Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 900: The spam flooding (crashing the bar) regiment goes on the warpath!

Chapter 900: The spam flooding (crashing the bar) regiment goes on the warpath!

Chapter 900: The spam flooding (crashing the bar) regiment goes on the warpath!

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On Weibo.

The situation was suddenly reversed again!

With Zhang Ye's firm stand against a chief of the sporting world, the SARFT got involved and started with the investigations!

The sporting world was angered by Zhang Ye's arrogance and yet another wave of coaches and athletes joined in. The Sports Administration chief had been rebuked, so being part of the sporting world, many of these people could no longer act like they did not notice. If they didn't step up at this point in time, that would be a mistake in principle! Suddenly, countless elite athletes and coaches from the sporting world started to join the army of voices denouncing Zhang Ye! Finally, even the national soccer team's current head coach stepped forward!

Then there was the national basketball team.

A provincial badminton team.

A municipal swimming team.

The Chinese Skating Association.

Everyone stepped forward!

"Lodging an official complaint against Zhang Ye!"

"He's too arrogant!"

"You even dare to backtalk Chief Qian?"

"I don't believe that there's no justice!"

"Yes, continue lodging complaints!"

"@SARFT Hurry up and give us the results of your investigations!"

"A hooligan like him has to be completely banned!"

"@SARFT You can just refer to the skit 'Playing it Up' and review the insulting Weibo posts that Zhang Ye made against sports. How can you not ban a person like him?"

"Please give our sporting world an explanation!"

"This has to be dealt with severely!"

"And we demand a formal apology from Zhang Ye to the sporting world!"

"Otherwise, we won't let the matter rest!"

"Won't let it rest!"

Zhang Ye had truly poked on a hornet's nest this time!

Some of those in the troll army could no longer stand this and immediately started to scold back at the sporting world.

But they were quickly stopped by others. "Stop scolding, stop scolding for now. We can't create more trouble for Teacher Zhang Ye. Didn't you guys see that the SARFT have stepped in and are investigating Teacher Zhang? If we were to charge to the front at this time, we'd just make things worse! Teacher Zhang only managed to get his ban lifted after having an incredibly difficult time last year. Surely you guys don't wish to see Teacher Zhang get banned again, right?"

"Stop for now!"

"This is numbing. I'm so infuriated!"

"When did we become those who needed to bow to pressure!"

"I'm so mad!"

"What do we do now?"

"I don't know!"

"Can someone come up with a solution?! How can we help Teacher Zhang?"

The fans were also forcefully stifling their anger!

Ha Qiqi was so mad!

Zhang Zuo, Little Zhang, and Wu Yi were also outraged!

With the SARFT's intervention, Chang Xiaoliang and Hu Fei also broke into cold sweat over the matter. What would Little Zhang do now? How would he handle this?

The matter was blowing up. No one had expected this scolding battle to spread to such a scale. It even got to a point where it felt like it was almost earth-shattering! From January of this year, there had not been such a large scolding battle online like this one in which an entertainment industry's celebrity faced off against the sporting world! At the moment, countless entertainment industry celebrities and insiders were watching the battle. For instance, Ning Lan, Huo Dongfang, Xiaodong, the Chen Guang and Fan Wenli couple, Central TV and other provincial stations' staff, everyone wanted to see how this battle would play out and how it would end!

Suddenly, Zhang Ye reappeared!

However, his post on Weibo had once again stunned the world!

Zhang Ye calmly posted: "@ChiefQian @SportingWorld It's already been five minutes, there's only 25 minutes left now! I've observed many of you popping up one by one and I feel that the message of my skit 'Playing it Up' was indeed spot on. But I can't just let you all act, so I hereby announce that starting from now, it's time to crash the bar!"[1.]

Crash the bar?

Crash Tieba?[2.]

Everyone online was shocked!

