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Chapter 869: Gifting!

Chapter 869: Gifting!

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In the evening.

Zhang Ye exited from Central TV and loaded up the boxes into his car before heading home.

On the way back, while waiting for the green light, he took out his cell phone and browsed through his own family's chat group. He had a separate chat group with his cousins from the maternal side of the family and when he opened the chat, he could see his cousins chatting happily and rather lively.

The third sister: "That latest model of the Yuanhe smartphone is especially good! I'm drooling!"

The second sister: "Yes, yes! I've also seen it, it's really beautiful!"

The third sister: "I wish I could have one! But my parents won't buy it for me! *cries*!"

The eldest sister: "Stop dreaming. That cell phone is too expensive."

The third sister exclaimed: "One of my classmates has already bought it. I've tried it and it's really awesome! It's just really good! I asked her if she could lend it to me for a few days, but she refused! *cries again*!"

Zhang Ye smiled while he typed: "What are you guys doing?"

The eldest sister sent out a surprised emoji. "Wah, our brother is here."

The third sister sent a very cute sticker. "Bro, why are you online today? How rare!"

Zhang Ye: "Are you guys on break now?"

The second sister: "Hehe, the holidays started some time ago."

The eldest sister: "We're so bored staying home and having nothing to do."

Zhang Ye: "Great, if you all have nothing to do, come over to my place."

The eldest sister was surprised. "Ah? Now?"

The second sister: "Bro, what do you want to tell us?"

Zhang Ye: "Haha, you'll find out when you guys get here. It's something good!"

The third sister asked anxiously: "What is it? Tell us first."

Zhang Ye: "You'll know when you get here, hurry up!"

The eldest sister sent a laughing emoji with its mouth covered. "OK, I will be right there."

The second sister: "I'll take a taxi there. Will you pay me back?"

Zhang Ye: "Sure, just come over now."

The third sister: "Ah, then I'll take a taxi too, hehe! I wanna see what good thing you're talking about!"

Zhang Ye pocketed his cell phone and started driving home.


When he was about to reach the district, he made a call home.

Du du, the call connected. His father answered the phone. "Hello?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "Dad, it's me."

His father asked: "Why aren't you back yet?"

Zhang Ye replied: "I'm at the entrance to the district. Can you and Mom come downstairs to give me a hand? The annual staff party just finished and I have too many things in my car that I can't carry up by myself. Get Chenchen to come down as well. Don't keep letting her stay at home playing games. We should make her move around a bit more."

"OK, I got it." His father hung up.

Zhang Ye drove into the district.

When he arrived downstairs and parked his car, his parents appeared at the entrance below the apartment block with Chenchen tagging along unwillingly.

Zhang Ye got out of the car and opened up his car's trunk and doors.

His mother grumbled, "How big can the things be that you must make us all come down to carry them for you?"

"You will know when you see it for yourself." Zhang Ye pointed. "It's all in there. We have to carry everything up."

When his parents looked inside the car, they were both dumbfounded!

His mother cursed, "Damn, what the hell? Why are there so many things? Laptops? What are these? Cell phones? There are even cosmetics? Why is there another silver case here?" She was stunned. "Didn't you take part in the Central TV annual staff party? Why did you go and commit a robbery instead?"

Zhang Ye laughed loudly. "These are all the prizes that I won!"

His mother said in a speechless manner, "How are these prizes that you won. It seems more like you went on a shopping spree!"

Zhang Ye said, "I asked my cousins to come over just now and they should be here soon. I wonder if they have eaten dinner yet. But why don't you just prepare more food tonight."

"All you know is how to order people around!" His mother rolled her eyes.

Zhang Ye said happily, "It won't be for nothing. Here, take this box. It's for you and Dad."

His mother grunted, "Do you think you can dismiss me with just a lousy box?" She took a few steps and looked down at the box, feeling rather curious about what was in it and pressed the locking mechanism to open it. However, right at that moment she opened it but just before it fully opened, she caught a glimpse of the many stacks of one hundred yuan notes inside it.

His father exclaimed, "Why is there so much money!"

