happen. After the lucky draw ended, everyone followed the execs and dispersed straight away!"

Following, that person vividly explained what had happened.

"Holy shit!"

"Swept up all of the prizes?"

"Is this the return of Face-smacking Zhang?!"

"So such a tragic thing has happened at this year's annual party!"

"I feel bad for the station execs. This must have made them vomit blood!"

"The station has only just meted out their punishment for him by making him forfeit his bonuses. But in the end, he has gained it all back by winning everything! I can feel my face swelling up just hearing about it! When the event was over, we did some calculations, and you know what? We realized that the station has suffered a greater loss when all is said and done! After deducting all of Zhang Ye's bonuses, it amounts to less than what all those lucky draw prizes were worth! Just the grand prize of the red packet alone was worth close to 300,000 yuan. Not to mention that he also won another 100,000 yuan, as well as some laptops, cell phones, cosmetics and…goddammit to his grandma! Not only did Zhang Ye not lose any money, he even earned a good sum out of the entire party!"

"I should have guessed that Zhang Ye's money would not be so easily taken away from him!"

"Yeah, it's only now that everyone at Central TV finally knows that it's not easy to take Zhang Ye's money! No matter how much you take away from him, you might end up paying it back many times more!"


"In Central TV, the only person I'm impressed with is Zhang Ye!"

"He is the definition of a true warrior!"

"Thinking about it now, even the popular Heavenly Queen, Zhang Yuanqi, who is such a big shot celebrity, has never been called a legend of the entertainment circle, yet Zhang Ye has already been labeled by so many people with that title. But that is not without reason! Because he is truly a legendary person! His story and deeds are all truly incredible!"

"When Zhang Ye gets angry, bloodshed will occur!"

"But how did he actually manage to win all the prizes?"

"I don't know!"

"For the earlier rounds which were drawn by the computer system, there definitely was a vulnerability or a trojan horse infection. But when they switched to the manual method later on to pick the winner, I figured that Director Zhang must have really experienced a blast of good luck!"

"Did that really happen?"

In the blink of an eye, the news spread to ten people, then to a hundred people, and soon everyone knew about it!


Department 14's office.

Every staff member who attended the annual party returned with their hands full of stuff. Some of them were even carrying the items on their shoulders, as they transported all the prizes back to the office pack by pack or box by box.

Ha Qiqi shouted, "Those who have nothing to do, come out and help!"

Zhang Zuo said with shortness of breath, "These laptops are so heavy! How is this even considered an ultra-thin laptop?"

Wu Yi laughed and said, "Assistant Director, what you have there are five of the laptops bundled with their accessories! How can it not be heavy!"

Some people rushed out to assist them in a rather startled manner. "Whoa, what is happening here?"

Little Wang was enraptured. "It's such a pity that you guys couldn't go to the staff party! Director Zhang was so godly today!"

"Sister Wang, just tell us what happened already!" A bunch of newcomers and veterans were already piling up around her. Seeing Director Zhang return with such a satisfied look on his face, they knew that something big must have happened. Otherwise, why did they hear about how the station heads did not allow Director Zhang to participate in the annual staff party before it even started, nearly causing everyone from Department 14 to refuse to participate as well. Director Yan and Director Zhang nearly even came to blows with the organizing staff over that, but how did it suddenly end up with everyone bringing back so many things after the annual party had just ended?

Yan Tianfei did not bother to make conversation with the bunch of kids and patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder instead. He said, "About the station making you forfeit your bonuses, I will go back to them and help you fight for it. If they still won't rescind the punishment, I will make it up to you by approving for a bonus to be paid out to you directly from our department's funds. At the very most, I will quit as a director here but you won't receive a single cent less than you deserve. I won't let my staff be shortchanged this way!"

Zhang Ye laughed and patted the case containing close to 300,000 yuan in cash. "That's not necessary, Director Yan. I have already made up for it with this, how have I been shortchanged? The one who is getting shortchanged is definitely not me!"

Yan Tianfei and his secretary were amused upon hearing this. They also felt that it was really as Zhang Ye had put it. How have you been shortchanged? Not only were you not shortchanged, you even made a killing and got rewarded with an amount that could have included the bonuses for next year!