Nobody ever imagined that with so many famous athletes coming forward in the sporting world, and with the intervention of the SARFT's investigations, at such a critical juncture of the matter, at this moment of crisis, Zhang Ye would still choose to stand firm against them! And it was an even stronger and crazier form of standing up against them! Crash the bar? He was going to fight until his dying breath!

Chang Xiaoliang fainted!

Chen Guang and Fan Wenli were sweating profusely!

Ning Lan was shocked!

Huo Dongfang was dumbfounded!

A lot of the spectators were also stunned at this moment!


Damn, Zhang Ye has gone crazy!

Zhang Ye followed up by specifying the target. "First stop, the table tennis team!"

The troll army was suddenly bubbling with excitement!

Zhang Ye's fans' blood was boiling!

"Comrades, stand up now!"

"Teacher Zhang has spoken. It's time to battle!"


"Fuck their grandpas! Bring it on!"

"I've been waiting for this moment for a long time now!"

"Teacher Zhang! We've been waiting for this!"

"Fuck them!"

"Just point to the target and we'll be there!"

"Teacher Zhang is acting so extremely cool today!"

"Now that Teacher Zhang has given his instructions, what else is there left to say!"

"Fuck them!"

"Let's do it!"

The battle began!

It wasn't some minor scolding battle anymore. This time, it was the real thing!

Crash the bar! This was an operation that was very popular back in Zhang Ye's previous world. Compared to the denouncements and scoldings on Weibo which didn't affect anything, crashing the bar was an attack that was much more aggressive, with a greater harm and caused more damage! Usually, unless it was a deep hatred, most people would not choose this form of attack that carried such great harm. In addition, it consumed a great amount of manpower that most people could not gather together!

But today, Zhang Ye had stepped forward!

With his "crash the bar," it made countless people bubble with excitement!

The Sports Administration chief and everyone from the sporting world were stunned. In a flash, a surge of anger rushed to their heads. Zhang Ye, we dare you!

But he really did dare to do so!

Zhang Ye's fans also dared to do so!

The table tennis team's Tieba was suddenly invaded by Zhang Ye's troll army. Less than ten seconds after Zhang Ye's Weibo post, the table tennis team's Tieba was in fact a mess!

"Start the bar crashing!"

"Squad 1 has arrived!"

"Squad 2 reporting for duty!"

"Squad 3 checking in!"

"Squad 4 standing by!"

"Zhang Ye's fan club setting off for battle! Those not involved, please take a step back!"

"Let's fight!"

"This is a battle for our dignity!"

"Idiot Han Li!"

"Idiot Liu Yifeng!"

"Today, if God blocks us, we will kill God; if Buddha blocks us, we will kill Buddha!"

"Follow my lead! Let's attack the table tennis team's Tieba!"

Under the lead of Zhang Ye's fan club leader, Big Saber Bro, the troll army went crazy as they rushed over in batches, creating spam threads in such large numbers that several hundred new pages were created almost at once and eventually finishing only after more than 10,000 new pages were created!

A minute and a half!

It only took a minute and a half!

The table tennis team's Tieba had fallen!

The URL was no longer accessible as the bar was crashed!

The table tennis team's Tieba owner and several of its moderators did not even have time to react and were already locked out. Those bros were all dumbfounded!

The observing netizens were also dumbfounded!


That was too fierce!

What kind of combat strength did they possess?!

At this time, Zhang Ye made another post on Weibo: "Next stop, the soccer team!"

When they saw this Weibo post, the members and moderators of the soccer Tieba started panicking!

"Not good!"

"They're coming for us!"

"Damn, why us!"

"Be careful! Everyone, be careful!"

"It's bad! They're already here!"

"Hurry up and turn on the restrictions! Hurry! Prevent all those sockpuppets from making posts!"

"Set the permissions quickly!"

The soccer Tieba members were all anxious and didn't care about their reputations anymore. Now that Zhang Ye's army had them in their sights, one of their moderators immediately turned on the restrictions and prevented any sockpuppets from creating new threads on their Tieba. With that, the danger of their bar being crashed was averted.