His mother was shocked. "Did you rob a bank?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "These are all the prizes that I won during the annual staff party. The two of you can just help yourselves to whatever you fancy!"

His mother was afraid that the box would be seen by other people, so she hugged it tight in her arms while grinning and carried it upstairs. She kept talking as they went upstairs. "Didn't newspapers claim that the relationship between my son and Central TV is very bad? Those must be rumors. Look at these benefits given to Little Ye by Central TV. How nice of them! They gave him money and items not by pieces, but by boxes instead! Son, if Central TV's welfare is that good, you should consider staying at Central TV for a few more years and participate in more of such annual staff parties!"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "If I were to participate in a few more of such annual staff parties, I wonder how many people in Central TV would suffer from a heart attack! Just by this incident alone, I think the whole country's TV stations would not dare to let me participate in their future annual staff parties at all."

His father was taken aback. "What do you mean by that?"

"Nothing, haha. Let's move all of these upstairs, Dad." Zhang Ye started to bring out the things from his car.

Pack by pack.

Box by box.

After moving around for more than 20 minutes, alternating between upstairs and downstairs, they finally brought all the things from the car up to the house.

Inside the house, Zhang Ye was so tired that he was panting, as the majority of the prizes were carried up by him. "You two can look through everything and just take whatever you like. Do you need to change your cell phones? And there's also the laptops…eh!" Suddenly, Zhang Ye counted the items with a sweeping glance and remarked, "Why am I short of one cell phone? And also short of a laptop?"

His mother asked, "Did you leave them behind in the car?"

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes and went directly to the bedroom, pushing the door open. "Chenchen!"

He saw Chenchen acting surreptitiously while hiding something in the blanket. When she saw that Zhang Ye and his parents had already entered the room, her little face showed an emotionless expression. She quickly pulled her hands back and said calmly, "Zhang Ye, what?"

Zhang Ye stared at her. "What are you trying to hide?"

Chenchen retorted, "I'm folding my blanket."

Zhang Ye was so angry that he was amused. "Come on you. If you are willingly folding the blanket, the sun will rise from the west" He went over and pulled the blanket aside. As expected, the missing cell phone and laptop were in there!

Zhang Ye was about to take them.

But Chenchen immediately blocked him. "It's mine!"

Zhang Ye said, "Did I say I would give it to you?! You are only a primary school student. What's the point of you having a cell phone! And a laptop too! Is the computer at home still not enough for you to play with?"

Chenchen said angrily with a dark expression, "You said just now that I could take whatever I liked!"

Zhang Ye nearly fainted. "I was telling that to Grandpa and Grandma."

Chenchen hugged the laptop tightly and said, "I will not ask for New Year's money from you this Spring Festival. I only want this."

"You really know how to choose your gifts. How much could your New Year's money be worth? These two items already cost more than 20,000 yuan together!" Zhang Ye didn't agree to it. "No, if I give them to you, you'll only be playing games every day. If you also start playing games during your lessons, won't your teachers be calling your guardians for a meeting every day? By then, who would want to go and meet your teacher?!"

Chenchen said unflinchingly, "I want the laptop because I need it for studying and doing my homework. Zhang Ye, why are you so childish? Why are you always thinking about playing games?"


Zhang Ye nearly vomited blood. That damned child!

"Who is the one always thinking about playing games? Is it you or me?" Zhang Ye said in annoyance.

Chenchen said, "You were the one who made Plants vs. Zombies."

Zhang Ye could not say anything to that.

Even his mother laughed after hearing that. She said, "The child only wants to use the laptop to help her in her studies, what are you doing this for?"

Zhang Ye commented, "Her? Study? My ass!"

His mother waved her hand and said, "Chenchen, Grandma will decide for you. That cell phone and laptop are yours to keep, so study hard in the future and get a good result for your next semester."

Chenchen acknowledged, "Thank you, Grandma."

Zhang Ye could not do anything about that. "Mom, you're always spoiling her."

Meanwhile, Chenchen couldn't wait any longer and started opening up the packages. She clumsily tore them open and powered on the cell phone as soon as she took it out. Then she opened up the laptop box as well, busying herself greatly with everything that she was doing.