"You sure are amazing!" Yan Tianfei laughed.

Even the way that Yan Tianfei's secretary looked at Zhang Ye was visibly different than before.

This year's annual staff party's lucky draw was a real eye-opener for many of them. There is always someone out there that is better—you would never truly understand this saying until the day you meet someone like that! For some people, you could never imagine just how amazing they are!

Little Wang and Huang Dandan finally finished giving their vivid account of the entire event.

Throughout the whole process, everyone would gasp every now and then, and were surprised or shocked by what happened.



"What happened after that?"

"And then?"


"How's that possible!"

Yan Tianfei clocked out of work and left. Then, Zhang Ye turned around and announced, "The prizes are all here, so just pick one for yourselves to your liking and don't stand on ceremony with me!"

Everyone at Department 14 was delightfully surprised!

A rookie said, "Are you sure, Director Zhang?"

A female employee muttered, "But…but we shouldn't really do that, right?"

"There's nothing to feel bad about." Zhang Ye waved it off generously. "Just take it, you have my permission!"


"Director Zhang, I love you!"

"Hooray, Director Zhang!

"Thank you, Director Zhang!"

"Director Zhang, you're the light that guides our path! You're the direction that we travel in!"

"Director Zhang, Director Zhang beats the rest! Director Zhang, Director Zhang is the best!"

They even came up with cheers to express their joy!

Zhang Ye felt a shiver go down his spine when he heard that and quickly said, "Alright, alright, just hurry up and take something for yourselves. If you all keep teasing me, I'll retract my offer!"


"I want the cosmetics!"

"I'm fine with just a prepaid gift card!"

"Leave one for me too!"

Everyone came forward to grab something for themselves!

Zhang Ye took one of the cell phones and handed it to Zhang Zuo, "This is for you. If you don't want it, give it to your wife or kid. I won't be able to use so many by myself anyway."

Zhang Zuo smiled with embarrassment. "Alright then, I won't refuse you."

Zhang Ye gave Yan Tianfei's secretary a laptop. "Here, don't stand on ceremony please. This was a prize anyway, so please share the 'burden' with me."

The secretary touched his nose awkwardly. "But it's not appropriate for me to accept it."

Zhang Ye took it back. "Then forget it. I'll give it to someone else instead."

"Heh, I was just being polite just now." The secretary snatched the laptop back from him. "Haha, I'll accept it for sure. Thanks so much then, Director Zhang! Director Zhang is really a loyal friend!"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "Everyone has helped me out a lot too, so this is well-deserved."

Zhang Ye had always known how to treat the people who were closer to him. He would always speak politely to them and do all that he could for them.

At this moment, the people of Department 14 were almost done taking their pick of the prizes. Actually, they knew their limits and did not aim for the cell phones and laptops. Even most of the cosmetics products were not touched. They mostly took the prepaid gift cards which were fully given out by now. As for the other prizes like the cosmetic products, cell phones, and laptops, they were still taking up a lot of space in the office and were there for everyone to look at.

Zhang Ye encouraged them one more time to pick something for themselves, but as no one else made a move for the prizes, he did not say any more.

Suddenly, a guest arrived at Department 14.

A graceful female figure marched into their office's main entrance and asked, "Is this Department 14?"

Because of Zhang Ye, their department's relationship with others was very poor and they did not get many visitors either. Even on the station heads' inspection visits, they would seek to avoid this place as much as possible. As such, everyone looked at her with curiosity.

Zhang Zuo was standing closest to her, so he looked at her and asked, "Yes, who are you looking for?"

Someone in the office recognized her. Tong Fu said, "Hey, isn't this Teacher Yu, the Central TV Sport Channel's host and commentator?"

A Central TV Department 5 host?

What was she doing here?

Only to hear Teacher Yu say smilingly, "I'm here to look for Zhang Ye."

"Director Zhang is in here." Zhang Zuo stood aside and made way for her.

Yu Yingyi casually greeted, "Hey, Zhang'er."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Yingyi, you're here? Weren't you pretending to not know me?"

