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Chapter 895: The sporting world declares war on Zhang Ye!

Chapter 895: The sporting world declares war on Zhang Ye!

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On the way home.

Zhang Ye took some time to browse through Weibo. All he could see were rave reviews!

"It's a sure victory for Beijing TV's Spring Festival Gala!"

"Yeah, there's no suspense to this at all!"

"The other provincial stations' Spring Festival Galas this year did quite well too, but compared to Beijing TV's Spring Festival Gala, they're still not good enough. Watching Teacher Zhang Ye singlehandedly turn things around, I really find him to be so fucking dauntless!"

"Today's Zhang Ye has blinded everyone!"

"Be it the skit or the crosstalk routine, they were both extremely good!"

"Zhang Ye's status has risen again for me!"

"This guy is so amazing that only he is worthy of the being called an 'idol'!"

"Old Yao's acting was very good too!"

"I've become a braindead fan of Dong Shanshan!"

"Tonight belongs to the trio of Zhang Ye, Yao Jiancai, and Dong Shanshan!"

"'Everything is Great' and 'Playing It Up' have made me remember this person named Zhang Ye. This passerby is now a fan!"

The netizens were even more excited than Zhang Ye!

At this moment, a call came in from a friend.

It was the skit actress Ci Xiufang. "Little Zhang, what are you doing now?"

Zhang Ye cradled the phone between his shoulder and ear and said: "I'm driving home at the moment. Teacher Ci, what instruction or advice do you have for me?"

"Hur hur, how could I still advise you?" Ci Xiufang laughed and said, "Previously, I only knew you were an outstanding crosstalk comedian. But today, I realized that even if I compare you to a skit actor based on the standards of a skit, you would still be one of the best skit actors around. Your acting was great and your skit was even better!"

Zhang Ye laughed heartily. "Thank you for your encouragement, Teacher Ci."

Ci Xiufang suddenly said: "When will you write a skit for me?"

"Ha, there will definitely be an opportunity for that," Zhang Ye said.

Ci Xiufang said: "Then I'll remember that you said so."

Zhang Ye replied: "Sure, we'll work together if there's a chance."

Regarding qualifications and popularity, Ci Xiufang was at least several levels higher than Qu Haiying. She was one of the several most popular skit actors in the country. Of course, it would be good if he could work with them, but Zhang Ye had no intentions of acting in a skit anymore in the near future. Today's incident had already left him too frightened, too scared, and not knowing what to expect!



At Zhang Ye's parents' house.

Zhang Ye had not even knocked on the door yet before the door was already being opened.

"Brother! Our brother is back!" The door was opened by his second sister who probably had been waiting for him for a while now. When she saw Zhang Ye, she screamed excitedly.

Zhang Ye entered the house and patted his second sister's head. "Your loud voice scared me."

The second sister shouted, "That's because I'm excited!"

However, at the next moment, he was welcomed by several even louder voices!


"Little Ye is back!"

"Aiyo! Little Ye!"

His grandma, first uncle, and everyone else had not left yet, and were still around at home.

His father said, "Everyone was waiting for you to get back."

Zhang Ye was delighted by this. "Whoa, is this your way of welcoming a hero home?"

Hearing that, his mother rolled her eyes at him. "You? Hero? Get changed into your slippers!"

"Mom." Zhang Ye asked smugly as he changed into his slippers, "How was my singing for 'A Letter to Home'?"

His mother grunted, "Not too bad."

His second aunt covered her mouth and laughed. "What do you mean not too bad? Your mother cried after listening to it."

His mother glared at her. "Hey, who cried?"

His second aunt said, "Why don't you just admit it?"

Everyone laughed.

His second uncle sighed. "Our Little Ye is so thoughtful. Just look at how well-written that song was! It was really good!"

Suddenly, a tiny head squeezed out from the crowd. Chenchen walked up nonchalantly and tugged at Zhang Ye's arm while saying bluntly, "Zhang Ye, write a song for me as well."

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "What are you joining in the fun for?"

At this time, his grandma looked at him and said, "Little Ye, you've already written a song for your parents. Why aren't you thinking of Grandma as well?"

"I'm always thinking of you," Zhang Ye quickly said.

His grandma said in all seriousness, "Do you have a song for your grandma?"

Zhang Ye mumbled, "There should be one. I'll have to think a little."

"And me, me!" When his third sister heard that, she suddenly got excited as well and raised her hand, saying, "I want one too. Write a song for me as well, a song for your sister!"

His second sister quickly agreed, "Yes, yes!"

The eldest sister also concurred, "I agree!"

Write a song for your grandma?

Write a song for your sister?

Why did that sound like cursing at someone?

Zhang Ye said perfunctorily, "Alright, alright, everyone will get a song each in the future!"

Upon hearing that, his third aunt suddenly blinked several times with an anticipating expression. "Little Ye, are there any songs to pay tribute to your aunt? Write one for your aunt too!"

Zhang Ye nearly fainted!

Pay tribute to your aunt?

Why the fuck would there be any song to pay tribute to anyone's aunt?!

Why don't I pay tribute to Third Aunt's husband instead?!

His relatives' noisy chattering left Zhang Ye at a loss.

Finally, his grandpa spoke up, "Enough with the talking already. After such a busy day performing his crosstalk and skit, the child hasn't even had the time to eat yet. Let's go home already and let Little Ye eat in peace before getting a good rest."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Grandpa is still the one who dotes on me the most."

"Alright then, we'll be going now."

"We'll come over again another day."

"Little Ye, quickly go and rest."

"Bro, I'll come find you to play on the weekend!"

Zhang Ye walked them out as he said, "Sure."

His relatives gradually left and went back home.

