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Chapter 898: The sporting world brings in reinforcements?

Chapter 898: The sporting world brings in reinforcements?

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On Weibo.

The "Reasons for Losing a Match" compilation that Zhang Ye posted spread across the Internet. Other than Weibo, it also spread like crazy on Tieba, major discussion forums, as well as major web portals!

On the chat app.

Celebrity Goof Group.

A-list celebrity Ning Lan posted a screenshot to the group:

An analysis of the reasons in the sporting world for losing a match.

A. Grounds factors:

1. The grounds were too hard.

2. The grounds were too soft...

When they saw it, the chat group participants burst into laughter!

Huo Dongfang: Hahahahaha!"

Xiaodong: "Pfft! Who made that?"

Ning Lan: "Zhang Ye just posted it a short while ago. I died laughing. I really have to take my hat off to him for that mouth of his!"

Chen Guang: "Sister Ning, you're watching the battle too? Hahaha!"

A few people who were clueless about what was happening asked: "What battle? What happened?"

Fan Wenli: "Zhang Ye clashed with the sporting world!"

XiaoDong: "Ah?"

Huo Dongfang: "He's made his way to the sporting world this time?"

All those in this chat group were top celebrities, either in terms of popularity, in terms of the most outstanding works in their fields. or in terms of experience. Every one of them would be considered stars of their respective fields. As it was the first day of the Spring Festival and a majority of them had been invited to participate in the provincial stations' Spring Festival Galas, you could imagine how busy they were right now. Even so, Zhang Ye's Weibo post could still spread within this group, much less other groups!

This Weibo post had gone viral!

The netizens all over the country were reveling at it!


"I read it thrice and laughed like a madman thrice!"

"I can't take it anymore! Aiyo!"

"Zhang Ye is so amazing!"

"Yeah, it's really their goddamn fault to have offended him!'

"Aiyo, why do I like Zhang Ye so much!"

"Teacher Zhang has beautifully done it again!"

"That mouth of Teacher Zhang's is really motherfucking awesome!"

"Watch and learn, people from the sporting world! Witness the level of our Teacher Zhang's scolding! There isn't a vulgar word or anything nasty! That's what you call skill! But look at how you guys do it. Look at how you scold? Constantly rambling without making a point! All you know is how to cast doubt over and over again!"

"Pfft, previous poster, you're asking too much of them. Han Li, Liu Yifeng, and the others are just graduates of sports schools. Some of them never even finished their education! But what about Teacher Zhang? He's an associate professor of both Peking University and Media College!"[1.]

"Comparing scolding? In these few years, I've never seen Zhang Ye lose a scolding battle before!"

"Yeah, that fellow has really never lost before, not even once!"

"Today, Teacher Zhang has again again again again showed everyone that when it comes to scolding, as long as he's taking part, it doesn't matter who the opponent is!"

—This excerpt from Weibo was also taken by Zhang Ye from his previous world. In this world, there had been countless classic insults at soccer and basketball, just like there had been in Zhang Ye's previous world. He could just take any insult from his original world and it would be considered a classic here. For example, the one he had just used was actually an insult targeted at soccer, but after some tweaking and polishing, the effect of it was very stunning!

The netizens were very excited!

The moment it was unleashed, it became unstoppable!

"Splendid! The scolding battle this time is really splendid!"

"Let's go, keep it up!"

"Yeah, don't let up on them!"

"That'll show them to keep coming up with excuses and reasons! It might've been fine if you guys used some other excuses or reasons. But too bad for you this time. You people have chosen to say that it was because of Teacher Zhang's bad singing? Bull fucking shit!"

"Let's flood them again!"

"I'll flood Han Li!"

"I'll lead the others to flood Liu Yifeng!"

"I'll head over to scold those people from the basketball team!"

"OK, then we'll go smash that badminton champion!"


"Fuck you, bastards!"

Realizing that they were under the imminent attack of another wave of the troll army, which was 2-3 times greater than the previous wave, those people from the sporting world started to panic. They were currently retreating slowly and could not hit back at all, but with that Weibo post by Zhang Ye, it had further grabbed them by their vulnerable spot and dealt them the fatal blow. There was totally nothing that they could do but to watch helplessly as wave after wave of the troll army flooded onto their Weibo homepage as though they were doing their Christmas shopping!

A wave arrived and left after they finished their scolding!

Another wave arrived and also left after their scolding!

Then the first wave returned and left after their scolding!

Followed by the second wave returning!

The scolding battle had evolved into an organized partying system for the participants like they were going for a power grinding session!

Liu Yifeng was angered and confused!

Han Li and the other members of the table tennis team also grit their teeth!

In the area of Weibo, perhaps only Zhang Ye's fans and that massive troll army of his with nothing better to do could summon such organizational capabilities, with such unity and scale to form such cohesive teams!

The spectators were also watching avidly!

"The outcome should already be determined, right?"

"Haha, there's no suspense to this at all!"

"Is it going to end soon?"

"How many waves of scolding has there already been? Are those people from the sporting world still holding up?"

Ning Lan was watching.

Chen Guang and Fan Wenli weren't asleep yet either, getting less and less tired as they watched, feeling more and more awake as they watched.