Yu Yingyi grinned slyly. "That was when you did not win anything yet. Now that you have won so many prizes, why would I still need to pretend to not know you? Hurry up and give me a set of those cosmetics!"

Zhang Ye gestured with his hands. "Please, help yourself."

Yu Yingyi giggled. "Oh right, Shanshan said that she wants a set too. I'll take one more for her?"

"Sure!" Zhang Ye said.

Everyone was a little dazed at this.

Who was she? Why did she help herself to the prizes the moment she walked in? And she even took two sets of the cosmetics?

Zhang Zuo blinked and asked, "Director Zhang, this is?"

Only then did Zhang Ye realize their predicament, and quickly introduced her to them. "This is Yu Yingyi, Central TV Department 5's newly hired host and commentator. She was also my schoolmate from university, my classmate in fact!"

It wasn't much if she was just a schoolmate.

But she was even his classmate? Then their relationship must be close!

No wonder she could just come in and start picking the prizes straight away without standing on ceremony!

Everyone was suddenly enlightened.

"Hello, Teacher Yu!"

"Teacher Yu, I've watched your sports commentary before. I find it especially good!"

"Yes, the sports commentators these days are all guys and you're that bright spot among all of them. It's so uncommon! Moreover, your commentaries are always especially professional!"

"Will you be hosting a show soon?"

Due to Zhang Ye, a few of the newcomers were quite enthusiastic to leave a good impression and started flattering Yu Yingyi.

Yu Yingyi was quietly happily to hear that. She was still very aware of what she was worth at the moment. Although she had a little bit of fame in the commentary circle where her industry peers mostly knew who she was, in the larger organization that was Central TV, she did not stand out whatsoever. It could even be said that she was only as good as a rookie and was being praised only because of her relationship to Zhang Ye. All of this, she knew very well in her heart.

Yu Yingyi told that person, "Thank you. My recent commentary work would be for a international table tennis tournament that is being held overseas during the Spring Festival."

Little Wang knew about the tournament and asked, "The World Table Tennis Championships?"

"Yes, that's the one," Yu Yingyi replied.

Zhang Ye asked, "It's held during the Spring Festival period?"

Yu Yingyi smiled and said, "I think it will be held on the first day of the Spring Festival. It's such bad timing, but I guess there's no other way since the tournament was supposed to have finished at the end of last December. But due to some problems, the arena was found to be unsuitable and had to be changed. Then, there were also other issues to settle because of that and there was no choice but to delay the tournament until the first day of the Spring Festival!"

Zhang Ye said in a speechless manner, "Why didn't they hold it on the eve of the Spring Festival instead?"

"Don't talk about it. At the beginning, the foreign organizer of the tournament was actually going to set it on the eve of the Spring Festival, but our national team's coach and players protested against that and pushed it back a day." After Yu Yingyi finished explaining, she waved the cosmetics in her hands around and said, "Alright then, I've taken all I need, so I've got to get going now."

Zhang Ye said, "It's hard on you then this Spring Festival. Remember to find time to watch Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala."

Yu Yingyi smiled and said, "I will be overseas at that time, so we'll have to see about that."

She walked off with the clickety-clack of her high heels behind her.

One of the newcomers who was looking at her for the longest time asked, "Director Zhang, does Teacher Yu have a boyfriend yet?"

Zhang Ye threw his hands in the air. "I really don't know about that."

Little Wang teased, "What? You even dare to hit on Director Zhang's classmate?"

"No, I was just asking. There's also Beijing TV's Teacher Dong Shanshan. Teacher Shanshan is even prettier and I'm her hardcore fan. Director Zhang's classmates are all like goddesses." That newcomer said with tears of envy, "If I knew that it was going to be like that, I would have applied to go to Media College all those years back!"

Everyone laughed.

The prizes from the Central TV annual staff party were given out to the staff from Department 14. Everyone got their hands on something. This made everyone very happy and it exuded out into the general atmosphere of the office!

It was the same for Zhang Ye. His mood had just been middling for the past few days, but after today's "fight," he inexplicably felt his enthusiasm and mood get better. He did not know why and could not come up with a reason for this. As long as he got into an argument or fight with someone else, he would genuinely get really excited!


Could this be a form of mental illness?