Outside, the doorbell rang.

Then someone knocked on the door. "Bro, we're here, open the door!"

His mother opened the door and said, "Oh, you guys arrived this quickly? Your brother just informed me that you'd be coming over, and you're here already? Did the three of you meet to come here together?"

"Hello First Aunt and Uncle." The eldest sister greeted them softly and said, "Nope, the three of us met up downstairs before coming up. I arrived first and waited for them for a while."

The third sister said impatiently, "Aunt, where's our brother? Why did he make us come here? I had to rush over immediately and did not get to watch tonight's TV drama!"

The second sister also said, "Yeah, he said there was something good?"

Zhang Ye came out from the bedroom and laughed heartily. "You've all arrived?"

The second sister waved at him. "Bro!"

Zhang Ye laughed as he stepped aside and pointed to those boxes piled up like a hill in the living room. "Come in and have a look at what those are."

The three of them had a glance.

The third sister, Cao Mengmeng, was instantly shocked as she recognized them upon seeing them. "Holy shit! These are Yuanhes! It's the latest model of the Yuanhe smartphone!"

The second sister, Cao Tong, had already lunged forward in exclamation. "Heavens! Am I dreaming or what? They're really Yuanhes? There are over a dozen of them here? Ahhh!"

Cao Dan, being the eldest sister, was supposedly the most composed among them. However, when she saw those items lying all over the place, she was instinctively shocked by them. "Bro, which shopping mall did you rob? Aren't these Spring Festival goods too extravagant? This big pile of items here should cost at least 200,000 yuan, right? And that is the latest model of the ultrathin touchscreen laptop, the most popular high-end portable laptop that costs more than 10,000 yuan each!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Don't bother asking me how I got these things. Go on, just take whatever you like. It's almost the Lunar New Year, so just treat it as a New Year's gift!"

His third sister screamed, "Are you really giving them to us?"

The second sister gulped and asked, "Are you sure I can pick anything I want? Can I have two then?"

Zhang Ye was amused and said, "You can even take three if you want."

"Ah, hooray for my bro!" His third sister screamed excitedly as she went in and scooped a Yuanhe phone up, hugging it into her arms and not wanting to let go. Thinking for a moment, she decided that she might as well grab a laptop for herself too. "Wahhhhhh! It's mine, it's mine! These are all mine!"

The second sister also behaved like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. "Leave some for me!"

"There's no need to fight for them. Do you both have to go to that extent? That's not how girls should behave." The eldest sister was more reserved than them as she gracefully walked up to the pile and reached for…six boxes of cosmetics, four cell phones and three laptops!

The second sister: "…"

The third sister exclaimed, "Pfft, Sis, you're being too greedy!"

Zhang Ye was also dumbfounded.

With her hands full, Cao Dan could not hold anymore items and had to unwillingly unload some of them. In the end, she only took two boxes of cosmetics, a cell phone and a laptop.

The third sister had already unpacked the cell phone from the box and turned it on. She has even put her SIM card into it. "Bro, you're great! I'll give you 10,000 Likes!"

The eldest and second sister also unboxed a laptop and cell phone immediately to test it out!

"Wow, this function uses such advanced technology!"

"It even has iris recognition! Heavens!"

"High end! It's such a high-end model!"

"Quickly post on Weibo and show it off!"

After changing into the new "gear," the three sisters went crazy with delight!

Zhang Ye did not forget about his paternal elder cousin as he called for a courier to pick up the items and send them to her, before calling to inform her.

"Sis, the Spring Festival is coming up soon and I might be quite busy until then. There's still Beijing TV's Spring Festival Gala to prepare for, so I probably won't be dropping by at your place. I've sent something to you and your family. Just remember to sign for the delivery," Zhang Ye said.

His paternal elder cousin asked: "What are you sending me?"

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "You'll know when it arrives, but it's something that you will definitely like."

Having already given out so many gifts, the house was still packed with more than half of the items he had won. He couldn't even finish gifting all of them. But there was nothing he could do about it. After all, he was the one who had swept up all the cash and gift prizes from Central TV's annual staff party!