"It's done!"

"The permissions have been set!"

"Hu, what a scare!"

"We nearly got crashed, how dangerous!"

"These animals are too aggressive. It's only been a few seconds but more than 200 spam threads have already created? If the restrictions were put in place a little later, we would have been in danger!"

Zhang Ye's army was unable to attack their Tieba and most of the people could not make any new posts.

Members of the soccer Tieba heaved a sigh of relief.

But the next second, something that horrified them happened—the restrictions put into place a short while ago had been reset, not because of a hack, but due to an internal moderator's actions!

The troll army rushed directly into their backyard!

The spectating netizens did not understand what was going on!

The members of the soccer Tieba were also confused and stunned!

"What happened?"

"Why did this happen?"

"Fuck! Who turned off the permissions?"

"Your grandpa! Who banned me?"

"Ah, I've been banned too!"

"Why are our own people getting banned!"

Several of the soccer Tieba's administrators and moderators investigated amid the chaos and were shocked. Members of the Tieba were also in shock. None of them could believe what they saw!

"Heavens! The barkeep…the barkeep has defected!"

"What the fuck! Brother Black!"

"Black, what the hell are you doing!"

"Holy shit!"

The barkeep of the soccer Tieba was revolting!

This information made countless people in the observing crowd laugh like crazy!



"Something like this could even happen?"

"Beautifully done! Hahahahaha!"

"Aiyo, I'm cramping up from laughter! The barkeep can even revolt?"

The soccer team's Tieba had one of the largest membership of all sports-related Tiebas, but in face of the barkeeper's revolt, Zhang Ye's troll army and a variety of other reasons, the soccer team's Tieba was downed even faster than the table tennis team's Tieba and was crashed!

Zhang Ye's Weibo: "There's still another 20 minutes. Next, to the basketball team!"

The sporting world's people were furious!

Han Li started scolding: "Zhang Ye, your grandpa!"

Liu Yifeng roared: "You damned hooligan!"

The Tiebas that suffered from the attacks should by rights not affect these athletes in the slightest; they just needed the servers to be fixed and reset. Everything would then return normal. But the fact of the matter was that these Tiebas were representations of their honor. For them, even if they did not suffer any physical harm, their reputation was lost. Zhang Ye and his fans were basically slapping their faces slowly but heavily! How could they not be angry? How could they not be enraged?

But in the face of Zhang Ye's troll army, they could only watch helplessly!

Not only Zhang Ye's people, even many of the other Tieba members had joined this "crusading army"!

"Members of the 'MMO' Tieba are here to help out our friends from Zhang Ye's fan club!"

"'Dong Shanshan Supporters' Tieba reporting for duty!"

"All members of 'Cosmetics' Tieba are here to assist our friends in need!"

"Our friends from 'Zhang Ye's Fan Club,' thanks for your help last time! We're here to return the favor! Awaiting your instructions! Let's kill them!"

"When trouble occurs at one place, help comes from all quarters. 'Avant-garde Crosstalk' Tieba is here to support Zhang Ye!"

Zhang Ye already had a lot of people on his side from the beginning, which was enough to blot out the sky, but with the endless support of allied Tiebas, their number were no longer countable. The number of people in their forces had breached the horizon!

The badminton Tieba fell!

The tennis Tieba fell!

The swim team Tieba fell!

The sports and physical fitness Tieba fell!

The sporting goods Tieba fell!

The sports drinks Tieba fell!





Tonight, any Tieba related to sports suffered the crashing of the bar!

[1. Crash the bar: An action where Tieba users spam flood the message boards to cause trouble and vent their anger. Crashing the bar usually only affects the normal functioning of a Tieba board where proper threads are flooded down the list and prevents normal activities from taking place.]
[2. Tieba is made up of the characters 贴 (tiē, post/paste/stick) + 吧 (ba, bar/pub) essentially meaning "forum."]
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