And then there were also those from Beijing Television, like Chang Xiaoliang, Hu Fei, Hou Ge, Hou Di, and the rest from the production team of Beijing Television's Spring Festival Gala who had been observing the conflict since it started. After all, this all occurred because of them. Zhang Ye had only performed the skit because he wanted to help them avert the situation of not being able to replace the finale performance, so they had to do their parts as well. As such, Chang Xiaoliang and Hu Fei both showed their support for Zhang Ye's Weibo and publicly stated their thanks to Zhang Ye for saving the gala this time, as well as giving an explanation for the lines used in the skit. However, their Weibo posts barely made any impact as everyone else was too caught up in the fighting! On this, they could only react with a wry smile. Whatever, it was better that this be left to Little Zhang himself to handle.

Ha Qiqi stepped into the battle!

Zhang Zuo stepped into the battle!

Little Wang, Wu Yi, and many of the others at Central TV Department 14 who were already asleep woke up and powered on their computers to join in after their colleagues informed them about the situation!

Tong Fu was shocked. "Damn, they've really clashed?"

Huang Dandan said inside the office chat group: "Holy shit, I just found out about this! I went straight to bed after watching the skit!"

Little Wang said angrily: "I'm here! Let's kill them!"

Wu Yi laughed: "We were waiting for you guys. Quickly come and support Director Zhang!"

Huang Dandan scolded: "That bunch of bastards are too much! They're even demanding that Teacher Zhang apologize? Ptui! Why don't you people go to hell! Director Zhang, we're coming!"

They all swarmed into the battle!

Tong Fu flooded Han Li's Weibo: "Fucking idiot!"

Huang Dandan rushed over to Liu Yifeng's Weibo: "Damn bastard!"

Wu Yi scolded: "Yeah, we're scolding you, you fucking bastard!"

Wu Yi and the rest thought that they were not well-known and that people would not recognize who they were, so they did not pay much attention to the way they spoke. But in actuality, their names were very well-known in the industry and anyone who was an industry peer who had watched The Voice and A Bite of China would probably know them. This was the program team of two of the shows that had continuously set so many records and taken number one in the entire country's viewership ratings, as well as winning two of the most prestigious awards in the industry!

At a television station.

A rookie who had just entered the industry was currently working overtime. He looked at Weibo with a face full of shock, then turned to his colleagues beside him who had joined the station a year before him. "Brother Sun."

Brother Sun smiled and said, "What's the matter, Little Chi?"

Dumbfounded, Little Chi pointed at Weibo. "Is this…the number one program team of our television industry?"

"Are they?" Brother Sun had a look and couldn't believe it either. He then cleared his throat and said, "Ahem, it looks like it's them."

Little Chi tactfully said, "Why are they not like what I imagined…well, a little different from what I imagined?"

Brother Sun said, "You've just joined the industry, so you still don't understand the situation. When you've hung around enough for long, you'll get it. This team is indeed the number one program team in the industry, but in terms of their temperaments and characters, they're really quite fucked up and are always following Zhang Ye around scolding others. Anyway, if you see them around in the future, I suggest that you steer clear of them!"

Little Chi acknowledged, "Ah, I understand."

On Weibo.

The scolding battle continued!

At this point, this could no longer be called a scolding battle anymore, as it wasn't much of a battle, but a one-sided rout instead!

There were also a lot of people hurling vulgarities around, but most of them had not been banned as no one bothered to report them and the Weibo administrators were too busy to handle these matters anyway. On Weibo today, it was a sea of scolding everywhere!

The manager of the Weibo administrator account was nearly in tears. At 11 PM, he was woken up and called back to the office only to witness wave after wave of scoldings. His team members nearly passed out from the workload!

"We can't handle all these requests!"

"W-What should we do?!"

"Have the users gone crazy today?"

"We can't ban them in time!"

"They're all crazy!"

That manager did not say anything and just sat in front of his computer. Using an internal management account, he sent Zhang Ye a private message full of pleading words: "Teacher Zhang, sorry to bother you during your busy period. In the future, when you start a scolding battle, could you please tell your fans to watch their words? Otherwise, if their accounts get banned, that would be rather troublesome, wouldn't it? It's also very difficult for us to reactivate their accounts after that, so hopefully you can understand our perspective! Every time you have a conflict with someone, we have to work overtime. Our work hours have now become primarily scheduled around you, so it's really hard on us! At least next time, if you are going on Weibo to fight again, could you please inform us in advance? We…would also like to prepare a little if we have to work overtime on that day." After sending it, he wasn't even sure if Zhang Ye would see it.


The sporting world's members were retreating!

Liu Yifeng and the table tennis team members' retorts on Weibo were already sounding rather incoherent and even they themselves did not really know what they were talking about anymore. They were so angry that they were going crazy!

Just when everyone was thinking that the scolding battle had come to an end, there was a twist!

A leader of the Sports Administration appeared—that chief of that table tennis branch in the Sports Administration who had called Beijing Television earlier!

When this Sports Administration chief appeared, he directly mentioned the SARFT's review unit as well as three other handles, which were all leadership roles at the SARFT!

There was a deputy division head.

A department supervisor.

And another division head!

They were likely to be this Sports Administration chief's acquaintances!

That Sports Administration chief's Weibo post said: "I've finally seen for myself the culture of the entertainment industry today. A celebrity leading a verbal abuse session against sports, and he's even doing it so arrogantly? Is there no one to oversee and manage such behavior?"

The people from the sporting world were exhilarated all at once!

"Bureau Chief Qian!"

"Bureau Chief Qian has come!"

"Chief Qian!"

Their reinforcements had arrived!

And it was even a heavyweight reinforcement!