Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 884: Sweeping aside all the other provincial stations“ Spring Festival Galas!

Chapter 884: Sweeping aside all the other provincial stations“ Spring Festival Galas!

Chapter 884: Sweeping aside all the other provincial stations' Spring Festival Galas!

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Zhejiang Television.

The two veteran crosstalk comedians the station had spent a fortune to invite were currently performing onstage.

The comic: "What do you think happened at the end?"

The straight man: "What happened?"

The comic: "He picked up that bun and ate it!"

The straight man: "Eh, didn't he find that dirty?"

One of the two comedians was on the same level as Tang Dazhang, while the other one who wasn't much older than them was from Master Xu's generation. In the crosstalk, they were considered to have a rather high status.

The two of them were performing at their best. Their foreheads were dripping with sweat!

The pressure of the Spring Festival Gala's live broadcast was keeping everyone in the production team busy at the venue. A lot of them did not know what had happened and were clueless of the events that took place in the outside world. Suddenly, a staff member of the production team noticed a problem. They had their own specialized platform for data analytics and real-time monitoring of the live broadcast.

That person said in surprise, "Eh! Something's wrong!"

One of the directors close by looked over. "What's the matter, Little Zhou?"

That person said in a stunned manner, "Why did the traffic of our Spring Festival Gala suddenly drop by 23%? Th-that…can't be possible!"

Suddenly, a lot of people gathered around him.


"That's not possible!"

"But the language act is going on right now!"

"Right, the traffic should be rising instead!"

"Where's the data? Show me!"

"How can that be? It really dropped that much?"


The executive director of Zhejiang Television's Spring Festival Gala was also alarmed by this. They were very concerned about these datasets as it reflected the real-time performance of their Spring Festival Gala show. This would determine which part of the show had problems or other issues. It was with this data that they could determine the causes and make the necessary adjustments. It dropped by more than 20% in just a short time? That was clearly abnormal and very frightening. "What happened? What's going on right now?"

Hunan Television.

Traffic about their Spring Festival Gala's had also suddenly plummeted!



It finally dropped by a total of 19%!

There was also a substantial reduction in the number of comments. This drop was enough to terrify anyone! Even the dedicated discussion area that they set up for Mango TV's Spring Festival Gala on their official Weibo account felt like it was suddenly empty!

"What's the matter?"

"Damn, what the fuck happened?"

"No one likes to watch this show?"

"That can't be! Fan Wenli is singing right now! It's Fan Wenli that we're talking about here!"

"Where are they?"

"Fuck! Where did everyone go to? Who can answer me?"

The production team was stunned!

Actually, a lot of the other provincial stations had suddenly realized this alarming situation. Their first instinct was that something huge must have happened at another provincial station's Spring Festival Gala!

Sure enough, that suspicion was quickly verified!

Something had happened at Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala!

"Everyone…has tuned into Beijing TV!"

"What are they watching over there?"

"The crosstalk routine."

"But our station is also showing a crosstalk routine! Why would they need to switch over to Beijing TV?"

"It's Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai's crosstalk routine on that channel!"

These staffers of the Spring Festival Gala production teams were very busy with their own event, so of course they didn't have the time to check out Beijing Television's crosstalk routine. Since they did not know anything about it, they found it impossible and incomprehensible! Why was this happening? Why? Did the audience go mad? Why did it seem like almost everyone had tuned into Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala! Why would the crosstalk routine be so popular just because it was performed by Zhang Ye and Yao Jiancai!

Liaoning Television was shocked!

Hunan Television was stunned!

Dragon Television was at a loss for words!

Just because of Zhang Ye, just because of a crosstalk, how was it possible for that to pull down all the provincial stations' Spring Festival Gala traffic by nearly 20% at once?

How did he do it?

There was no logic!

Similar doubts were surfacing online.

But that was quickly overturned by many groups!

"Just watch it before saying anything!"

"Listen to it first before commenting!"

"Don't compare the other Spring Festival Galas' lousy crosstalks to 'Everything is Great'!"

"In the past, I've always trash-talked Zhang Ye. I did not like performances like that 'Three Vulgarities' crosstalk where he just kept scolding others without meaning. But after incidentally listening to 'Everything is Great,' I've decided to support Zhang Ye for once. I don't care how you people talk about him in the future, but for today, I won't allow anyone to criticize Zhang Ye!"

"Zhang Ye is so godly today!"

"This must be the pinnacle of crosstalk routines!"

Countless netizens were strongly supporting it!

The entire Internet was filled with Zhang Ye's and Yao Jiancai's names, with Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala, and discussions about "Everything is Great"!

It was very popular!

Zhang Ye's crosstalk was broadcast just a short while ago but word had already reached people around the country!

The industry was shocked!

Countless industry insiders were left with their mouths agape!

Could a crosstalk routine really get this popular?! They truly hadn't seen anything like this before!


Beijing Television.

Backstage, in the waiting room.

Hou Ge, Dafei, and the others pushed open the door and entered. "Teacher Zhang!"

Zhang Ye was furtively having a smoke, but when he saw people coming in, he quickly tried to hide it. When he realized that it was his old colleagues at Beijing Television, he gave them a smile before picking up his cigarette to smoke again. "Why are all of you here? Are you all finished with your work already? Quick, have a seat."

Dafei said, "Don't bother, we still have to get back to our posts."

Xiao Lu giggled and said, "We're just here to tell you something. Teacher Zhang, you're fantastic!"

Hou Ge said, "That last song, I actually cried listening to it!"

Yao Jiancai laughed and interjected, "I contributed to that too."

Xiao Lu quickly said, "Yes, yes, yes! Teacher Yao did especially well in supporting the crosstalk!"

"If it weren't for Teacher Yao holding up his part of the exchange, Teacher Zhang wouldn't have done so well!" Hou Di said sincerely, "We've known Teacher Zhang for several years now, so we know that when he talks, his mind jumps all over the place. Especially when it comes to crosstalk. He always changes the topic all of a sudden. Most people wouldn't be able to react in time and would just let the conversation die off. Only Teacher Yao can work so seamlessly with Teacher Zhang. You two really are the ultimate pairing!"

Yao Jiancai laughed, "Haha!"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "That's true, Old Yao and I are seasoned partners."

After chatting for a while, Xiao Lu suddenly thought of something.

Xiao Lu facepalmed and said, "Look at my memory, I nearly forgot! Brother Hu wanted me to come over to ask if that last song's name was called 'A Letter to Home.' And if the lyrics and melody were all composed by you. Will there be any issues with the copyright?"

Zhang Ye asked, "What's the matter?"

Xiao Lu replied, "A lot of people on the Internet are asking to listen to it again. They're flooding our official website and have left thousands of comments requesting it, so the station would like to extract the song from the recording and upload it online."

Zhang Ye understood and said, "I'm fine with that, just post it online."

Xiao Lu declared, "Alrighty then, I'll go and inform Brother Hu!"

Since it was just by the by, Beijing Television did not think much about it and neither did Zhang Ye. If the audience wanted to listen to it, then just upload the song to the Internet!

However, Beijing Television and Zhang Ye could never have expected that this decision of theirs would actually create a huge wave! Just after sweeping aside all the other provincial stations' Spring Festival Galas, they were on their way to making the music industry break out in a cold sweat!