Zhang Ye was getting hungry, so he quickly got his mother to cook a bowl of noodles for him. He poured the leftover zhajiang sauce from yesterday into the bowl and gobbled down everything. After he finished eating, he expelled a breath in satisfaction, "Hu, that was good!"

His mother grumbled, "Why didn't you eat when you were hungry?"

Zhang Ye chuckled, "Where could I find the time to eat? I intended to come home directly after the crosstalk routine, but who could've guessed that something would come up again. I immediately got pulled in to help them out. When I realized that they really did not have any other way out and that there were no replacements they could find, I could only bite the bullet and stand in for the performance!"

His mother grunted, "You're always showing off!"

His father asked, "Is it alright to say those things you said in the finale skit?"

"You're referring to the things I said about table tennis? Zhang Ye laughed and said, "It's OK. If they can scold me, then why can't I scold them back?"

His father could only say helplessly, "Can't you just stop offending even more people?"

His mother did not like hearing that. "What do you mean by stop offending even more people? They were the ones who started the scolding first! I still think that my son has let them off too lightly!"

His father said in a speechless manner, "This temper of Little Ye's was all influenced by you!"

"He's my son, of course he'd take after me!" justified his mother.


At the same time.

Just as Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala was heatedly being discussed, the Beijing Television Spring Festival Gala production team received a call from a leader of the sporting world. He requested that they take down the video of the Spring Festival Gala on Beijing Television's official website, delete all content related to "Playing It Up" and get the person involved to issue a public apology!

Of course, the person involved was referring to Zhang Ye.

Beijing Television had already expected that Zhang Ye would get into trouble, but no one expected it to be so soon!

A brief meeting was held at the station.

Afterwards, Chang Xiaoliang went to look for Hu Fei.

Hu Fei then called Zhang Ye at once.


At home.

Zhang Ye was holding his cell phone and saying: "Which leader of the sporting world?"

Hu Fei said: "The Sports Administration branch that's in charge of table tennis."

Zhang Ye asked: "Will the station be taking down the video?"

"That's not going to happen." Hu Fei informed Zhang Ye about the station's stand. "We won't delete it since there's no reason, and we can't delete it anyway. That's why the station won't be pulled into this matter. Since the Sports Administration is not our overseeing agency and we have no direct relations to them, it doesn't make a difference to us, but as for you…"

Zhang Ye answered in amusement: "Then all the more it doesn't make any difference to me."

Hu Fei said helplessly: "You've really gotten used to all of this, huh? Anyway, just be careful. I think the sporting world definitely won't let this matter rest easy!"

Hu Fei was right.

After the call, the sporting world immediately came attacking!

First, it was a 1,500-word open letter from the national table tennis team denouncing him!

"…Table tennis is a national sport, a healthy sport, a cultural heritage, and the pride of the nation….The vulgar actions of some people greatly defaming the sport of table tennis in a public setting of a sordid performance is something that the national table tennis team will not accept, that the sports associations and the tens of thousands of table tennis lovers will not accept….Such actions are an insult to table tennis and also to the art of skit comedy….We are now requesting that Zhang Ye apologize immediately and promise not to defame the sport of table tennis with further comments and statements in the future!"

Over a thousand words were used to denounce him, with each of those words sounding very harsh!

This denouncement letter was posted right onto the national table tennis team's official Weibo. Using an official Weibo account to target a person for denouncement was something that was rarely seen!

When a lot of people from the industry saw this, they were all taken aback!

"They issued a response so quickly?"

"The national team's reaction is very strong!"

"This is going to be a big problem!"

"Yeah, with the way things are going, this matter might turn out not to be that simple! At least, it's definitely not a small matter!"

"The sporting world has really gotten serious!"

"They really aren't going to let the matter rest!"

"I thought it would take at least a few days, but they've issued this 'letter of challenge' just like that?"

The netizens rushed to spread the news!

"Quick, come and see!"

"Holy shit!"

"The national team has just updated their Weibo!"

"Teacher Zhang is in trouble!"

"Fuck, why are there so many things happening today? They're all coming wave after wave!"

"I'm numb. They even want Zhang Ye to apologize?"

"Can you guys be any more shameless!"

"I have to fucking take my hat off to you all. It was obvious that your teammates were the ones who bombarded Zhang Ye during the live interview on television first. And that was still not the end of it. When your head coach, Liu Yifeng, was interviewed, all of you were still insinuating and suggesting on the side that it was Zhang Ye who lost you guys the match! When Zhang Ye decided that he was not going to have any of that and retaliated, you all actually got offended by it? You couldn't accept what he said? Go fuck yourselves! Why should he apologize to you guys? You're the ones who should apologize instead!"

"That's right. After you lost the match, instead of self-reflecting, you pushed the blame onto a celebrity who had absolutely nothing to do with it? Do you think you can push Zhang Ye around like that just because he has bad social relationships?"

In an instant, everyone found out about the sporting world's declaration of war against Zhang Ye!

In an instant, all of Zhang Ye's fans appeared and stood forward. Some of the neutral netizens who were observing the commotion could not stand watching this any further and came forward to support Zhang Ye as well!

"I've always criticized Zhang Ye in the past, but I will support him this time!"

"Fuck! Bring it on!"

"Who's afraid of who! Come on!"

"You want to declare a war? It should be us declaring the war instead!"

"Are we going up against the sporting world this time? Come at us then! We might not be good at many things, but we are definitely good at fighting! In the literary world, education world, Redology field, mathematics field, and hosting world, which have we not fought against before? Which have we not battled before? Bring it on! My large saber is again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!" Big Saber Bro also appeared!


Zhang Ye, who was at home, chuckled.

They're here already?


This bro will face off against you all today!